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Forum Posts

Living in Hyderabad?

by nally

Hi to all Globetrotters out there!

We might get posted this summer to either Mumbai or Hyderabad. My first thought was "Wow!", but what do I really know in order to make a decision for the next 3-4 years? I did some research on Mumbai, but the internet only gets you so far. We're in Ottawa, so no, I cannot hop on a plane to check it for myself. What I have heard, read, etc. fascinates me extremely! However, we're looking at starting a family, i. e. have a baby while we're over there and the extreme pollution in the major cities scares me. We've been posted to Damascus in the past, which was certainly not a candidate for any environmental awards, but tolerable for 2 years. Can anyone enlighten me a bit? How is the climate in/ around Hyderabad? Is it dry, is it humid (I'm pretty good with heat). Is it a major earthquake area? What about crime? Are there some ex-pats? Bigger hotels, good restaurants, English movie theatres? How about getting about? For any international flights out, where would one fly (which airlines are operating?)? How easy/ advisable are trips by car into the surrounding area? How about catching anything, if one is reasonably careful. Mind you: We're really not the paranoid cliche of North-Americans that spray everything with Lysol, who end up attracting all kinds of things anyways.
I'd be so grateful, if someone out there could find the time to answer some of my questions. If there's anything you'd like add, please feel free. It will be greatly appreciated!

Safe & happy travelling to all out there!


Re: Living in Hyderabad?

by alycat

Helo Nally, i'll answer your questions point wise

Hyderabad is a polluted city. Period. But the plus point is if you are thinking of starting a family here your child will have much better immunity than his parents!!
Mar-June is hot, dry hot, not humid. Monsoon starts in july ends sep-Oct. Winter is pleasant, starts Nov ends Jan. There arent any earthquake worries here.
Crime is like jus any other city, dont venture alone at night, take care of your belongings and u'll be jus ok.
You will find substantial ex-pats, they have online communities, you can google them.
World class hotels, restaurants, lots of english movie theaters.
Public transport aint good, you will have to make do with 3 wheelers called rickshaw or the costlier cabs.
Lots of international and local flights to fly round on weekends.
Trips by car to surrounding is safe with a local driver from a known rent a car service.
You guys might catch malaria, beware of mosquitoes, suffer sun stroke, or diarrhea, dysentry from road side food. Always drink mineral water.

I have answered to the best of my knowledge, hope i didnt scare you.

Have a gr8 day.

Re: Living in Hyderabad?

by vdadu

Hi Nally, I m vivek and presently living in Hyderabad.
Well, I do agree with wut "Alycat" had written.
The only thing I can say is "Any fresh ques are invited".
Keep Smiling

Re: Living in Hyderabad?

by Miharika9

Post your query on they have an active expat group online and a lot of useful information for people like you.

Re: Living in Hyderabad?

by peterh77

I am a Scotsman married to a Hyderabadi woman. I have been coming here for 20 years. HYB is now catching up quickly with the rest of the world. It is a big sprawling city with horrendous traffic. It is still a bit of a backwater but recent developments into call centres and software have really pushed this place on.
There is a small ex pat community. Several large luxurious hotels, a few bars and loads of restaurents. The food is exceptional and cheap. There is little crime and it is perfectly safe. Local men do stare at women, particularly foreigners, but more from curiosity.
There are international schools. English is widely spoken. Cinemas show all the latest Hollywood movies.
Driving is scary! But you can hire a driver.
KLM and emerites fly here from Dubai and Amsterdam. Health wise is not a problem but you need the usual jabs. Do not drink tap water - bottle only.

Climate is hot in winter and very hot in summer. Monsoon from May/June - real heavy rain.
Humidity is not a problem. No earthquakes.
HYB is not the most exciting place on earth but it is friendly, and has all you need for an easy life - traffic apart. It is cheap - so if you have a few dollars in your pocket you can live a good life - nice house with driver/housekeeper/cook.

