Inter Plaza Beach Hotel

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El Pasha Bay, P.O Box 128, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
Continental Plaza Beach Resort
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by TripAdvisor Member Eva8908

Hello everybody
I have been in Interplaza beach in 29 of July till 9 o f August. The hotel was beautiful and the people there were very nice. we arrived at inter plaza beach at 12:00 am and we had dinner there, the food was not good the first day but the other days everything was OK. The beach and the sea were great. The water was warm, there were a lot of swiming pools. We had a lot of excursions we didn't stay too much in the hotel.
The room was cleaned every day but the chairs in the restaurants were non so cleaned so this was the only problem we find in the hotel.
The hotel is near Nama Bay and we went there every night by taxi. The taxi was very cheap so you can travel as long as you want there.

Not good for the British!

by TripAdvisor Member Asci

First time to Egypt and last! Maybe it was just this hotel, it was full of Italians and Russians, the Italians let there kids run riot and the Russians were just plain rude, pushing in, barging their way around. The hotel staff were very friendly with us though they were also not too keen on the Russian and Italian guests arrogance and rudeness as told on several occassions.

If you want a sun lounger by the pool you'll need to pay the pool attendant. Loud music blasting from all the pools and the Italians taking over the beach with loud music also - no where to relax peacefully. No evening entertainment unless you're Italian, in fact no hotel entertainment anytime unless you're Italian with the exception of a Russian singer one night on the terrace who sounded like a poor rep for Eurovision.

The food was terrible, the stench in the main restaurant was breathtaking, alternative lunch restaurant served bland pizza and chips everyday. Had Oriental at the a la carte booked restaurant which consisted of cucumber and tomato salad with strange sauces (did not eat, sent back), then vegetable soup, then rice and kebabs then biscuits for dessert - not really sure what happened to the Oriental bit, I did double check with the waiter but he said it was the Oriental menu!?!? 1 week later from returning still have bad stomachs. Once home thought a good old madras would clear the system out but looks like we'll need a trip to the doctors next week as we must have picked up a germ or something - never even touched the salads or fruit, only ate cooked food and did not drink or even brush our teeth with the tap water.

Every other British person I spoke to also had stomach problems (cramps and diarrhoea) even to the extent where some arranged early flights home. The Italian guests had a seperate main restaurant to the rest of us and apparently never got ill although I was reassured that the same food was served in both restaurants, uhmm.

Yes there is a private beach but not really a beach resort as no sand and coral bay from end to end. You can sit in the shallow part on cobbles or walk to the end of the jetty where the coral wall drops and swim or snorkel off there. Best time to go down the jetty is between 1pm and 3pm when the Italians and Russians have gone for lunch and siesta other times get too busy on a small platform. So strong swimmers only as they won't move out of your way easily!

The pool bar ran out of local beer so charges to the room for premium beer applied. This is so not a 5 star hotel as you know so be prepared to put your hand in your pocket whilst on the resort to fully receive a 5 Star service and your all inclusive deal.

Obviously you may have had different experiences during your stay, this was ours and many other British guests shared the same discomforts. You may go and have an excellent time but just be prepared for the worst. Why did Plaza Beach rebrand to The Inter Plaza Beach Resort after only being open for less than a year?? Don't really have anything good at all to say about this hotel except friendly staff. Seemed to spend the last couple of days just waiting for our flight home - never had that feeling of wanting to be home whilst on holiday before!

Cairo was a nightmare too - don't do the flight trip with marhaba tours - it was awful, the best part of the day (the whole hour!) was being at the pyramids (the highlight of the whole holiday really) although the local touts were most annoying, even the tourist police tried to cash in! Then taken to a Papyrus Museum which in actual fact was just a shop selling Papyrus paintings followed by lunch at some dodgy unclean morrocan restaurant (stay away from the yellow chicken!), followed by a tour to the Museum - oh and please take your own toilet roll as the toilet attendants steal it all and only tear off a few sheets for you for when you pay them of course!!! The bus driver then disappeared for two hours leaving us sat outside the museum in 40 degree + heat. Then off to the Nile for a cruise which was 1/2 mile down river and zigzag back up on a little sail boat - I thought we were going to see some sights but no. Then finally left in the Sheraton for two hours where we were told by our guide that we could use all the facilities but once in there we could only use the coffee shop and bar in reception.

