Evercrest Golf Club Resort

Km. 72 Batulao, Nasugbu, Philippines
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Forum Posts

room rates in munting bihangin

by bhabyem

guys, does anyone here knows how much are the room rates of munting buhangin in nasugbu?? we are a group of 10. thnks.

Re: room rates in munting bihangin

by Lensky

for group of 10 around 4500 php.. the last time i was there in 2006

we stayed in one of their biggest room, 2 double decks one queen size bed. but this room has its own living room and kitchen. entrance fee not included

here is the number if you want them to fax to you the room rates. (02) 818-4798

Travel Tips for Nasugbu

people, garbage and beach

by bogsbitch_whaaapak

well, i hope that the folks in nasugbu can help keep their shores clean, man.....i hate it when i see run-offs in the water..there's so many shores and beaches in nasugbu that i havent seen, some are desserted but have intact corals......some site sucks because of garbage!!!!! but still its a beach, nice to go out and have some beer.......not much for a favorite huh?

Sugbuan Festival

by marktqm

On the morning of the day before the town fiesta (Dec. 3 - St. Francis Xavier's feast day), the community celebrates the Sugbuan Festival, a spectacular street dancing parade with various groups, mostly students, in colorful and creative costumes performing in the streets. In the afternoon there is a majorette competition. The day's events are capped in the evening with a marching band showdown at the town plaza, the Serenata. Expect to hear Tschaikovsky's 1812 Overture performed complete with bells and real cannons.

Hold My Balls, Swing My Racquet, Kiss My Aces

by jolasky

...nasugbu is blessed with tennis courts...Tennis and the nasugbu go together and the town boasts some of the best tennis resorts in the area.

...a good place for starter is at the Plaza de Roxas, municipal tennis court, the home of the NASUGBU TENNIS CLUB...play with the friendly members...early in the morning ...in the afternoon...and even at night.

...punta puego has two courts...terazza has one...kawayan cove has one...munting buhangin.. ...just bring your yourself...your bag,,,racquet...do not forget your balls (ugh)

Run, Drop, Ride, slide

by jolasky

Unlike surfing, skimboarding starts on the beach. The skimboarder stands within running distance from the point of entry into the water with the skimboard in hand and waits for a wave. As the desired wave approaches the skimboarder runs towards the water. Depending on conditions the board is either dropped on a thin layer of water from a receding wave or on the thicker water in front of the wave. A rider drops the board and runs on the board without having to catch up to it. This is known as the "One-Step", although there are other variations such as the "Two-Step" and the "No-Step". The skimboarder will then attempt to slide to the wave possibly "pumping" or "sideslipping" to maintain speed. This technique is often summed up as "Run, Drop, Slide" and is considered the basis of advanced skimboarding. When the wave is reached it can be riden "down the line", or the rider may attempt to launch off the waveface and attempt an aerial trick.

But there are many additional ways a rider can get on the board. It is not uncommon to see a rider run on a board front foot first even though most skimboarders run on back foot first. A variation on "Run, Drop, Slide" is the "Monkey Crawl" where the rider holds both sides of the board and crouches down running into thick water with the board on the surface, while mainting a fast pace the rider quickly hops and glides and the board. This techniquie is used for hitting larger waved for the more advanced. Another variation on the standard drop is the "suitcase drop" where the rider runs with the board held in one hand like a suitcase then flick drops it so it lands flat before running on. A common misconception is that the board is thrown ahead and chased then jumped onto, this is not considered proper form.

Novice demonstrating the Fistral TurnOnce on the board, the skimmer faces the difficult task of remaining stable to avoid allowing the board to dig into the sand or simply sliding out from under the rider's feet, thus losing control. Proper balance is needed keeping your weight centred on the board. Ideally, the skimmer should put his or her back foot far back on the board and the front foot towards the front of the board somewhere between the middle and nose of the board. A common technique for finding the "centre" of your board involves picking the side of the board up by the rail with two fingers until the board is balanced and doesn't lean forward or back, this is the approximate centre of the board. After successfully mounting the board it may be necessary to lean slightly forward to avoid shifting your weight off center or to momentarily shift weight slightly to the back to get over smaller waves to reach the desired wave. The skimmer then glides out into the ocean toward the oncoming wave, banks off it, and rides it back into shore. The skimboard is a craft of varying size, usually of some oval or tear-drop shape. The tail of the board is most commonly pintail though custom shaped boards are occasionally squash-tail. The front of the board usually comes to a point with the notable exception of the "ZAP Egg" design which has a rounded nose. The best size board, in most cases is about your mid-chest height. Modern skimboards are made out of fiberglass or carbon fiber and take advantage of a high density foam to serve as a core. The fiberglass/carbon fiber is a fabric which becomes stiff when saturated with resin and left to cure. When this fiberglass or carbon fiber is laid over a shaped piece of foam, saturated with resin and left to cure, a skimboard is made. Compared to a surfboard or bodyboard of similar areas, skimboards are not very buoyant. Most skimboards are between 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch thick. A well-made skimboard will have some nose lift, or rocker, and often an Arch Bar and/or foot traction pad made of soft foam rubber will be added after purchase. If the board does not have a stomp pad, surf wax can be used. Traction pads can be purchased for a low price at most surfing stores. Traction pads come in all shapes and sizes and are mainly used to cover only the back portion with arch bars covering the middle section of the board where the front foot goes.

...i'm hit..deadman walking...respawn...reload..

by jolasky

Airsoft is a modern combat sport or recreational hobby in which participants eliminate opponents by hitting each other with spherical non-metallic pellets launched from a compressed-air gun (or Soft Air gun) powered by gas, manual spring-load, or an electrically powered gearbox.

Airsoft play employs an honor system whereby the players rely on each others' honesty to admit to being hit, because unlike paintballs, plastic pellets do not leave a surface mark distinguishable at a distance. While airsoft pellets that contain paint do exist, they are very rarely used by serious players due to their ineffectiveness and tendency to damage some airsoft equipment. Airsoft equipment encompasses many types of equipment used in the sport of airsoft, including the airsoft gun used to shoot airsoft pellets at opponents, safety goggles, and all sorts of tactical gear including vests, equipment holders, and gun accessories.


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