Travel Tips for Hyderabad


by alycat

For decades now, the auto has been the most common and integral part of Hyderabad. All u have to say if u wanna board one of these 3 wheelers is "Auto chalte kya" which means would u come along. n he would say chalo. We hyderabadi's share a love-hate relationships with the auto-drivers. We desist them but they are always there when we desperately need to reach a destination. The auto has almost become synonymous with Hyderabad.Traveling by the autos has become the part and parcel of Hyderabadi life. While in most other cities of India it is the cabs that are heavily used for traveling in the city, in the city of Hyderabad the autos have been growing in strength. It is indeed a surprise that a happening city like Hyderabad hardly has any popular cab services. It was only just about recently that a City Cabs have been pressed into service.

But the small autos have competition in the form of 7-seater autos all over the city and outskirts. The seven seater autos are run on diesel and are very airy and cheap. Its fun travellin in them but not safe though.

Chowmahalla Palace

by Donna_in_India

Built over 200 years ago the palace complex has been restored after 5 years of work. It is a combination of many architectural styles and influences. I really did like some of the arches, doorways, etc.

It was the seat of the Asaf Jahi dynasty. One of the nicest rooms open to the public is the King's throne room where official guests and royal visitors were entertained. The chandeliers were fantastic.

Interestingly, the complex is a replica of the Shah’s Palace in Teheran, Iran. It consists of two courtyards with elegant palaces, the grand Khilwat (Durbar Hall), fountains and gardens (with some beautiful flowers).

Not many rooms were open to the public and most that were really weren't all that interesting. I did like the various carriages used for transporting people from one part of the complex to another. (Previously the grounds occupied about 3-4 dozen acres. Today it's only about 1 dozen.) The grounds are used for various functions and while we were there they were being set up for a wedding.

This wouldn't be on my must-sees of Hyderabad only because I have seen many other more beautiful palaces in India. If pressed for time, I would skip it.

Open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Closed Fridays and National Holidays

Admission Rs 25 for Indians, Rs 150 for foreigners
Rs 50 for Camera

Last Point For Me...

by coceng

VARANASI <<<<< HYDERABAD >>>>> CHENNAI (where my India trip started from...)
12th June (Tuesday) :
My last train journey for this trip was from Varanasi to Hyderabad.
It's a 31 hours journey !VIDEOI arrived in Hyderabad (Secunderabad station) at about 8 am.
The train was so sluggish upon entering the Secunderabad station.
Huge station.
So, there would be trains going in & out from it.
Even at 8 am, it was busy with so many people !
India is really an over-populated country !
No doubt about it.
But it's nice seeing all these people, full of activities.
Even at the train station.
Dragging my luggage out of the station or rather manuevering the station.
Decided what I wanted to do.
Hyderabad was my LAST port of call.
I should be flying home on that night (13th June, at 1 am).
Money was tight !
I had about Rs 500 left on me !
That's about USD 10.

Found a cloakroom, put my luggage there.
Paid when collecting, I was told.
Next, saw this Internet room.
Gotta check my emails.
Again, the Western Union number was still invalid !
What the **** happened ?!
1/2 hour on the Net, enough.
Rs 10.

Decided to see Golconda Fort.
Couldn't afford to use auto service.
So, by the public buses.
Asking a few people.
Funny how some people never heard of Golconda Fort, maybe a different name in Hindi ?
Took 3 public buses.
Fares ranging from Rs 4 to Rs 6.
I had enough time.
Reached at the foot of Golconda Fort at about 11 am.
15 km or so from Secunderabad.
Impressive fort !

Decided not to go up just yet, although checked at the ticket booth, how much they charged for foreigners ?
Rs 100 (less than USD 3), with a camera.
Excellent !

Walking around the area.
Stalls, selling drinks & foods.
Bought mangoes, sliced ones & 2 delicious-looking full fruity mangoes.
Rs 20.
The sliced ones were sprayed with some pickles.
Sweet & sour.
I didn't care anymore.
If I had a bad tummy, because of this mangoes.
I could just deposited everything on that last day or on the flight home !

Entered Golconda Fort.
Guide touts.
No, I didn't need one, thank you.
Still one even had time to show me 'The Clapping Portico'.
Just near the entrance anyhow.
One clap & the one at the top of the fort could hear it.
I tried it, the sound had some kind of vibration.
I thought that was impressive.
Still, I didn't need any guide.
Thank you.

