Mishima Grand Hotel

3-18-33 Omiyacho, Mishima, Shizuoka Prefecture, 411-0035, Japan

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Travel Tips for Mishima

Taisha in the round

by chodearm

The Temple/Shrine complex in the center of Mishima City is sprawling. Make sure to go all around not just the main buildings. If you go to the outskirts there is some homes and businesses that predate America as a whole.

Climbing Mt. Fuji CONT.

by chodearm

"...picking up where we left off..."

Another 5 minutes and I made it. I was at the top of Fujimoto. The top was a rather large expanse capped with a tremendous crater from the blast in the 1700's. I sat around up here for a while for my heart was definately not ready to endure one more miniscule muscle movement. The top had a few standing structures and on a the distant crater edge a labratory sat. People remained rather quiet up here basically in awe of the views surrounding them. Some were fast asleep and others taking pictures of themselves next to everything in sight.

After collecting my marbles I located the signs to Gotemba. This was going to be my next six hours of walking, so I chose what was considered the easiest route. I took off on the trail with not a soul in lead or tow. This was quite different from the Fujinomiya route that I took to the top. There was a constant stream of people on the other, but here just the wind, me and molten rock. Hold on, I gotta pee.......

So after relieveng myself in a pile of rocks I continued forward feeling each and every step taken. Along the way I ran into a man named Hiro. We walked side by side from halfway up to the bottom, not saying much (language barrier) except a couple slight bows of the head. Through these quick nods I scored a ride home. He pointed his car out in the parking lot from many thousands of feet above sea level. I figured since it was in sight maybe another hour of walking, but this proved to be 3 hours as the car only grew slightly bigger at a much slower rate than I thought.

The land was stripped bare of all foliage, and in the distance Lake Ashi of Hakone sits quietly as the mountains hold it like a baby of no consistency. I thought the way down was easy on the legs, but this thought was ignorance.

This is the real angle of the earth there. It eats at your ham hocks lactid acid, and gives you a continuous burn that can be looked at as good, but only feels bad.

We reached the bottom with added calluses and blisters to our soles. A quick stop to collect my thoughts while letting the legs simmer down, and a purchase of some wacky Japanese liquid. Hiro put me in shotgun. 30 minutes later I arrive at the house hobbling and limping. Yuki is in a state of confusion of how Americano made it home with out her. Time to make a geyser out my blisters after an explanation lipping the opening of a huge Asahi.


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