Evason Phuket Resort Six Sens

100 Vised Road, Tambon Rawai, Muang Dist., , Phuket, 83130, Thailand

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    A quiet and pleasant stay


    This hotel has a romantic and quiet feel to it.

    It also has its own private island beach, which means that no noisy outsiders around.

    The only downside is that it is far from the airport. But thats why it is much quieter

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    Evason Duplex Pool Suite


    Now, this is the way to do a luxury holiday!

    We really enjoyed staying at this suite. We ended up here for 5 days after the pool villa. We kept extending until it was booked out by someone else.

    The pool is fantastic, it's lined with beautiful teal green stones which come from Bali. It is nice and warm too, as the villa we had got plenty of sun. I noticed that another one we looked at, two villas down, didn't get much sun, so that one probably wasn't as warm.

    The views beyond the pool are stunning too, as you can see from the first picture here. The sala to the side of the pool has comfortable lounges in it and is a great place to relax out of the sun. It has speakers in it too, so you can pipe your music through from the rooms.

    There is also an outdoor setting where you can eat meals.

    Unique Quality: The rooms are very comfortable, with a king size bed and plenty of room. There are both indoor and outdoor showers, which are a bit of a novelty. Both rooms have a bathroom and mini bar. You can either have both rooms as bedrooms or one bedroom and a living room.

    Breakfasts are included with this suite and are served at the Into the View Restaurant, which is a stunning place to sit and eat. Breakfasts are good, there are a wide variety of foods to choose from and you can even have a champagne breakfast, as Prosecco is also offered with the drinks.

    One of my favourite features was the outdoor bath. It is a large bath set into one of the lilly ponds, just off the bedroom. You can open the bedroom doors, so that it's almost like bathing in your room. We put on Michael Buble dvd's to watch from the bath and enjoyed a bit of a singalong, whilst enjoying our champagne, which was a lot of fun. Even more fun than that, was the little frogs that started chirping like birds. They are the cutest frogs I've ever seen. On the first night there was a frog on a lilly pad, chirping away, I began to make sounds back to it and the next thing I knew, it turned to face me and was answering. He ended up jumping onto my hand! I freaked a bit, dropping my champagne in the bath, but got used to it and was more prepared for other friendly frog visits.

    Directions: The turn off is opposite and just after the Seashell Museum.

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    Evason Pool Villa Suite


    Our stay at the pool villa was very nice. I really like to have privacy at any place I stay, so that's what I most enjoyed.

    The bed was comfortable and the bathroom was fun, really different, especially the orange frogs in there, we had two. They made for a great ambience, and very environmentally friendly solution to the mosquitos. The Evason prides itself on its ecologically sound management of its resorts.

    Unique Quality: I was impressed with the complementary mosquito repellent, after sun skin and hair care. A nice touch.

    Breakfast is included with this room and is served in the sensational Into the View Restaurant. Amazing sea views from there.

    This room includes a lot of walking, including steps, so if you have any problems with mobility, it would be best to avoid this one.

    Directions: The turnoff is opposite and just after the Seashell Museum.

More about Evason Phuket Resort Six Sens

Spa and Massage

by phuket101

Something that you you should definitely not miss on your visit to Phuket or Thailand is the massage or spa services on offer because the Thai massage and spa experience is unique and has an identity of its own. Thai therapists are experts and gifted in this field as Thai massage is part of the Thai culture as children have been taught to massage their elders since ancient times.

There is a big difference between the service offered between a spa, and your normal massage parlor. A massage shop concerns itself primarily with relaxation and easing discomfort, usually with little consideration for atmosphere.

As well as providing excellent massage services, spas also create an ambience where the taste, smell, sounds and touch are created to ensure that not only your body and your mind find complete relaxation and peace. The also provide services to increase your beauty and health such as scrubs, wraps, baths and facial treatments.

There are a great many places providing massage in Phuket, alongside beaches and in small shops along the roadside with prices range anywhere from 150 to 500 baht depending on the location. Please consider spending a little more money and choose to use a day spa, as you can be sure that the level of service that you will receive will be higher. If you use a service as mentioned above, you may have to endure the therapists talking and gossiping between themselves, answering their mobile phones, all whilst you try and have a relaxing massage. Also, they may not use standardized equipment such as massage oil which are full of chemicals that maybe bad for your skin. Even worse if you are a man. At some places the therapist will invite you to partake in sexual services which is against the law in Thailand.

Phuket have two main types of spa to choose from; the day spa and the resort spa.

There are lots of day spas available:

Rain Tree Spa: Located in Phuket Town, the Rain Tree Spa is a medium sized spa with a very cool and pleasant atmosphere. They offer a good service including massage, body scrub and body wrap but do not offer bathing. Also, they do not have personal steam rooms, so you may have to share with others.

Cheraaim Spa:Is a large day spa situated opposite Central Festival very close to Phuket Town. They offer a variety of treatments, and their specialty is the hot stone treatment.

Sukko Spa: Is a large day spa located in the southern half of Phuket, about 10 minutes south of Phuket Town. When entering Sukko Spa, it is like entering a new town because of the way the staff dress, the buildings are decorated in Thai art and artifacts, and the atmosphere is that of ancient Thai culture. This is the one place to find the complete range of services available at the highest of quality. You can choose a completely personal experience and use the Spa Villas, or use the popular pavilion where you may share the steam/Jacuzzi rooms with others.

Other than the spa services, there are many activities on offer that are design to cultivate your body and mind, including many traditional Thai cultural & wellness activities including Muay Thai Chaiya, Thai Cooking, Thai Massage lesson, Fruit Carving, Ashtanga Yoga and more.

Sukko Spa were proud to recently receive first place in day spa category of the Thailand Tourism Awards 2008, presented by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Body@Mind : Is a small day spa that is beautifully presented and will help you feel completely relaxed and calm as soon as you walk in the door. There are several branches located at several famous beaches in Phuket including Patong Beach, Karon Beach etc. each offering the complete spa experience.

Regarding resort spas in Phuket, there are many famous places available, but the prices increase a lot, and the atmosphere and ambience can vary a lot between different locations. Almost all hotels and resorts in Phuket offer spa services, but many places may not have professionally trained staff, and quality of equipment and service comparable with most day spa that specialize in the spa service. Recommended resort spas in Phuket are:

Mandara Spa at JW Marriott: If you’re not concerned about being somewhat out of the way (situated in the northern part of Phuket Island, approximately 40km away from Phuket Town) and don’t need to be close to tourist attractions, this is an extremely elegant resort spa. All of the rooms are exquisitely presented, and the products used throughout are well known brands of top quality. The service charges are higher than usual, although the staff are well trained, but still comparable with those in your normal day spa.

Six Senses Spa at Evason: This is another famous resort spa, situated on top of a hill offering beautiful views of the eastern side of Phuket. The staff here is a mixture of both Thai and international people. The prices are similar to other resort spas found in Phuket.

Banyan Tree Spa: Is a world class spa of the highest standard, with elegant décor and great service, they have won many awards. If you’re not worried about budget, then this is maybe what you’re looking for.

In conclusion, if you haven’t got a huge budget and you’ve never tried either massage or spa services, it’s probably best to try a day spa who’s website you have checked and been able to compare the prices along with services offered. Also, you may be able to get a discount, as many have special offers for internet booking. But if you have a high budget, or are not concerned with you budget, then we recommend you try one of Phuket’s famous day spas first, and then compare it with the experience at one of the resort spas, so that you can see the difference in styles and service and you can be sure to get the best possible experience of real Thai spas and massage.

Restaurants Service Below Standard, Overall Stay Ok

by TripAdvisor Member A&TLuxury

We enjoyed our stay in Evason Phuket. There are some good experiences and not so good ones to share.

