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Buying dirhams at cassablanca airport

by eric_canuck

Hi everyone,

We will be traveling to Morocco soon, flying into Casablanca from Canada via Paris. I keep reading in LP and elsewhere that dirhams cannot be taken out of Morocco and as such are very hard to purchase ahead of time.

Can I plan to arrive with no local currency? Is there a reliable ATM or forex booth in Mohammed V. airport? I will be needed money to take the train or grand taxi into town.


Re: Buying dirhams at cassablanca airport

by ElDesierto

I just got back from 2-weeks in Morocco. I believe that the amount of dirhams that travelers can legally take out of the country is maximum 1,000 DH. The cops at the airport when I flew out did ask me if I had any dirhams, I told them 700 DH and that was the end of it. I changed the dirhams for Euros in Madrid later that day.

No problems if you arrive at Aeroport Mohammed V in Casablanca with either Euros or American Dollars in your pocket (I don't know whether they change Canadian Dollars). Look around before you exit the secure area of the airport and you will find a Bureau Du Change (forex booth). I do not recall if the exchange rate at the airport is the same as the exchange rate offered in Casablanca.

The train departs the airport hourly during normal airport hours and will take you to Gare Casa Voyageur (Casa Voyageur Train Station). You can also purchase a train ticket at the airport for other cities (Rabat, Meknes, Marrakech, etc.) and change trains further up the train line. The 2nd class carriages are very crowded (no reserved seats, many people standing). I recommend that you purchase 1st class tickets when traveling by train.

Let us know if you have any more questions,

Re: Buying dirhams at cassablanca airport

by eric_canuck

Thanks for the info. We will have both an RBC and Desjardins bank card, good to know we won't be getting dinged with outrageous charges.

Re: Buying dirhams at cassablanca airport

by al2401


Coming from a regional town in Australia it was impossible to pre-purchase dirhams - I used the ATM at Casablanca airport. ATMs are plentiful in Morocco though less so in smaller towns south of the Atlas.

Re: Buying dirhams at cassablanca airport

by ladysail

I've been to Morocco once, and will be going again this coming January. I buy my Dirhams from our local currency exchange place here in Ottawa, Canada. The exchange rate wasn't bad..just the standard one and the fee wasn't bad either.

You might want to buy some before you go so you're not stuck with absolutely no Moroccan money upon arrival.

I arrived and left by cruise ship, and no one asked me if I had any Dirhams at all. I think I only brought home about 40 dirhams anyways.

Good luck and have a nice trip!!

Travel Tips for Casablanca

The tallest minaret in the world

by matcrazy1

The Hasan II Mosque (opened in 1993) which is situated on the Atlantic Coast, northwest of medina is absolutely a must see in Casablanca. It's said that it is the biggest mosque in the world.

No doubts it has the tallest minaret in the world, with its 210 metres (689 ft). Hmm... it's like almost 70 storey skyscraper.
Unfortunately it was impossible to go to the top of the minaret :-( and as I know there was not any restaurant with panoramic views on the top :-). Hassan II mosque.

La Corniche

by LysDor

Unlike other Cities better known in Morocco as *Imperial cities*, CASA is a well appreciated resort in summertime (No swimming this time of the year!) and an excellent spot for nightlife!

The coast will be newly structured, and the long beach of *Ain Diab* will receive still more specialized facilities.

Sorry about the bad quality of some of my pictures - I just started to learn how my new (at that time) digital camera worked, lol!

Finally, DO give some serious...

by Krystynn

Finally, DO give some serious thought to how you dress. I apologize if I sound like some broken record... but I just want to get my point across, ya know? Very important. How you dress will either send out the RIGHT vibe or the WRONG vibe to the opposite sex. :-)

In the Western world, you'll encounter few, if any, clothing restrictions but it still makes sense to dress conservatively.... unless if you're Britney Spears or Madonna. Then you can get away with anything!

Important pointers:

Avoid wearing provocative, form-fitting clothing, especially if you don't fully understand the culture you are in e,g, MOROCCO. Do you know that in the Pacific Islands, for example, a woman's thighs are considered an erotic part of her body and should not be exposed in public. In India, a female's upper arms are considered sensual areas and must never be exposed in public. The same theory applies for Morocco.

Leave your valuables at home. Instead, take along beautiful costume jewelery that might serve as a conversation piece with those you meet along the way. Or get your hands/palm painted with henna... a very popular thing to do amongst the women in Morocco. I had mine done there too. :-))

If you travel into developing countries and male-dominated societies like MOROCCO, pleeeeeease make every effort to dress modestly. For example, a one-piece swimsuit is always a safer choice than a red pokka-dotted bikini, ya know? In some countries, local women might swim entirely clothed, in accordance with their religious beliefs. So, don't go skinny-dipping in your hotel pool/ sea without first checking the local customs and rules. I really don't wish to see your face appearing in tomorrow's CNN news detailing the date of your execution. :-)

In some places, customs based on religious and moral beliefs strongly influence the way a woman dresses. A female traveler should always carry a scarf in case she needs to cover her head! An advice I've always taken to heart....

Have fun!

Maarif Area

by Underjules

A great place for people watching.

At five on Fridays I would head over and watch all the street traffic.

If you are at the twin towers or Mango, just walk towards the plaza and all the people. You will pass a nice ice cream shop and lots of other good shops.

There is a great little beignet place just up the street from the McDonalds. Just follow the street on the left of the McDonalds and look for the unmarked door and the line of people. It's across from the Mosque.

There are basically two types...

by Krystynn

There are basically two types of cabs available here in Casablanca i.e. the 'petit taxi', which is VERY cheap and takes a maximum of three people.

These cabs have a bright, distinctive color for each town: (a) Red in Casablanca and (b) Blue in Rabat etc.

They only drive in town and do not cover longer journeys. If you are taking one of these cabs, please DO settle the price FIRST before boarding if they have no meter.

The 'grand taxi' is white and will take a maximum of six people. These will take you to the outer suburbs and even to the other parts of town. Please, PLEASE fix the price FIRST before beginning your journey.


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