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Ben Hur Hotel: Good Price, unreal TV

Saw the room in preparation for some friends coming to town. It's a brand new hotel similar Kobos next door (see my review on that one also) but the rooms have some a massive projection TV in the one I saw. For 80,000 won (USD 70) it's a great deal compared to the 100-200 you'd pay elsewhere.

Price. Location is pretty good (40 mins to airport, all highway driving; 30 mins to downtown, 45 mins to Kangnam). Staff are light on English but there are some good Western bars nearby: Wa Bar, OB Park and Wingswing (great sandwiches!). Subway, Tony Roma's and Outback Steakhouse are a 10-15 minute walk away (just across lovely Yeouido Park). Also 5 min walk to Hangang (Han River) riverside park.

One drawback: window is like 2x4 feet large, and no balconies (but no view anyways).

  • Opinion of Price: less expensive than average
  • Written July 7, 2004
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A standard monitor and the TV. Compare.

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Kims' Guest House: Cheap and Clean

Family-run friendly guesthouse (hostel) for backpackers, travellers, businessmen, etc.

Located in the heart of Seoul. Brand-new facilities. Free breakfast, laundry, ironing and so on. Free tour infomation. Bathrooms with hot water available all the time. Free High speed internet available. Nearby old market. Nearby Hangang(river) park and matyre's museum. Nearby Sinchon region (famous youngsters' street) full of pubs, restaurants, bars, clubs, etc.

Nearby famous universities such as Yonsei, Ewha, Hongik University areas.

Management speaks good English, Japanese, and even a little bit French.

Hmmmm Gives one two thimbs up.

Breakfast Included
Car Parking Available
Internet Access
Bicycle Hire
Wheelchair Friendly
Linen Included
Credit Cards Accepted
Security Lockers
Luggage Storage
Children Friendly
Guest Kitchen
Telephone/Fax Facilities
Travel Desk/Travel Info
No Curfew
Free Internet Access

Rooms: Singles (Including twins) and and a rather progressive 6 bed mixed dorm. Prices are great (Korean Won).

Twin Private 25000
6 Bed Mixed Dorm 20000

  • Opinion of Price: less expensive than average
  • Written September 17, 2004
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Outdoor Area. Kim's Guesthouse. Hapjeong Dong.

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Of Yeogwans and Minbaks: Accomodation in Korea

"Western-styled" Hotels are generally expensive in Korea so why not indulge in a little culture and stay in a traditional inn (yeogwan) or minbak ( homestay ) instead? Not only is the service more personal, you'll enjoy yourself more.
Most of the minbaks and yeogwans I stayed in were good, clean and cheap. Moreover, all of the yeogwans accepted visas whilst minbaks is on a strictly cash basis.
To find a homely yeogwan for yourself, click here.

It's the personal touch that makes a difference. You'll get to make small talk with the local mom and pop who runs the yeogwan.
Did I also mention that all the yeogwans provided me with the basic toiletries and a hot water kettle? Much better than a 5* star hotel, somewhere in Korea, which claimed that providing providing a kettle would cause a blackout on an entire floor. feeble excuse!

  • Opinion of Price: less expensive than average
  • Written March 4, 2004
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A little minbak in Cheju

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Sky Hotel Incheon: Good value place to stay out near Incheon Airport

I was particularly tired and it was pouring with rain when my plane touched down at Incheon so for me the best idea was not to go into Seoul for a night visit afterall but to find somewhere nearby.

best deal i seemed to be able to get when visited first the Hotel desk at Incheon Airport was a few around 90,000 won - or £50 - with breakfast and free internet - but went along to the Tourist office desk which impressively was still open at 730pm which had better deals.

Had guest houses on their books for 35,000-38,000 won but were full or only had rooms for two for 48,000 won which is a lot cheaper still! She then said if it was the case I was happy to pay that then she had a few 2 star but good quality hotels for that price - she recommended though that the Sky Hotel being a 'tourist hotel' was better than her 'two star' hotel.
Internet was free and shuttle bus provided for pick up and bring back. No breakfast though.

This hotel was only 55,000 won or as per my bank statement only £27! A shuttle bus took me right to the undercover arrival area at the main door. Elevators for the 8 or so storey hotel and - it was lovely and clean and very good quality! Tea bags and cups were provided in the room with 24 hour boiling water available on each floor. The hot water in the shower was excellent and huge bottles of shower gel and shampoo and conditioner were provided. huge TV .
and free internet.
Asked by reception what time I wanted the shuttle bus back in the morning. And they waited for me no probs when i was a few minutes late getting down for the 7am shuttle I asked for.
There was a good looking restaurant across the road which i didnt try but at least its choice of many dishes were in pictures!

  • Opinion of Price: less expensive than average
  • Written October 17, 2007
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comfortable and clean

4 more images

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DongBang Motel: Stay in the heart of Seoul I

I won't really want to recommend this place to stay as you'll need to squeeze into a tight alley to look for this place.
Also, finding this place can be a crazy challenge as there's lots of little alleyways in that area. I felt like a Stuart Little in a maze on my first day here.
But on second thoughts, this is probably the cheapest accomodation in the trendy shopping district , MyeongDong, and the subway so there goes.

