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Juba Regency Hotel: New place in Juba

As of June 2011, this is one of the newest hotels in Juba. It's been built according to the Juba mayors latest specs for buildings in Juba, i.e. brick and mortar, not container style, which is now banned apparently.

Limited DSTV service in rooms (i.e. 2 dstv channels), they have mainly Arabic programming, which runs from another satellite decoder. Basically by going into the IT control room I've figured out they have two DSTV decoders and each decoder can only be tuned to one channel. So if you're not happy with the two DSTV channels currently on offer in your room, ask them to change it, problem is the "technician" is never there, so you can go for days stuck on the same two channels. If you're familiar with a DSTV remote, ask them if you can change it yourself and they'll show you to the control room where you can change channels to your preference.

Aircon, fridge, tiled floors, brick and mortar walls, tiled roofs (not tin or plastic) so pretty shielded from the elements.

HOWEVER: NO HOT WATER. Which is ok(ish) since this place is so hot anyway, but they tell me they are putting geysers in. But a bit of a letdown since most of the other facilities here are better than other places I've stayed at.

The restaurant is ok, a large cool room with clean tables and chairs, but not a "meeting spot" for locals/visitors, no live bands, entertainment or anything like that, if you want to mingle and hang out get yourself a boda boda to someplace else.

Everyone here is super friendly, most of the contact staff you deal with are Eritrean, the local service staff are South Sudanese.

Breakfast is coffee/tea and juice as well as a plate of fresh fruit, followed by eggs (scrambled or omelette). I made a special request for Foul medames, and they've accommodated, so every morning I get my Ful (fava beans), stewed for 8 hours, flavoured with olive oil, garlic, onion, tomato, parsley...always delicious :-)

Free wireless internet throughout the hotel, in rooms and in the lobby, bar restaurant seems to be pretty decent and fast by Juba standards. I have had to reset the wireless router (choose the one nearest your room, found hanging on the outside wall in a passageway) once or twice to get internet back, it's a simple process, either tell the reception you have no network and wait for three days for the "technician" to come, or grab a chair from your room, use it to access the router which is high up on the wall, unplug the router, count to 30, replug the router... Bingo! Fast internet again :-)

The bar is large and airconned, it's no smoking though. They have plans for an outside bar and swimming pool which they say will be done in about three months. Already today I noticed they've put tables and chairs outside, but it's so flipping hot here that I wouldn't go sit there unless they had a pool and I could sit in my swimming gear.

One of the newest hotel in Juba (as of June 11) They make good efforts to ensure you're happiness, just ask and they will try to help. Rooms are great by Juba standards.

  • Opinion of Price: about average
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  • Written June 19, 2011
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Beijing Juba Hotel: Expensive but things work

First visit to Juba, so by no means as experienced as some of the other visitors who've posted tips here. The Beijing Juba is currently US$150/night incl. b/fast and tax. The rooms are built in container style housing, but are pretty comfortable, including two single beds, an effective aircon, satellite TV, own bathroom with shower, sink and toilet, water is one temperature, luke cold/warm depending on the time of day, but quite refreshing at the end of a hot day. An electric mosquito mat and can of bug spray, bottle of water is included in the room rate. So the idea is to keep the mat plugged in, spray the room in the evening, keep the door closed and the aircon on full all night (Just take the blankets off the other bed so you can stay nice and warm and mozzie free) TV worked fine, haven't channel surfed but there is CNN.

The food in the restaurant is pretty decent Chinese, fried rice is particularly good, although I think there's a chicken shortage coz most of the chicken dishes seem to be lacking in it.

Breakfast is ok, most of it hot, great omelletes, but dodgy sausages, totally overly deep fried so they're kinda dry and crunchy.

The staff here all wander around with that lost and pathetic look of someone on a slave salary, both Chinese and local, which sucks coz prices are high so you'd expect they'd be paid a slightly decent amount... apparently not.

Beers are 7 Sudanese Pounds each, (US$3.50) which I'm told is overpriced as most other places charge 5 Pounds (US$2.50)

The place is clean and stuff gets done when asked, food and drinks arrive pretty fast too. Try the Chinese style Goat curry, pretty yummy.

They have a website (hosted in China) which apparently takes online bookings, although I didn't book using this route, try it and let us know if it works.

FREE Wireless internet doesn't work in the rooms, and in the restaurant/reception it's always running (except during power outages) connection speed is ok for checking mail etc, but if you wanna upload pix etc, you're gonna have to reduce the size or you're in for a frustrating time.

Can't fault the omelletes with tomato and green pepper. Gonna try the Tilapia tonight, the one I saw at the next table last night was HUGE.

  • Opinion of Price: more expensive than average
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  • Written July 23, 2008
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