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No.555 Liuting Street, Haishu District, Ningbo, Zhejiang, 315010, China
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More about Ningbo New Golden Star Hotel

Another quality hotel I stayed in China

by Paul2001 about The Peony Hotel in Luoyang

The Peony Hotel was one of my favourite hotel experiences in China. As in several of my stays in China involving four star hotels, I found myself in a business-class room. This meant a nice big bed and satellite TV for a surprisingly reasonable price. Although the hotel may lack something in atmosphere, it has a number of pleasant qualities that I liked. The staff was friendly and helpful. There was a good cafe/restaurant where you could get some Western food.
While traveling to Luoyong by way of train from Xian, I met a group of English tourists. It ended up that we all prebook for this hotel. It is very popular with tour groups checking out the Longmen Caves. There is bar here which I though was over priced. A Tsingtao beer in the cafe is much cheaper. There is a Chinese restaurant too.

Beautiful Lake frontage hotel

by Homanded about Guililn Bravo Hotel

Formerly a Holiday Inn, the hotel smacks of the modern ammenities that the American chain is known for but with better service.
The service was impeccable and the hotel food was great.

Convinient to walk to all the major points of interest or, take a short cab ride to further afield places such as Elephant hill or the caves.

Our rooms were very comfortable and up to date with a wonderful, modern bathroom.
The breakfasst buffet, available at the time of our booking was varied and had many choices, including traditional Asian breakfast, consisting of fried rice, noodles and soup (strange to us westerners for breakfast) as well as a full American/English fare.
Eggs, scrambled, hard boiled and fried, rolls, various meats such as bacon or sausage and potatoes.
Cereals are also available as are fruits and juices.

Book through and you can get prices as low as 1/2 price during slow season, as we did. USD $62.00/night, including breakfast and an upgrade to a deluxe room! We were able to book our Li River cruise through the hotel.
Please see warning tips! DO NOT book an expensive trip which includes a tour guide! It is NOT necessary!
The trip is NOT about having someone explaining the river to you - there is nothing to explain!
You simply float and see the scenery.
Also, once you arrive, Yangshuo (actually preffered to Guilin), is easy to do on your own. You do not need to pay the extra money to have someone following you around pressuring you into buying from particular shops they wish to steer you towards and they get a commission from!

Buses back from Yangshuo to Guilin run every 30 mins from the center of town.

The reviews are true! Just got back from the Caves 3/1.

by A TripAdvisor Member

My boyfriend and I booked a trip to The Caves Feb -23-28th '05 solely based on the reviews on Trip Advisor. I was trying to decide between this and Couples Swept Away. Let me tell you, there is no comparison.

First of all, The Caves is one of the most gorgeous places on earth. The compound is built into the cliff-side so you feel that you're in Greece or something. The view of the sea and the sky is endless. As proof of this, people from all around (including other resorts) come to look at the Caves (via boat - at a distance) and the spectacular sunsets, which can only be seen from it's location on the Western point.

The Caves is small so it almost feels more like your incrediby rich friend has given you the keys to their compound instead of staying at a resort. I reached a level of relaxation I did not know was possible for me. Our schedule revolved around eating, swimming, reading, making out and sleeping. It was great.

Now the most important part: the beds and the food (this is the part I always care about the most). Because of a travel agent snafu, we ended up staying in more than one room so we got a sample of the beds. The beds are perfect, with firm mattresses, white cotton sheets, down pillows and matellasse spreads with a Batik cover on top. The food is also great: fresh, simple and local. Most meals consisted of fresh fish, delicious vegetables and regional specialties.

My most important advice: Book your stay with The Caves directly. Our reservation was totally screwed up by our travel agent and I know the Caves has had problems with bookings through Expedia. Book directly, you'll get to pick you room, too. (I recommend One Drop or the Mackatree). Good Luck. I know you'll love it. We did so much we got engaged there after our first night!

