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Great hotel & people

by TripAdvisor Member Wymondham_girl

I have just returned from 2 weeks in the Travellers Club, mombasa. I went alone and met lots of great people.

I found the hotel rooms very clean and tidy and there was alot of entertainment throughout the day like beach volleyball, aerobics, even bingo. It was great value for what i paid .

Dont be put off by all the reviews saying stay away from the beach and the beach boys as they are harmless. Just say no and they leave you alone. You will then get to see sand sculptures along the beach not to be missed.

I went on trips booked with Samson on the beach which were great value and fun.

Only downside to the holiday was the usual re sunbeds. oh yeah and having to come home.

Good choice of food and drink throughout the day definately worth the money.

If you are gonna go take white socks and crayons as locals like these as tips.

If you dont get a trip to the Elephant Sanctuary thrown in with your holiday ask to go when you get there will be worth the money.

Home this has helped you decide if its for you.

Kenya Beautiful Shame about Hotel

by TripAdvisor Member SCOTISHLASS-7

Went on this holiaday to Kenya because we though that the weather would be alot better than the UK. It was. It was also our honeymoon.
Travellers beach club/hotel was our destination.
Hotel spilt on two sides meaning that you hab to stay on your side. Not enough sun beds for half of the guest.
Food could not be eaten ( Nice restaurant on beach called Jule's)
most of the guests from the UK had a visit from the Doctor or a trip to the Hospital.
No sports facilites / activies availible as they were all broken and not part of the All Inclusive.
Will not br returning and will not be recomending the Travellers Beach Club.

First time to Kenya

by TripAdvisor Member jemo

Travellers Beach Club
FEB 2007
Fantastic hotel,great food wonderfully friendly amazing people loved every minute didn't want to come home. Definitely going back to Kenya in the future and would recommend this hotel. A special thanks to waiters Bushman, Julius and Walter in the all inclusive restaurant if you see them say hello from wayne heather emily jean and paul. Say Jambo and Karibu.

Nice hotel but nothing special

by TripAdvisor Member sg2

4 of us went begining of Feb for 14 days , Travellers is 2 hotels in One, the Club (AI )and the Hotel (HB). The AI is breakfast, snacks, lunch, tea and dinner,evening entertainment eg acrobats. The staff work hard to keep you happy and try to get you take part in activities during the day.Whilst we were there the bars ran out of fruit juice on several occasions also the snack bar ran out of several choices so you were limited if you didn't use the main restaurant. The meals were OK but if a vegetarian you were limited to one selection or the veg selection from the main hotel's Indian restaurant.The rooms were large and clean but there are no Sea views ,you have to pay for the safe and there is no fridge. If you keep the AC on it keeps the Mossies away Sun beds are a problem but we coped .We found the Beach boys better than before and took No for an answer if you were firm but polite. We went to Haller park which is worth a visit (600 shillings per person) as are the nature walks just opposite Bamburi Hotel, you can walk around both without guides and its peaceful.
We also went on the Pipi Pilla Dhow trip at Shimoni I have used them before and the day was made by a Wild dolphin chosing to swim with us Snorklers. There are 3 dive schools one in each of the hotels , Baracuda at Travellers, Tropical at Bamburi and Bucaneers at WhiteSands, used Bucaneers as I did in 2002 We did enjoy our Holiday and the things wrong with the hotel were Minor so didn't spoil it. If you want to eat out Try Yuls just past Bamburi Beach Hotel , pizza are large and as are the ice creams

this traveller happy!

by TripAdvisor Member mattxs

me and my wife have just returned from a weeks holiday to the travellers club resort in kenya. we had a fantastic time..

rooms..cleaned everyday with fresh towells plus 2 bottles of spring water. the rooms may need abit of an update but apart from that clean and tidy with a great balcony.we had a view of one of the many pools.

staff..all the kenyan people we met bent over backwards for us from the staff in the hotel to the beach boys on the beach. when you order a drink from the many bars on site expect a short wait because the kenyan people are not exactly fast in service but this just made our holiday all the more special.

hotel..the grounds are beautiful and always kept clean and tidy.reception areas (there are for club and one for beach)are beautiful.pools are de-bugged every hour and are very clean.sunbeds are a problem mainly not enough but a quiet word with a pool boy and they bring more out. was the only problem we had.being not much choice and strange selections and variations.its mainly rice and currys but they do have different theamed nights.there are 2 restaurants in indian which is downstairs and a italian.both were very nice and if you fancy a change i would reccommend.

we would like to thank the many british people we met who made our holiday special.sam and drew,nicky and darren and there great kids and of course jan and norm.

you will love this hotel and the surrounding areas..the kenyan people are fantastic and great fun.please remember to take some pens and paper for the children when you arrive because they need these things.teeshirts and socks will bring a smile to the locals faces as well..

enjoy..matt and cathy..
pics to be uploaded soon.

An adventurous experience

by TripAdvisor Member geoffreyN

This is a review from Joe and Angela from Blackpool in Lancashire from when we stayed at the Travellers Club in February this year.
Right from when you arrive the welcome is very warm and the staff are wonderful, the rooms are huge with all facilities you require, but be prepared to wait to be allocated your room as this process can take a good while.
The food is plentiful but not typically african catering it is more european we suppose to accomodate the mostly european clientelle, which is a bit of a shame, as to try cuisine from the country you are visiting is parr for the course.
Here are some useful everyday tips for visiting Kenya for the first time: Don't be afraid to use the local buses which you can catch outside the hotel on the main road which come every 20seconds(no joke) & our tip is if they have a seat at the back & one at the front or middle say no we want to sit together &say we'll catch the next one, this may bemuse the african conductors but guess what? you're in no hurry it's your holiday.
The fare is 20shillings each(15p) to go to the nakumatt/supermarket or Haller Park,but to go further ie Mombassa town it's 50shillings,however your rep: will tell you to take a taxi which is fair enough as they will wait for you at a negotiated price usually1000shilligs(£8.50ish) so you do the maths. 60p return for two or £8.50?????.Also as a word of advice as the reps will tell you be careful about flaunting cameras or jewellery etc while travelling.
The beach boys!!! they are only a problem if you want them to be, it is not their fault that they have nothing in this world, and therefore they are only trying their best to earn a living, you will understand this when you see for yourself just how little they have.
Don't let it spoil your holiday or walks on the beach just be firm with them and say no or we'll look tomorrow or give a good excuse and leave it at that. Note every single shop sells EXACTLY the same items it's only the price that varies and that's up to you,our example of the very special price they will do just for you is: we purchased a set of six coasters and a soapstone dolphin which started at a price of 2800shillings(£22approx) & suffice to say I paid 500shillings(£4.20), & as they never sell anything which they don't make a profit on I was not robbing them, we also did a few more purchases and bartered our way through to getting most of the items at one third of the asking price.
A couple of tips if booking a safari, check your reps offer against the local registered tour operators on the beach ie Mombassa tours north, who we booked with, we reckon we saved a third on the price which was being charged by the rep for our two day tripin the hotel. The trip itsself is not a stroll in the park as the first day is approx. 14hrs travelling and often very bumpy and uncomfortable as you are only in a glorified people carrier, but your driver/guide will be your eyes for most of the time and really show you everything(our driver was geoffrey ndondi) and was marvellous his only break on the first day was lunch.
We stayed as Ngulia lodge where the bugs were the biggest we have ever seen in our lives, and the facilities and rooms were lacking totally of any kind of creature comfort only (creatures themselves)ie no air con/tv/radio/hairdryer/proper shower/anything apart from the mosquito net essential to get out alive.It makes you relly appreciate your own wonderful hotel(Travellers Club).
The last thing we have to mention is the Dhow Boat Trip we went on, as this was an eye opener, so take this on board(forgive the pun) it's a two hour trip to get there and the bus driver will offer to get water for you at 100shillings(it's free on the boat)so wait.If you have suffered from tummy probs do not do this trip until well enough as the loo is situated under the deck with no steps on ly wooden slats to shimmy down and then bent double you crawl to the thing called a toilet!!!! which is about 6feet in front of you, it's a real experience.The day was a bit windy but the sea was very rough once past the headland so if in doubt take a sea sick pill when offered.It is a further one & a half hours to the island which is incredibly uncomfortable as there are only small yellow cushions on the wooden seats and no back rests at all if the sun is out be ware if not in shade you will burn.
After this time you & four other boats arrive at the same time for lunch & have to transfer to a smaller boat 12at a time, and then get off by the island into the sea which you will find has a very uneven bottom to walk across & getting back is no joke either.
The whole boat got thoroughly soaked & it wasn't worth it for the lunch anyway, which was very poor.
We hope you can take note from our experience and have a loveley holiday.