So overall, generally quite disappointed considering the cost of the holiday. The hotel let us down and the locals outside of the hotel were far too excessive. Really can't see us returning, maybe in 10yrs or so when hygiene standards may have improved and the tourist police actually start doing their jobs properly!

Dont Bother Wasting Your Money!!!!

by TripAdvisor Member Coachdannymac

OK.........Let me break it down to those of you who have not been before as I wish I had known this before we booked up!

The Interplaza / Plaza beach hotel as its known is a 10 min car journey from the Airport and Naama Bay, so it’s basically smack bang in the middle. (Prepare yourself for the driving as anything goes, just buckle up and put your head in between your knees and pray!!!).

We arrived at the resort, Fantastic! Beautiful, Clean and very hot no matter what time of day! When you check in, head for Raymond or Natalia as they are brilliant and very helpful. We had trouble with getting a room sorted as Freedom Direct use a company called Wings in Egypt and they have a bad reputation and do not book through them as they are kinda non existent over there so beware! We requested a ground floor sea view as we paid it via Freedom Direct. We got a second floor construction view with broken air con, broken mini fridge and a hole in the bath! After a huge argument we got a pool view with all amenities working!

Now the food is well displayed, nice for the first 2 days but the variety is Pasta or Rice. Or Rice and Pasta or pasta or rice?!?! La Duna restaurant is the ground floor restaurant and contrary to previous’s basically for the Italians! The Sprintours Tour reps stand outside the doors if busy and if you aint got a blue wrist band on, you aint getting in!!! By the way, you will get bored of the Italians after 5 mins as they think the run the show with there tight white Speedo’s! The 2 main restaurants are exactly the same, get there when it opens if you don’t wanna queue! We spent most of our nights not bothering with the restaurant food and went to Namma Bay's Hard Rock Cafe (this was our saviour) especially as it was sooooooo cheap compared to London etc! A 10oz Burger was like the equivalent of £4.00 and a 3 course meal for 4 was £35 but you had to add tax etc costing £42.00. Kinda defeats the object of going all inclusive I know but when every one and I mean everyone from other resorts are suffering from the delly belly, a mean burger sorts you right out! By the way......Pizza hut was just as good and a Large Pizza with stuff crust will cost £3.50ish and its eat in!
Naama Bay is fine as well, yeah you get the locals trying to get you to enter there shops and you'll hear all the phrases.......Cheaper than Primark, Can I ask you a question? What's your name? Asda prices.......humour them and if you’re not interested just ignore them. Avoid the side streets as that’s where they'll lynch you and I got offered chickens for the Mrs! I'd have swapped her for a bucket of KFC personally but that wasn't on offer! The Camel Rooftop Bar and the Tavern are lively and a good time but expensive, actually pretty equivalent to London club prices for booze. Oh and if you smoke? 200 Marlborough Lights for £5 from the shop opposite the Tavern pub, go and fill ya boots!!! A taxi from Naama Bay to the resort was 40 EGY Pounds which is £4 and don’t pay anymore and you'll be lucky to get a Cabbie that smells half descent. If you want to go to Naama Bay from the resort, there is a car service which is £5. There is a bus service bus for a £1 more get the air con cab!

A final couple of things!!! The evening entertainment at the Interplaza is null and Void. It does not exist and unless your Italian you aint welcome! Hence the reason why we all went into town at night, never go in the day. Also a week into our holiday a lot of Israeli families turned up in there masses! 10 to a family and they basically ruined the rest of our holiday as they were so loud and rude. They forced there way into the food queues; they picked up the food with their hands and took all the chips! YES, all the chips every time. Trust me; the chips were a delicacy after 72 hours of pasta and rice. The pizzas served had no cheese on so it was basically tomato bread and the burgers were so small but if you’re a leprechaun you'll do just fine. Oh and before you go, the water is not part of the All Inclusive deal at this hotel! You get 2 small warm bottles daily after the room has been cleaned but you'll use that brushing your teeth! Go next door to the Continental Hotel (same owner) and they give you bottles for free!!!

The Manager asked me if I would come back and I told him that I paid a lot of money for 11 days. If he paid me to come back next year, I'd still say no! Do yourself a massive favour and head off to the Sonesta Beach hotel, Reef Oasis or the Pyramisa down the road as we spoke to others on a boating trip and they loved their hotels.