PS: I got a look at Couples Swept Away when we booked a snorkeling trip outside of the resort. Even though they make it sound so romantic and lovely, all the resorts: Couples, Sandals, Beaches, etc. are packed side by side on the Negril beach. So while you're lounging on your beach chair at Couples, you're watching a dozen families float by you on beach toys. Just an FYI.

wow and perfect is all we could say about caves

by TripAdvisor Member suarez36

well we just got back last night, back to nyc that is and i miss the view already... the caves were everything we thought it would be and more... we spent five and a half days in paradise and loved and enjoyed every minute of it..
now mind you this place is not for people who have to be doing something all the time and be entertained all the is definately for people who know how to relaxed when they are on vacation..
now don't get me wrong, you can go on tours and go to the beach (15 min ride away and absolutely beautiful, in the seven mile area) but it is really for people who don't get tired of looking at the ocean view, drinking island drinks (or not), eating excellent meals(chef avery and shabba and the staffwill take care of you), being taken care of whenever you need anything...

well with that said we had a heavenly time ..our days consisted waking up and looking at our view from the butterfly room (yes we scored that room),putting on our suits, breakfast, a great menu, no more than maybe 3 or 4 couples around you... and really quiet except the waves crashing into the caves belows... then we move to the pool, it is small but very adequate for a few couples at a time, then onto drinks by the pool..oh yeah cliff jumping( a lot of people do this i didn't but my husband did and he loved it....)then onto talking to the staff about jamaica... then lunch and maybe a few more get hot around noon.. so most people nap or go under a little gazebo to sleep or read or gaze off to me you will get use to it...okay so repeat for 4 more days and gain alot of weight(or not) buyt very enjoyable... there is a tv to catch up current events.. oh yeah book the jacuzzi at night 930pmand say until you are wrikled...oh enjoy your champagne..part of the deal

i think my only complaint was the mosquitoes ...we got a few bites.... only b/c we bought advanced cutter it really worked for us... we went out one night to a club --jungle and it was okay, glad to go back to the caves...

went to the beach(isle de awhile resort) and margavitaville and that was fun for one day , some guest went to the black river, and on a horseback riding tour .. they had a great time.. we just didn't...

there is a light house next door along with a "sandals" bar not much going on there...the 3dives restaurant on the side of the road is not much to look at but great lobster and peas and rice and callaloo(like greens) and great jerk... there is an haagen daas ice cream freezer in the kitchen have access to that whenever you want..lot's of cakes and snacks everywhere(nuts and chips) well if you have more questions about anything let me know still downloding photos to my computer.. a really great trip nyc any questions

Very disappointed.

by A TripAdvisor Member

We tried real hard to enjoy the CAVES..It was not to our liking..The food was the best part and it was just so so.Please do the research before booking here.We will not be returning.

Can't believe Detroit hated it!

by TripAdvisor Member Green1212

I cannot believe the Tripadvisor member from Detroit disliked the Caves so much. They must be lying in an attempt to keep this wonderful secret to themselves. We stayed at the caves a bit over a year ago and had a perfect week. The food was fabulous, the rooms delightful and the grounds heavenly. This was before Ivan came through so I am guessing the grounds took quite a hit since but I cannnot imagine that the food has gone from the excellence we experienced to Terrible as the Detroit member states. Yes, you need to love the person you are with to fully enjoy the Caves but if you do, it is a vacation in paradise. We have stayed at other all-inclusive resorts in the Carribean and the Caves tops them by far. I would go back in an instant (if only my teenage daughters would find their own money and leave mine alone!).


by A TripAdvisor Member

I stayed at the caves and i was very very impressed. The first thing, when you check in you are asked what kind of food you like or dislike in addition you get the feeling of someone giving you thier beach house for the weekend. Well you cant please everyone but i recomend this resort to anyone who wants to esape reality and spend real quality time with that special someone.

I don't THINK so.

by A TripAdvisor Member

The Caves is a beautifully located resort in Negril. Based on Trip Advisor reviews, we selected The Caves for our vacation.

