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Bali, Indonesia: Jimbaran Bay, Ubud

by Chase&Rich

"map and taxi information"

My husband and I have been to Bali twice and loved it. Here is a link for a map of the island:

I highly recommend NOT renting a car. They have road rules that probably take a life time to learn. For instance, local custom rules which way you go on a round-a-bout or rotary intersection. Some are clockwise, some are counter clockwise! Yikes. When our driver went straight through a red light, he said the red was for turns. Sometimes there are baskets with chickens or roosters in them, in the middle of the street! Or, you'll have a pile of sand, right in your lane, with out any warning or time to change lanes. Take a taxi. :)

We also became friendly with our driver from our first tour and then hired him directly, letting him use his own car. He was so grateful for the work and spoke English very well. It's been a few years, but back then, $30 US was about a month's salary, and when we gave that to him for a days worth of driving and sightseeing, he couldn't stop thanking us. "I thank you, my family thanks you." He gave us his number and we called him for any other trips we could think of or he could suggest.

"Hotel negotiating- Jimbaran Bay, Nusa Dua"

Nusa Dua, which has a guard gate for entry into the entire resort area, has many lovely hotels. I believe the dollar is still strong there and you get a lot for your money. I wouldn't book too many nights at any one place (unless it is part of a air and hotel inclusive deal you have going) as you can negotiate quite readily there. They have far more hotels than visitors right now. I am not suggesting negotiating too hard as they really could use the money, but you may be able to get a lovely upgrade for a fare rate. For instance, at one hotel we stayed in Jimbaran Bay, they gave us the presidential suite for the price of a regular room. It was lovely with a spa tub, with a glass divider that offered us a lovely view of the bay. They appreciated our business at the bar and restaurant and that we used their spa services.

"Sunset dinner on west facing Jimbaran Bay"

Jimbaran Bay is lovely for a sunset dinner. We went to one of the many 'restaurants' which are really a fish market with a palm roof. From the street, you enter their area, pick your fish, and have a seat on the beach, toes in the sand. They will bring you beer (wine and liquor is quite expensive on the island as it is all imported) or water or fresh coconut water (my fav). Then they start bringing you food, a vegetable like spinach or swiss chard, which is from the rice fields, also rice and a salad, then your fish. We always shared a fish or shrimp dinner as it was plenty of food. Oh, and so delicious. They grill the fish using the dried coconut husks from the aforementioned drink! It makes a lovely 'wood' for a delicously smoked/grilled seafood.

"Ubud, a jungle area: health spa, movies, nightlife"

We also stayed in Ubud, a jungle area inland a bit (about an hours' drive from Jimbaran near the monkey forest). We stayed at Ubud Sari, a health resort walking distance to town. Loved it! We recommend the air conditioned bungalow even though you don't need air conditioning. The advantage is that the room is sealed and you'll have fewer bugs when you come in at night. It's not that bad, but if you are squeamish, then stay at a true resort. Ubud Sari offered breakfast at your balibengang or the front porch of your individual bungalow (vegan or ovo - fresh eggs from the free range chickens), they also have a full restaurant, massage, sauna, cold dip pool, and colonics available. We stayed about a week there, and truly enjoyed it.

We would walk in to town from the spa, watch movies at one of the restaurants, or see the local bands.


Dogs are every where, you do have to make your way past them all. Most are fine and ignore humans, but if you feel some are more threatening, just keep a kind vibe, friendly voice, and don't make eye contact, and keep walking past their area. (Thailand has friendlier dogs, probably because they treat them kindlier, but the Balinese, I think, consider them more of a nuisance and treat them as such. American kindness to animals is a bit foreign.

"Ubud Nightlife"

Made J is a great steel guitar player, who is sometimes in town when not touring the world. As you get the vibe there, you'll learn that each night of the week, a different 'bar' is the hot spot (all two streets worth). The movies are shown in a two story restaurant near the soccer field. Upstairs they have 'beds' with breakfast or bed trays, and you order your food and drink, and watch a movie! A hoot.