Sorry to sound like a moaning Pom but you need to know this if you’re thinking of going! Apart from that, not a cloud in the sky for 2 weeks, mid 40's with a great breeze, good service, crap food and dodgy stomach still!

Great Holiday!

by TripAdvisor Member WorldPeople

We booked our trip independently via UK Travelshop online, and chose to go all-inclusive. It cost 1100 GBP (hotel + flights) for 2 people. We were not allocated a sea-view room which I had previously requested, and I paid for an upgrade (150 GBP) to a seaview room on the second day. The sea view is worth the extra money. The Red Sea Riviera is beautiful to behold!

The hotel is within a large complex with a main building housing the reception area, a coffee bar with internet facilities, a few shops and the "Belvedere Bar" which serve alcoholic drinks until 3a.m. There's a large balcony area in the main building where you can drink, eat, gaze at the stars and listen to live music at night. There are 3 large swimming pool areas (very clean), 2 very large restaurants and 2 smaller "specialty "restaurants. Altogether very impressive when you first see it. I strongly recommend looking at their website.

There is a private beach with a long jetty you can jump off and swim / snorkel in the sea. The sea here is full of beautiful fish!!! Absolutely fantastic! The private beach has more than enough lounge chairs for everyone, and there is a dive club on it.

The Interplaza is located between the INTERcontinental Hotel and Crowne PLAZA hotel, which I presume is where is gets it's name. We visited both hotels and found them to be smaller but just as lovely. There is a pharmacy in the Intercontinental Hotel, in case of an emergency, and it's only a 3 minute walk from the hotel.

Entertainment was not great and only catered for the multitude of Italians. The hotel is half owned by the Italian group called SPRINTOURS. There were many Italian families with lots of kids around, but they were mostly well-behaved.

We went into Naama Bay frequently (but we preferred to stay within the hotel complex), which is only 7 minutes away by taxi. Taxi costs 50 Egyptian Pounds (5 GBP) to Naama Bay if you book the hotel car. There are much cheaper rates of 25 - 30 Egyptian Pounds (2.50 to 3 GBP) if you get the blue and white taxi and bargain them down. To get the blue and white taxi from the hotel, you need to walk out a short distance to the main gates into the hotel and wait to flag them down, The hotel limousine people will want you to use their cars only, and they will chase the blue and white taxis away. It is quite a monopoly. From Naama Bay, there are loads of blue and white taxis you can get back to the hotel for 25 - 30 Egyptian Pounds. Try to avoid the independent taxi people that will approach you as you walk to the taxi rank. They charge more, and they make you walk long distances to where their cars are parked.

In the hotel, the food was tasty and there was a good choice at every meal. The all-inclusive option was a good choice for us, but half-board would have also been great as there are a multitude of restaurants in Naama Bay to explore. The best sea food and steak restaurant (with the best prices) in Naama Bay is ONIONS. You must try it!

Almost every tourist gets an upset stomach in Egypt. It's a good idea to keep a book in the loo, as you'll be using it about 10 times a day. No Joke!

Shops within the hotel are expensive. Most of our goods (art, T-shirts, snorkelling gear, souvenirs, snacks) were bought within Naama Bay. We did not travel to Dahab as it was very far away, and we didn't bother with the Bedouin tours etc. We went parasailing in Naama Bay. This is not for the faint-hearted! You are brought in a small boat travelling at dangerously high speeds to a larger boat, and then you have to transfer to the larger boat as it stops side by side with the smaller boat. One wrong foot placed across the threshold, or if the boat sways too much, you could find yourself in the sea!

When shopping, always bargain and start at a third of the price they offer and then meet in between. This is the Egyptian way of bargaining.

While every hotel in Sharm El Sheik is beautiful, Naama bay beach is dirty and full of tourists. Best not to stay within Naama Bay itself, as the hotels are smaller, and Naama Bay is noisy and crowded. Best to stay in other hotels nearby with its own private beach. The Garden Reef area, where we were, is a good location.

We enjoyed our stay in Interplaza Hotel, as it was just right for the price. To us, it was more like a 4 star hotel, with 3 star rooms (the rooms were basic but adequate).

Change your currency there! You get better rates.

