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Saharan Hotel in Maiduguri: After some resistance, you will end up here anyway

Saharan Hotel is on Coca Cola Road, some 20 minutes from the airport (by car or ocada). It is.... hard to describe. Frist of all, don´t expect anything luxury at all. It is a bed, a private bathroom with a bathtop, a frigo bar, a small colour TV and an AC. If you have to stay at Maiduguri, this is defenitly the place to stay. A double room is about 6000 naira a day. At the end of your stay, you will have to pay whatever you presumely consumed from the frigobar (even if it wasn´t there before :D ). So, it is important to make sure that you count all things in your frigobar together with someone from the hotel and make sure he and you write it down.
You will have room service (usually) from the little restaurant in the hotel and the price only goes up 100 naira for the room delivery. The plates are huge and I advise (I did so) to by a little electrical oven to heat up the food for dinner. (you will save more on food than the cost of the oven if you stay for more than a week).

Since Maiduguri is located some 200 km from the saharan desert, there is a very strong sunlight during the day (you will have problems with your fotografs if your camera isn´t automatic or you kow what you are doing). Because of this The rooms are constructed in a way that only a little light comes intoo the room, so, during the hours when there is no electrical power it is really too dark to see a lot in the room. But otherwise you would be fryed during a day, even with the AC.

Also you can send the hotel staff for beer and cigaretes (note that alcohol is illegal in Borno state).

There is Sky TV, but all TVs in the hotel are hooked up in paralel with only 1 service account, so the front desk guy gets to deside what channel you get to see (and the rest of the hotel). Of course he loves Nigerian Soup Operas. The first time I did not have a book with me, ergo: I have a complete new horizon of how boring TV can be. Please note that I am only giving my personal impression about things, I am sure there must be people that really like Nigerian soup operas (I mean, they are on all day long!!!).

A really bad thing about Saharan Hotel is that there in no swimming pool. There is one at the sheraton (the big old, mantainence-free hotel in which nothing works, see introduction). What I did is to stay at saharan and go over to sheraton only to use the pool (100 naira). The good thing about the pool at sheraton is that the staff there also can get you beer and you can enjoy the pool under the hot desert sun having a cold beer. (you dont know how much you will appreciate something that simple after some time working in maiduguri).

just to clarify: I will rate this hotel as "very satisfied", because at that time, due the circumstances and the given (or not) alternatives, I was. Being at my home town I would have never even looked at it.

Price per double room was about 6000 naira and the exchange rate at that time was about 140 naira per USD.

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  • Written October 6, 2004
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Me (back) and ex boss getting drunk at saharan

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