Awakening in Bali

by AwakenInBali

A Life-Transforming Experienceon the "Isle of the Gods"
14 days/13 nights
US $2400 (Includes 15% Indonesia tax)
Join us for an unforgettable two weeks on the magical island of Bali, and return to an altered-state awareness of yourself. Spend 14 unique, sensual and fun-filled days awakening to your life purpose, replacing old belief systems with more functional systems of belief, and learning to use your feeling Heart to quite the full and sometimes noisy mind.

Dr. ZZ, Yohiel, and a team of trained professionals will guide you in re-learning a set of practical, spiritual skills which you can use to accelerate yourself for life. Through a varied itinerary of ritual and exploration, you will visit Bali’s sacred sites and natural wonders while reacquainting yourself with ways of breathing, stretching and exercising to promote a happier, healthier life. In this process, you will open your feeling Heart and awaken old memories, F-E-E-L-I-N-G your life for possibly the first time as an adult, and ushering in a new way of healing and viewing everything from a new awareness of self.

In F-E-E-L-I-N-G yourself before T-H-I-N-K-I-N-G of yourself, you will open the opportunity to participate fully in your life from an honest sense of unconditional love. Being aware of what it is you are most desirous of, you will develop the tools to achieve it as functional and foundational reality. First cultivating the feeling of Divine Love within, you will find yourself feeling open as opposed to closed. This will free you from fears and doubts about you, your relationships and your life’s purpose as God.

The possibilities are limitless. This awakening, when practiced for life, will continually remind you of your perfection and your connectedness to All That Is. You will know “Heaven on Earth.”

Because you will no longer condemn or judge yourself or anyone else, you will never again have to forgive yourself and anyone or anything else. You may even awaken to a new level of empowerment as a healer/teacher and feel drawn to share this work with those you are called to help.

More Info:

Dr. ZZ and Yohiel
Awakening in Bali
Jl. Bypass Ngr. Rai, No 15-X
(Dapan Kantor Polisi Sanur)
Denpasar, Bali 80228
Tel: +62-361-289079
Email: AwakeninBali@virtualtourist.com

Awakening in Bali Mission Statement:

“Love calls forth
all that needs to be healed.”

“We are living in a time of transmutation and transformation—a time with heart, feeling and healing are replacing mind, thoughts and belief. Two thousand years ago, a carpenter proclaimed:

"‘Though you marvel at the works I am sharing with you now, I am aware of generations coming at history’s end; and these generations will do greater works than I. . . If you believed as I believe, you would feel the Love that you and God are One.’

“We are the generations in which greater works are being done.

“The Awakening in Bali experience allows you to F-E-E-L what you believe you already know. . . to heal what love calls forth and to awaken to the ultimate and only reality. You and God are One. Remembering that accelerates your heart’s desire to do that greater work now upon us.

'To feel is to heal.'

“The mind, though it THINKS it knows everything, cannot FEEL anything. To feel is not its function. The Heart, our soul’s center, is what feels; that is its function; and it feels only unconditional love, which is Divine and can never fail.

“Above all else, do not take anything too seriously. It is oh so much easier to be HAPPY rather than RIGHT.”


The Awakening in Bali program includes:

*Pick-up and return from/to airport or other point of arrival/departure;
*All meals and lodgings for 14 days/13 nights;
*All Awakening in Bali excursion and transportation costs;
*All donations, service fees and entrance charges to various Awakening in Bali program activities (see description below);
*All miscellaneous supplies required for Awakening in Bali programs;
*Insurance on all designated Awakening in Bali activities.

It does not include:

*Round-trip airfare to Bali;
*Personal expenditures other than those provided by Awakening in Bali program.

Refund Policy:

Cancellation requests are not refundable. Instead, Awakening in Bali will honor any advanced US$ payments in full for a period of two years. Based on space availability, all program reservations are transferable and may be applied to any of Awakening in Bali's 13 two-week programs per year.

Awakening in Bali reserves the right to cancel any program without prior notice and to refund all payments in full.

More Info:

Dr. ZZ and Yohiel
Awakening in Bali
Jl. Bypass Ngr. Rai, No. 15-X
(Dapan Kantor Polisi Sanur)
Denpasar, Bali 80228
Tel: +62-361-289079
Email: AwakeninBali@virtualtourist.com

Awakening in Bali
Program Activities

Day #1, Sunday:
Arrival at Ngurah Rai Airport in Denpasar, Bali.
Awakening in Bali staff will greet and transport you and/or your group to your tropical paradise accommodations in Ubud, a name which means “medicine” in Indonesian.
8:00 PM – “Getting to Know You” Dinner at one of Ubud’s fabulous eateries with transportation to and from your place of lodging. Host, Yohiel, will show you how to use the practical, spiritual tools which are the backbone of the program. Balinese healers, Agung Indra and Putu will introduce and make appointments for discover your healing powers through psychic, ancestral channeling. All appointments will be chosen using the complex Balinese celestial calendar.

Day #2, Monday: “A Day with the Dragons”
Breakfast at your place of lodging.
9:00 AM -- Awakening in Bali staff will pick you up for a wonderful day of reconnecting with our primal roots. The excursion starts at Bedugel’s Crocodile and Reptile Park where we will view living dinosaurs. Just the size of some of these reptilian beings in their open, natural “Dinotopia” is enough to give you a sense of timelessness and déjà vu. After a group picnic lunch at Rimba Reptile Park, we will visit the landscaped garden habitats of more wondrous dragons and have another opportunity to interact with them in their open, natural environment.
Awakening in Bali staff will then transport you back to your lodging.
8:00 PM – Group meets for dinner at Kafe Anyar's. All participants will have an opportunity to share their views of the day, having used the program’s tools of their choice. After dinner, transportation will be provided to your lodging.

Day #3, Tuesday: “Whitewater River Rafting Adventure”
OPEN MORNING with breakfast at your place of lodging.
12:00 PM -- Lunch at Casa Luna restaurant followed by departure on a unique, River Rafting Adventure. This exciting experience is a wild ride which twists, turns and drops you through winding gorges, luscious jungles, and magnificent terraced rice fields. Awakening in Bali staff will then transport you back to your lodging.
8:00 PM -- Group meets for dinner and sharing at Casa Luna restaurant Transportation provided as necessary.

Day #4, Wednesday: “Land Rover Safari”
7:00 AM / 8:00 AM – This day’s adventure begins with an early pickup at your lodging. Breakfast, lunch and a snack are provided as part of the activity. Via a 4WD Land Rover, the group will explore the very heart of Bali, away from the usual tourist sites. This experience allows you to see and explore Bali’s untouched villages along with fantastic jungle and rice terrace views. You will also meet the local people as they attend to their daily routines. Awakening in Bali staff will then transport you back to your lodging.
8:00 PM – Group meets for dinner and sharing at Kafe Anyar's. Transportation provided as necessary.

Day #5, Thursday: “Sunrise Active Volcano Trek” (Segment I)
OPEN MORNING with breakfast at your place of lodging.
2:00 PM / 3:00 PM – Awakening in Bali staff will pick you up at your lodging for a two-day/one-night adventure. This experience begins with the magnificence of sunset at Lake Batur. Snacks, softs drinks and dinner will preceed a group meditation to summon the Divine for empowerment in feeling the nature of the living elemental Goddess named Mount Batur. Superior room (twin-share) overnight lodgings provided.

Day #6, Friday: “Sunrise Active Volcano Trek” (Segment II)
3:00 AM – Your Awakening in Bali host, Shaman Jack will accompany the group as we trek around the rim of the volcanic cone. Breakfast will be served at sunrise, using the heated breath of Goddess Mount Batur to prepare the food. We will visit three active craters: the first erupted in 1926; the second in 1963; and the third in 1974 and 1994. Upon descending from the craters, we will find ourselves on a sandy beach which was originally lava flow. There, we will rejuvenate in the hot mineral spring pool. As a group, we will combine our individual experiences of the day into a collective “Feel It” which will give consensus to the group energy as well as our personal utilization of the Divine. Return to Ubud at approximately 3:00 PM for open time.
8:00 PM – Group meets for dinner and sharing at Kafe Anyar's. Transportation provided as necessary.

Day #7, Saturday: “A Day of Self-Pampering ”
Breakfast at your place of lodging.
9:00 AM – The group will enjoy a prepaid day of pampering at Ubud Sari Health Resort and Spa. This will include two massages per person: one by an Ubud Sari Spa masseur or masseuse; and the other by your Awakening in Bali host, Shaman Jack whose proven Eastern and Western healing techniques allow you to replace pain with your own life force energy. Also available for your pampering will be facials, mud-baths, mandi lulurs, manicure and pedicure treatments, and a full day’s access to sauna, jacuzzi, steam-room, and hot showers. Lunch and two drinks of your choice are included; any additional food or drink consumption will be at your expense.
8:00 PM – Group meets for dinner and sharing at Kafe Anyar's. Transportation provided as necessary.

Day #8, Sunday: “Jungle Trek Adventure”
Breakfast at your place of lodging.
7:00 AM / 8:00 AM – Awakening in Bali staff will pick you up at your lodging for a day of trekking, including lunch, through the magnificent flora and fauna of a several thousand year old tropical rainforest. Approximately 5:00 PM-- Return to your accommodations in Ubud for open time and relaxation.
8:00 PM -- Group meets for dinner and sharing at Kafe Anyar's. Transportation provided as necessary.

Day #9, Monday: “Dreamland Reality Eco-Adventure” (Segment I)
OPEN MORNING with breakfast at your place of lodging.
1:00 PM -- Group meets for lunch and orientation at Kafe Anyar's.
3:00 PM -- Departure to “Dreamland,” Bingin Beach, Uluwatu where it’s a short cliff trek to Nyoman and Nyoman’s Bingin Beach Jungle Surf Safari with porters carrying your belongings. These dreamy, coastline, eco-accommodations provide a perfect setting for the group’s relaxing and enjoying the sunset.
7:00 PM -- Dinner with group sharing and Sacred Yantric Circle Ritual.

Day #10, Tuesday: “Dreamland Reality Eco-Adventure” (Segment II)
8:00 AM -- Breakfast at eco-accommodations followed by a nature walk along the beach. As part of the experience, we will stop to do “Feel Its”; and everyone will receive a rejuvenating massage in a coastline lava cave.
1:00 PM – Lunch and open time at our eco-accommodations.
3:00 PM -- Painting and writing explorations to explore your ability to
F-E-E-L, as opposed to T-H-I-N-K, about the previous nine days.
7:00 PM – Dinner with group sharing and Sacred Yantric Circle Ritual

Day #11, Wednesday: “Dreamland Reality Eco-Adventure” (Segment III)
8:00 AM -- Breakfast at eco-accommodations followed by an inspiring walk to Dreamland Beach. As a group, we will collaborate in the construction of a Sand-Castle Sculpture Mandala. This “Child Within” activity allows you to open your heart and to remember your inner knowing of tribal ritual. After a picnic lunch at 1:00 PM, each participant will receive their own Nine Totem Animal- Spirit Ritual.
Sunset – Group Meditation in the Silence of Observation.
8:00 PM – Dinner with group sharing and Sacred Yantric Circle Ritual

Day #12, Thursday: “Dreamland Reality Eco-Adventure” (Segment IV)
8:00 AM -- Breakfast at eco-accommodations followed by an opportunity to create your own experience and/or vision quest.
1:00 PM – Lunch and group share of your morning creation.
3:00 PM – Awakening in Bali staff will transport you back to Ubud for open time.
8:00 PM -- Group meets for dinner and sharing at Kafe Anyar's. Transportation provided as necessary.

Day #13, Friday: “Sacred Circle Experience”
Breakfast at your place of lodging.
9:00 AM – Awakening in Bali staff will pick you up for transport to Gunung Kawi Temple where we, as a group, will participate in various Sacred Circle ceremonies, including a Yantric Circle. A picnic lunch will precede “Feel Its,” a waterfall massage and group hands-on ritual massage with instruction and discussion.
5:30 PM – Snack and orientation for Sacred Sounding Chamber Experience which will provide an opportunity for you to discover your own, natural, forgotten call, cry or song. This sound, when revealed and utilized will set into motion your greatest vibrational centering tool for life. This day may well be the most profound of your Awakening in Bali experience. Through feeling your divine as Divine, you may find that your ordinary state of awareness and consciousness will instantly alter to benefit the One and the Whole—You and All That Is.
9:00 PM – Transport from Gunung Kawi for dinner at Kafe Anyar's.

Day #14, Saturday: “Sampa Jumpa Lagi (‘Til We Meet Again). . .”
Breakfast at your place of lodging. Yohiel will be on hand to guide you in integrating your personal Awakening in Bali experience.
1:00 PM – Lunch at Kafe Anyar's.
4:00 PM – Hotel pickup for transport to Benoa Harbor where we will enjoy a balmy tropical evening Dinner Cruise replete with music, live entertainment and a sumptuous International Buffet.
Awakening in Bali staff will transport you back to your place of lodging.

Day #15, Sunday: Awakening in Bali staff will transport you to Ngurah Rai Airport. (For your convenience, transportation to other Bali destinations is also negotiable.)

Awakening in Bali
Optional Add-On Packages

Days #1 -- 15, Personal Intern: For your processing of the Awakening in Bali experience, interns of either gender are available to accompany you throughout all the program activities. This provides you with an opportuity to share in co-creating, with your intern, additional experiences within the program.
(Total supplemental charge = US $1,600 per intern) Please specify intern preferences.

Days #15, 16 and 17, Extended Stay: Upon completion of the Awakening in Bali program, you may choose to stay in your provided accommodations for a relaxing, extended three days/two nights, including breakfast, in Ubud. All other activities and services at this point are by your own design.
(Total supplemental charge = US $70 single/$100 double)

Awakening in Bali
"All Expenses Paid" Option

Pricing for the Awakening in Bali program has been kept to a minimum so that, if you wish to invite clients and friends to join you in Bali, you may add a 10-20% commission to the suggested retail price and pay for all your own expenses. With travel agents and workshop professionals, we gladly co-create activities within the program so that you can guide and direct your group as you see best. Thus it is our intention that the Awakening in Bali experience be a practical vehicle through which everyone wins while the magic of Bali and the unconditional love of this healing, F-E-E-L-I-N-G work ripple out into the global community.

More Info:

Dr. ZZ and Yoheil
Awakening in Bali
Jl. Bypass Ngr. Rai, No. 15-X
(Dapan Kantor Polisi Sanur)
Denpasar, Bali 80228
Tel: +62-361-289079
Email: AwakeninBali@virtualtourist.com


Interior of RestaurantInterior of Restaurant

Interior of the RestaurantInterior of the Restaurant

just delivered...smells great :)just delivered...smells great :)

Drinking AreaDrinking Area

Forum Posts

Cheap Spas...

by chixie

Hi travellers,

Me and my girlfriend are really spa-junkies but due to tight budget, we are gonna give the inhouse hotel spas a miss.Heard that there are many spas outside of the hotels which provide excellent service for as cheap as 15-30US....

Any help in that??

RE: Cheap Spas...

by lengleng

Hi, there's this spa call Ubud Sari in Ubud and it was pretty cheap and there's another one called Jari Menari in Legian. Use this key word and look it up on the internet. I have tried both and it was cheap and good. Have fun.

RE: Cheap Spas...

by picknick

Try this places:
Secret Garden Spa

Sicilia Spa


Cozy Massage
Kuta location: Sunset Road, Block A/3, KUTA
Tel: 766 762 / 766 743 (bookings essential)
Email: Cozytimes@hotmail.com
Open Daily: 11am-10pm
Treatment Prices range from Rp.35,000 - Rp.156,000

The Nusa Dua location is: Jln Raya Puputan, Renon, No 64C. Tel: 261 131 / 261 132

Can recommend following treatments ... HIGHLY!

Cozy DeLight - 2 therapists, 1.5hrs
"With one at the top and one at the toes, the therapist's hands move in harmony with eachother, creating a pattern of sensations so pleasurable that you feel almost guilty about the indulgence. Includes Cozy Shiatsu Head Massage & Cozy Foot Reflexology Aromatherapy Massage"

Cozy Dream - 1.5hrs
"Unique combination massage."

Cozy Take Me to the Moon - 2hrs
"Body massage using lime blossom oil, foot reflexology and head massage".

Cozy You Feel - 2hrs
"Beginning with a deep relaxing massage (Cozy Dream session) to ease away muscle tension prior to application of body scrub to cleanse & exfoliate".

They also do manicures, facials & pedicures (1hr treatments).


RE: RE: Cheap Spas...

by chixie

thanks pple...really appreciate it.... goona have a spa-filled holiday!

RE: RE: Cheap Spas...

by matsaleh

I also recommend Sicilia Spa in Seminyak and Secret Garden in Kuta/Legian. Not the absolute cheapest, but both are very clean and have a lovely atmosphere.

Also, Verona Spa in a laneway about halfway down Jalan Monkey Forest in Ubud. This is my favourite spa in Bali and very reasonably priced. For a great massage, ask for Putri.

RE: RE: Cheap Spas...

by lengleng

Oh I love your nick name matsaleh. That's what we call white people in malaysia. I was born in malaysia but living in san fran and I go Bali often. Have you seen the Kirana spa of royal pita maha? It was so gorgeous but expensive, I will have to indulge next time and just do it.


Travel Tips for Ubud

No longer my favourite restaurant in Ubud :-(

by Restless-in-kl about The Green Room

Jun 2007

We were very disappointed when we went back to The Green Room (our last visit was in Sept 2006). The restaurant had a change in chef and management. The food was terrible with overcooked pasta and bland dishes.

Unfortunately, we will not be going back there again. Such a shame :-(

Located on Jl Monkey Forest, just a few doors before Cafe Wayan, the Green Room has tall glass panels, a contemporary setting and a small garden at the side.

Chill out in Bali

by RafaGoes

Ubud was, in my trip, one of my favourite places. The atmosphere was soo nice, the little village has a great food/dance/musical structure though... and if you just get on a bike and ride you'll find yourself in some amazing rice fields just a few minutes ... well there's lots to explore in Ubud area, its worth to check it out !!!

Check out temples...

by Arfah

Majority of people here are Balinese Hindu's. You can find many temples here as well as shrines at shops and houses. Temples are known as pura in the Balinese language.

According to them, Balinese villages have three major temples. Pura Puseh (temples of origin) usually located towards the upstream of villages dedicated to remembering the founder of the village, Pura Desa (village temples) located in the middle of a village where the community meet to pray and the third is Pura Dalem (temples of the dead) located downstream of villages and this is where the graveyards are.

It's a nice experience seeing temples with unique and remarkable architecture. I think they have rules over women having menses not allowed to enter the temples...so it's best to check first before entering.


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 Ubud Sari Health Resort

We've found that other people looking for this hotel also know it by these names:

Ubud Sari Health Spa
Ubud Sari Health Hotel Ubud

Address: Kajeng st #35, Ubud, 80571, Indonesia