Apulit Island Resort

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Apulit Island, Taytay, , Philippines
El Nido Resorts Apulit Island
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More about Club Noah Isabelle

So beautiful island.

by Kazooou about Club Noah Isabelle Palawan

Club Noah is far from Manila.We ride small airplane and ride Jeapney for 2 hours.
We arrived. We will feeling block out the noise of the city.

Apulit Island (Club Noah) - What you pay is what y

by matt10gonzalez

Perched in its own private island in the tiny but beautiful Apulit island in exotic Palawan, this exclusive and luxurious resort is worth your every penny!

Not only it has star facilities, food imported from the mainland but it also has something priceless that even billions of dollars can't buy: A superb sanctuary just below your cottage with lots and lots of fat, big and beautiful fishes ranging from 6-tooth fishes to lapu-lapus to Napoleon wrasse all amazingly friendly and used to people! (You can even pet the Napoleon wrasse!) And as of 1997, there used to be 3 otters swimming here that are just like the kids of the resort itself! They swim with you in the swimming pool, they run all over the place, it's like living in a zoo with no borders!

And there's an extra bonus too: To get to Club Noah, you must take a river boat to get here and guess what? It passes through the river forests of Palawan! Prepare to see colorful snakes hanging lazily in trees along the way but don't worry- they won't fall on you, it's a mini-safari!

If you have the money to splurge, it's not bad staying in Club Noah! COMMENTS:

ME: Even after swimming in the Red Sea (Which is also my favorite!), Club Noah still remains one of the best!

MOM: Oh! A beauty! If I had millions of dollars, I don't mind coming back here again!

BROTHER MICHAEL: Gross! I really, REALLY HATE the sea! I don't know how my family enjoys getting wet and dark! In here, I even got a cold! So I don't know how they like the ocean. (He liked the Red Sea though.)

DAD: One of the best! Hard to beat this!

Philippines: The Forgotten Paradise

by matt10gonzalez

"Most memorable experiences:"

-Landing in Bacolod in a very bad weather! Whoo! The turbulence was superb! (The plane kept on rocking and rocking and I kept on screaming and screaming- it was like a roller coaster!) Dad was quiet and mom was praying!

-Brother: Oh, coming back from the Ocean jet from Iloilo to Bacolod, wow! It was the best boat ride ever- the waves were so rough, people were puking, dad felt so seasick! It was very funny, the best boat trip I've ever had.

-When my uncle ran over a chicken and squashed it to death! How mean!

-Getting lost in the caves of Siquijor (With a guide of course!) I foudn it exilarating! My mom found it double hell- muddy (she's a neat person remember?) and dark! (She always thought snakes would pop out!)

-Playing with the sea otters of Club Noah, Palawan when I was a child- how could I forget that?

-Landing in Palawan, it's magical- you could see limestone islands, crystal clear waters, it's really like those movie sets in the lost islands of the Pacific!

-The beautiful marine life of Palawan, all the Napoleon wrasse, the Lapu-Lapu's, the big fishes, the eels, (But the corals weren't that great) and the best was you didn't even have to dive to see them.

-When a bad, nasty trigger fish attacked me in Balicasag, Bohol! Ooh! I wanted to kill that fish- it was so aggresive, like a bad seed- it kept lunging on me and it tried to bite me a dozen of times! Well, I shooed it away by kicking it. Naughty fish!

-My Baguio trip- It was the most disgusting trip I've ever had- not because of the city, because of me. You see, I caught a flu in this trip! And it was a horrible flu- I kept on puking and puking every 5 minutes! Oh my gosh...that was a nightmare. But can you blame me? I was only 13 yrs. old!

-The Filipino men and women- they're sweet, warm people that have dignity (They don't ask for baksheesh or tip, tips unlike the Middle East) and even though many of them are poor, they're lots of fun to be with.

-All the colors of the public markets, even if it's wet and it smells like fish (which I strangely adore), it never fails to fascinate me!

-Going to school here and being a surviving student. (Studying is torture.)

-Dealing with the bucreaucracy here like getting your drivers license! It's a pain- I always get frustrated and confused with the chaotic, crowded and slow system!

-When I saw a giant flash of lightning in Davao! Wow! It was so beautiful! But I was also a bit scared- I thought it would destroy the hotel.

-See my Bacolod page for more bizarre experiences
-See my Manila page for more wonderful plane ride experiences

OKAY! Now the serious stuff! (You kids can yawn now.)

"Philippines: The Forgotten Paradise"

This is the Philippines

A country, not known much by many people (I've met many people
who asked me- Philippines? Where's that?) and if known (like the media
for ex.) it's all about danger. (Well, there's one tourist who told me
"The Philippines? I heard from a Filipina that they eat people there!")

True, danger does exist in the Philippines (Like crime, ferry sinking
terrorism and maybe even cannibalism!) but doesnt' that happen too in
America, Europe, Japan and all parts of the world?

