Zoser Partner

252 Pyramids Rd, Giza, Egypt
(4 star hotel)
#42 of 347 hotels in Cairo
Great (4.0 out of 5.0) 12 reviews
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jf41's Profile Photo

A trip to the Pyramids of Giza

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on December 11, 2011

Zoser Hotel - Comfortable and clean accommodations
close to The Great Pyramids and the Sphinx of Giza

I spent a week at the Zoser Hotel and I was quite pleased. The staff was polite and helpful. Having read in reviews of the noisy traffic on Pyramid Road, I sent them an email requesting a room facing the courtyard. Not a problem.
Shortly after my email request, I received a confirmation email from "SAMAR @ ZOSER Hotel" The email also provided me with information about how best to reach the hotel from the airport.
The room was good size with a comfortable double bed and pillows and adequate closet space for a one person. The bathroom, was large and clean with shower and tub with an ample supply of large towels.
From the bedroom, double sliding doors opened up to a balcony overlooking the pools providing a pleasant view of the courtyard.
The AC worked fine and was appreciated even in mid-November.
The free buffet breakfast offered up through 10:00 AM,was one of the largest spreads I've seen in quite some time. It included various dry cereals, tahini, hummus. In addition, there were at least six different types of rolls and muffins as well as meats, cheeses, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers & fruits and a variety of other breads and very good coffee. They also offered tea and juices.
It was more than enough for a full day.
The dinners I tried at the hotel restaurants were adequate. The price of a glass or two of house wine, $8.00 each plus tax, can quickly inflate your bill. You can dine for much less If you feel comfortable with a local restaurant, .
With the incredible Cairo traffic, the trek to the center of Cairo can be a long ride.
The hotel is on the very busy Pyramid Road. Only the locals or brave hearted Westerners dare cross.
You'll pay for making even local calls from the hotel phone.
Pros: Room and bathroom size; cleanliness; a great free breakfast buffet; no language problem and proximity to the Pyramids and Sphinx in Giza
Cons: Longer than expected ride to the airport and downtown Cairo exacerbated by the aforementioned sluggish traffic.

Unique Quality: The free buffet breakfast was enjoyable not only for its size but also for the variety of foods offered. Just outside that good size dining room is the courtyard with its three pools of various sizes. It is a pleasant spot for poolside dining both day or night not when strolling form the café, nightclub or restaurant.
Just down Pyramid Road is the necropolis of the Pharaohs on the nearby Giza plateau.

Directions: The Giza plataeu

hawk460's Profile Photo

Watch your hotel services

Bad (2.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on October 11, 2007

Alright,I know everyone should checkout everything on your room charges and services to your room,,,,,so heres my sob story of this hotel,,,,on arriving in cairo(Oct. 2007)airport,,,it was my luck that my luggage was lost,,and yes, I went through the whole process of filing a claim,search,and possible hi-jacking of my luggage,,no luck and no luggage.
Now,as you can see I had only what was on my back and carry-on,,so, I went on to the hotel,,and needed the laundry service at the hotel,,first time delivered to my room and paid for the service at the time of delivery,,,second time did the same,,and even had the paid receipt,,,,,,on checking out I, was charged for the second service,,,,even showed the front desk and the manger,the paid receipt,,,they summoned a person from the laundry dept. he looked at the ticket and left with it,,and that was the last I seen of him,,,so,I had to pay for the laundry bill the second time!!! Yes, everyone in Cairo thinks we're all rich tourists,,so, I'm sure they split the money between there selves.
Just be extra careful on your charges at this one and all hotels and people in Cairo.

Directions: Giza

vesna04's Profile Photo

Didn't like it

Bad (2.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on September 4, 2007

Reading the tips on this Hotel, here on VT, I couldn't belive it was the same Hotel I stayed in !
The hotel is far from the 5* hotel, more like a 3* and it wasn't very clean. The breakfast was horrible. Toster was out of order and the eggs....you could hardly recognize them. They had the outdoor counter where you could order the eggs the way you like it but it never worked. When I asked why, the answer was that it is to early ( it was always between 7 and 8 am).
The pool looked ok from my room balcony and I went down for a swim. When I got by the pool I saw it is not clean up to my standards( and I don't have cleaning sicknes) so I gave it up.

