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  • lhoreen9012 profile photo lhoreen9012
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2 out of 5 starsUser Rating

Bosay Resort: Resort

I'm not going to recommend this resort. I was really upset about their staffs. They are not accommodating and they don't have good customer service. Imagine, mag-e-slide sna kmi ng cousin ko doon sa may pool and guess what the pool attendant told us? "Ate, bawal po kayo dyan sa slide, pambata lng po yan. Bago po kayo pumunta dyan basahin nyo muna ang nakasulat sa karatula. Di kasi kayo nagbabasa. Kapag may nadisgrasya sa mga bata di sagutin pa namin yan, di naman kayo and sasagot nyan!" and with a loud voice pa! It's ok to me if they just said it in a good manner. I would consider it as our fault but it's like they are treating us like a child na dapat pagalitan pa and he keeps on talking and talking even we have went away. It's sooooo irritating. I've never experienced this before. Their service and staffs sucks!!!!! Piece of crap!

Outstanding yung mga staffs nila!!! Perfect 10 for being so rude to their customers... We don't even feel like we are their guests. I don't like their videoke as well, I didn't enjoy singing because their videoke sounds awful. Every button that I push, it's giving me the # 3 and even the number '7' button is not working. So pissed off. There's another thing, their songs are old. They are not updating it! Wtf!

  • Opinion of Price: more expensive than average
  • Written April 13, 2012

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  • MadelFlores profile photo MadelFlores
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1 out of 5 starsUser Rating

April 9, 2012 (Peak Season) Family Swimming: Bosay Resort

Very disappointing and totally disgusted!!!!! Given that it was peak season, the management must plan their strategies on how to accommodate their guests (w/ or w/o reservation) without suffering good services at the end (dapat lang kasi people are paying more than the average rate). Here are some points:

1. Signs pa lang from the main road, (we brought our own car) shows to "Bosay turn LEFT". Then all of a sudden, EXIT pala yun, and we need to walk almost half of the resort's area just to get to the entrance (kasi nakapag park na at one way) which happened to be in the RIGHT side. Nice! for what? and the tricycle drivers will definitely offer you a ride to entrance.

2. We were not allowed to use the swimming pool without the proper attire (take note, board shorts are not proper) and hindi yan naka specify sa rules and regulations, then immediately the staff will head you to the resort's store (na OVERPRICED lahat!!!) -another 5star nice marketing strategy!

What are the Unique from this place? Check some below:

1. Guards and staffs counting the people per batch na parang inis na inis sa dami ng tao!
2. Life guards per pool that can't showed respect to their guests even on how to say that your are not in proper attire.
3. The pool attendant (the girl one) sa disco pool na bigla na lang hihilahin yung damit mo dahil hindi proper attire (even though di ka pa maliligo) ***take note, nakipagsagutan pa siya ng
pabalang sa sister ko even though naka swimsuit sya, plain white nga lang na spaghetti strap style.
4. SUPER DUMING pool!!! Kiddie pool smells awful sa wiwi ng mga kids.
5. Expensive cottages kasi maliliit naman.

  • Opinion of Price: more expensive than average
  • Written April 9, 2012

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  • kayt_03 profile photo kayt_03
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2 out of 5 starsUser Rating

Resort: Bosay Resort

We just had our weekend in Bosay, some resort in San Roque Antipolo City. Its a short weekend getaway since most of us are working. At first were not really that thrilled with the idea of going to that resort because of the tedious reservation system, but anyways we still push through with the reservation coz its the idea of seeing my friends after three years of being apart. When we arrive at the resort, what surprised us is our cabin is located at the near end of the resort and going there is not easy huh coz the location is really steep its like a mini trekking ( i thought if you make reservations you're one of visitors who have the privilege to get a niece and near place to the pool to stayed to), considering that we have our pregnant friend with us that "mini trekking" to our cabin really turns us off immediately. Anyways, the cabin was fine clean room and mattresses though when we read our reservation a promise of cable TV was part of it but again surprisingly they don't have that,the TV only have local channels blurred enough to even identify what are you watching. Then came our time to go swimming w/ch really was the worse experience of all.We take a dip in their olpmpic pool since its the biggest of all the pools they have. first, they are requiring us to be on our proper swimming attire, im talking of swim suits in here if you are wearing you're board shorts they won't allow you to swim. for our boys, they were not allowed too to wear their boardshorts because thats not the proper attire. the man in the gate of the Olympic pool will tell you to go to their store and bought swimming trunks if you don't have one (nice marketing strategy huh).Of course we were inform that their's proper swimming attire rule but excluding board shorts as part of the attire it really sucks! and one worse thing in their pool is that many insects keeps on floating in the pool. Although the resort was really worse of all we just laugh it off since its our mini reunion thats why i am here writing these to give advise for those wanting to go to this resort you might want to think twice before doing the reservation.

  • Opinion of Price: more expensive than average
  • Related to: School Holidays, Family Travel, Spa and Resort
  • Written June 6, 2010

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  • Marshall_Posh profile photo Marshall_Posh
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1 out of 5 starsUser Rating

2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

Resort & Hotel: Overlook Resotel - Antipolo City

It's the worst place i've ever been, room is too small for two persons, it's not comfortable, shower isn't working well and the water coming from it isn't clean. wifi is only good at the front desk and you can't swim on the pool because it's not clean, you can't even see the bottom of it, maybe the water hasn't been change for months. accomodation isn't good and food is the worst. I for one based on experience will not go back there anymore and wouldn't recommend the place to any of my friend. I was so disappointed, because before we went there I even called their reception office about the amenities that we would be given and was so shocked when we got there, everything was a lie. What you see in the pictures & testimonials isn't true, just a waste of money for an overnight stay.

  • Opinion of Price: N/A
  • Written April 8, 2010

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  • rmcuesta profile photo rmcuesta
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3 out of 5 starsUser Rating

Cattleya Farm Resort: Private Pools

ideal for big family reunion or outings. for P14,000 rent you already get a house with ref, cooking range, tables and chairs, 4 rooms with aircon. and a private swimming pool.

great view of Metro Manila and Laguna Lake.

  • Opinion of Price: N/A
  • Related to: Family Travel
  • Written September 28, 2008

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  • rmcuesta profile photo rmcuesta
  • Reviews: 163

3 out of 5 starsUser Rating

2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

Bouganville Suites and Resort: Antipolo's newest hotel

a motel type design hotel but rooms are great. price is reasonable for their classy rooms. great also for big company seminars and activities. also recommended for families and couples.

good pool, and at the back of the hotel, hear the sound of a river free flowing 24 hours.

  • Opinion of Price: N/A
  • Related to: Business Travel, Romantic Travel and Honeymoons
  • Written September 28, 2008

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  • rmcuesta profile photo rmcuesta
  • Reviews: 163

3 out of 5 starsUser Rating

2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

Callos Spa: Ideal for Family and Couples.

Callos Spa also has few rooms to offer for overnight stay. It has rooms that can accomodate as much as 20, great fro family bonding or reunion. small pool. better if you pay for exclusivity of the resort.

the place is quiet. away from the center. with spa service. good ambiance. badminton court.

  • Opinion of Price: N/A
  • Related to: Romantic Travel and Honeymoons, Family Travel
  • Written September 28, 2008

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  • f_reyes17 profile photo f_reyes17
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4 out of 5 starsUser Rating

Seven Suites Hotel Observatory: Heavenly Paradise Awakened

While surfing, i noticed your e-mail/blog. since i live near the area you
mentioned, i became very curious of the place. Our group visited the hotel. i
noticed that it was newly refurbished. i mean the main building.The lady showing
us around said the rooms are all newly repainted.

i pushed further and asked them about the jacuzzi; if there is hot water. she
called an old man to turn-on the jacuzzi. it seems working. warm. The pool also
was clean.

at that time, there was a big wedding. the hotel is exclusive to the guest of
the couple. the lady had to ask the mother of the bride if she can show us
around. luckily, she said yes.

i cornered the lady staff and asked her about your e-mail/blog. she said that,
apparently, there was some misunderstanding. And, they learned a lot from those
mistakes.She said that, to insure the incident will never happen, the garden
cottages are used only for big weddings and conferences. as stated, the pool is

Good thing now is that hotel seems to be well maintained.
they even have a chef that personally took care of our food.

Sadly though, they also repositioned the hotel. They now accept only four
couples per night and house them in the main hotel. they do not have room rates
now only packages. if you check-in all, except lunch, are included.

Even aromatheraphy massage for two.

pricey for 5th to 9th per night? but, come to think of it the rate is reasonable
because aromatheraphy massage, dinner and breakfast for two are included. she
even said kids are free. they will be surprise when my two kids come.

You pave the way for us. our family plans to celebrate the wedding anniversary
of our parents sometimes December. We plan to hire the whole hotel exclusive to
us. thank you for calling their attention. the hotel now is well mantained.

great view of metro manila and of the sky sppecially with their telescope. check first if the astronomer will be there. free form pool. spectacular venue for wedding. pricey but worth. limited to 4 couples only except if there is a wedding or conference. elegant dinner, champagne breakfast, aromatheraphy massage and personalized service. professional chef will even serve your food.

we are having our parents wedding anniversary sometime december 2006. they said that we can have the hotel exclusive for us.

  • Opinion of Price: more expensive than average
  • Related to: Romantic Travel and Honeymoons, Food and Dining, Luxury Travel
  • Written October 29, 2006

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  • ubangk profile photo ubangk
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5 out of 5 starsUser Rating

3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

Seven Suites Hotel Observatory: Under The Stars and Away from the City

We found Seven Suites when we had to celebrate our
anniversary but couldn't leave town due to work, which was
great since it was practically in the city, less than an
hour's drive out.

Judging from the suite we had, the hotel rooms were done up
in a nice, soft-lit style and included all the usual
amenities, like A/C, minibar,and cable TV. We also asked for
a DVD player, and they even provided a few movies from the
hotel selection.

The hotel also does massages and aromatherapy, and the staff
was pretty professional.

The food was good with some really great barbecued ribs and
pizza, and the service was fast.

The rates were a bit steeper than the average, with the we
snagged a weekday rate of about 9,000Php, though the lowest
prices were about 5,000, which included the formal dinner already.

The hotel does events and venue work, which they can hold in
the landscaped areas around the complex. We're thinking of
having the wedding there, given how great our stay was.

The biggest and most unique quality of the hotel was that it
had a huge scientific-grade telescope! They really weren't
calling it an "observatory" for nothing, you could do some
hardcore astronomy with that stuff.

The hotel also had a resident astronomer who helped us use
the telescope and pointed out stars and different sights for

There was a meteor shower the night we were there and we
saw the meteors really up close and personal. Truly awesome.
We also used the free wi-fi with our laptops and "bought" a
star for ourselves on International Star Registry website,
then used the telescope to try to find it. It was so

  • Opinion of Price: more expensive than average
  • Related to: Romantic Travel and Honeymoons, Spa and Resort, Luxury Travel
  • Written October 19, 2006

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  • jgbrillantes profile photo jgbrillantes
  • Reviews: 35

3 out of 5 starsUser Rating

Overlook Resort: Overnight Seminar Accomodations in Antipolo

We stayed in Overlook Resort for the International Association of Students Interested in Economics and Business (AIESEC) Overnight Camp (O'Camp) of the University of the Philippines in Diliman (UPD) Local Chapter (LC).

The resort charged us PHP650.00 for each attendee. The PHP650 includes 3 meals, 2 snacks, overnight accomodations and the use of the facilities. I think it was a bargain.

The resort was quite cramped; doesn't have much room to run around and play games on.

It was also very difficult to find. People in the area didn't know where Overlook Drive is because it's a newly lain road. When we asked where the Overlook Drive is, the locals directed us to the Overlooking, which is a strip of restaurants overlooking Metro Manila. Overlook Drive is far from Overlooking.

From Ortigas Ave. Ext., turn left to the Provincial Rd. Turn to P. Oliveros St. when you reach the Antipolo City Proper. Turn left to Ninoy Aquino Blvd. Continue on the Blvd., passing the Taktak Rd., and entering the Overlook Dr. The resort is at the end of the Dr.

The resort has two pools about 15x8 m^2 each, two seminar rooms, a restaurant and about 30 rooms that can accomodate 4 people each. The rooms have two single beds and a double deck. Each room has a private shower and toilet. Each room is also airconditioned, and has a TV (uncabled). It also has a view of Metro Manila that can be seen from the patio of the bigger of the seminar rooms.

  • Opinion of Price: less expensive than average
  • Related to: Study Abroad
  • Written August 2, 2004
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