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Travel Tips for Java

Adaptor plugs in Indonesia

by DSwede

Indonesia is currently running on 230V. Frequency is 50Hz.

Most common will be the European 2-pin, with and without side ground contacts

Some locations will also have the British 3-pin rectangular blade plug:

Bromo Tengger, the fantasylandscape

by global_explorer

Bromo-Tengger nationalpark in the Tenggermountains boost a unique and a litte alienlike landscape. The place to get an overwiew are the top of Gunung Penanjakan (2770 meters), the highest point on the outer wall of the huge, prehistoric Tenggercrater, witch is about 10 kilometers in diameter. The outerwall rises like a medeival castlewall from a totaly flat sandplain, the so called laut Pasir, or sandocean. In the centre of that plain, three volcanos rises towards the sky, two of them have that perfect form known from the flintstones. The third, that to the left with the top blown away are the still active Bromo. From her various amounts, and types, of stuff are thrown out, often it is only gasses. Behind the volcanoes there is a landscape of small mountains with a dangerous landscape of ravines and valleys. Exiting to explore, but one need to be carefull. In the background, outside the crater itself, the beautifull but very active and dangerous Semeru volcano, with its 3676 meters it is the highest point on Java. It can be visited, but be aware. Tourists have been killed by flying stones, volcanologists have ben chasen away by sudden eruptions. 14 mai 1981 250 people was killed by a sudden lahar (mudflow) burying their village. The wethersystem of the area follow its very own rules. From time to time volcanic activity make thunder, lightening and bad weather, even if the area just outside are beautifull, and here are often strong winds. During nighttime it can be very cold there, far below zero. In the dry season it is very dry here and bushfires are not uncommon, but in the rainy season, humidity reach 80%.


by canuckmike

As soon as I discovered this place, it went on the places to visit list right away. So when I was in Singapore, I had to take a trip to Indonesia just so I could visit this place. Borobudur is the largest Buddhist monument in the world with a base of 123m by 123m. It has 2,670 reliefs (stone carvings on the walls), hundreds of Buddha statues and a wack load of stupas. It's located in a nice area where you have mountain back drops and green areas. It is believed the construction of Borobudur took 75 years in the 8th and 9th centuries. It became abandoned for centuries and covered in volcanic ash and jungle growth. It became apart of folklore and superstitious beliefs. It was rediscovered and dug up in the early 1800s. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is supposedly the largest tourist attraction in the country, but when I was there, there was hardly anyone there.

Now it's probably the coolest man-made thing on this island, probably the whole region. It's easily accessible from Yogyakarta. There are a few hotels located in the area if you want to get an early start or to explore it more. There is a ok museum here and just outside the main gates you have a bunch stalls that sell standard tourist junk and a few little restaurants.

In January of 1985, nine bombs exploded here damaging some of the stupas. Husein Ali Al Habsyie was sentence to life in prison for being the mastermind for this bombing and several others. It also survived a 6.2 magnitude earthquake that damaged much of the region.

It's opened from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. with the possiblity of doing a sunrise tour if you want. I don't remember the entrance fee but it was quite cheap and very reasonable for what you get to see.


by Goienaga


While in Java you can go to see the ancient places arround like Borobudur temple, this is an easy way to see the ancient religion before indonesia become muslim.


This is another budist temple nowadays is a place mostly for tourists.


This town has alot to see, you do not need a guide to go arrouna but, the point is that no tout will leave you going on your own, when you are with a guide, never buy anything, never go to an hotel, you will be automatically paying double, at least. Just tell them you do not need a guide, or simply tell them that what they are doing, they are doing it for free. They will tell you that they are students or something like this.

Melbourne and the grey cats

by dirkkunze

"For the days before please check the “ASIA PAGE”"

Sunday, 24th November 2002
Monday, 25th November 2002
Tuesday, 26th November 2002

I think it makes sense to combine these days together. All days were more or less under the influence of the last 2 weeks trip, which meant recovering from it, getting some rest and refilling the batteries.
Breaking the fast was very nice every day and especially the restaurant „Hanamasa“ should be mentioned here, where guests sitting around the table and barbeque their own meal on a grill which is implied in the table itself. Very nice atmosphere and since it is an all-you-can-eat thing you are able to choose only what you want.
Interesting enough that my ticket to Melbourne worked out without any major complications. After the long phone conversations during my trip and all the misunderstanding with the travel agent I was ready for a big fight. Well – I went to the agent and got an already for me waiting ticket presented. No questions asked, no problems to solve. Everything was just confirmed. Well – of course I was happy – but I still don’t know how the agent did it. My return date will be very shortly before lebaran in Indonesia and EVERYONE literally EVERYONE wants to go back at that time. And I came very late to book it and with all the complications I was erased from the waiting list – well – I guess I better don’t know how he did it – but the phone calls during the trip seem to have some kind of impact. Got to bed early on Tuesday because I was really tired and will have a long flight in front of me – after all it’s a 9hour flight again.