Also true are the potential "hot danger spots" around the Philippines
like some parts of Mindanao (The parts of Basilan, Lanao regions and the Sulu
regions I heard is still quite dangerous, I heard Davao, Surigao and Camiguin
is pretty safe.) but like anywhere else in the world, just take extra caution
and you'll be fine.

So ditch the image of the Philippines being as a horrible country:
Because in reality, it's truly a paradise- any of the 7107 islands might
just be your eden!

Can you imagine what's your dream island like? A craggy limestone
island, with crystal clear waters that teams up with a rainbow variety of
marine life and is also a haven for shipwrecks? And it gets better!
Is it much cleaner, more quiet (and less touristy!) than Ko Phi-Phi or Samui
and it has at least a couple of internet stations? (For your emails and so on!) You're looking for the beautiful of Coron, the Philippines- one of the many jewels of the nation.
And if you want an island that never sleeps and parties all night long and has fantastic beach sand (white! Not yellow or black!) as soft as baby powder? Go to Boracay!
It's not also about the islands only crave for caves, and mountain treks around ethnic villages? Go to Sagada!
And finally, to top it all, the Philippines also offers a sophisticated
city life: Do you enjoy sophisticated big cities with pollution? Manila might just lighten up your day!
Crave for exotic towns? Try finding it in colonial Vigan and Silay, the Philippines is the only nation in Asia with Spanish-Asian towns. (No surprise, it was only the Philippines
in the entire Asia that was conquered by the Spaniards with a price of course - many Filipinos were also abused.)
And looking for a city to retire? Try the laid back but convenient city of Bacolod!

And finally, don't forget the smiles of the Filipino people! Being tropical people, they are warm and friendly but don't blow up their heads either (Don't make them angry) : Remember, they are tropical people and as tropical people, they are also hot-headed.

Whatever you're looking for, the Philippines is truly a unique island (which is sometimes forgetten) wedged between Southeast Asia and the Pacific.

"Comparisons and Family's Comments:"

Compared to the United States of America-

- It's the 3rd world version of Hawaii- Islands, much more poorer, slower (in efficiency) but there's much more limestone islands here, the seas are shallower and much more calm and it's 3x cheaper!

Compared to Europe-

-World's aparts! The Phillipines may not have snow mountains, castles, infamous wonders, palaces, and millions of quiant towns like Europe, but the Philippines does have what the Mediterrean sea lacks: Islands, limestone islands, marine life, diving-snorkelling (warm water!) and it's 4x cheaper too!

Compared to Egypt-
-It's like comparing Mars (Being Egypt) and Earth. (See my Egypt page for more info.)

Compared to India-
-It's about as cheap or expensive as India, it's much less hassling but the Philippines also doesn't have the Indian Himalayas, the temples and ruins and it doesn't have a Holy City like Varanasi either. Either way, even though they're just 6 hrs away by plane, they're still world's aparts.

Compared to Thailand-
-Palawan is as expensive as Ko Phi Phi but it has more limestone islands, more marine life, the seas are calmer and it's less touristy too! (You can virtually own the island here!) But there's also no wats, temples, shrines and it's far from Asia. (Warning: When you're here, you're stuck here! Unlike in Phuket, you could easily go to Cambodia, Malaysia and so on!)

Family's comments:
Dad- I love the malls here, and the people.
Mom- I love the Philippines! I like it more than Europe because it's cheap to live (Your money goes a long way, in Europe very short!) and the people are warm and the beaches are crystal blue and powder white sand! (Exception is Boracay, which has been too much exploited already but is still nice.) You can't find that in Europe! Oh, and the water temperature is warm, unlike in the French Riviera, the scenery is nice but the water was so cold! You'll freeze!

Forum Posts

Anywhere similar to boracay

by obbo23

hi i've been to borocay twice n i love the place a lot, i just wonder if there is any other place that r similar, that geographically it is small that u can travel easy, bugalow right next to the beach, lay back atmosphere, friendly people and not expensive....

i wanna travel in april, so just wondering where to go...

Re: Anywhere similar to boracay

by bongski

puerto galera in mindoro is similar but its too crowded in sabang area. go to white beach.

The coron islands in northern palwan is also a similar place, but is more laid back .

Dos Palmas in Puerto princesa, Palawan has cottages on waters but is more expensive. divelink.com.ph has some infromations on the area.

Club Noah, Lagen island and Miniloc are of the same category but more expensive. These are situated in a small islandsand are self contained, and the package that they offer for full board accomodations. Amanpulo is the highest end of these resorts. All of these island resorts are in North palawan.

panglao isalnd in bohol is also another place, there are several resorts there and you can choose which price range is best for you. Nature tripping in bohol island and the adjoining islands and islets are a big attractions.

Re: Re: Anywhere similar to boracay

by Twistedsoul

yeah go to puerto gallera and or palawan... you will enjoy it...

HELP PLEASE - Malaysia or Thailand?

by dpsanchez

My fiance and I are planning to go to either Malaysia or Thailand next month. Please tell us where to find the BEST beaches there and if you give its pros and cons.

RE: HELP PLEASE - Malaysia or Thailand?

by JaneCajuguiran


I've been to thailand and I most certainly can say that boracay and palawan are definitely better. As for malaysia, I heard that the best beaches are in Kota kinabalu - which is very proximal to palawan as well. Why not try Amanpulo instead?

RE: HELP PLEASE - Malaysia or Thailand?

by francischris

Southern Thailand especially the west coast like Karabi,Trang ,ko lanta for powerdy white beaches n crystal clear water.Also cheaper than malaysia n value for money....

RE: HELP PLEASE - Malaysia or Thailand?

by chiachinhua

HI, i am from Malaysia. There are several nice islands in M'sia which i straongly recommend you should go. First is the Redang island which located in Terengganu (one of the state in east coast of west Malaysaia). You can take a flight at Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Kuala Terengganu and change taxi to the jetty to Redang island. I suggest you to join the travel agent group which will save you a lot and it covered everything including meal, accomodation, and a lot of activities. It is a very beautiful island which is preserved by the M'sia government. The second is Perhentian Island which is also located in Terengganu. You can maybe go after tehr Redang trip. I am sure you are going to gain a totally different experience between these two places. Since they are still new and not polluted. Any question please do not hesitate to mail me (chiachinhua@yahoo.com).

RE: RE: HELP PLEASE - Malaysia or Thailand?

by dpsanchez

Salamat kabayan...
we went to boracay last summer and had a blast. this year we thought of going to palawan. to el nido(lagen), club noah or dos palmas. unfortunately, el nido and club noah are fully booked on our dates so we thought of going to either malaysia or thailand. is AMANPULO ok? where's the best place to stay there?

RE: RE: HELP PLEASE - Malaysia or Thailand?

by dpsanchez

cheers for your replies.
we'll keep all your suggestions in mind.

RE: RE: HELP PLEASE - Malaysia or Thailand?

by JaneCajuguiran

There are several cheap inns and lodging houses in el nido. We're scheduled to go to Puerto Princesa on March 31. Pal has some offers in their Palakbayan and they're really worth checking out. I'll check on Amanpulo for you.

Something like Boracay

by Maria&Florin

Hello everyone! We have been last year in Boracay and it was really wonderful! This time, with our 2yo kid we would like to spend 2weeks including Xmass and NY somewhere on a beach, same or even better than Boracay. Philippines has too much to offer, we need some guide please! We are on a 50-80usd a night budget, looking for a tropical beach, with eatery around and some pubs for diversity. Any suggestions highly appreciated! Thanks!

Re: Something like Boracay

by valle

You might wants to consider some high end resorts
a) Amanpulo http://www.amanpulo.com/album.aspx?id=3734
b) Lagen Island Resort http://www.elnidoresorts.com/el-nido-resorts.aspx
c) Miniloc Island Resort http://www.elnidoresorts.com/el-nido-resorts3.aspx
d) Club Noah Isabelle http://clubnoahisabelle.net

I have been to all of them and they are all nice. The best is Amanpulo.
Enjoy your stay in the Philippines

Re: Something like Boracay

by edwinic

With 50-80$ budget your best bet is: Boracay

There are many pale alternatives, but you'll be surprise to find the within the 50-80$ range as well, if not more costly.

The suggested high end (Amanpulo, for example) will cost you min 800$/day without food, activities and airfare.

If beach is what matter to you, Boracay is the place. There are other secluded beaches to discover such as Diniwid and Baling Hai to name a few.

Re: Something like Boracay

by pau_p1

You may want to check out Pagudpod in the Ilocos Norte. It is dubbed as the Boracay of the North... if you do decide to go here, you can try to check out other historic sites of Ilocos like the Spanish quarters in Vigan, the Paoay Church, Marcos Mauseleum in Batac, and Fort Ilocandia...

or you may check out Caramoan in Camarines Sur, it was the same location where the Survivor France latest season was filmed. It is about an hour from Legaspi City and the Mayon Volcano..

Then you may try Puerto Galera in Mindoro island... or El Nido or Puerto Princesa in Palawan island...

Re: Something like Boracay

by Cess8

With a two-year old kid, you should consider Bohol. It has beaches but also other things to offer like tarsiers which your kid might enjoy. See the chocolate hills and tour the towns as well before hitting the beaches and doing snorkelling/diving.

I am also hearing good things on Coron and El Nido (have'nt been there).

Amanpulo is too costly for your budget. Pagudpud IMHO is too far and not that good (sorry folks, peace). Caramoan may not be advisable with a two-year old yet,as it is still undeveloped.


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