Sheraton Sharm Hotel Resort Villas

Al Pasha Coast, Sharm El-Sheikh, South Sinai, Egypt
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solopes's Profile Photo

Great week

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on October 9, 2011

We stayed in this hotel in 2002 for a week, and we "used" it so intensively that we had no time to see... Sharm-el-Sheikh. That´s why only this time I decided to write this page, having posted my previous impressions in Egypt page.

This time I only saw it from the sea, but... remembered with nostalgia the good moments lived there.

I would hardly give this hotel even a half star.

Terrible (1.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on July 27, 2010

The hotel positions itself as a five-star hotel. I would hardly give this hotel even a half star.
Check in. The first thing that impressed me was the quality of the paper on which restaurants schedule was printed. The paper was crumbled with ink blots and had curved unreadable text. It seems that printer and paper has never been changed since hotel opening. Then we’ve been asked to sign paper that we oblige not to purchase food, not to bring food to the hotel and not to eat food. In case hotel management will find food in our room the food will be confiscated (and probably eaten by management later). This paper is nothing but to laugh. I have never seen anything similar.
The room that the hotel provided was with separate beds despite of the fact that we asked for a king-size bad. Hotel management told us that they can’t provide us room with king-size bad because all king-size bed rooms are currently occupied. However two rooms nearby with king-size bad were not occupied. Later these rooms were occupied by people who asked for separate beds. It seems that all hotel stuff don’t want to help you. It seems that they are even happy to make you disappointed. For any services they want to get extra money from you.
The room was dirty with crumpled sheets. Cartoons were dirty and with wholes. On the table we found dusty booklets of spa salon. There was no iron in the room. No tea cattle. No cups. On the second day my wife cleared furniture in the bathroom. Originally the furniture had white color. The idea is brilliant but not for Egypt. In the bathroom we found shampoos and body gels. However the producer of these goods was unknown. And that is not suppressing for Egypt. IF YOU DON’T WANT TO HAVE ANY TROUBLES WITH THE SKIN TAKE SHAMPOOS, BODY GEL AND SOAP (BETTER ANTIBACTERIAL) WITH YOU. There was no tap in the bath. At first we were suppressed, however when we saw the color of the water we understand why the tap was not provided. The water was rusty with strong smell. Our room had in-room safe. I put documents to the safe. In the morning I was not able to open the safe (in the evening I double checked the safe to make sure it is working). There was an error. Without leaving the room I called reception and asked them to send someone to open the safe. After the safe was opened I went to reception and asked them to provide me safe at reception. They asked me why I need safe at reception if I have in-room safe. I explained the situation and told that after this incident I don’t trust in-room safe. Near in-room safe you will find paper with something like “Safe for play”. Under this text in small font you will read that hotel is not responsible for any valuable things left in in-room safe. Also at one of hotel booklets I read that due to Egyptian laws hotel is not responsible for any losses in the rooms. Realizing this I put remaining valuable things like camera into suitcase and locked it. The key was always with me. The room has central air conditioner as well. I have never seen so old control panel. When switched on air condition is very noise. It is impossible to sleep.
Hotel stuff leaves plates with food in hotel corridor. Some time the plates are left for half a day. As a result big red ants live in corridors.
First breakfast surprised us greatly. Drinks: yesterday boiled tea and coffee, also something that they call juice (strange liquid made from water and aromatic powder). It was possible to eat only bread, boiled eggs and omelet. BE READY THAT THE QUALITY OF EGYPTIAN FOOD IS MEASURED BY THE FREQUENCY YOU USE TOILET AFTER EATING SOMETHING.
