Hotel Grand Kathmandu

Tahachal Tahachal . Kathmandu, Kathmandu, Nepal
#465 of 638 hotels in Kathmandu
Terrible (1.0 out of 5.0) 1 review
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Worst Staff You Can Ever Imagine

Terrible (1.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on June 26, 2010

I was saved from the torture of staying at this place. A couple of my colleagues and myself,tired with work & looking for a break had booked this hotel through a travel agent some weeks ago. We thought we had booked a good enough hotel until we happened to glance across some of its reviews mentioned on different websites. It was really shocking to see 95% negative reviews,especially since we were about to pay a bomb for the accommodation. Now,that's where the nightmare started. We started looking out for other options as well which we had not done earlier and also called up the hotel directly to inquire about some basic doubts that we had. So we called up and as the previous reviews of this hotel mentioned on this website read that "their staff just can't be bothered for anything",which is absolutely true and we experienced it first hand.Anyhow,after much struggle(considering the English that people in Nepal speak) we managed to find out the the required info. Sent them an email too then on the email address mentioned on the website to cancel our bookings,but got no revert till date. Nothing surprising. Anyway,we then decided to call up the Delhi number mentioned on their website contact info and reaffirm the answers to our doubts/questions and also see if we can get our bookings canceled.So called up the Delhi number,which is a mobile number and some stupid chap answered it whose name we don't even remember and was neither worth remembering.He could not speak English fluently but was a little better off than his Nepal counterparts! Now,this man did not even sound educated enough to be sitting at a booking/sales position to handle all their India calls. He was a disgruntled,middle aged/old chap with no etiquette to speak with anybody,getting irritated at the simplest of questions which was in fact his duty to answer. Highly tight lipped as if guarding some trade secret. We have no idea why he is sitting there and attending calls.He was a menace and a pain in the wrong place to talk to. It felt as if we were the customer service and he was the customer.Anyhow,we got the answers and also gave him a piece of our mind.As a customer we have all the right to get our questions answered,and that too such basic ones.These people need to know the fact that if you are in the hospitality business then you need to be as polite and calm as possible because that's what you are known for and paid for. Any educated person would know this obviously. Anyhow,one piece of advice to Grand Hotel,get rid of this good for nothing,ill-mannered & uneducated person in Delhi or give him a back office job instead of answering calls( because he has no sense of speaking at all) as soon as you can in good interest of your hotel.In the end we had made up our minds to cancel the booking through the travel agent only(which was a pain as well)considering the horrible reviews we read and also their highly inappropriate staff we encountered,which just cannot be expected from the Hotel industry(and this is a 4 star(supposedly) we are talking about!!! God help us!!) and we were so glad with our decision and enjoyed our trip at another hotel there.

My genuine concern is for the hotel and their owners,because it seems like a good enough place with the location and all but its being run by inappropriate staff who are totally ruining it.It's really appalling to see that they do not have much customers,over that the little they have had are all dissatisfied customers. But still their staff have the audacity to continue behaving as if they're doing some obligation/charity on their customers and potential customers. I guess they believe they are running a ashram or something.I am 100% sure many people must be canceling their bookings simply after speaking with these highly inappropriate staff both in Nepal and India. A potential customer can picture a hotel and its hospitality first by speaking to its staff as their first point of contact and then they form an opinion/first impression because he/she is going for a vacation and would like to have a nice time rather than putting his/her mood off every now and then by encountering such staff daily staying there. And this is the basics and the first rule that is taught at various hotel management institutes the world over.This hotel's staff need to learn a lot and understand that a place is made by the kind of people in it only then they will progress to have a good name in the future,and have a successful hotel running.

Unique Quality: Nothing

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