Riu Park El Kebir

Rue Hedi Nouira, Hammamet, 8050, Tunisia

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pleasant stay at riu el kebir

by TripAdvisor Member traveller'sss

Hi everybody
I looked at your web site before going to the hotel and it make me feel at ease .So I want to add my excellent stay there. Rooms are quite spacey and very clean. The staff is the nicest I've ever seen. Food is good also (even I am french) and you have a large variety of meals. It was my first time in Tunisia and I am very very satisfied. Dont forget to test the thalasso center, the staff is professional, the center is clean -
Hammamet is a nice town, the medina is such a change of scenary, go to the ramparts. (negative point to much salers in the souck)
Have a good time

One of the best in Hammamet

by kitkat1980 about Riu El Kebir

The hotel was fantastic, it is one of two riu's in north tunisia, and after speaking to local tour guides they rate the hotels very highly. The hotel is beautiful to look at and extremly well laid out. The majority of rooms have a sea view and if not the gardens which you look over are just as lovely. Rooms are extremly spacious and well decorated. The up keep of the hotel is fantastic the maids are always cleaning and often left flower petals on the beds to just add that finishing touch. The hotel has two bars and plenty of areas for seating, alongside a theatre room where the entertainment on a night takes place. There is also a pool bar for during the day.The hotel also has various other facilities, such as several shops, a gym, hairdressers and thalasso centre, tennis courts, mini golf, volleyball, tabletennis. The hotel is set on the beach which is a must in tunisia as the shore lines are so lovely. The hotel however also has a large pool which is graded so ideal for all. There are sunbeds around the pool and beach all of which are free and come with a cushion for you to sit on.

I went to the hotel all inclusive and I would say people would be mad not to.All your drinks are included. You get fed pretty much all day, from breakfast (hot and continental ), lunch,to crepes on an afternoon, most of which is buffet style, and there is plenty of choice and a wide range of food at each sitting.. The hotels food is good for tunisia but comparing it to other european hotels you may be slightly disappointed. The food is good for what the tunisians work with. There are also themed nights which let you have a taste of their take on other countries, there is also an oppurtunitiy for those who are all inclusive to eat in the tunisian restaurant in the hotel to have a tunisia meal ( a good taste of the food). The hotel has its own entertainment team, which does day time activities by the pool with a good range so you wont get bored,(you also wont be able to get their song out of your head) there is also a kids club. There is entertainment on an evening also, its nothing wonderful but its ok.

The staff however sell the hotel for me, there are extremly friendly and just want you to enjoy your visit. The standards are extremly high due to being part of the riu chain. The management are constantly wandering around checking everything is as it should be.

The hotel is really good and i cant fault it from rooms, to food ,to facilities, to the pool and beach. I would reccomend going all inclusive ( to tunisia in general) but especially to this hotel. It is rated highly in the UK and is infact one of the thomsons platinum hotels. It is a little more expensive than the others, but tunisia is a relativly cheap place compared to other countries so it is worth going to the more expensive hotel, this hotel especially is worth the extra money.

The hotel is quite deserted where it is , despite there being other hotels along the beach. There are very few shops round the hotel but everything you should need is there. Those who want to go out and about alot though may wish to be closer to hammamet, however the medina is only a 20 minute walk away from the hotel (25 via the beach) or a relativly cheap taxi ride which the hotel will book for you.

Great hotel, great staff, great food!

by TripAdvisor Member BristleGirl

A bit of winter sun was what we were after, with no hassle and nothing to think about for a week. The Riu Park El Kebir provided all this, with the all-inclusive package meaning we didn't even have to think about where to go for meals and drinks. (But, gents beware - it's long trousers only for dinner and this isn't mentioned before you get there.) The hotel, which is situated right on the beach, was one of the cleanest we've ever stayed in (including the USA) and our room was spacious and well-equipped. The staff were some of the friendliest and most accommodating I've met and the food was excellent. Having tea/coffee/soft drinks available all day (as well as the bar from 10am!) was ideal and the activites provided by the hotel meant that there was always plenty to do if we wanted it. There are very comfortable sun beds (with mattresses!) by the pool and sun beds are also available free of charge on the beach. The sea is great to swim in (and at this time of year was warmer than the outdoor pool!) and the beach is quite clean. Would we go back? You bet! Even Victor Meldrew would love this one!!

Loved the El Kabir

by TripAdvisor Member kells61

Just returned from a week in the El Kabir, had a wonderful holiday met some great people.
The hotel was fantastic, the staff were fantastic and the food was fantastic, what more can i say! I would definately go again and would highly recommend this hotel.
If I had to make some derogatory comments it would be to serve beer in larger glasses...less trips to the bar and less work for the bar staff! Also keep bar open longer, didnt want to go to bed at 12 having such a good time, wouldnt have minded paying after midnight.
Slightly softer beds!

Fantastic holiday

by TripAdvisor Member barhumbug

Got back yesterday. Had a great time, one of the best holidays I have had. Hotel lovely and clean. Food good. The staff especially the animation team are really friendly but all the staff are great. Would have no problems in recommending this hotel for a holiday.

