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java travel

by nick1177

Hey all,

I am flying into bali around january 2009 and I am planning on traveling over land through java. I am setting aside 10 days traveling time to reach Jakarta and was hoping to get some suggestions on places of interest on the way.
Is train travel the best option though java?
Is 10 days enough to see the must see's?
Is it faily inexpensive? I am use to traveling on a budget with moderate accommodation and street food.

Also what are the budget local airlines in indonesia which can offer cheap flights back to bali?


Re: java travel

by dedegsu


Yes, train is the best option for travel through Java. You can check on http://infoka.soluzen.com/jadwal_dan_tarif/ for fares and time tables.
As you are heading from East Java, you need to visit on Mount Bromo first, as the most beautiful places of interest in East Java. There is a bus from Denpasar to Banyuwangi operated by rail company, which connects to the Banyuwangi-Probolinggo train for Mount Bromo.
Try to visit Malang after Bromo for one of the most beautiful city in Java. Info for Malang, you can check at http://www.eastjava.com/tourism/malang/index.html

In Central Java, Yogyakarta is the must visit. You need 2-3 days to explore the city, including Borobudur and Prambanan temples.

Air Asia offers a budget airlines from Jakarta to Denpasar (Bali).


Re: java travel

by kenningst

10 days to travel from Bali to jakarts overland including sight seeing can be quite tricky. Depending on what your interest are, you can easily spend 3 - 4 itself in Bali exploring all the interesting spots within the island. Suggest you just choose a few top spots and just visit those.

So far I've only been to Bali and Jakarta. Mount Bromo is indeed very interesting as mentioned dedegsu as it is still an active volcano. The infamous Borobudur temples is also a must visit. The nearest town/city for this temple is Yogyakarta.

Similar to you, I am also a budget traveller. Has always been and will always be! Hahahaha... Prices in Jakarta especially Bali can be quite steep. I recall paying a simple a simple street food meal in Bali for as much as 4 - 5 USD. It is a lot to pay compared to the rest of Indonesia. Jakarta's living expenses is just slightly below Bali. I have posted tips on what to visit and eating cheap in Jakarta and Bali on my travel pages. You can take a look there.

Cheapest budget airline is Airasia as I know off. Book early and you can get some really ass kicking prices.

Re: java travel

by menado

If you got only 10 days, travel by air to save time. Jogyakarta, Borobudur, Gunung Merapi, (volcano) are must see places in Java. I would skip Jakarta unless you want shopping. To find cheap street food go to local market and look for Ba-mee (boiled nudles with stews) they cook in front of you.

Travel Tips for Java

hot water holiday

by global_explorer

Cipanas are in effect a part of the larger town of Garut. What attracts people here, are hot water, and a lot of it, pluss some relaxing. The area have several hot springs, and every hotel, as far as i know, also every room, have their own pool with hot springwater regurlary replaced via tubes. I had one of the cheapest rooms in town, still the pool was over a meter deep, long enough to stretch. On the side there was a shallow step. Cipanas are popular among foreign and indonesian tourists alike, the couple in the neighbouring room enjoyed (sometimes very loudly) their honeymoon in the water, witch also is said to have healing properties (witch hot spring aren’t?). The pools are the perfect place to digest your experiences after a long trip trough indonesia, because in Cipanas it is not to mutch going on. The hotelstreet are peacefull, and ends in a plaza surrounded by cheap eateries of witch most seems to serve sate and similar food. This is also a fine place to while away some hours.

Kawa ljen

by global_explorer

Due to its position on the rift between the australian and the asiatic tectonic plates, Indonesia are full of active volcanoes (around 220), 22 of them lie on Java. Kawa Ljen are one of the most seeworthy, despite its relative remoteness and lack of transportation. The natural strartpoint are the friendly, and unusual clean city of Bondowoso, from there it take 2 hours by bemo through farmlamd and some beautifull naturalforest before arriving at Sempol village. From here you must ride on a motorbike through more scenic landscape, after some VERY essential pricenegotiations. Also be prepared for some neckbreaking driving. I got my worst ride EVER here. At Pos Paltuding you have to pay an entrancefee (RP 50.000 when i visited) before walking uphill for, let’s say one hour. Most of it goes through forest, only close to the volcano the barren landscape of crumbling lava lies exposed. The crater iself looks like it is drilled-circular, absolutely vertical and mostly with smoot surface. At the bottom there is a beautifull turqoise lake, complete with some small beaches with black sand. The water holds a pleasant temperature, but a lot of stuff is dissolved in it, like sulphur acid and hydrochloric acid. A good place to while away some time watching the surrounding area and the lake is the edge to the right of the trail to the craterbottom, used by the sulphurcollectors (see next tip). Be carefull here, one french tourist fell to his death here some years ago. It also must be said, you will probably see only parts of the lake, there is a constant flow of thick sulphursmoke from the crater. How mutch you see, depends on the winddirection.

Java - Pulau Jawa

by SLLiew

Java is the most important island and with the highest population density island of Indonesia.

Although Bahasa Indonesia is the official language, Javanese is widely spoken together with other major languages and dialects.

I travelled overland from Jakarta to the eastern tipe of Java to take a boat across the Sunda Straits to Bali.

Java is a fascinating and culturally diverse islands with volcano tops, forested hills and beautiful beaches.

You have not been to Indonesia if you have not visit Java. Bali is like Hawaii whereas Java is like California and New York.

Do visit this fascinating land and island of Java.

The Prambanan Temples

by kyoub

Today, Prambanan is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the largest Hindu temples in south-east Asia. It is characterised by its tall and pointed architecture, typical for the hindu temple architecture, and by the 47m high central building inside a large complex of individual temples

The Shiva shrine is the tallest building. At the center contains four chambers, one in every cardinal direction. While the first contains a three meter high statue of Shiva, the other three contain smaller statues of Durga, his wife, Agastya, his teacher, and Ganesha, his son.

In front of each main temple is a smaller candis on the east side, dedicated to the mounts of the respective god - the bull Nandi for Shiva, the gander Angsa for Brahma, and Vishnus Eagle Garuda, which serves as the national symbol of Indonesia


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