You do not need a visa if you stay in Sharm. Otherwise, you can pay for a visitor's visa at the Sharm airport when you arrive there for a small fee.

Finally, we went in June - which really is the wrong time to go. It's far too hot, and you spend all day indoors waiting for the evening to come so you can venture out. The best time to go is December when it's cooler.

Hope this helps!

Overall Nae Bad

by TripAdvisor Member JOYFRAZ

My fiance and I are just back from a week long stay at the Inter Plaza Hotel. Overall we had a good relaxing time however there were a few problems which took away some of our enjoyment and felt we had to write a review to give a "heads up" to other travellers.

It was our first time in Egypt and in such a hot country and were both expecting to have our eyes opened a little and perhaps deal with some minor stomach problems. The staff at the hotel were on the whole very nice. Especially our cleaner! Security staff at the front of the hotel very observant (espcially if you are trying to sneak your all inclusive drink back to your room!).

We have a pool view room on the ground floor at the quiet pool with a bar which you can swin right up to. It was at the nicer end of the hotel in our opinion. It has been mentioned before that the hotel is mainly Italians and this was in our opinion correct. We saw around 10 or 15 other British Families or couples there. The Italians and other nationalities did seem to take over the rest of the hotel however I suppose that cannot be be put down as a fault of the hotel. The other guests were very noisy and could be instrusive if you were trying to have a quiet drink.

Our side of the hotel was quiet until the final day or so when an Italian family moved in nearby in our corridor and wore us up two mornings in a row at 5:30AM shouting down the corridors and repeatedly slamming their doors. I think they were heading out for an excursion.

Our room itself was lovely with a terrace, huge bed, air con, safe, tiled floors and big bathroom.

Food was dissappointing and over cooked. Both of us were a bit unwell towards the end of the holiday and I still have an upset stomach. I think that might be attributable to having ice in my drinks a couple of time without thinking.

We had changed our money into Egyptian pounds before travelling and felt that we were penalised a little for this. Trying to book trips or buy things in the hotel shops caused some problems and they attempted to give us back change in other currencies which didn't quite add up. I woudln't bother getting Egyptian money expect a little bit if you are going outwith the complex.

We booked with Bookable Holidays which flew us with First Choice, transfers with A2B (also known as Tarot Tours, Your Travel etc). This left us with Wings tours as our Travel rep over there. He was pleasant enough and we booked three trips with him. A word of warning however in this hotel is that it appears the people who are booked to collect you at your allocated time do not seem to spend very long looking for you in the lobby and give up very easily. Be on time and when you see anyone who looks likely to be picking you up (keen an eye out for a bus or taxi arriving) ask them if they are looking for you. See our experience below.

Our trips were: Snokelling at Ras Mohammed National Park which we cannot reccomend enough. By far the best day! Lovely guides, full day on boat with plenty of shade. Three stops and a lovely lunch with drinks. Guide sought us out in the lobby and was very chatty and friendly.

We also booked quad biking in the desert at dusk whcih was excellent however being Scottish we were made to feel a little unwelcome and the guides seemed to spend more time speaking to the other people in the party (Russians). They was pleasant enough but there were a few snide comments about another family (English) who were quietly talking to their daughter which he spoke to the rest of the party. We arrived a few minutes before our allocated pick up time of between 16:10 to 16:30 to find the guide on his way out the hotel back to the bus. Just caught him on time despite being early!

We also booked the Bedoin Expereince. This was an evening thing in the desert with a camel ride, star gazing and dinner in a tent. We unfortuantely missed this trip as the person who we now think was the guide came into the hotel lobby spent a maximum of thirty seconds looking around and left. He had no distinguishing t-shirt showing he was from the relevant company and no "wings tours" clipboard as promised. I only think that this was our guide as when he was walking out I saw he had in his hand several other recipets for the tour which were similar to mine. I waved my receipt at him and he ignored me and walked away. My partner was in the bathroom at this time and being female I didn't feel comfortable chasing him down outside incase I was wrong about him being the tour guide. My partner immediately phoned the numbers we were given and we only managed to reach someone around 20 mins later who told us that we were too late and that other people had been picked up successfully at our hotel. We didn't see anyone else leave with this man.

