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No.70 Musha Road, Changsha District, Kaiping, Guangdong, 529337, China
#2 of 10 hotels in Kaiping
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Best Convienent Budget Hotel for Diaolou Touring

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on October 3, 2013

Greetings from the Wilson Hotel in Kaiping!!! . We LOVED it here. I got second thoughts when I read some "bad" reviews about this hotel from other guests. I don't know WHY on other hotel websites guests writes in unfavorable reviews about it being very plain, good for just an "overnight stay", the breakfast is boring and it’s the SAME items are served every day. One of the reviews states above a sleazy night club, another one states that it's on top of a shopping mall and you have to go through a shopping mall to get to your room............I’m writing this review to straighten out all the misconceptions.
My husband just stayed at this hotel from 9/16 – 9/21/13. The Wilson Hotel is a real GORGEOUS hotel. Floors 2, 3, 4 are occupied by a sauna, massage, night club. The hotel rooms actually start on Floor # 5, 6, and 7 which is great. You can't hear any outside noise at all in the upper floors. Our room (RM# 602) room window faces the 1st level tiled flat roof top which is perfect for us. We can open the drapes all the way and still have privacy.
International Restaurant: "Taste Cool Brasserse". (LUNCH & EVENING) My husband and I LOVED this Wilson Hotel and its location. It's perfect esp. we don't have a vehicle to get around. It has EVERYTHING you need in this ONE square plaza block!!! The Wilson Hotel has a Bristo called "Taste Cool Brasserse". It’s located by the Guest Registration area. It served several international dishes. According to the menu, it serves Chicken Chop, Pork chop, Steaks, Lamb Chops, Italian and Asian dishes such as curry dishes, Thailand, Malaysian, etc. It’s not just Chinese dishes. . My husband highly recommend the Rigatoni with Bacon & Cheese or the Baked Spaghetti Bolognaise (30RMB) = $5.00 USD. It's so delicious and REALLY CHEESY!! I had the Fried Spaghetti with Shredded Meat....it look more like Chow Mein with Spaghetti noodles. It has 2 -3 shredded meats with vegetables. It was SO delicious. There is a Help-Your- Self Salad Bar & dessert bar, which of course, are complimentary. They also serve Wine and other alcoholic beverages. I
Hotel Extension Walkway to another building: Another misconception is that the hotel is on top of a shopping mall. The hotel is NEXT to another big complex which is a shopping mall. The hotel is on one side and the shopping mall is on the other side. The two different buildings are connected through a walkway on floor #2, #3, # 4.
Floor # 1: On the walkway extension side: There is a complete humongous supermarket on the first level with lots of fresh fruits, water, food items like eggs, juice and it has a big area on the right side of fully cooked ready-to-go food sections. You can find bottle water (the gallon water for 7-8 RMB = $1.50 USD). You’ll need water, LOTS of it. Kaiping is hot, humid and muggy. Half way FREEZE your bottle water in your room frig. Freezer so it gets frozen. When you get back from Diaolou touring or shopping…and out from the humid, damp, hot and muggy weather, add the regular water into the bottle….it is SO ICY COLD ….SO GOOD!!!…
Floor # 2 on the Extension side through the walk way of the Wilson Hotel is the shopping mall level where you can shop for watches, purses, shoes, clothes and including a sort of a "Wal-Mart" like store (where I picked up some toiletries). You can get anything there.
Floor # 3’s walkway leads to a 3-4 movie theater, electronic stores, games stores, a big arcade.
Floor # 4 walkway leads to a big fancy Chinese Restaurant. (Unfortunately the menu’s only in Chinese with no pictures…but if it had English Translations, A Picture menu would help...
Note: If you don't want to take the elevator on the shopping center side or walk through the two building walkways, you can walk around the outside of building, follow the wall to go back to the hotel side and you'll be back at the registration desk of the Wilson Hotel,
As for the nightclub next door to the Wilson Hotel, it's just a store front. There is NO nightclub on the ground level and you don't have to worry about having your kids exposed to prostitutes. The night club may be on the 4th floor. Mostly young people in the town goes there to be exposed to western music and western culture, There are 4 elevators on the hotel side so if one is suspicious of something, use some common sense! Take one of the other 3 elevators. I never seen any prostitutes in the elevators…just young people dress up very “disco” and they seem to like to have a good time with friends. The hotel is full of normal guests such Chinese families with their kids as is the outdoor plaza is full of Chinese families with their kids. I don’t think “prostitutes” would fit very well in this type of environment.

