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Evergreen Diving, Popototan Island, Palawan: worst resort experience ever!

This was our worst resort experience ever. The owner, named Arno, a German living in the Philippines since a long time, made it impossible for us to enjoy our relative expensive stay at his resort. We were not the only ones having problem with the guy: during our stay we met a friendly French couple who left the resort furious. So to avoid communication problems put everything what you agree clearly on paper before you even think about stepping on his "banca" (boat); once you are on 'his' island, miles away from everywere, you will remain stucked there till the end. He did not hesitate blackmailing us and even threated to take us in hostage. Not for backpackers, the owner doesn't like them... If you like privacy and like it quite, do not choose the guesthouse (where there are 4 rooms with private shower and toilet) because the owner, his girlfriend and their little son (and the nany) are living there as well, so it's not intimate. We had continuously the impression that we were living in their private quarters because the walls are so thin that you hear everything through it. Everytime you have to go to your room you will have to pass through their living room which is also the office (where the owner is smoking all the time and where there is also a Tv-video/karaoke). For more privacy go for the more expensive seperated cottages.

But that's not all. If you enjoy being stuck on a deserted tropical island with an extremely unpleasant, crunchy and frustrated man, who is going to entertain you all the way to his resort with macho stories about him being shot in South Africa (yes he was there too!) by a native or the way he thinks about woman or about the Filipino's, who are working for him for peanuts by the way, and that he calls "lazy" and "stupid" (he calls his girlfriend, who is a Filipina also "stupid"), you might presumably have fun. During one of his stories he claimed to be responsable for the replacement of the whole police department of Puerto Princesa, which is the capital of Palawan. If it's true or not I don't know but it should be interesting to check it out. Anyway he called me a "stupid" too and I called him a fascist, so it was great fun! That night, 2 days before our stay was normally going to end, he decided to throw us out at 10.30 pm! So we started packing our stuff and when we were all ready to go he changed his version, saying he never wanted to throw us out... We got afraid thinking the guy might as well be psychopathic and didn't want to stay one more night in that place. He made us wait one hour, while typing on his computer and then forced us to sign a paper (against the refund of a part of the money we paid in advance) which stated that it was our decision to go and that he could not force us to stay. Finaly he ordered the drivers of the banca to drop us in the neighbouring resort. To be able to get a banca to Coron early in the morning, we went to Maglalambay instead, which is a little village. When we arrived it was already past 1 am in the morning but a family welcomed us in their home and let us rest in one of their rooms. The next morning they served us breakfast and refused the money we wanted to handle them in exchange for their hospitality. They inquired for a boat, waited with us, and weaved us goodbye when the 'banca' brought us safely back, straight to Coron. They asked us 12 times less (and we already gave them the double) for that banca trip than the owner of the Evergreen resort asked us for the same trip 7 days before on his banca.

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  • Written March 23, 2008
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Livingroom (and office) on the way to the rooms.

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