We later met with the wings tour guide and explained the situation. He originally was not keen to give our money back to us however we managed to persaude him. This however didn't really help with our disappointment at missing this tour. It only runs twice a week and we were due to go home before the next one ran. Very disappointed. We had spent a lazy day doing not much at the hotel to keep ourselves reseted for our night away. We both felt that we had wasted a day.

We also went to Namma Bay one morning and booked the hotel shuttle bus for 11am through receiption. The shuttle driver was 20 mins late and it turns out we were the only people to go. We were taken in a taxi and dropped off next to some dodgy looking shops straight into the waiting arms of his friend who runs a shop there who met us at our taxi door. You simply don't expect this from a supposed 5* hotel. It had obviously been pre arranged as he was on his mobile phone when we were driving there. We looked around his shop and were polite as we worried that we wouldn't be picked up for our return if we didn't look around. Due to our drop off point we were forced to walk past the rest of the not so nice shops where we were constantly hassled and felt unsafe.

We went to Namma Bay between 11 and 1 and this in hindsight was not the best time to go. We were obvious targets as there was hardly anyone else around at this time. It did seem to liven up when we were due to leave and we were able to simply ignore the shop owners shouting to us whereas earlier int the morning we pretty much forced to stop and speak to them.

Hope this helps some people. From all this it seems like we had a bad time but we honestly didn't. Very relaxed, gorgeous weather and if you got a quiet spot at one of the quieter pools you had a lovely time.

Glad to be home, will never return!

by TripAdvisor Member Buckmore

I have never been so glad to be home from a holiday & I am well travelled! (landed last night)

Granted the transfer to the hotel was smooth however did wait a while for baggage but put this down to the fact that the Egyptian pace is slower than us Brits.

A few plus's (I am being nice!)
- Hotel lobby clean & check in quite easy.
- Room was okay, a lovely sea view which was nice (not 5* standard though).
- 3 Swimming Pools all with differing atmospheres, choose the one which reflects your holiday, there is a relaxing one & a lively one, we stuck to the relaxing one with swim up bar. (staff were friendly at this bar)

- Food, where do I start?? Cold, disgusting, the same every single day... the smell (turns my stomach thinking about it)
I had food poisoning which I am still feeling the effects of 6 days later, I am sure tht this is down to hunger as I have not been able to eat since Wednesday. Early hours of Wed morning I had severe stomach cramps (as did my fiance) & I was shaking after vomiting twice.
I could not move from my bed that day & my fiance contacted our rep who issued a sickness form (they have a form ready??) & insisted that I see the doctor. Doctor came out to my room, he asked what was wrong (well, in garbbled English) I explained that I was sick, he was shocked that I didnt say that I had been on the toilet all night & told me to expect that later (how common is this!?) he took my temperature, tried to give me an injection which I declined, (he could not really speak English so really didnt want him administrating anything!), gave me some tablets & that was it... did not say what was wrong & my fiance had to force him for a medical report (as requested by our holiday company). Subsequently I have been unable to eat properly since as I refused to touch the food in the hotel... turned my stomach going anywhere near the restaurant.

Spoke to the manager of the holiday company who came out to see us, he said that (at the time) only (yes ONLY) 6 - yes SIX of the 75 guests they had staying at the hotel had been ill... (9%)

After speaking to him we were approached by other guests who said that out of their party of 4, 3 were ill... then more & more people were coming forward... when we left yesterday we totalled 11 people on our flight from our hotel who had been ill... this is unacceptable.

The manager put this down to "English stomachs" (he was very quick to say that none of the Italian guests had been ill) I put this down to unhygenic food preparation, food being left out in the heat, food not cooked properly, cooked & uncooked meat stacked together on the BBQ (really wish I photographed that), milk was left out on the side (they donot understand the concept that heat breeds bacteria!)

On checking out they tried to charge us £75 (£775 Egyptian) for seeing the doctor!

