The Ffort Radisson Resort

6/7A AJC Bose Rd, Kolkata (Calcutta), West Bengal, 700 017, India

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Restaurant of Ffort Radisson- Raichak.

by goutammitra about Citadel I & II

Ffort Radisson has Four Restaurants but the people prefer to sit in Citadel I & II. Both are Multicusine Restaurants. They also have Captains Deck Bar.

On the afternoon of 13th Jan,2007., we were conducting a Retailers Meet at Raichak at diiferent venue. When we finished it was already 5PM we just remembered we did not have lunch but the Retailers had. We took this opportunity to drive down my favourite place for a glass of beer and Club Sandwitch as it was too late for Lunch. We also had French Fries and wafers till our sandwitches arrive.
Though it is expensive it was extremely well made and the Beer was cheaper than Calcutta star hotels. The Sandwitches are Rs150/- plus Tax( USD 3.5) and Beer Rs 100 ( USD 2.3) per 650ML bottle. We were full for Rs.1000 including tips. ( USD 11). Thats' a real bargain price for a five star deluxe hotel. The normal cost per person for Lunch or Dinner would be around Rs600- Rs 1000/- ( USD 12-22)


Park Street CemeteryPark Street Cemetery

Restoration is slow but in full swing.Restoration is slow but in full swing.

The Food CourtThe Food Court

The streets of KolkataThe streets of Kolkata

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Malaria and floods in Kolkata

by dooplodicus

Hi everyone!

I am planning on visiting Kolkata for 4 nights in September. Do I need to be concerned about Malaria? And are there many floods at this time of year?

Thanks so much!

Re: Malaria and floods in Kolkata

by Mishra.mumbai

visit kolkata, without hesitation. after 10 days there will be no flood or rain there. It is the last time of monsoon. Chances are fer for malaria.

Re: Malaria and floods in Kolkata

by lynnehamman

You will enjoy Kolkata- we always do.
However- we did notice that there were mozzies around (this was in November)- maybe its worth taking precautions.
Make sure that you get properly vaccinated for other diseases (check with your doctor).
You can read about our adventures in Kolkata on my VT Kolkata page (click on my name for homepage, where there is a link)

Re: Malaria and floods in Kolkata

by bungi333

Just remember to bring your bug spray along. Even if you forget, you can pick up local repellent creams from pharmacies. This should help.

Re: Malaria and floods in Kolkata

by goutammitra

There is no flood in Kolkata in the last 20 years or so. Yes, there have been water logging in some parts of the city due to heavy rains. But this year Kolkata needs more rain.

There is no reported case of Malaria this year but one should always be careful. Please buy Odomos gel locally and apply all over the exposed part of the body. Stay in a good hotel and carry mos repellent spray.

Enjoy your holiday!!

Travel Tips for Kolkata (Calcutta)

The Science City

by Kumarjit

The Science City in Calcutta is the only of its kind not only in India, but also in this part of the world. It tells about the principles of science in a very attractive and simple manner. However, you don't need to be from the science stream to visit the park. It is a great place for all, especially the children. You can take a ride in the Rope way, go to the Space Theatre or take a ride in the toy train. Please DON'T MISS THE EVOLUTION PARK AND THE SPACE THEATRE! THEY ARE SIMPLY AWESOME! Come comfortably without much to carry in your hands.

Sealdah train station

by bladedragon

There are 2nd class and upper class waiting area here, but most people seems to wait at the platform itself.
Lots of chai (tea), coffee and puni (water) sellers, there are some shops and a restaurant as well.

The pre-paid taxi counter is outside, so don't believe what those private cab owners are telling you.
Whatever the price they're quoting you, the pre-paid counter fare is at most half of it.

I don't like this train station.
People throw trash everywhere, even the sweeper sweep the trashes into the train tracks.
It's not like there's no trash can, but I think it's just the bad habit.

Not only that, there are lots of beggars there.
In every 30 minutes or so 1 or 2 beggars will approach you.
But the ones that I really hate are the smaller ones, they're like 5-7 years old.
They will hug your leg and cling there until you pay up.

The government should really do something about this.

Calcutta Airport

by Guantanamera

It is absolutely shocking to consider the fact that Calcutta is a city of some 12 million people when you see the airport they have. To serve this tremendous population, they have 1 or 2 crummy refreshment counters serving little more than bad coffee and overpriced soft drinks. They had one store in the entire place, selling nothing but cigarettes, liquor and the usual crappy knickknacks...

There was a dopey security check guy who went through my bag and when he stumbled across some spare condoms, asked me if I had had a girl in my room. I hadn't, and told him no. He was a lascivious sort, and after rummaging through my bag a bit, asked me the same question a second and a third time. All three times, I said no...

Approaching the gate area, there were no display monitors and no help desk where you could ask someone if you were in the right place. However, since I saw a bunch of Thai-looking people sitting around and my flight was on Thai Airlines, I concluded that I was in the right place... Then I was surprised to find out that there was only one gate for the entire airport! Amazing...

Try their Egg Plant curry.

by goutammitra about The Latest Mainland China of Kolkata!

As usual they are at their best, having perfected the art of making chinese food, the Anjan Chatterjee ( The CMD of Mainland China), team is sailing ahead. This newly opened Mainland China at South City Mall is surely their better addition after Oh Calcutta and Mainland China at Gurusaday Road.

We took our American guests Sonia Das and her Professor father Dr.Mihir K. Das, from Long Beach, Calfornia, USA, to taste their food. Sonia herself is an excellent cook apart from being attorney in Long Beach, she too vouched that thefood and the taste of Mailland China is just authentic!

We tried their roast Pork, cooked in Cantonese style, Prawns, Egg Plants, Mix Noodles( The names will be posted at later date as the bill remains with sonia and I dont' remember the names exactly). The Egg Plants!


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