The view is beautiful, but the property is really too small. It is very claustrophobic, in the sense you are on the cliff side and there is nowhere to go. Biggest decision you'll make is what rock to sit on all day. And there aren't that many. We tried going for a walk and ended up with an uninvited tour guide who wanted a tip.

We did get the welcome questionnaire mentioned by others. We filled it out and were told that they don't offer what we LOVE about Jamaica (patties). That was a little disheartening, especially because they supposedly try to make everything the way you want it. Then the fact that the menus are set and you have choice of a or b and that is it. We ended up buying a dozen patties and having them frozen and eating them for meals, as much of the fare was not really to our liking. (Too creamy.) They said there were no bananas because of the hurricanes, but guests brought them back from their off site trips and we saw them in the markets.

During our stay, we found the other guests to be really clicque-ish. It seems private and exclusive, but you are essentially trapped with strangers, and if you don't like them, or they don't like you, there is nothing you can do about it. Of course, the way around this is to go with friends, but you are still pretty much stuck there. You will have to pay for a taxi to get to the city of Negril and do any activities, which takes away from the "all-inclusive" aspect.

My BIGGEST problem was with bug bites. The rooms do not have traditional windows. They have wooden slats, as do the doors. I was a little surprised, but not upset by this, until, my first night there I was bitten up by bugs. This is after using the provided bug spray before bed, which really killed the romantic aspect of the vacation. The bites continued throughout the stay, even after they provided a plug-in anti-bug product.

I don't think The Caves is a good value for the money. The last time we were in Jamaica, we spent a similar amount for an all-inclusive and had plenty of privacy, room to move, a selection of restaurants, 24 hour room service, beaches and activities to choose from (or not).

I wanted a quiet relaxing vacation, but this was more than I bargained for. We will not be returning.

Perfect Honeymoon!

by TripAdvisor Member jensuu1432

I had been reading about this resort for a couple years now and I could not have been more excited to be going there for our honeymoon!! It did not disappoint.. The resort itself is like nothing I had ever seen and the pictures on the website simply do not do it justice. I kept telling my husband that I can't believe a place like this exists and that we were actually staying here!!! I had anticipated wanting to go to nearby Negril Beach to maybe do some watersports but we just couldn't drag ourselves away from the property-it was too perfect to leave!
The staff is phenomenal!! They take care of you and treat you like family from the moment you arrive to check in. And the food was excellent as well. They always had something different for us to try at every meal-all of it was delicious! I booked a scalp massage and foot reflexology treatment that left me floating back to the bar for another cocktail. The only thing I would've liked is AC at night because I love to sleep in subzero temperatures but it wasn't that big a deal. They have a couple cottages with A/C so ask for one of those if that is an issue for you. Overall, we had a phenomenal honeymoon at a stunningly beautiful resort and definitely look forward to visiting our friends at The Caves again. Go there, relax, and share it with someone special..

Buddhist Caves

by soo-zee

"Longmen Caves"

They say that wherever you travel around China you're bond to see some amazing caves.
When I visited the Longmen caves I thought I never saw anything better (in "caves category" I mean).

In 200 years, starting at the end of the 5th century, more then 100,000 statues of Buddha and bodhisattvas were carved into the cliff on the bank of the Yi river, 16 km from Luoyang.

I don't know how many statues are left, during 19th and 20th centuries art hunters from Europe and North America grasped everything they could, but still the amount is impressing.

"Yungang Caves"

Other caves, even more beautiful are the Yungang Caves, close to Datong.

The Caves are the only reason to go to Datong but are a very good reason.



site of the cavessite of the caves

Yungang CavesYungang Caves

The very impressive Mogao CavesThe very impressive Mogao Caves

Forum Posts

spelunking? Malaysian caves

by mjmlee

Just came back from a tour of the new pristine just-opened Kartchner Caverns - went deep into the bowels of one of the hills in Southern Arizona. Years ago I explored Gua Musang along with Ipoh cave and that other cave in Perak. Are they any other caves to explore, in Malaysia that is. Thanks.

Re: spelunking? Malaysian caves

by Dumpymotel

Wow... I hope you took pictures...

