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chaozhou info

by sushan

I will travel to Chaozhou in Nov with some friends.
1. I want to contact a gongfu tea master who will teach us the gongfu tea ceremony. Can you put me in contact with such a person?
2. trying to find Mr. Wu who is a Chaozhou Zhuni teapot master. I have heard that he will show us how to make a Zhuni teapot.
3. how far away is Pheonix mountain and Wudong mountain? I have heard there is a tradional workshop where I can see farmers making Dan Cong that true?
4. I hear that there is still part of ancient CHaozhou existing...and that I can see ancient architecture that true?
5. is there a hotspring where I can bathe in Chaozhou? Or maybe a hotspring hotel?
6. is it possible to sleep on the top of the mountain? Is there a hotel?
7. is it possible to take a bus from Chaozhou or Wudong mountain to Guangzhou?

Re: chaozhou info

by sayakoummane

chaozhou is a big city ,if there is no Bus to Wudong,you can take a bus or taxi to shantou station which take only 40 mins and i think you surely will find the bus to Wudong or nearby. Yeah there is Hotspring in Chaozhou and there is Hotel there, the hot spring is very comfortable in the winter and you can stay in the hotel.
there are old chaoshan house style remain standing in the Chaozhou, Longhu Guzai is not bad to visit and many places where I don't remember. if you arrive there you can ask the local, they know it.

Travel Tips for Chaozhou

A City Which Keeps Traditional Customs Well

by alywang

Today, my home town-Chaozhou still keeps many Chinese traditional customs well including language. This is pretty much relative to its geography position, where there are many mountains in the north and long coast line from east to south. As a result, it forms a relatively close place which is good for protecting the traditional culture. Nowadays, many traditional customs which have already disappeared in the middle part of China still stay in Chaozhou. Maybe some customs which can’t be alive well will disappear with time going by.
If you wanna see some Chinese traditional customs, Chaozhou will be a good choice. Almost every Chinese traditional holiday will be celebrated here.

Chaozhou Drama-not only refined but also exoteric

by alywang

Chaozhou Drama which developed from South Drama of Song and Yuan Dynasties is one of the tree local dramas in Guangdong and also one of the ten big kinds of dramas in China. It has a history of over 400 years. In the long-term developing process, Chaozhou Drama widely absorbed the folk music and folk arts of Chaozhou and gained the strength of other dramas, gradually became a kind of dramas which has the local style. Chaozhou Drama is the marrow of Chaozhou culture. This drama full of local characteristic is not only refined but also exoteric. It’s a link between the local people and the Chaozhou people living abroad.

The Lantern Festival

by alywang

The Chinese traditional festival- Lantern Festival is on the fifteenth day of the first month in Chinese traditional calendar. According to the Chinese custom, on this night of the first moon rounding in the year, people light up the colorful lanterns to celebrate this festival. Enjoying the moon, setting off the fireworks and playing the lantern-riddles and so on are also on this night. The Lantern Festival is also the day for family reunion. In Chaozhou, we usually hold sacrifice for the ancestors in the afternoon and then the whole family have dinner together. After dinner, many adults and children go out to attend various kinds of activities. Almost every kid has a lantern on the hand. There is a smile on everyone’s face.
The Lantern Festival is also one of the Chinese Valentine’s Days. The other one is on the 7th day of the 7th month. In traditional society of Chinese feudalism, girls are not allowed to go out of their house. But amusing out of their house on festivals is allowed. The Lantern Festival creates the romantic atmosphere for the valentines.
In Chaozhou, there’s also a special custom on the Lantern Festival. You will find the business of sugarcane is very good near this festival. Hehe, people here believe when you eat sugarcanes on this day, your teeth won’t get decayed in this year :)

The Green Cantus-Chaozhou music

by alywang

Chaozhou music includes six main classes which are the music of gong and drum, the ancient music of flute, delicate music, the music of temple, the music of string and the music of Han Dynasty melody. It dates back to Sui Dynasty. This “live fossil” is not only classic but also live.
It’s thought that Chaozhou music is a kind of music with richest classes and highest level of instrumentalization in Chinese traditional music. Chaozhou music is elegant but vulgar. It’s the quintessence of Chinese folk music. Natural harmony is its realm. That’s why we think that the color of Chaozhou music is green-the color of nature and life.

Jogging In The West Lake Hill Near My Home:)

by alywang

Jogging is a good sport. It’s simple and can be done alone. That’s the reason I do more jogging than any other sports. The West Lake Hill is near my home. It’s a small hill which near the West Lake. There’s a lane around the middle of the hill. I can’t find other better places than here to jog. Many trees here make the air very fresh!


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