I took my own sweet time around the fort.
I had plenty of time.
Impressive looking fort.
Perched high up on top of the hill.
The sun was started to shine brighter & brighter.
Feeling so tired & lazy upon climbing it.
Rested a few times, smoking...drinking my mineral water.

Golconda Fort is a 16th century fortress.
Originally a mud fort.
It was the state capital for nearly 80 years.
Until it was abandoned in 1560.
Moved to Hyderabad.

Reached the top of the fort, great views down below.VIDEOHuge area.
Again, me smoking & drinking.
Felt so good.
Even eating my mango.
Using my teeth to tear the mango skin.
Sucking/eating the flesh inside.
I even ate the skin !
So freaking delicious !
People wanted to see, let them see.
I didn't use their freaking money to buy those mangoes !

Took some photos, videos.
On the way down, saw a little girl sshitting behind some bushes.
Her mum was feeling sheepish when I passed by...
No need to be shy, mum.
I had seen enough people sshitting around India !
Men & kids (all the times !), women (rarely).

My watch showed 3 pm.
Slowly walking down the steps.
At the same time, enjoying the sights of the fort.
Took photos.
Feeling tired because of the sun.
Even shone brighter on me !

Suddenly it rained !VIDEOHeavy rain with thunderstorms !
Wow !
Impressive !
First time in India, heavy rain like this.
Took shed for nearly 1 hour.
Together with 20 people or so.

Thank God, I had an umbrella.
Opened it & walked pass those people.
They probably looked at me & said, "Tourist !"
Always prepared for any kind of weather.
How true.

Down below the fort, took more photos.
Still so much to see.
Couldn't see everything.
Didn't want to.
By 4 pm, I was out from the fort area.VIDEOHad to taste those sliced mangoes again !
Hhmm, nice !

Hyderabad has many attractions.
It's a historic city.
The bazaar area.
Some old mosques.
Some monuments...
Didn't bother.

Took a bus.
Asking a few people & found my way back to Secunderabad station.
Walking around the area.
Asking an auto guy, how much he would charged me to the airport.
He said, " Rs 100"
I said no way !
He lowered it to Rs 80.
I said not now, later.

Entered the railway building.
Somebody tapped on my shoulder.
A tourist police.
He asked me where I wanted to go.
He saw my conversation with the auto guy.
I said later I wanted to go to the airport, fly home.
He said I shouldn't be paid more than Rs 40.
He even suggested that I should get an auto outside the railway area.
The airport is about 4 km away anyway...
I said I knew.
I thanked him, for being concerned about it.

It's 5 pm, I thought I wanted to treat myself.
I think I could afford it.
Up the restaurant at the railway.
Again, rice with omelette.
Love it !
Rs 50.

Slowly, down the steps.
Collecting my luggage.
When I wanted to pay, was told already paid !
Err, who paid for me ?
A mistake on their side ?
Kept quiet about it.
At the same time, smiling to myself.
I was suppose to pay Rs 10.
I could save Rs 10 then...
On that last day in India.

Walking out from the station area.
Following the tourist police advice.
Didn't feel like walking too far.
Outside, many people.
Early evening time !
The honings were as crazy as anywhere in India.
In a few hours time, I would be missing these.
But I was ready to be home.
To be in my room.
To sleep in my room.
Watching TV, eating, drinking etc etc etc.

Flagged an auto.
I said, "Airport !"
The guy said, "Rs 50".
I said, "Rs 40 ?"
No, he said Rs 50.
Didn't feel like arguing.
So, my saved Rs 10 (from the luggage fees) would add up to the normal fare to the airport (Rs 40).
Would equal to Rs 50.

I said okay.
The journey was about 15 minutes or so.
Even with heavy traffic.
The airport was near, like 4 km away.VIDEOMy guidebook said this as well.

I thought I could walk.
Too lazy.

Click HERE to read on my airport experience.ALL MY VIDEOS AROUND INDIA


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