Wednesday, 27th November 2002

did arrive melbourne around 7am in the morning. could not sleep for the whoe flight but did not feel tired either - hope i dont get travel sick again.
aaron picked me up and drove me to his house. but before i actually start writing about anything else i should mention that i was very, very dissapointed: IT IS F#$%@ING COLD HERE! this is summer? it rather feels like in germany, except that the trees are green here. i didnt even bring a jacket. well - i guess i will have to put up with it - but i needed to say it out loud.
ok: the house we are staying in is a little bit up north of the center (walking distance) in a very quiet and clean residential neighborhood. we went for lunch to meet sonya, a friend of aaron that i met in new york already. it is so good to see all of them again. the afternoon was reserved for sleeping and in the evening kate (she used my room in new york while i was on my usa trip) came over and we went for dinner. we met tons of other people i have either heard of or met already and seemed to know for a long time. a long night, lots of beer and a nice feeling to be here.

Thursday, 28th November 2002

slept in long (well 9.30) and had time to explore the city alone. melbourne feels nice. is very clean and has a good atmosphere. it reminds me of seattle a lot. and for no i like the fact not being dependable on other person because everyone speaks english. what is hard though are the prices. indonesia messed up a lot. i need to remind myself that it is not very usual to buy brand name tshirts for 1 or 2 euros.
in the afternoon we ill drive up north outside melbourne to see sharon, aarons mum. i met her last year as well in new york and we went to memphis together - i am so excited. i will stay overnight there and return by train on friday i guess.

Friday, 29th November 2002

Not really awake had the north of the state of VICTORIA to be discovered today. We drove to the northern rim of the border of the state of Victoria, which is divided from the State “New South Wales” by a river called „Murray River“. Apparently the city of ECHUCA (situated on that very same river) played a vital role in developing this part of the country in the 18th century. Ships unloaded their goods here, which they brought in from the west and a cute but important harbor was founded. These days it reminded me very much on the area around the Mississippi. A dark river, a jungle of hundreds of grey, old and tall trees, the temperature, steam boats. Almost like in the world of Tom Sawyer and huckleberry Finn. After lunch we drove back home passing and stopping in the town of SHEPPARTON. I’ve had to catch the train from BROADFORT back to MELBOURNE at 7.20pm where I went to a „going-away-party“ for a friend of Aaron at the club „The Night Cat“. And – we got late to bed again...

Saturday, 30th November 2002

Gosh – it is getting more and more colder than warmer. What kind of summer can this be? Well – I found out about 2 facts: 1) these are the first days of summer here. So I will not complain any further – but 2) the scientists from the weather forecast seem to have chosen the wrong job. Or didn’t study their major hard enough: good, warm, sunny weather was expected for every day I spend here. Their predictions were totally off EVERY DAY.
Anyway – today and tomorrow is scheduled for exploring the west of the state of Victoria, since I have done the north already. The west seems to be the „tourist getaway“ because of its nice beaches and views. If you see a picture of Victoria that does not show MELBOURNE, it will show the „12Apostles“. A formation of 12 (even more?) small, rocky islands in the south west of Victoria along the scenery route „the great ocean road“. The countryside is different down here. Everything is green and it is hard to believe that just a couple of kilometers up north the people are on water restriction and with it not allowed to water their plants and fields. The „Great Ocean Road“ reminded me a little bit on the part of the Highway on the West Coast of the USA between LA and SF. Beautiful views after each curve and millions of opportunities to take impressive pictures. Along the way we passed an area called „Tower Hill Park“. Volcanic area now preserved for the wild life. I think it was my favorite for the day. Since I am here, I haven’t seen a single Koala, Kangaroo, Emu or anything else. In this park I got ’em almost all – except the Koala’s. I got very close and was delighted to see these animals finally in wild life and not in the zoo.
In the night we reached PORT FERRY. A small, small town where it was hard to find some dinner after 9pm. The pizza store (there are even 2) closed at 10pm, we got our food and checked in, in an old „new orleans style“ hotel and called it a day.

