Baiyoke Boutique Hotel

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120/359 Rajprarop Rd, Rajthevee, Bangkok, 10400, Thailand

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Baiyoke Boutique Hotel
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    Baiyoke Boutique is essentially a class below Baiyoke Sky but you get what you pay for! Here's how my trip went....

    I got caught by an unethical taxi driver at the airport who insisted I pay his rate instead of the meter and he flared up in the taxi along the way. He dropped me off at Baiyoke Sky instead of Baiyoke Boutique and was angry and demanded more money. Advice is when he haggle for a fixed rate in the airport, get out immediately and change your taxi driver. Some of the drivers in Thailand are notorious and they could take you to weird places. That said..

    Baiyoke Boutique hotel is not the easiest to find if it is your first time in Bangkok because you may need to walk through an alley from Pratunam night market. It is just behind Baiyoke Sky Hotel and probably a 3 minute walk away (check Google Maps if you are unsure). Fortunately, my partner and I knew the way and walked there (after muttering an expletive to the driver who didn't understand of course).

    I found a 39 SGD for a night's stay at this hotel on Agoda and booked for two nights. The receptionists were friendly and could communicate with us pretty well. As usual, bellhops would want to carry your baggage but they can be refused with a polite no. It is good to note that the hotel's time to check in is at 1400 and time to check out is at 1200. Lifts are also really small so be mindful of your baggage (if it is too big you will find that it can still go in but it will probably be just your baggage and yourself and possibly a kid).

    I stayed on the 9th floor and the hotel was well, like I said earlier, you pay for what you get. The bedsheets had small stains on it and they provided two pillows and two furry zebra cushions (which looked dirty so I left it on the floor). The fridge was dirty with hair on top of it and leaking in it but the good thing is that the 2 bottles of water in there is complimentary. You also get a small TV with a variety of channels and a host of other knick knacks (hair dryer, kettle etc). The toilet was really small and I am pretty fat (so fat people take note of this), you can maneuver around but just at a slow pace (or maybe because I am fat lol).

    Sleep was not the most comfortable as you can feel the springs of the bed when you lie down. The toilet had ants crawling over the toilet bowl and sink but that's a small issue for me. The real issue for me is that the shower head has a really slow/small jet of water coming out and it would take you a long while to shower. I didn't like the idea of standing in there for about 25 mins just to bathe properly when I could take 15 with a proper shower head. But like I said, you get what you pay for.

    This hotel has its good points though. The concierge have a team of men who are always friendly and willing to help out. The location of the hotel is a short 2-3 min walk away from Indra Square, the Pratunam morning markets on weekends and many street vendors selling food, drinks etc. It is 10 min away from the Platinum Fashion Mall (or could be longer if you are distracted by the street vendors on the way there) and the main road. Also, the Ratchaprarop Station on the "Airport Rail Link Route" is about a 5-7 min walk away (when you come out of the hotel, turn left and try to find the next main road OR ask the concierge). You can take the train to Phaya Thai and change trains to go elsewhere (e.g. Mo Chit for Chatuchak or Siam etc) There is also a free shuttle service to a few places e.g. Siam Paragon, Chatuchak located at Baiyoke Sky hotel.

    Overall, it is a good place to stay if you are on a budget. However, you have to put up with the above issues I mentioned. Thanks for reading this review and I hope you have a great time in BKK as much as I did.

    Unique Quality: Location, Price

    Directions: When you see the Baiyoke Sky entrance, walk all the way to the end on the left of the entrance, turn right into a small alley, walk straight all the way in.

    You will see Curry Pot (Indian Restaurant) on the way in.

  • crisgastardo's Profile Photo

    So chic, clean and homey!


    It really is a wonder that baiyoke has offered us a nice stay for 4 full days at an affordable cost.

    Unique Quality: Elevators are good and always at service; buffet breakfast is satisfactory notwithstanding the repititive buffet sets (the only downside though); clean and chic lobby with a restaurant/cafe that serves good thai foods

    Directions: Interior portion of the Baiyoke Sky Hotel, the tallest building in Bangkok. It is precisely at the center of the city, surrounded by souvenir shops and malls.

More about Baiyoke Boutique Hotel

Wholesale Shopping

by xuessium about Pratunam and Baiyoke Markets: Indra Square

Sited in the Pratunam area, flanked by a number of hotels such as the Indra Regent, The Baiyoke Sky & the Baiyoke Boutique, I stumbled upon this paradise of wholesale shopping.