I would not recommend this hotel & will not ever return to Egypt, when speaking to the staff at the hotel they seem to think it is acceptable (& normal) for the English to get a stomach upset... this was not just a 24 hour bug.. this was much more serious than that! I have travelled all over & I believe that if this country is not ready for tourism it should not be open to tourism... you donot expect to pay all that money, go to a "5 Star" hotel & spend only 2 days of it well & the rest with stomach cramps.

not bad, not 5 star either

by TripAdvisor Member coveredinbees

This hotel was fine, about the same as every other hotel in sharm! nice views, nice beach and pools, some nice views from rooms, but not from ours unfortunately! we were right at the back with a view of buildings in front of us. i asked to move every day as there were some much nicer pool view rooms, but got sick of being told we could move in the morning, then waiting around at reception every afternoon with our bags packed, only to be told that it wouldnt be possible after all, and to come back the next day!! reception staff were really unhelpful and didnt speak much english. this is a predominantly italian resort, which we didnt mind too much as you didnt really get hassled by the 'animation' team on the beach if they thought you were english!
we stayed at laguna vista last year, which was 4 star, and decided to try a 5 star this time, thinking it would be markedly better, so we were disappointed that there was little or no difference.
the food is similar to a lot of hotels in sharm, not great! we ate out in naama bay mostly.
reef right on the beach with great snorkelling. diving was also really good, although the instructors were all italian and spoke very little english.

Yes, the food is really that bad

by TripAdvisor Member amerz

We booked our stay through which was a smart move since the hotel costs were included with the flight costs, simplifying the holiday. The down-side to this, though, was that we were unaware of how much of our money went towards the flights and how much went towards the hotel.

We didn't listen to others' advice and had to barter for a taxi, but the fare was a lot higher because we were english speaking. Get the hotel to arrange a transfer!! I can't stress that enough. If you do have to barter, you'll have to pay probably £15 for an 8 minute taxi ride. It's ridiculous.

The facility was nice. The reception and restaurants are air conditioned and frequently cleaned. There's lots of granite and marble everywhere. The hotel lobby, Belvedere bar and coffee lounge are all smoking areas but we didn't find it too overwhelming since the ceilings were high and the air circulation was good. The furniture throughout the hotel is in need of re-upholstering.

The staff are pleasant and friendly and know more English than past reviews have stated although they sometimes seem to be mocking you when they say 'cheers'. Also women beware - the hotel staff are 99% male and most of them WILL hit on you and openly stare at your breasts, so watch what you wear. The hotel security is quite good though as we didn't have our door completely shut a few times and they came round and asked us to shut it.

The drinks seemed to be watered down and in fairly small glasses, but they didn't mind if you ordered two drinks at a time. The milk shakes were good! Also the heat was so intense that you don't feel like drinking alcohol. A warning: don't order ice with your drink!

The food was basically a nightmare. It was not suited to our tastes (which we expected) but the quality IS as bad as others have stated. It was buffet style so if you arrived towards the end of the meal period, the food was stale and/or cold. The food was geared towards the Italian and Russian guests. The fruit was quite bruised and tasteless, the bread was stale, and in general things weren't very different tasting from previous days. I think that a lot of the dishes were roll-over recipes of previous dishes that didn't get eaten. Also the selection of cakes and desserts looked good but were dry. The leftover breakfast pastries were served as snacks at the various bars before lunch. The All Seasons Restaurant has Italian lunches - pizza and chips, which was better than the buffet lunch. We didn't enjoy the dinner we had at the All Seasons, though. The spaghetti tasted like the kind you can buy in a tin. There is also a McDonald's nearby that delivers to the front desk.

The other guests didn't seem to adhere to the same standard of public manners that we did and had no problem letting their entire family cut in line. Kids were especially irritating - pushed and shoved whenever they wanted. Many parents sat at the pool bar and let their kids jump in near by, splashing pool water in drinks and soaking everyone at the bar.

One thing that another reviewer complained about was the lack of fresh water available for drinking. There are 2 bottles included with your room's minibar and we kept the empty bottles to refill them at various places: any bar, breakfast, lunch, or dinner restaurant, etc. You can't fill your water bottles with the water from your tap because it is just desalinated sea water -- this is also why the bath water may run yellow for a while.

The combination of the food quality and the heat had us running to the toilet for several days and we had to buy stomach settlers for £15. A bit of research taught us that we probably had a form of e-coli from eating fruit, raw vegetables, and ice in our drinks. This is common in any third-world country and we were warned about it in the package from Mosaic Holidays. Literally every time we walked outside from the air conditioned room we felt sick. After chatting to the other English guests, I found that we weren't the only ones so be prepared to have a sore stomach.

