Savita Resort & Spa

Al Sheikh Zayed St., Shark's Bay, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
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More about Savita Resort & Spa

very dissapointed

by TripAdvisor Member woza36

having been to Egypt last year in a 4 star Hotel ( which was great ) i was looking forward to going to Savita. I went with my partner for 2 weeks which ended up being far too long. Ok the nice things about the Savita The beautiful views, clean spacious Hotel,, confy beds and fairly nice staff, amazing snorkelling ..Im sure every one has written the same positives about Hotel..

.I am a very positive person and it takes alot for me to moan about a Hotel but sadly the Savita was not catered for British ( FACT ) and was a major dissapointment...the food was very repetative and bland , weird food choice ( once again Russian's loved it ) It got really boring eating the pizza and chips every day for 2 weeks but honestly some of the other food is just not nice and very strange
All inclusive it is not , No wine in bar ...Alcohol stops at 11 when the so called entertainment starts ( Bless the staff but entertainment was so poor ) Go to Naama Bay for a change we had to every 2 days to eat nice food, Hard Rock cafe, TGI's Pomodoro ....great restaurants and cheap.
Both me and my partner got upset tummy's ( this we expected ) but whatever you do do not go and see the Hotel Dr as he tried to rip me off for £ 150 after giving me an injection which he told me prior to it would only cost me £ 15...every egyptian will try it on to get your money.
Russians are rude ( i expected that ) its fun watching them eat like monkeys and dressing up like clowns but to be honest they are so miserable its funny.
Do try the waffles in the morning though they were great...evey english person we met on holiday thought the same about the Hotel and would never go back to Savita.

Well where do I start

by TripAdvisor Member Harley3575

When I booked this last minute - I had the choice to stay at the 5* Savita or a 3* for the same price - I therefore thought get more for my money - go for the 5*. How wrong can you be.

We arrived quite late. Firstly the reception staff were trying to do too many things at once and gave us the wrong passports back and gave us the wrong room keys. There was no welcome drink.

As we were tired and thirsty - we went to the bar to be told that as it was after 11pm - All Inclusive had stopped and we had to pay.

The room was spacious and comfortable and very clean. This was kept up throughout the holiday - so didn't mind tipping the cleaner.

The staff it appears work on the basis - give us a tip, we give good servce rather than the other way round - apart from the odd one or two.

Food was awful - very often cold and on a couple of occasions - not cooked properly - this is the first holiday EVER that I have been ill. It is also the first holiday that I've had served mash potato (or what ever was left over from the night before) for breakfast. The a la carte fish restaurant was awful - but I hear the grill one was better. You had to pay for your drinks in these but the drinks were got from the piano bar where it was free normally!!!

Despite being a strict muslim country - some of the guests did seem to want to sunbathe topless and wear as little as possible - I'm not a prude and have no objections to topless sunbathing - but I respect the rules of the country and do believe that if you want to have no white marks at all - go to a nudist beach - not a muslim country.

The snorkelling was excellent - cannot rave about that enough - however some idiot - not sure which country he was from - thought it would be clever to break off a piece of coral to have his photograph taken with it!!!!!

The place is full of Russians - and they do get up before dawn to put the towels on the beds.

The bars were regularly running out of glasses and would only serve one drink one person. You also were not allowed to take drinks back to your room - so we went into Naama Bay - bought some booze and put it in the fridge in the room.

Some staff did get the idea that if they looked after you they got more tips - the one bar man realised that as he was collecting glasses around by the sunbeds - if he carried drinks to you at the same time he earned a lot of tips. Pity that was the last day.

Good points - the place is clean, the spa treatments wonderful.

The place could do with being spruced up - broken tiles in pool - broken ladder in plunge pool - seats removed from pool bar - not enough sunbeds/umbrellas. Staff could do with going to other countries to see how they treat the guests and the chefs could do with learning how to cook the basics.
Despite the brochure/internet blog - there is no mini bar (that's extra), no internet access in the rooms, no courtesy room (for late checkout).

I would love to go back to Egypt - perhaps a Nile Cruise or to Nuweiba/Taba but I would not go back to this hotel. Not with the way its managed at the moment.

Not 5* More Like 3*

by TripAdvisor Member suntansunshine

We stayed at this hotel from 8th -16th Sept. Like others we were expecting something special.(This did not happen) We were dissapointed with the Food( same choices every morning,lunch and night) not a lot of variety, it was also trying to cater for all nationalities which does not work. The drinks were served in plastic cups and often they ran out and you had to wait for them to be replaced.The pool was hugh, shallow in parts but very deep in the main part even at my height 5'7 i had to stand on tip toes at the swim up bar.(no seats to sit on?standing room only). Getting a lounger by the pool was very difficult- even through they had notices stating no reserving- people did!. and they they would not come down until later in the day?
We were both ill during our stay and would recommend going to the chemists at the hotel next door(concorde) their tablets work so much quicker and better then the ones we took with us.(they know exactly what is wrong with you and speak very good english)
My husband fell out with the manager when he charged us for room service for a bottle of water because we were both ill and could not go to the dining room.(Even though we both did not have Breakfast, lunch or Dinner all day) .
We had to vacate our rooms at midday and were not given anywhere to change or shower as our pick up was 5pm. Our wristbands were taken off us and we had to sneak to the snack bar and pool bar for food and drinks.
The hotels bar staff were funny and freindly and the pizza at the snack bar was good. The hotel it self was very clean - rooms cleaned every day and pool staff were always cleaning up empty glasses etc.
The trip to Ras Mohammed done by La Vague at the hotels jetty was definatly worth every penny and would highly recommend!! If not an experinced swimmer hire a life jacket- very deep water and strong currents.Saw lots of fish and was really well organised. They also do a glass bottom boat trip about twice a day, again not expensive only about £10 english pounds each and worth every penny, saw more fish and even some scuba divers. The jetty also has amazing fish and you can hire wetsuits and lifejckets etc.
We had a wonderful holiday- the weather was brilliant 39-40 degrees every day, but was dissapointed with the hotel(have stayed at 3* in Tunisia and was so much better than the Savita)
Would go love to go back to Sharm El Sheikh just for the snorkeling but not to this hotel.
Would not recommend it any one unless they like having to queue for drinks, fight with the Russians for sunbeds and bland food.

honest review terrible hotel

by TripAdvisor Member divejames

i stayed at the savita from the 1st of september to the 15th. the hotel was very basic and nothing special i have stayed in egypt plenty of time and know what to expect from a good 5* hotel and this hotel had nothing. on arrival the hotel looked ok nothing special. got to our room nothing special probably 3* worthy. we went to the night life which was some amateur dancing and i am no dancer but i could have competed with them. i then went to the beach bar to get a beer but they said i had to pay because it was after 8pm. i was furious. so i got a fanta instead they gave me some rediculously small cup like a shot glass. and this went on throughout the two weeks. the bar staff were rude and a disgrace to the egyption people. and dont get me started on the russians they are so rude and it is literally full of them.there is only one al a carte restaraunt and the food you get free once per week and you have to book 3 days in advance and you have to pay for drinks even though they are coming form the exact same bar that you would normally get for free. also while we are on the drinks subject you have to pay after 11pm and they are not cheap. a can of the local beer is £3.80 english money. what a joke. also those of you who are wine lovers you have to pay for that aswell. and we bought a bottle it was terrible like rinking petrol.also just to emphasise how terrible the staff were i ordered some toilet paper to my room as the cleaners didnt give me any, i am still waiting for it now they never did bring any even after 6 calls to reception. the glasses and plates are dirty also. the hygiene is honestly terrible they just run it under water to wash a glass out and use there dirty hands no soap. the weird thing is there is dishwashers right next to them and they dont use it. the plates i had to go through pretty much 4 plates till i found a reasonably clean one.incase your thinking i have just had a crappy holiday and i am just trying to damage whats left of the the hotels reputation if there ever was one. i havent i had a fantstic holiday as i dive mostly so the dive center at the hotel was good really friendly and very profesional. to overcome all pf the problems at the hotel me and my girlfriend. went in to naama bay and had tgi fridays, hard rock cafe, mcdonalds, kfc and some of the locals food was real good.we just used the hotel for a bed and a tan when i wasnt diving i just sat by the pool. also as there are so many russians i found myslef having to pay the man who gave the towels out 2quid a day to save me a bed as the russians get up at 3am and put towels down then go to bed and come back down at midday. they really wind me up i mean there honestly was not one bed left by 10am. please dont get me wrong egypt is a fantastic holiday and can provide fantastic value for money so please do consider going just find the right hotel i would recomend the movenpick in taba it is out of this world and in its own league. if you are after something peaceful and relaxing then go to taba taba heights or dahab. personally dahab is my favourite it is very traditional and the people are real egyptians they are truly amazing they are so welcoming and willing to do anything to help. i stayed at the blue moon hotel in dahab for those divers out there this is a must do. the dive center is called reef 2000. the hotel is only 3* but puts all these other to shame when it comes to customer service and dedication to there clients. the food isnt that great but to get to dahab center is £1.50 so cant really complain and here you can get good food and good night life and some really good bargains.if you need any more info just ask. also beware some of the reviews on here sound like staff have put them on themselves.

Do not go

by TripAdvisor Member Diddy321

I stayed at this hotel from 6-13 September.

This hotel has never been a 5*, more like3*. Our room was ok other than the air con was terrible and on whole the hotel looks ok.

Good Points:

1, - Weather. It was red hot all through our week so no complaints there.

2, - Fish. There is some good fish to be spotted of the end of the jettys.

Bad Points:

1, Poor service - You have to q for ages to get a drink, then you can get to the front and have to wait ten minutes for a glass. When you do finally get a drink it is warm in a chipped glass.

2, - Food - I have been AI numerous times and always enjoyed the food. All we have eaten for a week is chips and pizza. The choices you get don't even look worthy of being put on your plate. The rare occasion I tasted the mash it was really nice, only problem is that is nearly always served at breakfast, not dinner!

3, - Russians - This was our 3rd time in Egypt so we new there was going to be a lot of them. They have never really bothered us before but this time I could not believe how rude they were. If you were quing at the bar and there was 8 people in front of you, they wouldn't think twice about going straight to the front. On more than a few occasions I ended up telling them to get to the back.

4, - Reception - These guys don't want to know anything. We asked a few times if there was any chance of keeping our room on as you have to check out at 12 noon and we weren't leaving the hotel until 6. They told us to come back the day before, we did this to be told that there was no rooms as they were overbooked for the next 2 days. They were not even willing to let us use a curtesy room even though they told me they have one.

5, - All inclusive - That term in this hotel is a joke. We didn't get an evening meal when we first arrived even though we were there at 9 and it didn't finish until 10. When you check out they cut your rist band off and tell you that All Inclusive is finished. 6 hours with no food or drink even though you have paid for 7 days and 7 nights - disgrace.

6, - Sunbeds - Be prepared to get up at 6 if you want one, by 7 there all gone.

All in all will not be returning to this hotel and would advise others not to book it. We didn't speak to any English who actually liked it and was putting first timers off going back to Egypt. Hotels I can recommend are Mirabel Beach and Sultan Gardens. I have already booked to go back to Egypt next year to Baron Palms, fingers crossed its bettert than this!

I love Egypt but better hotels available

by TripAdvisor Member dchiuk

We stayed in the hotel from 8th September for a week, which was our 5th trip to Egypt on which all had been in 5 star hotels.

Other reviews read that this is not 5 star, I would say some of the hotel is but some definately isnt. On the whole i would say 3-4 star overall.

in comparison to other hotels I have stayed:

Good -

MOST of the staff are really friendly and not driven by tips which you tend to find in most hotels in Egypt. Also as the hotel is 80% plus Russian they tend to treat the English better as they dont like the Russians.

Weather - but you would expect that when going to Egypt!

Diving - fairly good facilities on hotel grounds however not the best Ive expereinced compared to other hotels.

Bad -

RUSSIANS!! be prepared the hotel is 80% plus. As the other reviews state they are ignorant, rude, miserable etc.. The whole week only 2 Russian people out of hundreds smiled at us! They push you out the way to get drinks and food and dont think twice about walking to the front of the que. they are also greedy, it is all inclusive and they like there monies worth! They order loads of drinks each time they go to the bar which caused the hotel to restrict the bars to serve one drink to each person at the bar - a real pain when you want to get one for you and your partner.

Rooms were not the best. Ours was clean, comfortable and in good order but I wouldnt say 5 star standard. I think somebody had stolen the paintings off the wall? probably the greedy Russians as they took everything else!

Food wasnt great but always had something to eat. I got a bit bored with the same things nearly everyday but you wont go hungry (unless the greedy Russians have eaten everything which does happen!)

Not enough sunbeds. The Russians get up 5-6 oclock or even put things on the beds last thing at night. You really have to compete to get one.

Booking out day - no courtesy rooms. You have to book out at 12.00 and our pick was at 6pm. We tried for days to extend it and was told to come back tomorrow. We were finally told no the day before. We kicked up a stink at the reception desk and asked to speak to the manager. After major arguement we got the room until 3pm but had to pay $50. We actually kept it til 4pm. Most people didnt argue so got nothing.

Would I go back - No. Far better hotels available for the same sort of price but you will probably pick up from this review the worst thing is the effect the Russians have on the hotel and Im a pretty easy going person.

Summary - if you want to compete for everything (food, drinks, sunbeds, lifts etc..) go to this hotel, if you want to go at your own pace and relax and be around pleasant happy people keep well away!!!

Nowhere near good enough

by TripAdvisor Member mackster

Stayed here fron 11th of sept for 11 nights and i wish i had booked 1 night to be honest,The hotel its self is clean, ok but nothing special and in nedd of some serious staff training.
The food is of a poor standard, dont get me wron there is plenty of choice however the majority of the so called hot food is cold, i tied most dishes and it looked nice but as i say alot of the so called cooked food is cold.
The snack bars offer pizza served very thin and served buy a guy who if he smiled it was an off day, but at least this was hot.
The pool guys are always after a tip if the help you put a lounger umbrella up and if you dont get up at half 6 to quarter to seven you will be forced to tip the guys who pinch them from other guests when no one is sat on them or in the pool even though this is part of the inclusive.
The beer is served from cans in small amounts and is generally warm and the soft drinks are from bottles again warm, put ice in at your own risk:(.The room cleaner Mohammed was very pleasant and did a great job as did the reception if i`m fair.This sounds a very negative report but please take note it is true.I very rarely complain about anything but they knew theirselves something was wrong as they were dishing out questionaires every day to people to fill in and nothing seemed to get changed.
On a positive not its clean and tidy with good rooms and the dive centre is fantastic thats about it i`m afraid, but if your considering this go elsewhere in sharm others are far better.


by TripAdvisor Member KESTRALStoke

I have to write this reveiew if not for me, but for other travellers thinking of booking this hotel. On initially reading the some reviews that absolutley slaughtered the place i was 5 minutes away from returning to the Travel Agents and demanding my money back. This was the 1st Holiday my wife and i have been on alone, without the children or grandchildren and was now expecting the worst. Egyptian tummy, food poisoning, Dirty rooms,warm beer, rude russian guests etc.etc. the list went on. Only the good reports kept me from committing a crime down at the Travel Agents. This hotel and its staff were superb. 5 Star? maybe not but i would like to bet that a lot of you moaners wouldn't know 5 Star if it landed on top of you? The rooms were spotless and cleaned every day to a stadard that was in keeping with what we had paid for and would expect. The staff, from bell boys to General Manager could not be faulted. FOOD. o.k. it was not Fillet Steak every day and the Beef Stake could have been mistaken for Camel B......s but everything was edible. BEER. served in plastic beakers out of cans (when draught was not available) was cold and refreshing as was the cokes and fantas. Ask anyone to drink a VAT or any short in this country without ice and they would not enjoy it as much. Over there it is 3 times as hot. You cannot have it both ways,risk a dodgy stomach with ice (as in any foreign country) or drink it how it comes. Professional whingers and people with their head stuck too far up the backsides springs to mind with a lot of the reviews. RUSSIANS well they are the rudest race alive, true, but when told to get to get back and queue like the rest of us they do not like it BUT THEY DO IT. People who let them push in and then moan about it later are the ones to blame. SUNBEDS now these are taken not by the russians all the time but by the new German Breed, THE BRITISH!! No one on any holiday can get up at 9 AM in the morning and expext a sunlounger free where they want to sit. If you dont want to get up and compete, sort out a waiter of gardener (who are up at 5AM) with a 50p tip to save your spot, easy really, or do you moners expect a 5 Star Hotel to have dedicated area's for you? Would i go back? Most definately, Do not listen to the bad reports as you may miss out on a chance of a lifetime.

Overall, not recommended

by TripAdvisor Member lcc141

I had read the reviews written by other people on this website and others, so went with an open mind.
Overall, the hotel is OK.... Good points... the pool area is lovely, the ability to snorkel in the sea is a bonus, the deserts, and the central bar and reception area is very nice. Bad points... the food is VERY basic and is pretty much the same each night, cleanliness of the restaurant, the facilities of the restaurant, and I wouldn't recommend it to women travelling alone.
I had a problem with my room and requested to be moved. I wasn't in the main hotel building, but overlooking the gardens from my balcony. However, the front door faced flat desert and the wind was howling, to the point where it kept me awake for two nights. I had a struggle to get them to commit to moving me,which eventually they did. The second room was of similar standard but only had a shower, no bath, which had mould patches above on the ceiling. I found out on the first night in this room that there was no hot wtaer and so informed reception. Without going into much detail, I had several visits from maintenance staff that spoke little or no English over the course of the evening, the last vist being by 3 men at 11.15pm! As mentioned, I travelled alone, and so wasn't comfortable with this. I still didn't work out if the water problem had been rectified until the next night due to the lack of communication.
The hotel was popular with Russians, Polish, Ukranians etc, who tended to like to eat when the restaurant was open. This meant that it was always mobbed for the first hour or so. When I went for dinner, most nights there were many dirty tables that hadn't been cleared, no cutlery, no glasses for drinks.
In addition, there wasn't any information readily available about buses to towns, entertainment in the hotel, dinner and food options in the evening, and it was only by chatting to other visitors that I found these handy bits of info out! I know these things may seen trivial to some people, but my point is that this is by no means the equivalent of a 5 star here.
In summary, if you stay here request a room in the main part of the hotel, be prepared to find out info for yourself and don't rely on them to tell you, and don't expect 5 or even 4 star food quality.


by TripAdvisor Member Fazie

On reading some of the reviews on this website, I was a little concerned prior to arriving. I needn't have worried as a lot of the comments were unfounded.

Check-in - Very quick no hassle but little info given.

Rooms - Spacious and clean with lovely sea views (tea and coffee facilities, fridge for mini bar if wanted, hairdryer, bottled water every day, sheets and towels changed daily).

Pool & Beach - There are plenty of sun beds to go around, yes there are still idiots who go and put their towels on the beds at 5 & 6 am but you needn't bother. We went down at 8 every morning before breakfast and almost had the full pool area to choose from not a problem. Even people arriving late morning got beds. Plenty of shade for people. Lovely snorkelling off the jetty, unable to walk into the sea, so not for young children. 3 bars in this area and we hardly ever had to queue for drinks. Snacks are served at 11am Pizzas from 12 and meals at the pool bar from 1pm.

There is a glass collector who will bring you drinks however it's not all about tips. We had two weeks of him bringing us drinks and we didn't tip him until the end.

Bars - There are two bars in the main hotel. The piano bar, which I found the most entertaining as their was entertainment every night. Free drinks do finish at 11pm which we new about before booking.

Staff - cannot fault them always pleasant and more than helpful, they don't all want tips to put a smile on their faces.

Food - As with the majority of All Inclusive the food does get repetitive and this is the only fault I can find. Yes, its not British food but your not in Britain. You will not go hungry. If the food is cold just mention it to a manager (white tee-shirt) and it will be sorted immediately, take my word for it.

There are plenty of notice boards around about entertainment, free shuttle buses ECT people only need to look or ask, it's not hard. Plenty of Russians who drink from 10am and very rude. However we never had any problems.

This is not a 5 Star hotel (British standard) and on most sites it is stated as a 3+ or 4 Star which I feel is correct. You get what you pay for.

Their are new builings being built outside the hotel. However we didnt see any work being carried out

Overall I would recommend this hotel.



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 Savita Resort & Spa

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Savita Resort All Inclusive
Savita Hotel Sharm El Sheikh
Savita Resort And Spa

Address: Al Sheikh Zayed St., Shark's Bay, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt