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Solo --> Yogyakarta --> Bromo --> Bali

by SeLLDoGeYe

Hi, please check my itinery and tell me if it is possible or not. Thank you.

1st Day:
Morning: Arrive at Solo Airport, Triwindu Flea Market, Klewer Market
Afternoon: Prambanan (Ramayana Ballet)
Overnight in Solo/Yogyakarta

2nd Day:
Morning: Yogyakarta (Kraton, Kota Gede, etc)
Afternoon: Check in Manohara Hotel

3rd Day:
Morning: Sunrise at Borobudur
Afternoon: Proceed to Bromo

4th Day:
Morning: Bromo
Afternoon: Surabaya --> Bali

1. How can I know if there is Ramayana Ballet at Prambanan on the day I arrive? Most probably be Wednesday.
2. For the 1st day, should I stay overnight in Solo or Jogja?
3. Besides Kraton and Kota Gede, any other interesting places in Jogja?
4. Is it possible for me to make a trip to Keliurang on the 2nd day before I check in Manohara?
5. I need a tour for Bromo. Any recommendation?
6. I will go to Bali by air. Which airline is the safest?

Thanks a lot! :)

Re: Solo --> Yogyakarta --> Bromo --> Bali

by johnboywalton71

Ahhh... more questions about Java :-)

1) Your hotel or guesthouse will almost certainly have the schedule for the Ramanyana Ballet at Prambanan on hand. It's very basic tourist information. If I recall correctly, performances are held four nights a week.

2) Your choice - it depends on what you want to do in Solo, and maybe if you can get the ballet schedule from here. I did a quick look just now and couldn't find anything up to date.

3) Check a batik workshop out.

4) Beats me!

5) You can do Bromo itself pretty readily without a full-fledged tour. There are services for getting straight out there, and wherever you stay will offer jeep rides out for sunset, arrange pony rentals, or whatever else you might need and is on offer. There is no need to stitch it all together in one tidy package.

Re: Solo --> Yogyakarta --> Bromo --> Bali

by bkarjee

Your itinerary looks perfect to me. For Ramayana Ballet schedule in Parambanan, please check my tips on Parambanan. They have performance on full moon nights and is held in Trimurti open air theatre at the Parambanan temple complex. It is a very rejuvenating experience to watch the Ramayana story being enacted by the local artists. So you need to check if you are visiting Parambanan around full moon time.
From Parambanan, you can directly proceed to Hotel Manohara, although it will be too much of travelling. But rest assured, it will be worth the sacrifice. Spend your first night at Borobudur. Next day, watch the sunrise, go through the borobudur temple complex, and come down to Jogja. You will have the afternoon of the second day to spare for Jogja. You can see the Kraton. Very impressive. The royal family still stays there. Spend the second night in Jogja. Next day, if you want, you can proceed to Kaliurang and return by afternoon.
After that, you may proceed to Mt Bromo.
If you manage to get a tickt in Garuda for Bali, it will be good. Otherwise, there is a budget airlines also (Lion air I guess). Preferably fly Garuda. It is a one hour flight.
Hope this helps

Travel Tips for Solo

Wedding Statuettes

by bpacker

Now, I was nosing around the market that sells junk ( Pasar Triwindu ) when I came across these kneeling wooden dolls. At first glance, I thought these were Tau Tau or wooden funerary effigies. But I was mistaken, apparently, these dolls were wedding statuettes or "loro blonyo" ( which means 'two together') and no self-respecting Javanese home was complete without them. They're often displayed prominently in the living room and the presence of these dolls guarantees longevity, fertility, health and prosperity for the family. And that's not all, these dolls reflect the family's financial position too - the more detailed the carving, the higher the family status. Plus they make a great wedding gifts - these dolls are placed in front of the marriage bed before the wedding ceremony begins and later they are replaced by the bride and groom.

Did I get a pair? Well, let's just say I've watched too many Chucky-esque movies and a firmer believer in silverware.

Javanese Fast Food

by bpacker

The Javanese are the most creative and environmentally friendly when it comes to food on the go. You'll find cute packages of food wrapped in all natural banana leaves everywhere. . Yum yes, all wrapped and ready to go, even though the vendor seems to have taken 40 winks..

Where: Pasar Gede

What: 'Bathok' is actually steamed fish/tempe/prawn/tofu seasoned with grated coconut , chopped chili, salt, garlic, red garlic and lemongrass

Solonese Specialty - Nasi Liwet

by bpacker about Warung Baru

Definition of Nasi Liwet: A traditional rice dish swimming with coconut gravy and topped with healthy servings of green papaya, fried krepok urang (prawn cracker), tempe ( fermented soybean cake) and soft tofu. Do you believe in the notion of comfort food? Well I do. After backpacking in Java for over a week, I was homesick and missing the food I had back home in Singapore. But when I sat down to eat this dish, a comforting sense of familiarity flooded over me. Somehow, the thick, coconut gravy poured all over the nasi liwet reminded me of the sayur lodeh (vegetable stew) we have at home, but only sweeter. I dug into the rice eagerly and bit into the chicken which was tender to the bone and crunched into the crispy prawn cracker and green papaya. Somehow,the different flavours meld together magically and gave me a level of comfort I felt at home. It helped too, that the proprietor over at Warung Baru fussed over me like a mother hen and insisted that I finish the Solonese specialty. I felt replete after finishing and would highly recommend this dish to any homesick traveller.

Note:Warung Baru has other local goodies and they organise motorbike/bicycle tours to the rural areas.

Nasi Liwet simply means boiled rice. The rice is cooked with coconut milk, salt and aromatic leaves ( lemongrass, Indonesian bay leaves) until it bubbled over. After it is cooked, it is topped with Tofu, Tempe and Green Papaya which is simmered seperately in a rich coconut stew and crispy prawn cracker ( krepok urang).

Rice Recipe
1 stalk of lemongrass (bashed) sereh
A dash of salt
4 Indonesian bay leaves
400 gram of rice
800 ml of coconut milk


by ancient_traveler

Nasi Liwet (Liwet Rice) maybe is the most popular original cuisine from Solo, its known almost everywhere, and has been listed as a menu on a major hotels restaurant at a big city across the nation. In Solo itself, Nasi Liwet was very popular and very down to earth, so you can find it easily almost anytime and everywhere. If one likes to taste this cuisine, there are a lot of choices.

operating hours: 17.00 - early morning Nasi Liwet made of hulled rice cooked with coconut milk and chicken consomme, to produce delicious flavored and tasty rice. The rice then mixed with hot and spicy cooked gourd, boiled egg, shredded chicken, and kumut (sauce made of creamy and thick coconut milk). As an addition, one could also add chicken liver, intestine, bacem (sweet cooked tofu or tempe) or rambak kulit (crackled water-buffalo rinds). Another thing that made it interesting is that it's not serves on plate, but on a pincuk (banana leaf folded to form a plate).

Pasar Klewer

by vinceckw

This is the biggest market that sell batik... From baby to adult, from boy to girl, from man to woman, you can almost find all type of batik in this market...

Hundreds of shop jammed within a building with narrow passageways and you must know how and goo to bargain... Check the prices from a few shop before you deside to get one!!

Oh No!! I dont even have take any pic for Pasar Klewer!! :(

See, Alvin get this one from a shopping mall in Solo, it is nice... Ya! Ya! Alvin claimed that he is handsome too!!


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