First visit of the sea leaves not the best impressions as well. The beach territory is big and there is also enough free seats. Beach beds are made of wood and polished. This polish leaves traces on closes. DON’T SEAT ON WOODEN PARTS OF THE BEACH BEDS. The entrance to the sea is from the pontoon or from the beach. The pontoon is quite small and always overcrowded with people. In order to get to the sea or get out of the sea you have to wait in queue. ONLY ONE LIFEGUARD IS HERE. This man was small and tired I could hardly imagine how he can safe someone. The only thing lifeguard did is asking newcomers to jump to the sea or to leave pontoon. Sea depths near pontoon is 15 meters approximately. If you afraid of the depths, you are with kids or don’t want to wait in the queue you can enter the sea from the beach. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION THE SEA IS FULL OF SHARP STONES AND CORALS. BUY SPECIAL SHOOS. The depths of the sea here is from 20 centimeters to 1 meter. Of course it is impossible to swim. Some people were spraying themselves with the salt water using buckets they brought from home. This could be good alternative to swimming.
Dinner and supper. As I wrote previously the quality of the food is measured here by the frequency you use the toilet after eating. Everything is very individual. Nevertheless I have not seen people who did not supper from stomach disorders. My wife was seriously ill twice. First time after eating ice cream, second time after trying sauce both times with high temperature. At home she never suffers from stomach disorders. I was mole “lucky” I had ordinary diarrhea. Basic meals are – fish, bread, chicken, spaghetti, rise. Different combinations of these meals are presented as oriental kitchen, Italian kitchen, French kitchen, etc. However the taste and the effect of these meals are always the same. The restaurant is overcrowded by people. Sometimes it is very difficult to find not occupied table. Don’t wait that waiter will assist you in finding table ask him for help. By the way waiter’s uniform is always dirty. I can’t say anything special terrible about waiters they work as they can. The other question is that there are not enough waiters. It is management mistake. The hygiene in the restaurant is the question that requires addition review. Here I want to say that I have never seen clean table. If the waiter drops the spoon he will put it to the table without clearing it. For us getting meal has become a torture. You have to eat something, but the consequences of getting meal are unpredictable.
Drinks. We had proffered all inclusive. This allows to drink local drinks and to eat at one restaurant “white cruiser”. Once we tried local red wine. The taste and the smell of this liquid was disgusting. We have never tried any other local drinks. It is possible to buy western drinks here, but stuff is clever enough to give you local drinks instead of western. Fraud is very popular here. Be careful. It is quite safety to drink cola, sprite or any other western non alcoholic drinks because it is difficult to fabricate them. But I would recommend using drinks without ice as you can’t be sure of the quality of the water used to produce the ice. Tap water is unsafely to drink and even to use for cleaning teeth. Baraka water is unsafely to drink as well you will realize this after tasting this water. At some forum I’ve seen recommendation to take water disinfection tablets. I thought it is a joke. Now I realize how seriously I was mistaken.
In general hotel stuff is very unfriendly. All the time they want to get additional money from you. They never smile. They never ask how you are. They never ask if you like the hotel. However one positive case I want to mention. When my wife felt herself terribly and nearly lost cosines near lobby the boy (ordinary cleaner) brought her towel with ice. None of management helped us. We are very thankful to this boy. Of course I gave him money. He deserved them.
There is no currency exchange in the hotel, but they have ATM. It is possible to withdraw money in local currency. There are some shops in the hotel. We did some purchases: alkaline batteries $10 for 4 batteries, cotton pellet - $5, chocolate from Switzerland - $5.
Never we had so disgusting vacation as in Egypt. There was absolutely nothing positive. Prior to visit to Egypt I did not take negative reviews seriously. But all negative facts about Sheraton Sharm from reviews I have seen are bitter truth I checked personally. Never in my life I will visit Egypt again. And I would not recommend anyone to visit it.
I was deeply shocked by the fact that Starwood Hotel management can’t provide five-star hotel quality. Prior to my visit to Egypt I have never used hotels of this group. And now I will not use them anywhere. If they can’t provide 5 star qualities in Egypt I don’t believe they can do it Dubai for instance.
My wife and I travel a lot. We lived in hotels and villas from 3 to 5 starts. Basically in 5 star hotels from Hilton, Marriot, Jumeirah, Ritz-Сarlton groups. Never it was so disgusting as in Sheraton Sharm. Despite of the fact that this hotel has relatively chip price even this is waste of money.

allouc's Profile Photo

Another big hotel

Good (3.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on July 26, 2010

Stayed there in July 2010.
This is really 3 different hotels in one area. Yes they are run by Sheraton but quality and service are not the same. The hotel is the better but more expensive choice and the resort is the worst. Service and food there are below what one would expect from a Sheraton.
Rooms at the resort are quite run down and some have no view at all. The safe was not working and a parade of cockroaches can be seen at night. At the hotel the rooms are bigger, nicer and with a view. They could use a renovation though. Just a little more attention and the place would be good.
The staff at the hotel is friendly and competent with some exceptions. Reception could not care less and guest relations is plainly non existent. When asked about a car rental agency they could not give any info at all.
If there is one thing I really disliked, it was the price of drinks. Soft drinks and water were OK but come on. 7 euros for a local beer?

Unique Quality: Unquestionably the best thing about the hotel is the house reef. It extends the full length of the ocean front and beyond. You do need to be a decent swimmer to enjoy it though.

om_212's Profile Photo

Sheraton Main:

Great (4.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on November 26, 2007

I happen to stay in this hotel by a complete chance. the Hilton Fayrouz (4+), which I have reserved, happened to be overbooked (to my greatest surprise), therefore the management offered us an "upgrade" and put us in Sheraton, a 5* hotel located in a small bay, 8 km from the airport.

Unique Quality: Overall I liked the hotel. my room (as all rooms of the Sheraton - Main Building) had a sea view. the rooms were spacious, and had a big balcony with comfy chairs. the bathroom was very stylish, with oriental tiles on the floor. it had a bath tub, toilet and bide, and hairdryer. the hotel territory is of a comfortable size and well taken care. but it comes with a price. to keep the territory green in the evening, they water lawns with some kind of chemicals, which produces unpleasant odor.

food is oriented toward Italian guests (a lot of pasta dishes), and though you can definitely find something which fits your nutritional/ dietary needs, it's not the level you might expect from a 5* hotel.

the hotel provides a free of charge shuttle to Naama Bay (5-7 min ride) at 8 pm and back to the hotel at 10 pm. since number of seats are limited, make sure to sign for it at the reception desk.

the best thing of the hotel was definately a great coral reef and amazing underwater life.

Welcome to Russian Federation

Bad (2.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on January 9, 2007

My wife and I spent 8 days there around 2007 New Years Eve. Hotel has great location and architecture, and consists of huge main building, villas and resort (one-store bungalows). At the time of our stay it was completely ran over by Russians - we were even greeted by the recepcionist with "Welcome to Russian Federation". No special complaints about that, but it seems that the general level of service has decreased because of changed guests profile. Few Italians and Brits too.

To start with, the mandatory New Years Eve dinner (65 Euros per person) was a mockery of party. Food was OK but it was being taken away around half an hour after midnight. The show is not worth mentioning. It was organized under the tent on the big terrace of the main building, so it was quite cold.

For the rest of the times meals were served in the inside restaurant, but the service could bearly keep with the human storms.

Our room in one of the bungalows ("Resort" part) was spacious with a nice balcony, with occassional shortages of cold (but never hot ?!) water.

The craziest thing was the clay tennis courts. There are only two for a hotel with more then 1000 rooms. The guy who is maintaining them is either illiterate or retarded or both. He speaks no English and can get very rude. Despite giving him big tips in advance, it took us multiple interventions on reception (where one can get good assistance) to get him to give us access we got with all-inclusive, prepare the courts and give us time-slots.

This was the paradigm of the whole service: you can get what you paid for, but only after (several) interventions. To make the confusion complete, occassionaly somebody of the service stuff would turn extremely nice and helpful, one waiter even refused to take the tip !