I have been to other cave in Arizona and ofcourse the Carlsbad caverns in New Mexico... AMAZING>

Please post your pictures.. I would love to tour them on my next trip through Arizona..



Niah & Mulu

by heywinks

There are the caves at Niah National Park & Mulu National Park on Borneo island, Malaysia. I was going to go there but had to cancel my trip :(

Re: Niah & Mulu

by Dumpymotel

I've heard the largest int he world are in South Africa.... Is that true ?

Its hard to imagine any bigger than Carlsbad Caverns.... So they have to be mind boggling...
At Carlsbad they say its the size of 14 Astrodomes or something like that.... WOW

Re: Re: Niah & Mulu

by mjmlee

Largest in the world - could be but I am sure there are other less publicized ones. Everbody thinks that the Grand Canyon is the largest hole-in-the-ground but Copper Canyon in Mexico is much bigger and more diverse. Kartchner is OK. It is a rather young )in geologic terms) cave. Can't touch this, can't touch that and can't take pictures. They are so ibot preservation that they mist you before entering in case of lint and human hair contamination. Enjoy!

Re: Re: Niah & Mulu

by YuenK

It is claimed that Deer Cave in Mulu is the largest in the world. Gotta to check it out. In Malaysia, there are many explorable cave systems. One way to check out remote caves is join the Malaysian Nature Society caving group.

Re: Re: Niah & Mulu

by Dumpymotel

YUenk.. thankyou.

I will need to do a search on those caves...... I was so impressed with carlsbad caverns that the idea of someting larger stuns me.

I hope to find some pictures on the internet.. thanks...


Re: Re: Niah & Mulu

by YuenK

I have check the facts, Deer Cave has the world largest cave passage and Sarawak Chamber is the largest cave chamber. Both in Mulu Caves system.

I think there could be larger caves system not discover yet.

Has anyone been to Lhasa and The Longman Caves?

by mjmaniezzo

I have planned Lhasa in the trip but if I want to go to the Longman Caves I have to give up Tibet. If I do that it will also allow for a bit more time in Shanghai and Hong Kong.


Re: Has anyone been to Lhasa and The Longman Caves?

by xiaodoudou202

Well, it's really depending on what you more want to see. But if this happens to myself, i will go to longmen caves this time. Then find another time just go to Tibet. Tibet is so huge and you can do so many things. Plus you will have some high altitute effects and it takes time to get used to.

Re: Has anyone been to Lhasa and The Longman Caves?

by ellyse

I've only been to Longmen Grottoes (twice though) but not yet Lhasa -- though I've been to many other places in Greater Tibet.
If you haven't been to anywhere else in Greater Tibet, perhaps you might consider going to Lhasa or perhaps somewhere in Greater Tibet -- the latter might be less hassle re paperwork, and also cheaper but no less authentic.
I would probably skip Longmen Grottoes if you have the chance to include either Yungang or Mogao Grottoes.

Re: Has anyone been to Lhasa and The Longman Caves?

by mjmaniezzo



by pedradellum





by Confucius

I've been to both and would say Longmen's caves are more "beautiful"

You're really only comparing the two largest statues at each site, and I prefer Longmen's animated characters to Yungang's fat Buddha.

Both grottoes are half day trips. Both Datong and Luoyang have other nearby attractions as well, namely the Hanging Monastery and Shaolin Kung Fu Temple.

If you continue to zoom out then you are comparing Shanxi and Henan provinces, and that's a close call as well. I would probably give the nod to Shanxi, unless you are a true martial arts enthusiast.


by pedradellum



by tremendopunto

Hola Pedradellum,

I hope my tip is not too late, because I heard the total opposite of the tip before. Datong with the Yungang Caves were recommended to me as far more impressive with more and bigger sculptures.
So I went there. Personally I cant compare both, but what I saw really was impresive! You can take a look at some pics on my Datong page.

If you get there somehow, dont miss the hanging monastery around Datong, really nice!

Have fun!


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