Wilson Square Plaza : The Wilson Hotel is within the perimeter of a square shape outdoor shopping plaza (not including the indoor 3 floor shopping mall in the Extension Wing). The outside plaza, there are over 50 - 60 different business selling merchandize from baby stuff, fashionable ready-to-wear clothes, nic-nacs stores, shoes, handbags and shoes. Prices in RMB seems high when you see the numbers but are very reasonable when converted of the US dollar. (For example: a pair of casual shoes 39RMB = $6.00 USD, high end fashion pair of shoes: about 100RMB = $16.00). There are 2-3 Chinese restaurants. One is called Marsuezalla. It served some American dishes but mostly Asian dishes. Their specialty is their 15 different kinds of CHEESE CAKES. There menu is English/Chinese with PICTURES. Down at the end from Marusezalla is another Chinese restaurant which is excellent for its special menu on Dumplings. They are open at 11AM – Midnight. The staff started you off (dinner time) with complimentary glass of wine & snacks while you wait for your food. It served most delicious seafood dishes. Their soups come in giant serving bowls big enough to be share by 4 persons. They also have a separate special Dumpling menu and the portions are big. They offered different 5 kinds of dumplings either steam, boiled or fried with over 10 different fillings that you picked yourself. All are hand rolled dough and handmade. Price? Incredible 15 RMB each large plate order = $2.50 plate. They have a glass wall that looks right into their kitchen so you can actually watch their chefs knead the fresh dough and handmade each one of those dumpling. There are 2 Japanese restaurants in the Plaza Square. There is a Caribbean restaurant and numerous fast food places such as a KFC. This is on the Square block of the Plaza itself with the Wilson Hotel being in the Plaza square. Across the outer perimeter, the street side on all 4 sides of the Plaza Square are numerous other stores, eating places, outdoor vendor’s stalls, etc. to go explore and lots of places to go eat. In China, only the Post Office sells postcards and there's one nearby. You can also buy stamps and send them out
As for the bed, Chinese beds are a bit harder. You’ve gone camping, haven’t you? If not, you could always buy one of those self inflatable condensed camping mattresses and take it with you. Oh, you are saying that the Airlines only allow one luggage? Bring it on the carry on. Oh, you have already got a carry on? Get a doctor’s note! It’ll be a medical thing. The Airlines will let it on if it’s a medical thing! But once again, use common sense! Find out FIRST, get the FACTS straight. Do a little research before you leave to go to any foreign place. Ignorance is your own fault. A bit of knowledge will open doors for you and through them will be many paths of discovery.
DOWN SIDE: There is no business center located inside the hotel where a guest can go to get things printed out of a computer. The Staff said there is none now but it will be in the future. I had problems using my newly acquired DISCOVER credit card which is linked to Chinese Bank: ChinaUnionPay which does not charge the 3% transaction fee, however when I used it, it didn’t get accepted by the credit card machine. I’ve email DISCOVER SEVERAL TIMES but every time DISCOVER card reply indicating that the DISCOVER card is good and that the Wilson Hotel staff just doesn’t know HOW to process the credit card. I could not print out the message off my laptop so I had to carry my laptop down to the front desk to show them the message. Since the email reply is in English, the front desk clerks do not understand it. Also I have asked DISCOVER to contact the front desk by giving the email on the Wilson Hotel business card: master@wilsonhotel.com.cn. The front desk staff never got it because the email address given on the business card does not go to the front desk. It goes somewhere else. However. they said they do have a FAX machine. I email DISCOVER back for them to fax over their message to them in CHINESE. Discover’s reply was that they do not fax any messages outside of the United States. The Wilson Hotel staff is great and so kind. They tried using the DISCOVER card several times. I told them to stop and just use another one of my credit card. I ended up paying my Wilson Hotel bill with my old faithful Chase credit card.... which I will be charged with the 3% transaction fee.
Other than that inconvenience with the DISCOVER card issue and there is no "business center" located in the hotel, everything else is great. We loved the Wilson Hotel! I would stay here again and again. If you are coming to Kaiping to look at the Unesco's Diaolous and you don't have a car and you want to be in the mist of things as to lots of restaurants, lots of stores and great shopping prices and a supermarket. I highly recommend the Wilson Hotel!! They have some limited English speaking staff...but bring your Google translate or put together some flash cards with your own language on one side and the Chinese translation of the other side.

Unique Quality: Our room (# 602) is big size room w/king size bed, a writing desk, etc.. There was straight Wi-Fi TP-Link connection antenna. The internet/email retrieval is really slow. China restricts access to certain information or even blocked in its entirety.
ROOM: Air Conditioning works well. All the lights are switch- button control from bedside.
Bathroom: Great Shower!! w/ shampoo & shower gel dispenser on the wall.
FOOD AT THE WILSON HOTEL Breakfast: We stayed here (5 dy)..ate breakfast every morning there. 90% of the hotel guests are Asian w/families. Stacks of pancakes, waffles drenched in butter, syrup and all that high starchy, high carbohydrate foods, sugary empty calorie dishes is not an Asian breakfast.. An Asian breakfast is very healthy. There are always the standard 2 types of different types of congee (2 pots) but the recipes are different every day. One is plain congee and one pot is a specialty congee w/small bowls of ala carte toppings. There's hot warming trays of other food selections: some sort of wide white flat cellophane noodles dish (very tasty), fried chow Mein noodles or with thin noodles, 2 types of fresh vegetables offered, potpourri of sausages (Chinese sausages, Vienna sausages, American “hot dog” looking sausages, Ham, Bacon, all are very tasty. There are fresh boil yams (which the Chinese believe is suppose to be great in aiding digestion), tea boiled hard boiled eggs, fresh corn on the cob, delicious Chinese sweet gel tarts (like the ones my mother used to make). There is an area where you make your own toast. There are coffee, tea, 2 different juices, and lots of cut up fruits. It's all in the complimentary breakfast, There are OTHER restaurants out on the Plaza Square but you can go to for variety. (Fairly CHEAP: 10 - 30 RMB..($1.50 - $5) My husband's Non-Asian. He bought eggs over at the Supermarket. The chef cook them for him so he’s got his American breakfast!
This is the hotel that I would want to stay in and also recommend for my friends.

Directions: Changsha District, hotel is located in a BIG SHOPPING PLAZA. It's about 6-8 blocks from the YiCi Bus Station. Bus fare from Guangzhou (Fangcun Bus Station) to YiCi bus station (2 hours) is 59 RMB ($9.00 USD)

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