Unlike the body-to-body packed JJ Market and MBK, the Centre is almost devoid of tourists....which quite honestly, is quite god-sent! You'll see more of locals here.....hunting for the next available bargain. I wandered the Centre in awe, struck by the choices I faced. You'll get boutiques selling a galaxy of choices: Fashion men and women casual and work clothes, silk garments, toys, undergarments, souvenirs etc.

There is a food court here on the 2F, operating in the same Modus Operandi of the 6F food court in MBK Center. You buy coupons in denominations of 100 Bahts, pay for your food in these coupons, and get your fund on unused coupons before the end of the same day.

Open daily from 09:00 - 19:30.

And if Indra Square does not satisfy your insatiable need to spend Bahts till the last drop, the Platinum Fashion Mall (Think Chatuchak Market in a mall) is just walking distance away, another labyrinth of wandering eyes and sharp noses, digging for the next cheap and good deal. And on the weekends, the Pratunam Weekend Flea Market springs into life, clogging the streets around Pratunam with more human traffic. So how much Bahts you have in your wallet/purse/pockets? (grin) So how much Bahts you have in your wallet/purse/pockets? (grin)

Day 2 - Chatuchak Wknd Mkt / Dinner @ Baiyoke Sky

by pingerrain

"Taking the BTS Skytrain"

We walked to the BTS station from our hotel (it was quite a distance as the short cut was blocked by a construction project) and when we reach there, we were a little on the sweaty side. But nevertheless, we made it there.

To our amazement, the BTS systems are the old Singapore MRT system when we had our **magnetic cards, but the twist here is that, they used the magnetic cards for per-way trip and the tap cards for the *season pass holders.

~Tip to note~

*Season pass holders (a.k.a BTS Skypass) get rebates (eg. single way 20BHT per trip, but season pass is like 18BHT) and it is faster not having to go to the machine everytime we reach a station to take the train to another place.

The season pass is 130BHT with 100BHT amount for the travelling and 30BHT card fee.
I suggest people who are going to straight top up their season pass to like 200BHT initially cause minimum top up amount is 100BHT.

The season pass can be used up to five years.
And the best part is that even if you dun finish all the amount in the card at the end, you can always keep it as a souvenir, because
magnetic card usually will be taken back by the automated gantry when you exit. :)

Magnetic cards can be bought from the machines you see in the picture.
The stations are divided into zones, in total 6 zones. Look at the station and note the zone, check the pricing for the zone and then you can proceed to buy your tickets in a breeze.

The buttons on the machines are the numbers of the zone, so just punch the buttons (it will light up) and put in the coins for the trip.
Please note also that one machine can only process one ticket at a time, so make use of as many available machines as possible if you are in a big group.

Then again, season pass is the best way to go.

"Chatuchak Weekend Market!!"

The train ride to the market is about 15mins.

Although getting to it is easy feat, but getting in and around the market is a tough case.

*** It's best you get a map of the Chatuchak market which is available at some of the stalls, you got to look out for it.. (I will try to get my copy scan and place up here, at the moment my scanner's not working, so please be patient)

You may also want to drop by this artist: Peach's shop inside Chatuchak; he's very talented in drawing and I had bought one tshirt he drawn on the spot!!
You also can find him on

"Dinner @ Baiyoke Sky"

We took the whole morning until afternoon in Chatuchak then retire back to our hotel for an afternoon nap.. (It's quite hectic considering we arrived in Bangkok only in the wee hours of morning!!

We then proceed on to take on the promotion discount the hotel (Baiyoke Boutique) provided to a buffet at Baiyoke sky (their sister hotel)

(Got to remember to dig out the coupon so I can tell you how much was it)

***Anyway, it's advisable to book EARLY for the buffet, to the extend you may one to book a day earlier and best not taking the last 1 or 2 hours slots.. Take the first few available hours!!! Cause the food will not be fantastic when the buffet hours are finishing..

But the view is great!! Because it's the tallest building in Bangkok!!

"Carousel viewing platform @ top of Baiyoke Sky"

After dinner, we went all the way up the building to enjoy the spectacular view of the city night lights!!

Jun Quan wanted to smoke up there (He said it would be cool to smoke at the top of bangkok!!) But there's a "NO SMOKING" sign up there~~

For those who are afraid of heights, you can really try this cause it isn't that scary and the wind up there is great~ (if it is windy.. It was then when we were there though...)

You need not to walk one round around the top, the platform turns.. (That's y i called it a carousel!)

There is only one exit so be mindful of people coming in and out, and there is a windchime at the top which provides a nice feeling of relaxation while the wind blows (actually it acted more like "you are getting near to the exit...")




Homes along the Chao Praya riverHomes along the Chao Praya river

Looking at the Rama VIII Bridge from boatLooking at the Rama VIII Bridge from boat

Forum Posts

feedback on Baiyoke Boutique Hotel and directions from Suvarnabhumi

by probpt

Im staying in the Baiyoke Boutique Hotel tomorrow. I have a couple of questions:

1.) what are your feedback/comments on the hotel
2.) how do i get from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Baiyoke Boutique Hotel?

any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Which hotel to take First House/Baiyoke Suite/Baiyoke Boutique Hotel?

by jackost

Done some research and these hotel are on the cheaper range.
Currently stuck between the choices.

Anyone pls help, travelling with my wife who is focusing on shopping only.
Main issue and important aspect is that during night time, the hotel area won't be dark and dangerous after returning from night trip.

Pls advice. thanks a million

Re: Which hotel to take First House/Baiyoke Suite/Baiyoke Boutique Hotel?

by MichaelDovey

The Baiyoke Suite hotel is very close to the Baiyoke Sky Hotel, and these are both in Pratunum, which is great for clothes shopping. The Hotels are basically in the market area. I have stayed at the Baiyoke on my last 3 visits to Bangkok, and I feel very safe in the area. It is also not far to walk to the old World Trade Centre shopping centre, and the Skytrain.
The area is also well lit and I have always felt very safe.
Hope you have a great time



Re: Which hotel to take First House/Baiyoke Suite/Baiyoke Boutique Hotel?

by jackost

Is First House and Baiyoke Suite located side by side ?

Re: Which hotel to take First House/Baiyoke Suite/Baiyoke Boutique Hotel?

by urbanmale_tods

I vote for Baiyoke Boutique - at least they are "new" as they are refurbished not too long ago.

Baiyoke Suite have new lobby, big rooms but very old and aging room facilities. Run-down air-con and cabinets.

Both have very good location in Pratunam - close to wholesale garment centre, vendors and fsahion mall.

No comments on Furst House - never encounter with it before.

Baiyoke Boutique's Shuttle Bus to Siam Discovery

by nexusangel

Has anyone taken this shuttle bus?
Any idea if it picks up from Siam Discovery to Baiyoke Boutique as well?

Re: Baiyoke Boutique's Shuttle Bus to Siam Discovery

by cranky

I just stayed there last week for 3 nights. Did not take the shuttle, but i remember being told that the shuttle is available only 1 way ie. from the hotel out. By the way it is a shuttle van based on 1st come 1st served available on an hourly basis.

Hope this helps.

Re: Baiyoke Boutique's Shuttle Bus to Siam Discovery

by wolfee600

If i recall correctly the service starts at 10am and hourly basis.
Be sure to ask for a number from the security guard there.
If you dun have a number you'll be taking your chances and the staff will try to squeezz you in if they can..
It is only a one way trip..

Travel Tips for Bangkok

Respect the Royal family

by heryanta

The King and Queen of Thailand is very revered by the people; so much that sometimes it felt almost in a religious way.

All over Bangkok you will see the pictures of the King and Queen; either in shops, restaurants, or even posters on the road.
When you go to the cinema, before the film start they will play a song in admiration for the King and people are expected to stand up in respect.

I know it can all be too much for a Westerner, but please refrain yourself from making fun of the Royal family and the Thai's admiration of them. This will be very offensive to most Thai.
The Thai are very polite and gracious people, if you make fun of the Royal family they probably will just smile and leave rather than try to argue, but when you disrespect their King you will lose their respect immediately.

Dried Fruits

by machomikemd

Dried fruits (or dehydrated fruits as thai's would say) are plentiful in bangkok, you can buy them anywhere. they cost about 90 baht (3 USD) a pack and you can select from many kinds like pineapple, mango guava, tamarind, pomelo, jackfruit and a lot more! It is cheaper to buy in MBK than in places like Siam Paragon, Siam Square, Central World or Gaysorn.

Watching Cricket

by Hewer

If you find yourself in Bangkok and want to watch a cricket match taking place elsewhere in the world, head to Wall Street on Sukhumvit Soi 33. They show all major international matches and the bar has a nice laid back atmosphere. I've been there a couple of times over the past few years and they always show it on the big screen.

You can also watch cricket at "Bus Stop" halfway down Soi 4. This is an open air beer garden. This is in the heart of a red-light district but the atmosphere in the bar is fine. I wouldn't recommend it at the moment though because there is construction going on next door (due for completion mid-2006).


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 Baiyoke Boutique Hotel

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