There's nothing really unique about this place. Just hold your breath when you walk into the alley as there is a restaurant selling piggy entrails somewhere. No offence but the hot smell of boiled pig innards makes my stomach churn faster than you can say "speedy gonzales".
If you do decide to stay, email to the English-speaking owner and reserve a rm for yourself.

  • Opinion of Price: less expensive than average
  • Related to: Budget Travel
  • Written January 12, 2004
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MyeongDong Shopping Area

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Korean Sauna: The cheapest place to spend a night

Spending a night in a sauna might not be something you have previously thought of (or you would EVER think of) when planning a trip to Korea. However, it indeed is possible and there is no cheaper way of spending a night.

A sauna in Korea is more than the actual hot sauna you might wanna go to with the intention to sweat. Most saunas open 24/7 and include spacious shower areas, a spa, a pre-sauna with heated floor and a big TV inside (there always is), one or more actual hot sauna(s), restaurants, small fitness centers and... separate sleeping rooms. These rooms provide mattresses and small wooden and/or cushioned pillows and are, in most cases, right next to or above the respective (male/female) shower area.

Entrance to saunas range from around 3,000 to 5,000 KRW, plus an additional 1,000 KRW for shorts and T-shirt (the actual hot saunas are in a common, i.e. shared area for men and women alike).

For those of you, who only intend to stay for a night or two without much luggage and live on a tight budget... check it out!

Just keep your eyes open for similar signs to the attached one.

  • Opinion of Price: least expensive
  • Related to: Budget Travel
  • Written April 5, 2005
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Sign for a 24-hour Korean sauna

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Bukchon Guesthouse: Korean Style Guesthouse

Another apparently nice option that we visited. Typical Korean house with “ondol” rooms.

How to get there:
-Airport Limusine bus 602-1 to Anguk station.
-Line 3 to Anguk station, exit 3.
Rate: around 30.000 to 50.000

  • Opinion of Price: least expensive
  • Related to: Budget Travel, Family Travel
  • Written May 27, 2005
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Bukchon Guesthouse in Insadong.

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Jongnowon Hotel: Awesome lil hidden hotel

I was turned onto this place by a group of teachers I was working with at a winter camp. It is in walking distance about 10 minutes to Insadong. The closest subway stop is Anguk.

The sign says hotel but it seems more like a higher class pension house.

The rooms are a bit small the word that best came to my mind was cozy. My single room had a large full bed, TV and seperate bathroom. The floors are heated which makes it very comfortable. The service was great. It is a family run place. The son speaks some english but the mother does not she still trys to be very helpful. A small western breakfast is provided however not sure what it is I never got up that early. In the small eating area is a computer with free high speed internet.

Room rates are some of the best I have seen at 28k for a single and 35k for a double. Most backpacker places I have seen are more expensive than them. I would def stay there again.

Rooms are cleaned at your request towels are exchanged at the front desk. There is a washing machine down stairs but there is no dryer so the hanging racks need at least a day down there.

Very close to a bus stop that takes you to Incheon airport for 8000 won. The staff has dominos on speed dial. I lived on mostly rice for a month as a fat guy I needed some I was shocked dominos where I am from in america sucks. In Seoul it really is awesome.

  • Opinion of Price: least expensive
  • Related to: Budget Travel
  • Written February 8, 2006
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Map of the Area

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Recommand some guesthouses in seoul!

When I travelled Europe, i searched for
cheap rooms...because i was a student.
I don't have much money....
Now is the same ..^^

If you have a plan to travel seoul,korea and
you are a student who dont' have much money....
It's a useful information for you.

I recommand some guesthouse.
The price is about $15~$40

Here are................

You can meet many volunteers who want to be close multi national culture and learn other language.
Many of the volunteers are student..maybe...
I think that it's a better choice staying like those than expensive hotels.............

  • Opinion of Price: least expensive
  • Written July 5, 2005

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Friend's House Guesthouse: Guesthouse Accommodations

This is a nice, inexpensive place to stay with easy access to the Subway. It offers Korean style rooms and services. You sleep on a thin mat on the floor which at first I thought might be a bit uncomfortable. Actually, my back did much better over our two week stay.

Bathrooms, two available, are modern with wet floors as Koreans have the shower in the same room as the sink and toilet. Can have a wait if all rooms are occupied. Sometimes the hot water needed to be turned on by the owner at a main switch in the kitchen. I guess they sometimes turn it off if it is "to late" to be using the showers.

Air conditioning is available if you ask for the remote control. Some language barriers that caused a delay in receiving ours.

Breakfast is provided and is plentiful. Somewhat routine each day.

As I mentioned, there are some language barriers. The owner speaks some English but none of the other employees, there are two, spoke any English.

Price is good. Approximately $50.00/50 Won per day for both my wife and I. Total bill was $750.00/750,000 Won for our 15 day stay.

The website indicates they help with local information. They certainly did try to help but you have to be resourceful in finding your own information. This is not a large hotel with related services.

The breakfasts are typical Korean fare. Each day consisted of: A boiled egg, shredded cabbage with sesame oil, tomatoes, toast, kimchi, tea, and some type of fruit. Many times we were also provided with specialty breads. Very filling, healthy, and yummy.

The real draw for us was the constant coming and going of guests. We were able to meet and share with others from all over the world. That is the best reason to stay in this type of accommodation.

  • Opinion of Price: less expensive than average
  • Related to: Family Travel, Study Abroad
  • Written December 17, 2005
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Guesthouse: Guesthouse in Seoul

I hope you can find more impressive and cheaper choice
in this list too.

Yeha Guest house

Holiday in Korea Hostel

Lee and No Guesthouse

Sinabro Guesthouse

Biwon Guesthouse


Carpe Diem Guesthouse

Kim’s Guesthouse



Friend’s house


  • Opinion of Price: less expensive than average
  • Related to: Business Travel, Budget Travel, Backpacking
  • Written September 23, 2008

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June: 9:15am Flight Out, Stay by the Airport

Hotel June is located about 8 minutes away from the Incheon Airport. Our flight leaving South Korea was at 9:15 in the morning. We would need to be at the airport 2 hours before to check in. Seoul is about 1 hour away from the airport. So, spending the night by the airport made sense. I suppose everyone had the same idea and quite a few hotels had no accomodations. We were fortunate to find a room at the Hotel June located in the Airport Town Square. The town is not too appealing. We checked in, went down to the corner to have some dinner. Luckily, we found a wine/liquor store and bought a bottle of wine to have in our room. The store even provided a corkscrew but we had one already.

The room was more pleasant than we expected. You were expected to remove your shoes prior to entering the room. Wood floors and tiled bathroom. A jaccuzi style tub and a regular westernized shower.

The electrical outlets were only 220 volt whereas the Westin and Hilton had both outlets for 220 and 110. A hair dryer is provided but didn't work real well.

The room also had a PC! That surprised me.

Local call to the hotel would be 746.4417, Overseas call to the hotel would be +82.32.746.4417

  • Opinion of Price: about average
  • Related to: Budget Travel
  • Written April 29, 2008
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Airport Town Square

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Hotel Piano: One of Many Love Motels

They understood decent English. Whenever I had a question, they were able to answer me. Of course I didnt ask too many. The rooms are really nice. Actually very nice in my opinion for the money. Usually have a hot tub with flatscreen tvs, along with internet and a dvd player. What ya need a dvd player for Im not sure, but hey....

Windows look right into the side of another building or aparments. Whatever people dont go there for the view.

  • Opinion of Price: about average
  • Related to: Romantic Travel and Honeymoons
  • Written October 5, 2005

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Ibis Ambassador Insadong: Best hotel to stay in the vicinity of Insadong!

I had a seven night stay here (Oct 13-20, 2013) : GREAT location! Good enough facilities for a tourist (though the gym is pretty basic, it has great floor mats for stretching, and I NEEDED that HUGE Hot Tub for my overworked legs and sore back!), attentive service, free (mostly active) wireless internet plus computer facilities in the lobby, very close to Insadong (I can see the hotel at the end of the road from the red letter box meeting point in Insadong)! Looked like I made the right choice with this brand new hotel with nice rooms, great shower etc etc!

I would recommend this hotel because I would stay here, again! Even my Seoraksan Day Trip Tour Guide concurs it's the best location to stay for Insadong (he said that was why this hotel was built)!

Huge hot tub! :-)

Seoul's oldest hanoks are just across the road from the hotel (behind the row of shops) - you can access from the side lane on the left or right of the shops!

Very close to Insadong (five minutes walk) and you can even see Insadong from outside the hotel! Desktop computers in lobby for guest us.

Would certainly chose the Ibis Ambassador Insadong over the Ibis Ambassador Myeong-dong, in view of its quieter location and closeness to Insa-dong, which I find preferable to Myeong-dong. The Ibis Ambassador Myeong-dong is located on a very busy road intersection!

I was also told by the Ibis Ambassador Myeong-dong hotel reception that their hot tub is half the size of Ibis Ambassador Insadong's!

  • Opinion of Price: less expensive than average
  • Related to: Historical Travel, Arts and Culture, Photography
  • Written October 14, 2013
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The 'Old Seoul' amidst the new - view from window!

3 more images

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3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

HEY Guesthouse: Cheapest Guesthouse in Seoul

Located in the Northeastern part of Seoul, this guest house offers
beds from 10,000 won a night, has a very nice big screen HDTV,
a free washing machine, two FAST computers with free Internet,
and is near a 24-hour convenience store, fast food places and
the Meokgol metro stop.

Exit Meokgol Metro station using Exit #1 and turn right at the street corner.
Walk up a couple of blocks (3 or 4) and pay close attention to the telephone
poles on the street. one of them will have a small "HEY ->" sign written in blue ink.
Turn right and the guest house is a couple of buildings down the small alley. The entrance says "HEY Guesthouse", again in blue ink above the door leading to the staircase.
The guesthouse is on the second floor, Apt. # 201.

Brand new place, free ameneties, friendly owner.

  • Opinion of Price: least expensive
  • Related to: Budget Travel
  • Written March 8, 2006

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