Travellers Club - Brilliant Stay!!

by TripAdvisor Member Suecar

Stayed at the Travellers Club after a 6 day safari - absoloutely fantastic, hotel very clean, staff wonderful, polite & very helpful. Food great but puddings got a bit boring, and the early morning breakfasts if you're going out on trips are very basic. Pool lovely, though it was turning some blonde people's hair green (seriously!), mainly the kids that were in it alll the time, it also did the same to skin but only when using "white" sunscreen & the green did wash off skin - we used Ultrasun & didn't seem to have a problem, but cozzies were affected & went yellow in patches, so take a dark coloured one. Hotels gift shops sell virtuallly everything you can buy on the beach so check your prices in them before dealing with the beach boys - who were a bit of a pain, but if you fib & tell them you've already booked trips / bought souvenirs through the hotel they'll leave you alone. We did book a couple of trips with Freddy Muthengi ( - a local agent following recommendations on this site before we went - he was very helpful & will email you details of all the trips he does before you leave home so you can plan, his prices are also very good. One piece of advice though, if you're planning to do Tsavo don't bother with the one day trip - you leave the hotel at 05.00 & it's just too rushed - you are driven around the park at 50mph, too fast to see anything elusive unless you're really lucky, it's a great park though, just do a longer trip & wear dark coloured clothes & take wet wipes - we were absolutely covered in red dust. If you do any of the snorkelling trips take your own masks & snorkels - the stuff you hire is rubbish. Will definitely go back & stay at the same hotel we enjoyed it so much.

Lovely Hotel, Friendly Staff, Beautiful Place

by TripAdvisor Member dancingemily

I stayed at the Travellers Club from the 31st January to the 14th february 2007, and loved it!

We booked through First Choice Holidays and flew from Manchester, the flight took us about 8 hours going and 10 coming back, the ride to the hotel takes about 30 minutes.
it can be quite a culture shock riding through the hustle and bustle of Mombasa's streets.

the hotel is split into the all inclusive (the club side) and half board (the hotel side).

When you arrive you are given a cold drink of fruit punch and a warm lemon flannel to clean your face! (nice after an 8 hour flight!)

The hotel surroundings are very nice, full of beautiful lush plants, you can see lots a bright yellow weaver birds, multicoloured red, blue and orange gecko's and the cheeky vervet monkeys, who like to climb the balconies( dont feed them because they can bite!). Remember to bring your mosquito spray, and apply it liberally in the evening.
In the main reception area there is a African grey parrot called amigo who's sweet. And a little stray ginger kitten near the pool who is very sweet.

it is important TO take your malaria tablets before, during and after your stay, you may get a bit of a bad stomach of the tablets but this will probably settle down after a few days.

The rooms are ok, quite basic but are clean, we had a balcony so you can sit out at night if you want.

The general surroundings of the hotel are very clean, the staff are really really friendly (Most of the staff do work long hours for very little pay so dont be too harsh on them.)

The restaurant is nice and good selection different foods (including vegetarian), the soup the chefs make is very nice.