Unique Quality: The Hotel had 24 hours exgange office but I don't know is it Unique Qualitie as the guy working there tryed to rip me off. I changed money twice and it happened on both occasions.

artvanderlay63's Profile Photo

fantastic hotel

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on July 6, 2007

This is great hotel, the staff are very friendly, like most egyptians. The rooms were very large, ask for a corner room near the elevator they are about 50% larger than the other rooms. The breakfast was deluxe. Grab a plate from inside and go to the chef outside near the pool and ask for an omelete. He is good!! He also is great with teaching you a few Arabic words if you ask nicely. The taxi service in the Hotel is good, a little expensive but safe, dont let him talk you into a night cruise down the nile, Please......... its a shocker! Dont let him take you to all his mates shops either, that was painful.
Hotel was top class.

Unique Quality: Pool, money changer downstairs (he's a grumpy bastard, but thats his problem) but good exchange rate (count your money as always in Egypt).
Close to Pyramids, shops over the road. (If you can get across the road, just close your eyes and walk, its amazing how no one runs you over)

A good hotel but...

Good (3.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on June 3, 2007

We stayed for a week in this hotel in july 2006 . It is a good and cosy hotel.
The facilities were good and the rooms were nice .

The negative things were
1- it is in jiza so it is far from cairo center but near the pyramids.
2- The hotel was full but with people from Israel ,Palestine and Tunisia, i have never seen so talkative people as those and they were like locusts during the breakfast, and their children were playing all the time with the elevators.The bottom line is that they cant choose their customers.
3-with the rif

Unique Quality: The pool was nice ....the rooms that lie on the pool have a great view.

smirnofforiginal's Profile Photo

on Pyramid Street

Great (4.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on April 17, 2007

A nice escape from the hustle and bustle of Cairo. The hotel is clean & the staff were very friendly.

There are some shops inside & a bar with an Egyptian bar singer.

The only annoyance was in the courtyard several floors below our room there was entertainment in the form of a belly dancer and drums (with microphones attached). It made for an interesting way to get the kids to sleep!! Thus much said I would certainly use this hotel again though

misr's Profile Photo

In the centre of Giza's residential area

Great (4.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on December 30, 2006

The rooms was clean and big enough.
There are some small gift shops inside the hotel and in the hall of the hotel there is Cafe Cleo and they had good coffee and chocolate cake.
The restaurant Sakkara had good food and excellent service, as did the restaurant Farouk.
The only thing that did bother, was the music so loud played in the disco, that if you have a room over it, you can´t avoid hearing it. Sleeping can be a bit hard ....

Directions: About a kilometer from the Giza pyramids

Good hotel between Cairo Center and Pyramids

Great (4.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on November 22, 2006

This hotel is located on the Shari Al Haram (Pyramids Street) which connects Cairo Center with the Pyramids, somewhat half the way. That is why it is convenient to get to both of them pretty easily, both with taxi and with public transportation (if you are courageous enough to take a street minibus for 1 LE :-)
The staff was friendlier than in other Cairo hotels we stayed in. The room was quiet (at least ours, that looked to the yard), which is rather rare considering the high street noise level and usual quality of the windows insulation.
Buffet breakfast as OK on Egyptian standards (which means less choices and sometimes lower food quality than you would often find in European or American hotels of the similar class).
The price was lower than for other 5 star rated hotels in Cairo (although most of them, including this one, are corresponding to 3 or 4 stars).
Overall, I would recommend this hotel.

sswagner's Profile Photo

Zoser Partner Hotel

Good (3.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on July 10, 2006

This hotel has its ups and downs. The service was good. Hotel staff such as front desk, bell persons, housekeeping, and food service people were always friendly. The check in/check out process was easy. We came to discover that room service could often be cheaper than the restaurants, so we ordered room service three times. The food was good, and service was prompt. The hotel has a good choice of restaurants and the pool is a very nice way to relax after a warm day of travel. I found the rooms to be clean and comfortable. There were no noise issues as we were on the top floor.

With that said, there were some problems. One was with the taxi service (see below) Also, the area with the single elevator shaft can be a hassle if you are trying to go down from the 7th floor during a busy time. It lets people in who are trying to go the other way. For example, I was trying to go from 7 to the lobby. It let people on at the 4th and 5th floors and brought them up to 7. By the time it got to us, there was no space in the elevator with 16 bags and 5 people. Rather than pick us up first, the elevator let them in, bring them up to our floor, and then bring them down. I would suggest getting a room near the corridor with 2 elevators to avoid this if you are high up. These only open up if you are going in the desired direction.

Pros: Not too far from pyramids, good pool, good room service

Cons: Some dishonest people working in support services, illogical elevator programming

There is a mall across the street with a McDonalds and some other places to eat. The only problem is that the road can be extremely busy and dangerous. There are no crosswalks, no traffic light, no pedestrian bridge, and no tunnel. You have to cross that road to get there. When traffic is at its worst, it may as well be the Grand Canyon between you and the mall.

Unique Quality: We did have a problem with the onsite taxi service. We approached the taxi desk with an itenerary of stops we wanted to make and clearly explained the itenerary before leaving. He agreed to a price, and we left. He did not even know where the Nilometer (one of our stops) was, and took us to the Opera House instead. We were hiring the taxi based on total elapsed time. From the beginning, we told him where we wanted to go and in what order we wanted to visit the sites. Rather than tell us he did not know the location of the Nilometer, I guess he omitted this detail until it was painfully obvious he did not know. So we had to skip that stop. When we visited the Khan al-Khalili market, he agreed to pick us up at a certain point after an 1 and 15 minutes. We were barely 15 minutes late to the spot when he waved from the other side of the street and walked us back to where the taxi was parked. He claimed he received a parking ticket from the police and that he had to pay 20 LE to park. The car was parked on the side of the road, and there was no paperwork or reciept for any parking or any ticket. Back at the hotel, I was generous (maybe too generous) and paid him for 6 hours despite the fact it was really about 5 1/2 hours and despite the fact he wasted time taking us to the Opera and a couple of unsolicited stops. When I paid him, he tried to get me to pay for the phantom parking ticket and the "parking lot" fee. When Sheri mentioned discussing this with the tourist police, he backed down. I guess my point is, be careful about taking a taxi. They are after your money and seem to have selective hearing when you explain the service you actually expect and where you want to go.

I had also hired a driver to take me to the pyramids. He tried to stop at a couple of places to convince me to shop and/or ride a horse or camel. My explicit instructions were to bring me to the pyramids. If you hire a cab, make it clear to them that you do not want to make ANY stops. It may or may not work, but at least you tried.

On Road To The Pyramids

Great (4.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on June 24, 2006

i along with family and friends stayed at this one for two nights. it is very conveniently located en route to the pyramids which aint too far from here. those who want to avoid local food there is a mcdonalds plus some other fast food joints located right opposite the hotel in a mall which also has lots of shops and is open beyond midnight..there is a discotheque in the hotel just in case u wonder what it is like to go partying in egypt. the breakfast is awesome although the pool could be better. the staff is friendly and cooperating. all in all a fine place to stay with most amenities in an affordable package.

Unique Quality: the location, on the main road. with lots of shops nearby

A Quiet Oasis in a Bustling City

Great (4.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on December 27, 2005

While on tour in Cairo,my family and I stayed at the Zoser Partner Hotel,which is on Al Ahram Street in Giza,near the pyramids. To their credit this hotel is centrally located,offering a comfy bed and cosy,if not slightly noisy room,however I must mention several negative things.First and foremost,they don't have a water heater,telling us that Egyptians don't drink hot water. The pool was more or less frozen in the cold Egyptian night,and the food is limited to a few similar dishes daily. Looks like Egyptians like potatoes and tomato paste! Otherwise,everything else is OK...the television reception was great,with channels from the Gulf,Europe and even China being shown.

Unique Quality: If you like to stand on a haze-smothered verandah and look out into a smoggy city that never sleeps you'll love the view.My room overlooked the streets of Cairo. Look on the far right into the distance,and you may spot the pyramids.

Directions: Follow the main highway from the airport to the city center then turn into Al Ahram Street and watch out on the right.

nicemason's Profile Photo

Great Hotel!

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on September 6, 2004

This is 4* Stars rated Hotel; but honestly better than most of Cairo’s 5* Hotel.
Location is great on Haram Street (Between Cairo and Pyramids); very good open Buffet breakfast..

Walk in price was U$130 + Taxes

Book thru: www.hotelsbooker.com to get the best rate of U$70

Unique Quality: Good breakfast
Reasonable receiption
Good location
Newly founded

Directions: In from of Cairo Mall
252 Pyramids Road Giza, Cairo, Egypt

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Zoser Partner

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  • Zoser Hotel Giza

Address: 252 Pyramids Rd, Giza, Egypt

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  • Swimming Pool
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  • Room Service
  • Fitness Center
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