All in all I'd say in future it's a place to avoid.

Unique Quality: Internal shuttle bus between main building and partially distant bungalows.

nartjies's Profile Photo


Bad (2.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on May 29, 2005

Lovely to be so close to the red sea, and the sheraton hotel is prized for decor but their service is awful. I stayed with my friend who had her whole leg in a cast and we asked for a chair to rest her leg on while she showered, asked a number of people at different times and we never got the chair, eventually used room furniture. The room also had flies and again it was a mission to get some spray for that. Like wise if we asked for anything it took hours to get or just never arrived. Not 5star.

ukmagicman's Profile Photo

You would be crazy to go anywhere else

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on March 16, 2005

Sheraton sharm was fantastic. I have never stayed in such a clean hotel. Also, the staff were amazingly friendly. Everytime I went to the front desk, they knew my name and room number.

They seem to be cleaning the hotel none stop, which is great as everywhere is spotless... they take a lot of pride in their cleaning.

The hotel was in a great location, only a few minutes from the main town. The hotel offers a shuttle back and forth for about $2.

The pools in the hotel are very nice and it is located right on the coral reef, so can just walk down to the beach and dive right in among the amazing fish of the red sea.

The restaurants in the hotel were also very reasonably priced and the food was excellent. We did not have a single upset stomach the entire time.

Unique Quality: Coral reef on footsteps from the rooms.

A Great Resort

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on November 15, 2004

We have stayed at the resort part of the hotel. The facilities were exceptionally great.
The personnel except the ones at the restaurants were very friendly.
The places where we had the meals were not good, because of the too much cosyness and low ceiling.
The rooms were very large and comfortable. The airconditioners were very much effective.

Unique Quality: The hotel has a beach and you can see lots od great fish while you are snorkeling by the coast!

LotusV8's Profile Photo

One of the best in Sharm

by written on May 16, 2004

The Sheraton Sharm Hotel and Resort is an exotic location, perfect for total relaxation in year-long sunshine. The hotel is situated on the Southern tip of Sinai on the Red Sea.
Visit the newly opened 1600 square meter Sheraton Sharm Thalassotherapy Spa for complete relaxation. 'Bathe' in steam, slip into a mud bath, try traditional Turkish bath (Hammam), or douse yourself with shocking cold water after the relaxing heat of a sauna. Or choose from their à la carte special marine treatments tailored to satisfy your distinct needs. - HOW ABOUT THAT FOLKS?

Unique Quality: RESTAURANTS
In house restaurant
Business Center
24 Hour Front Desk
Free Parking
Swimming Pool
Room Service
Fitness Center or Spa
Television with Cable

claus9000's Profile Photo

Ideal Hotel, excellent service and top location

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on June 18, 2003

Like Seaview rooms? Here you are right. Even the windows of the elevators offer seaview. The Sheraton Sharm (5 stars) is built in a terrace style and has about 300 rooms. The rooms are large (40 square meters) and have 20 square meter of balcony. The private beach is excellent, clean and serviced.
Variety of restaurants, international Buffet, Oriental Seafood and Italian. Friendly service and excellent cuisine. The location is remote, about 1,5 km away from the freeway, but the hotel offers a bus service to Naama Bay (6 minutes drive) 3 times a day. Airport is 10 minutes drive away but not disturbing holidaymakers.
Beautiful gardens, swimmingpools.
There is also a Sheraton Sharm Resort with smaller rooms built in small buildings(3 to 4 stars).

Unique Quality: Excellent Loaction opposite Tiran island, you can watch even the big cargo vessels going up the Gulf of Aqaba to the Jordanian port city of Aqaba.

Directions: Leave Sharm in the direction of Naama Bay and the hotel is behind Naama Bay on your right (about 4 km out of Naama Bay.

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Sheraton Sharm Hotel Resort Villas

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Address: Al Pasha Coast, Sharm El-Sheikh, South Sinai, Egypt

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