Sunday, 01st December 2002

Sunshine! It is warmer. We left PORT FERRY around 10am heading towards MELBOURNE again. On the way to QUEENSCLIFF from where we want to take the ferry to PORTSEA we stopped at a small village called CAMPERDOWN. The main road offered some kind of local market and we stopped by to see if bargains were possible. The ferry ride to PORTSEA was very beautiful and I was impressed about the nice beaches so close to MELBOURNE. We stopped by at Aaron’s dad’s place and arrived MELBOURNE in the evening where we did some grocery shopping and laundry.

Monday, 2nd November 2002

Another thing that I did not know: the ozone whole is over Australia! Well – from everywhere and anytime (especially in your childhood) you hear: Put sunscreen on!! One better follow this order here. Summer arrived and I was happy to walk around the city, play with the ray of lights and warm air and see stuff. In the evening I was peeling already. Not that I got burned – I was just peeling. Strange world that is. It was a very light day with some shopping and window-shopping after I did all I had to do in the internet, which usually takes a couple of hours. In the evening we went out for Turkish dinner and called it a beautiful day again. Something interesting to learn again: for once there is an abbreviation that one should know if traveling to Australia. “BYO”. It stands for “Bring Your Own” and can be seen on the windows of quite a lot of restaurants and means that anyone who is eating in this restaurant can bring its own booze. There will be a small fee (“opening fee”?) for opening the bottle or putting bottles in the freezer in the cases that someone brings more than one bottle. Quite interesting and not a bad idea if you want to gather with friends drink your favorite wine but don’t want to cook… something I definitely like in Australia. The other thing one should know is the saying “bring a plate” if you get invited to a party. Eventually there have been cases that guests showed up with their own empty china or plastic plates and were good for a laugh the whole evening. Bring a plate is the short version of asking the guest to contribute something to the party the one is invited to. This will be the case for my send-off-party tomorrow and I realize it is an easy and nice way of throwing parties without over sizing the host’s budget. Well, not that we don’t have that in Germany. But I think the pure existence of a special term for this is kinda interesting. :-)

Tuesday, 3rd November 2002

Slept longer and marched through parts of the city I haven’t been to yet. At 3.45pm was a tour at the parliament of the state of Victoria. I informed myself about this already the before and have had a nice chat with one of the people who work there and as it turned out (I believe Trevor was his name) he was expecting me for the tour already and greet me by hand and a package of material of the parliament. Well – it made a nice impression in front of the other, especially German tourists… funny situation. A nice and (of course) very British styled parliament it was with a beautiful library. After the tour I’ve had to rush to be home on time, since the “bring your plate” thing was planed to start at 6.30pm. Quite a few people came and I’ve had a very good time and didn’t go to bed before 2am in the morning, despite the fact I’ve had to get up at 5am in the morning again in order to be on time for my flight back to Indonesia.

Wednesday, 4th November 2002

Well – too early to remember anything. My flight left at 8am and we had to leave the house at 5.30am. I checked my luggage in and wanted to go straight to the gate when Aaron’s mum surprised me. Actually she wanted to come to the party the night before but couldn’t make it, which was completely all right. After all is she living way outside in another city 2 hours away from Melbourne and she would have to go to work anyway. Well – surprisingly she decided to say at least good by to me on the airport. I was very moved by that. She must have got up even earlier then us. We had breakfast at the airport all together, exchanged some hugs and kisses and off I went to the security area just on time to catch my flight.
I was tired as hell, indeed – but sleeping in the plane: once again – not possible. I arrived just on time for breaking the fast time in JAKARTA and went to bed right after that.
So – what can I say about Australia? After the road trips I’ve made and spending a very short time there the following (probably not very qualified) crosses my mind:
1. I believe Australian rules and laws (not only for traffic) are worst and more serious than in Germany
2. Big cities (well – there aren’t that many!) are pretty rare and build exceptions and islands in this country. Outside of the big cities the streets are completely empty and I was impressed how good the conditions of the roads are for the few cars. Compared to other countries where millions of cars share crappy streets, Australia seems somewhat oversized.
3. I never – never, ever – have seen more dead animals in my whole life on the side of the road then on my 3/4 days on the road in Australia. This reached from all varieties of birds, rabbits and others to even kangaroos.
4. Australia is wider than I thought it would be. And besides the big cities it seem to me there is not much going on outside. A country, very diverse, interesting, very good developed and therefore good to explore – but is this country also able to surprise? I might have to find out another time…


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