Tunisian Magic

by TripAdvisor Member viv_n_al

From the moment you step in to the art deco style reception area of the hotel, you know that the holiday is going to be something special and it certeinly didn't disappoint.
There was some trepidation, having never travelled to Tunisia before, but once the hotel manager informed us that the safe in the room and towels for the beach every day were free, we knew that we would enjoy our week, after all, it is not often you get something for nothing in an age where we are all being told to watch out for being ripped off.
We too travelled at the beginning of December and I must say that the people we met during the week were some of the friendliest people one could wish to spend time with, so much so, that we played the Germans at their own game and gradually spread out so much in the Salon bar, that we quite literally took the whole place over.
From our initial couple of days there, we quickly set into a routine, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner were a delight everyday, with so much food on offer, you couldn't possibly go hungry, (although judging by some complaints, not everybody was happy with the food), some people are never happy!
The idea that you kept your same table every evening was a good one and saved having to scramble for a place every night.

The entertainment team were FANTASTIC, yes, Dario, Digital, Hi-No, Zizu, Sam and Carlos, led by Mo-mo and Wasseem, great set of lads that worked their socks off all week to keep us entertained, the highlights being "dinner for one" and the Harlem show, although they did disappear as soon as the snake charmer appeared on Friday!
As other people on here have said, the staff at this hotel are brilliant and nothing is too much trouble for them, a big thanks has got to go to them for making our holiday so memorable.

All in all, I would recommend this place to anybody without any hesitation at all and I will finish with just a couple of points, either to improve or take on board.

1. Thompson rep: When our holiday is over and we are 10 minutes from the airport, this is not a good time to tell us that we cannot spend what money we have left in the duty free shop!! Maybe if we were told that at the beginning of the holiday, we could make sure all our currency is spent, rather than having to spend it on tat in the airport shop.

2. When you go to the Medina or Nabuel market, you will get hassled, however, a cheery hands up followed by a "no thanks mate" will normally suffice, even though they will insist that they are "cheaper than Asda", some people could be intimidated by some of the hard sell techniques but it is not so bad really.

3. Totally agree with the last poster, the glasses could have been a tad bigger.

4. Mick, you forgot to get the last round in !!

Up to date review

by TripAdvisor Member trooperman

This Hotel has got to be one of the best Hotels that I have stayed in for a Thomsons. The weather was not that good but thats not their fault. The Entertainment guy's worked really hard and put on some good evening shows, but when the weather was bad during the day there was nothing to do. The food excellent.(so my wifes tells me} I lived on chips and cheese. We went to the reps showtime which was ok but I dont recomend it, Its too for away. The madina's {markets} well if you don't like hassle dont go but we enjoyed it.

RECENT VISIT - fantastic stay!

by TripAdvisor Member jasmin89

I have just returned from this hotel yesterday and must say it was amazing in terms of the service and hospitality. This has got to be one of the best hotels me and my family have stayed in when it comes to service and we have been to places like, Dubai, Miami, and Muscat. For example our electricity blew and within like 5 minutes someone had fixed it and even knocked on our hotel room door to see if everything was ok. The entertainment team were great and if you're going with children upto the age of 16, there is loads to do. You can have a great time outdoors and you know your children will definitely be looked after by the team. We also went fully inclusive, (for the first time) and this is one of the best things you can do, especially if you're going in this season where the best weather isn't guaranteed. The food was always very fresh and there was a great variety. The last 4 reviews really summarise what the hotel was really like.

The souks and medinas are great fun, but very intimidating if your shy or easily offended. The Nabuel market on sundays is lovely and recommended. TIP: venders know you are a tourist and bump up the price so much its mad. just ask for a decent price and if they don't agree, walk away- they are bound to come running after you! Hammamet isn't bad for shopping either, it's the same stuff everyhwere you go! Leather bags, mirros, jewellery, brass plates, designer replicas etc ect. But saying that, there is some gorgeous stuff you can take back if your room has an arabic theme like mine! Yasmine - Hammamet is very new and pretty - and I thought that much more expensive. It's down the road from Hammamet, only 5 years olf compared to Old Hammamet which is 800 years old. But try it, it's worth seeing.
BEST PLACES TO SHOP: 1) the shops directly outside this hotel 2) shops inside the hotel 3) Hammamet medina 4) Nabuel market on sundays

If like us, you are booked as fully inclusive, food won't be a problem. Hotel food is fantastic! Drinks are available all the time until 12 midnight and you can sit and drink until your hearts content for FREE in the lounge area - where we spent a lot of our evenings with some of the best people we met on holiday. There's a tea and coffee bar too - however strangley enough it didn't serve biscuits or pastries alongside it?! But that was petty minor as food was cooking all day otherwise. We didn't try food outside the hotel, but be careful of the water - drink only bottled water. Dairy products are fine, but I got a bit of a sore throat after eating too much fried food, so don't over indulge in that!

We went to Tunis for the day, and were disappointed. Not much shopping to our taste, very few designer or even decent stores and shops close between 2-4pm circa. The shopping centre next to Carrefour which isn't bad so try it. We didn't do much else apart from that outside

Taxis are the best way and are relatively cheaper than hirig a car. Driving in tunisia is really difficult too - it is rumoured some drivers buy their licence for £2.00!!!! Make sure you get transfers from the airport as it can cost upto £70 maximum to get to your hotel but of course you can bargain. Grand taxis are for groups upto 8, and operate ONLY from city to city, ie. Monastir to Hammamet and not within cities. So local travel is done by yellow cabs within cities, ie. Hammamet to Nabeul. If there are more than 4 of you, you'll have to get 2 taxis by law- it's not a problem at all (there were 5 of us, 2:3). If you are going to go to any other major city like Sousse or Tunis, try the the SNCFT trains, from Hammamet train station, only about 6Dinars (£2.50 approx) for first class. You travel with locals, who don't generally tend to stare and trains are clean. It's an experience! Beware of first/last trains, it's not as efficient and informative as the London Undergound or National Rail Services in the UK!

You have a welcome meeting when you arrive with your rep which is helpful but another way of squeezing more money out of you. They explain a whole lot excursions that are available to you (led by Thompson) and although interesting, a COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY! we went on the Sahara Explorer overnight excursion, and hated every minute of it. On top, we wasted nearly £500 to finance it and pay for all the extras they didn't tell us about when we were out there. If there is two of you, try it, the Sahara is after all beautiful, but there were 5 adults in our party, and at a rate of about £74 per person + extras, it worked out very expensive. However, try quad biking offered by the hotel, that was great fun and value for money.


- don't exchange huge loads of money, convert as you need only. The banks charge you 30% commission to change anything back before you leave the country and you cant take anything back to your country of residence.

- take an adaptor, we forgot ours and the hotel don't keep any.

- take an IRON! we didnt, as it is all inclusive, they don't give you one as they expect you to give to the laudry people. This wasn't a huge problem.

- The weather isn't great now, we had 3/7 days of great weather and rained when we left. Pack cardies, jumpers, trousers etc etc.

- you don't have a tea and coffee making facility nor bar in your room. we were quite disappointed until we realised, once again, it would make sense not to have one as drinks are free downstairs and there is a tea and coffee bar downstairs thats all inclusive anyway!

- try the indoor pool, esp. when the weather isn't too fine, it's lovely and warm and open til quite late.

- also try the thalasso centre, nice treatments and hardly expensive.

- go to an entertainment night by the animation team, great laugh. they are all VERY nice people in the hotel.

Overall, very nice, remember it's a 3rd world country so it's not luxury outside the hotel albeit in some parts beauitful, but the hotel itself is lovely. You'll have no problems!

Exotic Winter Sun

by TripAdvisor Member cazbazManchester

Just got back from a 7 night stay in this hotel and was very pleased with the over all quality and service we received. The room was very spacious and clean, the staff extremely friendly and the animation team good fun.
The hotel is a 30 minute walk from the centre of Hamamet which was a bit quiet at this time of year. Visit the medina for interesting gifts but watch out for bogus guides who pretend to be waiters from your hotel in order to take you to thier friends carpet shop and charge you for the privilege! On the down side when we arrived we realised that there was no water in the pool! Being a 'Thomson Platinum' resort it was something we kinda took for granted.
We found a photocopied letter in our room from Thomson apologising for the inconvenience but at the same time saying that the pool needed maintenance and that we should expect it going on holiday at this time of year! not good, not platinum. (the letter was dated two weeks before our arrival) That said we would definatley go back but probably in summer!

A weeks relaxation

by TripAdvisor Member cubaerewecum

We spent a week at this hotel commencing 17th January 2007 and I can honestly say we enjoyed every min of this holiday. The rooms were spacious and clean the staff were really friendly and helpful especially the animation team that worked their socks off all day and well into the evening to make sure that every one had the best time possible. The only down side to the holiday was the fact that the hotel was out on its own and we didn't venture out in the evening as there was really no were to go. We usually like to go for a stroll after dinner but unfortunatley we could not do this. If you do go to this hotel join in the activities that are organised as its a good way to meet people and have a good laugh in general. We played shuffle board each day and really enjoyed this, although it did get a bit compatative towards the end of the week with the men wanting the illusive RIU diploma for their efforts. We all decided that we would form the 2007 GB shuffle board team (see attached photos) All in all it was a great time and would recomend this to anyone wanting a relaxing week away and for the price its really good value with lots to eat and drink.
If you have any questions feel free to contact us trishandtom@btinternet.com
p.s Sandra I have lost your e-mail address to send you the pics so please get in touch or if any of the others have it please could you pass it on to me Thanks x

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Hotel Riu Park El Kebir

by Tuppeny

Has anyone visited this hotel and what do you think please? Is it good for the whole family? We are hoping to visit in April, thank you.


by riohound

My parents have booked a holiday in hamammet in august and have asked my husband and i to join them,we would really like to but the only problem is that we have a little boy who will be 13 months old and we are worried that it may be too hot for him.We would be staying at the 4* Riu Park El Kebir which is right on the beach.Any advice would be gratefully recieved.



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