The snack bar near the main pool serves a selection really nice food. (chips, spaghetti bolognese etc)

The activities around the pool include:
Water areobics
Scuba diving demo's
Water volleyball/Volleyball on the beach

There are 3 main pools- a long lazy river type one which has slides, a quiet pool and the main pool, there is also a little kiddies pool.

In the evening there are usually dancers (masai dancing and a market selling traditional crafts) or acrobatics which is a good laugh, the usually have odd musician playing aswell.

The beach is beautiful, but i would leave a until a few days (to settle in) as it can quite daunting at first, as you do get hassled a bit (would like an ebony keyring? i do good price for you my friend!) but just be firm and polite, theres no harm in looking and talking to the beach boys often they are very friendly and often just as curious about your life as your are of theres! At the end of my holiday i bought a keyring and bracelet off a beach boy who we had been talking to for near enough the whole two weeks, hes called Goga (the rasta man with the orange hat) cost 500Ksh (£3.50)

Ignore all the comments which say dont go on the beach you'll get hassled to death, as long as your friendly and enjoy a bit of friendly banter you'll be ok.

I went windsurfing for an hour with a beach boy for a lesson , and it cost 1,000 Ksh which is around £7.

Stella's fruit stall is a must(you cant miss its bright yellow!) on the beach front sells all kinds of fruit which she cuts up for you with a machete! and you can sit on the beach enjoying a nice pineapple!

Che Jules ice cream and Restaurant (if you go left when going on the beach and keep on walking) the ice cream is homemade and costs 90ksh a scoop and is gorgeous!

We went on the 2 day trip to Tsavo East which was booked through our rep, which was tough going but enjoyable (bumpy roads!) and we went on the 1/2 day trip to Mombasa town (Were do all these people come from?)

I loved the trip to Tsavo East, dont forget to pack the mosquito spray and pack a torch!

Take lots of school stuff - pens, paper etc for day trips if you see little children.

I would definately come back again to this hotel again, and do some other trips that we didnt have time to do.

The only problem with the pool is the amount of chlorine they put in it , which can result in costumes/ hair going slightly green, so take some chlorine shampoo, but it not a major enough problem to ruin your holiday.

excellent hotel

by TripAdvisor Member bigjay1151

We stayed at the Travellers from 17/feb and found it fantastic.
This was our third visit to Mombassa and stayed twice in Bamburi Beach Hotel.
We found this hotel better than the Bamburi as it is bigger and not so enclosed.
The rooms were spotless and the staff exceptional.
The pools were great and cleaned constantly and the sunloungers were plentyful and the entertainment great.
The animation team were relentless and all the children of various ages were catered for and well looked after.
We found the fall inclusive food extra special and myself as a meat-eater I was more than satisfied with the huge choice.
My partner is a very fussy vegetarian and the waiters were fantastic and she was offered great alternatives at each meal.
We will be returning later this year and will be staying there again.

Average Hotel

by TripAdvisor Member Brooksuk

We stayed at the Travellers Club from 26th Feb - 13th March and booked through Kuoni. Having booked many hotels through Kuoni, the Travellers club sadly did not live up to expectations.

Overall, the hotel is fine, comfortable but it lacks that certain spark! My obervations:

1. The beach boys are very annoying. This is not exclusive to the Travellers club.
2. If you book through Kuoni, do not pay extra for a superior room - they are actually worse than standard rooms as you end up opposite the disco.
3. Rooms are clean and comfortable although the light outside is very annoying and the bedding is very old.
4. Food is very average for an all inclusive. The quality is fine it's just there is very limited choice.
5. Mostly the bar staff are fine but there were a few who were not interested and very often served you the wrong drink.

DO NOT use the Diving School at Travellers Club (Baracuda Dive School). They are apparently a PADI school but they are very dangerous. The equipment is poor and the dive guides have no concept of basic safety procedures. I have already complained to PADI. You can use Bucaneer diving at Whitesands hotel next door (I'm told this is great).

If you want a better hotel in Mombasa then definately book the Voyager which is only 10 minutes down the road. Believe me, it's a far better experience.


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