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Taxi from Roppongi to Shinjuku at night?

by anttivehmas

Hi! I am going to stay one week at Shinjuku Prince Hotel on April. I guess that it is quite good nightlife in Shinjuku area itself but maybe I would like to experience the famous Roppongi nightlife one night as well. Since the subway only operates until 00.30 (right?) I think that I will need a Taxi back to Shinjuku. How much would that cost? Or is it cheaper for two person to stay one night in capsule hotel in Roppongi. I have already paid my hotel in Shinjuku. Or is it possible to just hang around in Roppongi nightlife until subway starts to operate again?

Re: Taxi from Roppongi to Shinjuku at night?

by dru46

My guess for a taxi is that it would be less than 5000 Yen. There are sites out there that can calculate it but I can't find them anymore, and it's all in Japanese.

As for a capsule hotel, if you want the experience, go ahead and do it, but if you are drinking a lot, I'd advise you to avoid it. Last thing you need to do is get kicked out for being noisy. I'm sure I'd probably knock things over trying to get into a capsule at night. Besides, you'd be better off partying all night anyways. I'm sure there are clubs that open all night, or most of the night. You can also head to a Karaoke shop and just rent a room till 5am when the trains start again. If that's not good, many izakaya are open till 5 and McDonalds is 24/7. If you are adventurous, just walk. Should take just an hour or two, but finding which way to go is the tough part. :)

Re: Taxi from Roppongi to Shinjuku at night?

by Bilimari

I think it was around 3000yen last time I took a taxi from Shinjuku to Roppongi. Depending on the time, you may need to ask bar to call a cab for you, which case it would cost a bit more. Still definitely cheaper than 2 staying at capsule hotel.

Spending a night at Izakaya or McD is a good suggestion, but since you already paid your hotel in Shinjuku, I'd go back to the hotel, if I were you. :)

Re: Taxi from Roppongi to Shinjuku at night?

by SfumatoPants

My rough guess would be Y3000 - Y4000.

Re: Taxi from Roppongi to Shinjuku at night?

by salisbury3933

It's not that far, and there should be plenty of taxis around.
Taxis are generally 20% more expensive at night, but even then I think 3000 yen should cover it.

Re: Taxi from Roppongi to Shinjuku at night?

by anttivehmas

Thank's to everybody! That doesn't sound too bad. Actually it is much cheaper than I was thinking.

Travel Tips for Tokyo

How to find an address in Tokyo

by Odinnthor

Let me confuse you a little bit with regards to finding an address in Tokyo. If you venture out anywhere from the city's main district, don't count on finding an address from the address given. This is the main reason, that directions given by the extremely helpful Japanese people, are very difficult to follow..

Addresses have their own system. First is the name of the "ward". There are 23 wards in Tokyo. In the ward there are many "districts". The district name would be next. Lots of them have the same name so they add a number. Then to find a "block" within the district. This can be difficult. Many of them have no name at all. And if this was not confusing enough, - if you actually find the block, then you have to find the house/building. They are not numbered like you are used to. They are numbered according to when they were built. So number 1 can be in the middle of a block, number 2 down on the corner and 3, up the block three quartes of the way in the other direction.

Do not let this discourage you. Rest assured you will have a great time finding your way around.....d;o) I once got on a train in Tokyo, with the intent of getting lost. I stayed on the train for 40 minutes and then simply got off. I was working in the Entertainment Staff on a cruise ship for Chandris Lines at the time. It took me two wonderful days to find my way back. The gentle and enthusiastic helpulness of the Japanese people was astounding. I asked one person for help, who would then ask another person, and pretty soon I had 20 people, all talking at the same time, trying to direct me. A family insisted I spend the night at their house, which was wonderful in it self. It was surreal and exhilerating at the same time. Needless to say, I missed the ship, and had to take the Bullet Train to Osaka to catch up. The experience was worth all the yelling I received from the Captain of my ship.

We were there only in transit...

by piedleger

We were there only in transit (stayed one night in a hotel) before heading to Thailand. Wow, that airport is something in Narita. You have to take a sort of subway to get from one terminal to another. We had to take a bus to go to our hotel which was on the site of the airport itself. It took us 20 minutes to get to the hotel. The surroundings are beautiful. Very impressive. But prices in the airport are also impressive, watch out.

Tokyo's Central Station From Amsterdam

by FelixB

After the Emperor Meiji said that he wanted Japan to catch up with the West, he ordered that Japanese buildings from the times of the shôguns should be destroyed and that more buildings should be built in western architecture.
Tokyo-Eki Station was modelled after its counterpart in Amsterdam. Its red brick building is, nonetheless, very nice to look at.
Because the station has been expanded it is sometimes difficult to find the right exit for the historic part. Therefore, keep good track of the signs that guide you to it. Walking around Tokyo station to find it, and then getting into this great hall of the old station.

Playstation Girls

by vigi

I don't know what they are selling. One thing I know they are very professional to strike a post and smile when they saw my camera. By the way, I think most Japanese are professional and serious to their job, regardless of job rank.

New Year's in Asakusa

by leplaya

It's quite a sight here on New Year's Eve, when people line up for several kilometers to go to the shrine and pray for good luck. This line starts a couple of hours before midnight and lasts until the morning. The area gains a carnival type of atmosphere with hundreds of food stands (and all types of food on a stick), and many stands selling items for good luck.


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