We had no complaints with our room. The bedding was very comfortable and the air conditioner worked a treat. The TV had several English channels so we were able to keep up with news. Our door keys stopped working several times so we had to go get them re-programmed - this happened to at least three other couples as well, and was annoying as hell.

The beach is nice, but in order to go in the water you need to walk down a long floating dock, as there are bits of coral and sharp rocks where it is shallow. We heard incredible things about the snorkelling nearby!! We went snorkelling at Tiran island which was £23 each and AMAZING! Another guest recommended buying snorkel gear rather than hiring it from the dive shop at the beach as they have you put a deposit of £65 GBP down and on a whim they can keep your deposit by saying you scratched the mask, etc. You can get snorkel gear at a fair price in Na'ama bay if you know how to barter.

All in all the vacation was nice and relaxing, but we wouldn't go back to Sharm because of the food.

The beach is awesome, all the rest is poor

by TripAdvisor Member mcogolludo

Comfort: The falicities are new but degraded. Great pool.
Service: The staff is mostly reluctant to help and very reactive.
Food: Light-year away from 5 stars. I'd rate the restaurants with 3 stars or below.
Beach: Awesome for snorkling.

Beware This Is Not 5 Star

by TripAdvisor Member englandcheckoutchick

just arrived back the 7th sept,after 10 days hols, been to Egypt 4 times before and if this had been our 1st time would not go back have stayed in better 3 star ,the hotel is no where near a 5 star more 2,reception staff very rude,and did'nt speak much english,food awfull, most people went out to eat or sent for macdonalds, resturant chairs and table clothes really dirty,not all ,rooms ok need up dating,didnt expect in so call 5 star hotel to be given drinks in plastic cups,one night ran out of ice, sprite,and glasses ,best thing was the weather and people we met while we were there.give this hotel serious thought befor going.shaza from nottm


blue hole - just see the grave stones at the backblue hole - just see the grave stones at the back

You know him :) Anemonfish that is NemoYou know him :) Anemonfish that is Nemo

ATV safari in Sharm El SheikhATV safari in Sharm El Sheikh

trying my lucktrying my luck

Forum Posts

Where to stay?????

by Isterl

Hiya im looking to go to Sharm in september but having difficulty deciding where to stay!!!!! Any suggestions??? I recently found a 5* hotel called Interplaza beach hotel which is in the Garden Reef Bay area???Does antone know how far that is from Naama Bay???? Or does anyone know any other good 5* hotels??? Plz help..... Thanks

Re: Where to stay?????

by Capisco

Check Concorde EL Salam hotel veyr nice one and is not far from Naama bay and have a shuttle bus to Naama bay and have to say it's a 5 stars hotels if you need any help my friend is working in the reservation there just let me know if you hae any questions to them and I can help you.
Karim Kassem

First Time Visit to Sharm El Sheikh

by ViXxenn

Hi All

I will be visiting Sharm for the first time in October with my boyfriend, staying at the Interplaza Beach Hotel, read a mixed bag of reviews, but I shall make my own mind up when I get there!!

I'm 28 my boyfriend 23, wondering what the best places to go in Naama Bay are, bars/clubs/restaurants etc.

Also we would like to do a few excursions like the Camel Safari with Bedouin Dinner, Quad Biking, Snorkelling Cruise's etc. Would it be best advised to book these when you are in Sharm or pre-book in England before we go?

Any advise would be much appreciated & thanks!

Re: First Time Visit to Sharm El Sheikh

by alexkiev1

Interplaza Beach is a good hotel for families, we stayed there 2 weeks last year, it is very quiet so if you are looking for a kind of disco or night club it is wrong place.

Re: First Time Visit to Sharm El Sheikh

by darchief


You can book all your excursions at the hotel itself. They are all reasonably priced.


Re: First Time Visit to Sharm El Sheikh

by ViXxenn

Thanks for the replies!!! That's a great help
The holiday was going to be a relaxing one so I don't mind about the hotel being quiet
It was just we wanted something a bit livelier for a few days of the holiday!!

Again thanks for the advice!!!


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 Inter Plaza Beach Hotel

We've found that other people looking for this hotel also know it by these names:

Hotel Inter Plaza Beach
Continental Plaza Beach Hotel Sharm El Sheikh

Address: El Pasha Bay, P.O Box 128, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt