Wangfujing Grand Hotel

No.57 Wangfujing Avenue, Beijing, Beijing Region, 100006, China
#5760 of 6,977 hotels in Beijing
Good (3.0 out of 5.0) 9 reviews


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BillCampbell's Profile Photo

Centrally-located Beijing Hotel

Good (3.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on August 15, 2007

I have mixed emotions about this hotel. The room was comfortable enough, and the hotel staff must get 100% for effort. However, there were many problems, not the least of which was the fact that few of them spoke English very well, including the concierges. Most of our requests and comments were received with a perplexed look and a feeble attempt to pretend to understand our problems. This resulted in our realization that, from the very beginning, we would be very much on our own whenever we needed any sort of assistance. The bathtub drained very slowly, if at all, and, our complaints notwithstanding, it was the same when we left as it was when we arrived.
The room has only one narrow closet, no coat hangers, and there was no radio in the room. This was supposed to be the Deluxe Room.
The hotel appears to be a central meeting place for the Westerners who adopt Chinese babies, and, after the 1st week, we were annoyed by the constant parade of Westerners who insisted on strolling with and showing off their newly-acquired trophies in the lobby, the dining room, the lounges, and in every other part of the hotel. Quite annoying. This, in itself, would be enough to prevent me from ever using this hotel again. Sort of like waking up one morning and finding out that your nice hotel was no more than a brothel.

Unique Quality: One of the most impressive things about the Wangfujing Hotel was that, every time a taxi pulled into the driveway, a bellhop wrote his license number on a hotel card and gave it to us with instructions to inform them of any problems we had with the taxi driver. We had to take them up on this 3 or 4 times, and, on one occasion, they apprehended the driver who had grossly overcharged us and they would have had him arrested and jailed had we just given them the word. We told them that we would be satisfied if he were simply warned and not allowed to use the facility again, but they insisted on returning the money that I had paid him, in full, and they seemed to be disappointed that we didn't want to have him incarcerated. Other hotels may do this also, but this was the only one in which we stayed.

First and foremost, however, is the fact that this hotel is the only moderately priced hotel that is close to the Wangfujing fussganger, and we were able to walk up and down Wangfujing or catch the 1 yuan (13 cents) bus to the many, many shops on Wangfujing. I guess what I am trying to say is that it is very conveniently located to many places, including Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Jingshan Park, Beihai Park, and the huge Oriental Plaza shopping mall.

Directions: Very centrally located.

HollyCampbell's Profile Photo

English, or the lack of it

Good (3.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on June 4, 2007

We just returned from a 3 week visit to Beijing. We stayed the entire 3 weeks at the Wangfujing Hotel. We had made the, as it turns out now, very naive assumption that this hotel would have at least ONE concierge who has a command of the English language, but we were wrong.

Every day was a new adventure in the use of sign language, 'Pidgen Chinese' and broken English with whomever was assigned to the concierge desk. In addition to having no one who could speak English intelligently, we found that the 'concierges' placed on duty were totally oblivious to such obvious things as bus schedules, locations of China Post mail boxes (we finally found out ourselves that there is one directly across the street from the hotel), and subway schedules.

You would think that an established hotel such as this one could spring for the extra yuan needed to hire someone fluent in English to handle the non-Chinese-speaking guests, but, sad to say, that is not the case. If they don't address this problem, they are going to have a terrible backlash from the 2008 Olympic visitors who will be left to fend for themselves if they stay at this hotel. If you aren't fluent in Mandarin, you might want to consider staying somewhere else during your visit to Beijing.

Also, forget about the so-called 'No Smoking' rooms. We were supposed to be on a 'No Smoking Floor', but every day we would see Chinese people on our hall, inside their rooms smoking, with their doors open (to get rid of the smoke, for God's sake), and the hotel administators just laughed at our complaints, as if to say, 'Don't you know that this No Smoking &^%$ is just a joke'.

Unique Quality: Geographically speaking, one can't find a better located hotel in Beijing. Within walking distance of Wangfujing pedestrian zone, bus stops (but NOT subway stops), Forbidden City, National Art Museum of China, Oriental Plaza, and Tiananmen Square. It has some very dedicated employees, such as Kelly Bai and Ricky Cheng.

Service No good

Bad (2.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on June 27, 2006

My stay in this hotel was in the end of winter, The house was overheated, and aircondition not working, the heating can not be turned off in the room, the hotel staff was helpless, almost no one speaks English in an understandable way, the bathroom is run-down, the bathtub is so small (although there is some unused empty space at one end) and the water takes hours to fill the tub. the furniture has definitely seen better days. I just wonder where the stars come from, this is max. a 3 star hotel, the room is small and the value for the money is poor. There are plenty of other hotels in Beijing to chose from, at same price, but with definitely higher standing. I used to book China hotels through, there are wide hotel choices for Beijing on this site, I will not return to this hotel anymore.

bathroom is run-down, the bathtub is so small the furniture has definitely seen better days.

Directions: down town, beijing

Getting better and better each time...

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on March 1, 2006


It's a chinese-run luxury hotel. I guess it's best described as a 4 star hotel with 5 star facilities. They have different classes of rooms. the standard is like a regular hotelrooms.
The deluxe rooms is on a whole different level..huge luxurious rooms(PC with free internet and special lobby).You cant really compare it to the international chain hotels. Pricewise the chinese run hotel is much cheaper than the international run hotel.
And it's the same with the WFG.
IMO the service here is excellent , the staff has become fluent in english. Even the housekeeping.EXCELLENT

All I can say is that I really enjoyed my stay here...sure there are better located hotels, even more luxurious hotels. But this is a good hotel with a great location and price-quality.

A topnotch base for a very enjoyable visit to Beijing.

PS i shudder when I considered I could have stayed at the Great Wall Sheraton. Place is in the middle of nowhere and everything there is SO overpriced.
Really expat area.
IMO you should choose a place near Wang Fu Jing. Close to all the important stuff.

Unique Quality: Now to the plusside:
1)Pricewise you know you will get a bigger bang for the buck in a chinese -run hotel.
2)Facilities...maybe it's just 4 stars. But this place is just LOADED with them.From a topclass nightclub.(I was shocked when I went out for dinner during my first night. So much beauty..thought I died and went to heaven).
There's a fully loaded Spa with pool etc on the lowerfloors. They even have a barbershop.
The business center is good too. So many facilities in such a relatively small hotel. Seems more like vegas than Beijing to me.
3)LOCATION. Forget about it being close to the forbidden city.If you want to visit the's better to enter from Tiananmen anyway IMO.
No the great thing about the place is it's closeness with the WANGFUJING area.
The name is actually a bit of a farce, because it's not really close to the WFJ area. Matter of fact the Crown Plaza is closer and on the other side of the WFJ area there are more hotels(hyatt) that has a better location with regard to WFJ area.
Still again for it's price it's location is unbeatable. The walk towards the WFJ area is pretty interesting too. I like the old church..pretty picturesque square inf ront of it. Also the other side of WFJ is teh more posh side of WFJ area with the more higherend malls. On this side of WFJ the malls are more local malls and the prices tend to be more reasonable.
But even more important, there's a lot of eateries during walk there. Just before you enter the WangFuJing area..the street before it is full of eateries. That's truly a big plus for me.And at night there's a foodmarket in this street. I must say...the foodmarket is not comparable with the ones in Indonesia or thailand. I fear it's more of a touristtrap than anything else.

Downside: I guess the management read this site. because they adjusted accordingly. The nightclub ladies enters via a side entrance(alas) and the staff are now all fluent in english. Not just reception but even the housekeeping. EXCELLENT

Directions: North side of WFJ area.

chewy3326's Profile Photo

Pricey, Western Indulgence in China

Great (4.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on October 7, 2005

Wangfujing Grand Hotel is one of the priciest places in Beijing, at almost US$150 a night. It's very ornate, service is excellent, and even-numbered rooms (I think) have good views of Beihai Park and the Forbidden City. Also, it's a nice 15-minute walk to Tiananmen Square. If you want to splurge in China, this is perhaps the place to do so (though it is a good idea to learn Mandarin, since much of the staff don't speak fluent English).

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Terrible (1.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on July 28, 2005

We booked the hotel on the internet, had confirmation of our booking of a premium room with views over the Forbidden City for an 8.30am arrival. We arrived at the Wangfujing Grand Hotel after travelling all night only to be told we did not have a room. We showed them the confirmation of our booking. They said we would have to take a different room, but it was not ready, so we would have to wait in the lobby. We were VERY impressed since we had not slept all night and had a disastrous, seriously expensive trip from the airport. After an hour and 40 mins, Steve went up to the desk and asked what was happening. They said the cleaners were still working and we had to wait. About 15 minutes later we were allowed up to the room which was about a 2.5 star standard with cleaners still there. The room was filthy with scraps of screwed up paper, an unvaccumed floor and mould in the bathroom. The room itself was a box with our views over a large concrete roof with a pile of rubbish in the corner.

I sat on the bed and it felt like I had just dropped myself onto the floor it was so hard. But we were so tired, we laid on the bed. It had springs sticking out of it and was so hard that afterward we were both aching and I bruised my knee on the spring as I was getting up. The mattress was covered in a single bed sheet which didn't even cover the top of it.

A Chinese friend of ours was arriving in Beijing at 2.00pm. We rang him and told him about the hotel, so he came and got us at 3.30pm that day. We checked out of the hotel, but they still charged us for an overnight stay saying we had been in the hotel since 8.30am - even though we were sitting in the lobby for 2 hours! They actually tried to charge us for the 5 nights we had booked. No apologies made for our experience either. In fact, they were extremely off-hand about it and were almost contemptuous toward us. The staff are EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL. They also spoke very poor english, so we couldn't really even get our point across.

walterwu's Profile Photo

In the Heart of the City

Great (4.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on December 16, 2004

This hotel is at one end of Wangfujing Street. On the left of the entrance would be leading to the north gate of the Forbidden City and to the right would be the Wanfujing Shopping Street.

The hotel is a 5-star hotel and has a beautiful lobby.

I arrived at about 7:00am on the 10-Dec-2004 and had booked the Superior Deluxe Room via internet booking with request for early check-in. The check-in was smooth and had the room by the time I finished the processing at the reception counter.

The room is smaller than the one I had at Xi'an. The room is equipped with a TV, mini fridge, electronic safe, broadband network points, plenty of electrical outlets (not 3-pin straight type), standing shower, disposable razors, combs, toothbrush, etc.

The stay was pleasant and the room was clean.

The cost of the room is 708RMB / night. Cost per person less than US$20/person (5 in the room).

Directions: northern end of Wangfujing street

FreeCloud's Profile Photo

Wangfujing Grand Hotel

Bad (2.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on September 30, 2002

Self-claimed 4-start hotel, but the service quality, especially staff training and management is far from a 3-star hotel we have stayed.

More later

Unique Quality: If you get a room facing west, you will see the old Hutong, traditional residential areas below (soon will be demolished), and a bit far, the Forbidden City.

More later.

Directions: South of Wangfujing and Wusi Dajie intersection, 200 m from the Prime hotel.

whataboutbob's Profile Photo

Wangfujing Grand Hotel

by written on September 8, 2002

Unique Quality: This was a very nice hotel right on Wangfujing Ave. We got a deluxe room that had a great view of the Palace Museum, plus a free breakfast buffet in the morning. We found very good room rates on the Internet. It was about a 15 minute walk to Tiananmen and the Palace Museum.

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