Bali Garden Hotel

Jl. Dewi Sartika, Kuta, Bali, 80361, Indonesia

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bali garden o.k.

by TripAdvisor Member robbowlayelectrical

our family stayed at bali garden hotel for 7 days, sure it is next to cremation site and there is pool construction but its fine for a cheap holiday if you want to pay more go right ahead. the bali garden is very convenient to everything, the staff friendly, Sure its not up to our standard in oz but if your not very fussy and just want a great time go there.

Great place after renovation

by TripAdvisor Member NorthPole2008

My family have stayed at Bali Garden Hotel many times in the past 5-6 years, and every time we have had really great stays at this hotel. Kids love playing in the pools, and after the renovation they are even nicer than before, with a completely new and fantastic beach front area offering a good selection of food and drinks - and a new huge pool bar. We have also used the spa many times and we love it!

The hotel staff have always been friendly, and they have been very helpful with various needs for children.

The rooms are basic and a bit worn out, but we usually don't spend much time in the room anyway - there are too many things to see and do!

With this location, and compared to the price level I can't think of any hotel that can beat the Bali Garden.

Loved the Place and will recommend it to all

by TripAdvisor Member Adelaide007

I stayed at Bali Garden Hotel in October 2007 and had a great time; I can’t wait to get back to see what they have done to the place. Two new pools and they are going to refurbish the old pool also. New Bar was just being finished in the lobby and a new restaurant was being built on the beach front. I am told that ever thing with be finished by the 20th of this month. I might even head back over in January to have some more R&R and take a first hand view.

The Staff are excellent, very friendly and helpful; nothing is ever too much trouble. The other guests were great also and made you feel a part of the family, as a number of the people that stay here are repeat guests. It was great to go to a hotel that had a warm and friendly atmosphere about it. Not the cold and clinical feel you get at some of the up market 5 star hotels. Where you say good morning to the other guest and they stick there nose up in the air and think that is beneath them to speak to you.

Bali Garden was Great the was no one thing that made it great but a combination of the following:- Great Location on the beach major shopping centre next door, Waterbom Park across the road so if you have kids from 4 to 24 they will have a ball.
The friendly staff and great Restaurants with in 50 meter of the hotel

If you stayed here and didn’t like it then next time you should go to the 5 star hotels with all the other stuck up people in this world and leave the Bali Garden Hotel to all the other people that want to enjoy our lives.

Great location with resonable price

by TripAdvisor Member ~LazyHammock~**

I stayed in the Bali garden this year on November. I chose this hotel basically because all my friends left and it was me alone. Bali garden is the only hotel that has the best location yet resonable price. All hotel in Kartika starts from 80USD.

I checked in but didn't know there was a major construction at the pool and beach. Anyway, it doesn't effect my stay much. There was barely noise but the worker are around you by the pool all the time.

The room was clean but old while the bathroom in first day made me shocked. The pee of some one was all over the toilet and i have to call the house keeper to clean it once again, and by the way i saw they re-clean it, i'm uncomfortable all the time when i use the toilet in the room.

My room was facing the cementary so don't be surprised if you hear some crying and praying. It was a bit scary if you were alone. But it's not that bad.

I love the morning breakfast at their restaurant and to see friendly staffs and meeting new people. The beach is nice if there is no construction. The ground were plesent and nicely decorated. The hotel looks safe and spacious.

The best part is that there were many restaurant nearby , shopping mall, beach, walking distance to Kuta center.

All in all I like think this place is more than OK for all the normal travellers. It might have some few flaws but over all compare to the price of 50 USD, it was heaven!!!

Dirty, discusting, disappointing

by TripAdvisor Member vegiemite82

Worst hotel I have ever stayed in . Booked months in advance and got a room with no view. Also a smoking room when we booked a non smoking. Dirty floors and bathroom. No towels, discusting sticky dirty table tops. Woke up during the night to find cockroaches in the bathroom. Sanitry pad rubbish still in the bin when we arrived
Pool didnt have enough deck chairs with covers. One of the chairs we used broke...the list goes on.
After 2 days of complaining they finally gave us another room which was just as bad. No apology (or cockroach spray) for the cockroaches...even when we spoke to the manager.
Good points?? Bed was comfortable and air con worked. Breakfast was ok. Staff were ok.
I refused to walk bare foot on the floor in the room and showered with shoes on..
I wouldnt recommend this hotel to anyone...NOT like in the photos on website. Please be cautious.

Ideal Location

by TripAdvisor Member too-cold-at-home

This hotel is in an excellent location, quiet, comfortable beds and pillows. Hotel rooms are a little run down, but clean. Hotel has been / is renovating, there is no disturbance to people staying, hotel sprays twice a week to keep mosquitoes in check. Can hire DVD player from reception. Breakfast is: eggs (done any way you like, including omlette), pankakes, toast, crossaunts and one other pastry, fruit, some asian fare (noodles) if you want bacon you need to ask for it and they bring it to your table. There is no cereal, we found it got a little boring. You must try the bakery in the Centro shopping centre (next door). Great food and atmosphere at Pandon restaurant opposite shopping centre. Pool is good, (has pool bar) but most days you will need to get to the pool before 11 to get a deck chair, these are a little limited.
Overall not a bad hotel and if Iwe were to go back to Bali we would stay here again.

Terrible - find another hotel!

by TripAdvisor Member South_Africa34

I was horrified to find out on the first day that the hotel is next door to a ceremonial cremation site - another guest told me. I experienced it first-hand the next day - fumes of kerosene, incense and a horrid sweet smell come wafting over in grey plumes! The beach front is a construction site. The pool area is tatty. The place is falling apart - a piece of wooden cornice fell on my head. Frankly, if have to go there, you should only use the bed and get out as soon as possible every morning. Don't even have breakfast!


by TripAdvisor Member perthfamilyPerth

Hotel was dissapointing as it was under construction and we were not told of this.
Our tv didn't work and it took 3 days and about a dozen phone calls to finally get someone to have a look at it they changed the TV but it still didn't work - dissapointing for our to children.
So no TV!!
Stayed in a family room which was large but old and the outdoor area was concrete and dirty.
It was never cleaned in a10 day stay.
The staff were very rude not at all helpfull and the cleaners did not come one day at all
we had a problem getting fresh towels and after a night with heavy rain our towels were soaked we were told we would have to wait 2 hours for them to be washed - take your own towels if you stay here!!!!!
The grounds were uncared for compared to other hotels we have stayed at and there is a shortage of staff in every section.

You get what you pay for here _ NOT MUCH!!!

holiday in hell

by TripAdvisor Member kartika

The hotel was under heavy renovation despite checking with the travel agent wholesaler and hotel direct we were not told. The pizzeria, beachsidecafe two swimming pools all under renovation the dust dirt and noise was horrendous. The so called sports bar was also under renovation absoutely nothing in there, and the lobby was having work done also. The deluxe rooms were dirty, faulty airconditioning, no towels coackroaches in he bathroom. Breakfast was a plain and basic as you could get. Staff rude and unhelpful


by DiamondDave

Bali is a world unto its own and ought to be part of every sun-worshippers visit to SouthEast Asia. You can go on the cheap US $10 per night or live in pampered luxury $300+ per night. It is safe and charming, with lots of historic/cultural/pictorial sites to see, plus a world of activities to enjoy.

Actually, this was the sunset on my first night. I walked along the beach most evenings and I could fill a whole travelogue with just sunset pics.

Go to Ulu Watu for the Kecak Bali Dance. The scenery is fantastic and the performance is brilliant. It was one of the most memorable parts of our trip. The pics - though quite striking - just do not capture the wonder of the evening.

The men act as the orchestra. Their deep, repetitive intonations reminded me of "Oh Superman" by Laurie Anderson (the performance artist/musician - not Loni from WKRP). They combine chanting, vocals, melody and dialogue with physical movement, providing a dramatic and intriguing score for the traditional Bali dance-play.

Maybe this is where the expression "monkey in the middle" has it's roots.

After Ulu Watu, head to Jimbaran (10 minutes) for a romantic dinner on the beach. With a city view as a backdrop, the ocean waves crashing against the shore, a starry starry night overhead, wonderfully fresh seafood and a roving, talented truly is magical.

Of course, the beach is Bali's main drawing card...and you won't be disappointed!

A few shots from the lovely hotel...Bali Garden, in Kuta.

Bali Dance - Barong style

There are large, dramatic and symbolic statues throughout Bali.

Besakih - Bali's most important temple. A little disappointing because you cannot enter - only walking in the courtyards is permitted. Also, a temple "keeper" will insist on taking you around and then request a "donation" when you leave. Basically, he is there to ensure you don't go where you want to go and then requests payment. Try to ditch him right from the outset, saying you have been here before and know the areas you should not enter.

Different temples were built for different "castes" of people to worship at. Bali has 4 castes. They say that the sociological division is just for religious purposes, not as differentiation of 'upper' and 'lower' class. Unlike in India, it is possible and apparently fairly common to marry someone from a different caste.

There was a small, private ceremony which concluded, just as we were exiting.

The stepped rice fields are a classic site from Bali. It is surprising to see just how much of the undeveloped land is given over to growing rice. I understand that it is one of Bali's primary exports.

Women can be seen carrying just about anything on their heads - especially in rural areas.

I didn't stay long in the Monkey Forest because the monkeys were mean. They were prone to greed, aggressiveness and violence, so I dumped the bananas and got outta there quick!

I didn't like the bats either!

The smell of this bat cave - though a small one - was rather over-powering.

Tanah Lot at sunset...another important temple.

Balinese people are sooooo friendly! Both men and women have fantastic smiles.

In rural areas, the financial challenges of their agrarian based, limited income are immediately evident. This picture was taken with their permission. They are all looking at a horse that began approaching, just as I clicked the shot.

These statuesque, shrine-like monuments are everywhere in Bali. This one was located just beside the pool at the hotel.

A somewhat typical, though isolated, rural home.

I did some horseback riding along the beach. It was extremely scenic, yet many had trouble with our horses. This shot was taken before she fell off!

I paid just US $50/night - including breakfast buffet. Custom-made omelets, french toast, hot coffee and freshly squeezed juice...mmm!

I was lucky enough to witness a cremation ceremony. The procession passed me while I was tanning on the beach. It was very public, jovial and respectful.

Sunset cyclists....say that 3 times fast!

Forum Posts

Hotels/Resorts next to the Beach

by atifjan

Hi. Me & my wife are planning to visit Bali by around April/May. Can`anyone let us know which area is good to stay where we are next to the beach yet still closer to various shopping areas and places worth visiting. We are looking for the budget hotels, not the expensive ones. Any other recommendation will be appreciated.
Thanks, Atif

Re: Hotels/Resorts next to the Beach

by BesarRahasia

Bali Garden Hotel in Kuta is on the beach side and is close to shopping and entertainment etc, Santika Beach in Tuban (but only short walk to Kuta shops etc is on the beach. Bounty hotel in Kuta is on the beach and close to shopping night life etc.
Most of the other small more cheaper hotels in Kuta/Tuban are not on the beach, some are only a short walk away.
Good luck in your search and have a great holiday in Bali

Re: Hotels/Resorts next to the Beach

by Funcat63

PS Sorry, my Hotel recommedations for good priced Hotels in Sanur are Besakih Beach Resort found on
Also Gazebo Hotel. Be careful, there are many Hotels in Sanur that are cheap but they are not on the Beach. These are the most reasonable and both located in the heart of all the shopping and eateries. Cheers

Re: Hotels/Resorts next to the Beach

by Fernandocramos

we stayed at Kumala Pantai Hotel and it was wonderfull. Its in Legian Beach, near Kuta and Seminyak.
The hotel is very cheap, we payed only U$50 during NYE (High season)for a deluxe room and its in front of the beach.
You can see many photos on my Bali page.

Shopping Bali

by nbeauty

My daughter and I are holidaying in Bali in June. We would like to find out where you can purchase Jimmy Choo style handbags. Also interested in other good areas for homeware purchases. Appreciate any info as I haven't visited Bali for nine years. Cheers Caroline

Re: Shopping Bali

by stedeb

Hi Caroline I assume you are talking fakes and not the original?? There are so many shops selling bags you realy just have to ask if they stock them. We bought some back in August 08 they also have Guess & Chanel. For homewares checkout Centro Department Store in Kuta opposite Waterbom Park we bought lots of crockery from here we have also made some more exclusive purchases from a shop called Vinotti there is one in Centro however over the years their stocks have got less also along Legian Rd up Legian/Seminyak there are lots of small shops that sell homewares silver, statues, etc. It is hard to pinpoint one particular area and it also depends on where you are staying but if you have the time to wander down the roads you will find something without it impeding on your sunning time as the shops are open 10-10. You will see a few changes Caroline.

Re: Shopping Bali

by nbeauty

Thanks for the info Stedeb. We will only be there for 6 days - short I know but all the time we can take at present. Staying at Bali Gardens Resort at south Kuta so will be close to most of the local shopping. Years ago I went up to the Sukawati Art Market near Ubud which I found very good have you heard anything about them lately? In recent years I have been to Hong Kong and while I found the shopping pretty good I missed beautiful Bali.Can't wait to show my daughter what a great place it is and we are both hanging out for a beach massage. Cheers Caroline

Re: Shopping Bali

by stedeb

Well you will be just next door Bali Garden have a lovely pool area and restaurant that has recently been upgraded. Try Febris for spa treatments they are very good and inexpensive just along the road if you turn right from your hotel. A restaurant across from the art markets in Kuta part of the Ramayana Hotel is Gabah right on the corner you cant miss it very nice place to eat. I am pretty sure the market in Ubud is still going but I have only been there once a few years ago. Enjoy

Re: Shopping Bali

by nbeauty

Thanks for the recommendation to try Febris Spa we will give it a try. I was wondering if you had any info on the Anika Cooking Classes. I have tried getting in contact with them by email from their contact webpage as has our travel agent but no response. We want to do an evening cooking class as only being there for a week our days will be taken up. Or do any of the other cooking schoold do evening classes that you know of. Cheers Caroline

Re: Shopping Bali

by stedeb

Sorry Caroline can't help with the cooking classes and I don't know of anyone who has participated.

Re: Shopping Bali

by nbeauty

Thanks for you help. Cheers Caroline


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