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Hotel Royal: Budget Cheapie

I use the term 'hotel' here loosely and I seriously doubt that any royalty has ever stayed here. However, feeling brave after 11 days in Morocco and having only one night left before the flight home, we decided to go as 'budget' as our sensibilities would allow.

On the 5 minute walk down the main street of the Ville Nouvelle from the train station we were stopped twice by individuals who wanted to show us hotels and one of them wanted to take us here. We'd in fact already decided that we were going to check it out, but this was a sign of a backpacker establishment if ever there is one.

At 150 dh per night per room though, this place is pretty much the standard I'd expect in the budget bracket in Fes and was the cheapest of the hotels and pensions I stayed at during my time in Morocco. It's fairly close to the train station and easy to locate. LP advises that at peak season booking ahead is essential, though off season you shouldn't have trouble finding a room. In November 2006 we just turned up on the day.

I'd say this is 'backpacker' territory, although having your own bedding might make you feel more comfortable. Photos of the room and the bathroom are included in this tip.

The rooms are very large, rather echoey and ours (I suspect most) had two double beds and a bathroom with a fairly basic shower and European style toilet. Facilities are very basic, the toilet did reek of that stale smell of urine that you'll eventually become fairly used to in Morocco. Hot water for showers is between 7am and 10am and is included in the price of the room.

The room appeared clean, certainly no vermin to be seen. Sheets were threadbare but clean, although I did find rather a lot of human hair in the bedding. The window in my room didn't lock, but as we were on the first floor with no easy access I tried not to worry too much. If you're offered a room on the ground floor, I'd advise checking whether the windows can be locked and if not, to ask for a room higher up. While I had my doubts about the cleanliness of the sheets, it was actually quite a comfortable nights sleep.

We were approached by a guy waiting outside the hotel offering us a tour of the Medina, though since we'd already been in Fes we were able to confidently tell him we'd already done our tours. His story was that he was an official guide of the hotel but I would doubt this as we only ever saw him outside the building. A polite 'no thanks' and a smile should do the trick. Staff in the hotel were polite enough and obviously used to having foreigners staying.

Any number of cafes are nearby for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

  • Opinion of Price: least expensive
  • Related to: Backpacking, Gay and Lesbian, Budget Travel
  • Written November 18, 2006
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Hotel Royal Fes

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Da El Hana: A cozy gem in the heart of the medina !

This restored riad turned B&B is run by a very friendly Australian lady who is living in Fes for 20 years. She is a great host, gives extremely helpful information especially for Fes-first-timers and is quick to arrange everything you need, from official guides, maps, daytours, restaurant reservations, massage appointments etc. The Dar El Hana is ca. 5 minutes walk from Place Bou Jeloud. The interieur is held in a tasteful moroccan style, the rooms are cozy, the breakfast grand, the staff friendly, the prices sensible. The roof terrace is a great retreat if you need some rest from exploring the Medina. A five-star-recommendation in my opinion.

  • Opinion of Price: less expensive than average
  • Written February 6, 2008
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A gorgeous breakfast

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Hotel Zalagh: A pretty nice hotel in the new city

I did not stay at the Zalagh myself, since I stayed at the Fez language centre's accomodation. However, I know from a friend who stayed there that it is a pretty nice hotel (4 stars).
Myself, I swam in the Zalagh pool a few times when it got warm (they take a pretty steep entrance fee just for swimming). I also had dinner in their restaurant twice (if you want delicious western food once in a while, this is the place) - it's actually not too expensive to eat there.
Since I did not see the rooms, I can only say that their restaurant is very nice, and that they have a beautiful hotel garden. When you relax there at the swimming-pool amid all that dende vegetation, you feel like you're not in Fez anymore!
I think the prices were pretty high, although perhaps not so much by American standards, about 40-50$ per person. If I were to stay at a hotel in Fez, I would always stay at a cheaper hotel, I think, but it might be the right thing for someone coming the first time, staying in Fez only for a few days and looking for a nice hotel.

There is a nice outdoor pool and a beautiful garden.
The hotel overlooks the medina, but only for afar, so all you see actually is an accumulation of piled-up houses in the distance.

  • Opinion of Price: more expensive than average
  • Related to: Business Travel, Food and Dining, Study Abroad
  • Written February 23, 2004
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Zalagh hotel

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Dar La Bague De Kenza: Loved this place!!

Driving up from Azemmour after staying the previous night at El Jadida the idea was to stay a night at Fez and then catch early flight back to London - those plans changed as arrived so late and the sense of being back in Fez after several attempts in the last few years to have a return trip was such it didn't make sense to leave....so changed those plans and stayed 2 nights, and it was so worthwhile having done that!
I had searched through all the appealing but budget places in my latest copy of the LP guidebook but the ones we rang were full - found this riad online and sounded too good to be true when given the price and location with handy parking (a criteria to be able to park close by with all my luggage as early flight departure) and not too expensive but nice enough to get another memorable experience from a new place to write about in my VT pages! 300 dirham for 2 people and 240 dirham for single room for partners cousin.

Arrived here late about 11pm after about an hour finding our way in the dark to the old part of town - had aimed for Palace Jamais as our landmark but following the Google map caused a lot of headache taking us through the middle of the old town into narrow winding streets even - unnecessarily!
The guy managing the place had already reassured us that there was parking only a few minutes up the hill from his riad and if we aimed for Palais Jamais he would meet us there. He appeared about 5 minutes after letting him know we had arrived, along with a man and pushcart to take our luggage and off we went about 5 minutes down through a shortcut through one of Palais Jamais' gates down into the streets entering the old medina.
Back in Fez!...and the welcoming door of the riad and once inside nicely impressed by the familiar sight of the traditional riad ie colourful and ornate tiled walls, supporting pillars around a courtyard with several floors up to an ornate ceiling and lots of Moroccan lights hanging.

As we were the only guests we were shown around the rooms on various floors and the choice of double and single rooms. Decided to go with the large salon on the ground floor due to large luggage and less likelihood of interruption to the wifi that is provided - also the salon is an excellent size and includes a sofa and good sized ensuite.
The choice of décor and colours in all the rooms were all very tasteful and appealing.
All was very clean and comfortable and the wifi very good.

The next morning waking early I took the opportunity to see the early morning light and sunrise over the city/old medina around us from the roof - nice views and great roof for relaxing and spying from!
The breakfast was excellent.
So glad to have stayed a 2nd night and the next morning Ali was so kind to get up at 330 to assist us with my luggage up to the car and then even accompanied us to the airport - he wasn't a local so couldn't help with us getting lost trying to find the airport (just as well we left very early but there was only a 30min cut off time with RAM flights so we had a good amount of time to allow for being lost!

All in all very impressed at how clean this place was, how kind Ali was - even lending me his map of the medina in case I didn't find one to buy in the shop he suggested a few minutes away (which they didn't have any left). He was very helpful and obliging in all things we asked of him and his housekeeper was also very happy and friendly. Very happy to have found this place that Id love to come back to again.

  • Opinion of Price: less expensive than average
  • Related to: Historical Travel, Romantic Travel and Honeymoons, Road Trip
  • Written December 14, 2013
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Hotel Lamrani: A non-welcome but good place to stay

Location is in the heart of Medina. The entrance is easy to miss, so take note. See room pic and inside hotel pic. It is clean. The hotel inside is clean, but the owner is not so welcome with strange character. He may sometimes happy or sometimes not. I paid DH150 for a double room for single use. Hot shower is hot, but everytime you have to ask the owner to turn on the switch.

From Fes main train station, you can take taxi meter for about DH9.

I went to Hotel Talaa, a box size room charges DH150 for 2 person. The hotel is very small and no public area. Highly not recommended.

  • Opinion of Price: about average
  • Written August 5, 2006
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Room view

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Hotel Lamrani: Exactly in Medina

This hotel was cheap and located in the centre of Medina. It has two floors and simple rooms with a washbasin. Bathroom is shared and either with cold water or we are stupid and couldnt find it out how to make warm water. The staff there was not grumpy at all, as said a travel guide, nice guy.

  • Opinion of Price: least expensive
  • Related to: Budget Travel
  • Written October 17, 2008
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Hotel Lamrani

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Bab Boujloud Hotel: best budget choice near Bab Boujloud

We found this hotel after a long desperate search in the Bab Boujloud area. There were either excellent riads starting from 90 Euro for a double room or cheap but shady and not-very-clean-looking places with shared bathrooms and no hot water... When we almost fell into despair, the owner of the one fancy-looking riad showed us this place saying it was a new modern hotel for a budget price. When we entered the room (with rather pessimistic expectation) we didn't beleive our eyes! Checked the beds, bathroom, hot water, AC - everything was new, clean and in perfect condition! There was a real storm in the street, with rain and strong wind, so this hotel seemed a cosy home for us! We got under the blankets, turned on the AC in heating mode and spend like that all day! The room price included breakfast, nothing fancy (tea, pancake and sandwich) but still adding more comfort to our staying there. Staff was friendly and helpful like everywhere in Morocco, brought our bags from the hotel nearby, and let us use their laptop with Interent access for free! Rooms facing the inner yard are quiet and you can sleep peacefully night and day :)

The most clean and comfortable place to sleep in Fes if you are not ready to spend more than 350 DRH per night! Quiet rooms, hot showers, AC and fantastic home-comfortable beds with cosy new linen! Good location at the entrance to medina and easy to find thanks to Bab Boujloud landmark.

  • Opinion of Price: less expensive than average
  • Related to: Budget Travel
  • Written March 27, 2009

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Hotel El-Fath: Fes

Very basic hotel, good enough for one night for which I was passing through Fes onto Casablance the next morning.

A room with 2 single beds was 150dirhams = £12 but shared toilet down the hall.

Ok for Budget traveller.

  • Opinion of Price: least expensive
  • Written May 30, 2009
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Fes International Hostel

This hostel is in the new town, but the owner makes staying there worth it. He's a really funny and friendly guy that will help you out with whatever you need. The hostel itself is really clean and cheap, a must see.

They've got a cool courtyard where all the guests hang out and chill during the evening while drinking and playing cards.

  • Opinion of Price: least expensive
  • Written October 19, 2002
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The inside of my hostel dorm room

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2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness


In an effort to help those who are travelling - all the hotels will be moved to the Morocco page.

'Hotel Batha, sweet in every way'

'Hotel Agadir and the Edge of Fes'

'The Great Garden, Semi-Modernity, self catering...'

'When you are getting in those late train rides...'

'There's no place like home(in EuroAmerican luxury)'

'I'm Afraid So - Yes... GO SOFITEL'

'All about the view - Merinides'

  • Opinion of Price: N/A
  • Written December 3, 2006

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2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

Riad Louna

Amazing old house, the 3 suites are really cosy. They also have 2 cheaper rooms so you can have a night in a riad for a reasonable price.
2 suites for 2 pers: 950 Dh/US$95
1 suite for 2 or 3 pers: 950 Dh/US$95 or 1100 Dh/US$110
1 dbl room with bathroom: 650 Dh/US$65
1 dbl room without bathroom: 450 Dh/US$45
Riad for 12 pers.: 4200 Dh/US$420
Prices include breakfast, rooms are heated for winter time.

The house itself and the people working and living there are wonderful and always ready to help. Breakfast...

  • Opinion of Price: more expensive than average
  • Written February 6, 2003
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View of the central garden.

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2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

Accomodation at the ALIF villa: Fez - language school

During my stay in Fes, I first lived in the ALIF villa for about a month, and then went to rent a large apartment with friends I had met there.
Many students stay at the ALIF villa the entire length of their stay (many also don't stay as long as I did). I think it is a pretty good option and relatively hassle-free (an apartment can be a hassle).
The language center's accomodation is pompously called "the villa" under which I imagined something beautiful. It is more functional than beautiful, but it perfectly alright and has a pretty garden. The great thing is that you stay just across the road from the school. In the morning you just need to run over instead of taking a bus etc.
The villa has about 15 rooms or so, I think. Some are single, some are double. The rooms don't have their own bathrooms but there are pretty decent common bathrooms. In the basement there is a washing machine. Almost every room has its own little balcony.
The rooms are a bit sparsely furnished, not much more than a bed and a desk, sometimes a closet or a shelf, but it's fine. They provide you with bed clothes. You can clean your own room or have it be cleaned by Najia, the good soul of the house, for money.
There is a common room with sofas and a TV, and a common kitchen which isn't quite sufficient for the amount of people, I find. But you can go out to eat most of the time anyway.
To live in the villa will cost you between 200-300$ a month, depending on the size and equipment of the room.
I definitely enjoyed staying there, it's clean and hassle-free and you are never alone.

Nice garden.
Washine machine.

  • Opinion of Price: about average
  • Related to: Study Abroad, Budget Travel
  • Written February 23, 2004
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Having tea in my Moroccan apartment

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