Good Experiences:
1. Upgrade of Rooms
2. Room Service was prompt
3. Reception and Security were friendly
4. Room design was innovative
5. Excellent Service by only 1 particular male waiter – Into The Beach Restaurant
6. Excellent Service by only 1 particular male supervisor – Into Thai Restaurant

Bad Experiences:
1. Infinity Pool was too small and deck chairs nearby were forever occupied. The area was a bit too cramp and too little deck chairs.
2. The food cooked in (Into Thai Restaurant) was not consistent; we ordered the same food for 2 consecutive dinners and it tasted terrible on the latter.
3. Satay was not cooked and waiter just took away and returned the satay again. There was not even a single word of politeness – Into Thai Restaurant
4. The waiters and waitresses at the restaurants – Into The View, Into The Beach, Into Thai were not warm and unfriendly, they just mutter what they are suppose to say. There was no initiative and politeness.
5. The service at the pool was extremely slow; the waiters were not attentive though we place the signal flag for service. We had to wait a long while for the drinks and food.
6. The lady at the VCD rental room was professional and cold. There was no warmth in the tone of her voice and reply was forced.

Overall, the stay was fairly good and could be better if Evason improves their staff service standards. It is actually these little gestures that could make a resort stay a more memorable one.

Not what we expected

by TripAdvisor Member CeeBee1

I have just returned from a three night stay at the Evason Phuket. I was travelling with a friend and we orginally had planned to stay 8 nights. We checked out after three nights, unfortunately, we were unable to leave any earlier.

The hotel was a great disapointment. This website fairly lists the hotel as three star but a lot of the brochures and travel agents pitch this as a 4 - 4.5 star hotel which it isn't.

It really is a mixed bag. Parts of it are very good and others are just plain bad.

The Rooms:
We stayed in an Evason Deluxe which was very small and not too clean. The cups and saucers looked like they hadn't seen the light of day, let alone a wash in several months. There was still a ring around the inside of one of the cups from it's last use.
We had to ring reception and ask for:
Face towels
Hand towels
Iron and ironing board
A bottle opener
Tea and coffee
Clean mugs

The rooms are also very small. Our room was located on what could only be described as a main thoroughfair. A buggy passed by at 6am each morning spraying for bugs and was extremely noisy. The smell was also pretty bad.

The rooms are located in a concrete jungle of buildings all of which can only be reached by a lengthy walk from reception. 550 steps to reception and 300 to the restaurants and pool.

Our outdoor setting was covered in bird excrement and obviously hadn't been cleaned in a long time.

There are exposed power lines all over the place too.

The pools are nice but the infinity pool only has space for about 8 chairs and then room for another 10 around to the side of the pool towards another restaurant - which has a constant stream of people walking past on their way to lunch.

The infinity pool also has a really grubby mark all the way around the palm tree in the pool which I can only guess is some kind of moss. A little off putting I have to say.

Bon Island is lovely, but a pain to get to and you really have to plan your day. If you leave anything behind in the room, there is no easy walk back to get it.

The food was good and the staff were quiet friendly but I wouldn't rave about the service either. It certainly isn't for those who dont like stairs. The place is full of them. Also, the main walk ways are finished in polished concrete so they can be very slippery during rain periods.

Overall, I wouldn't recommend the hotel if you are looking for a 4 - 5 star experience. You can get much better value for money at other hotels on the island.

I have to say that the stay at the Evason was a real disapointment and wont be going back.


by A TripAdvisor Member

We had a fantastic holiday at the Evason... all the good points seem to have been picked up by other reviews but I feel I should add the following:

We had the deluxe room and as per other reviews, it was absolute luxury. An added bonus was the CD player which has speakers above the bath! The views from the balcony were beautiful...

Everywhere was completely spotless - it sounds strange but I thought I should mention the toilets which are the best I have ever seen in a hotel/resort.

Just Kids - Childrens Club
Not many people have mentioned this in their reviews but the Just Kids Club is brilliant. While my daughter (age 7) was there she made T'Shirts, Candles, Tie Dye wraps and numerous art works - she loved every minute. The Childrens Club workers were really special and made my daughter feel really welcome. While she was there both me and my husband went to the Infinity Pool (adults only) for some time to ourselves.

Bon Island
Absolutely beautiful.... about three foot into the water we were surrounded by tropical fish which fed from our hands. Who needs to go scuba diving!

The only downside to the holiday is that there was not much to do on an evening after our evening meal. The place seemed very quiet (the Evason was feeling the effects of bookings being down after the tsunami at the time).

All in all however I would recommend the Evason for everyone - especially those with young children. A superb holiday in beautiful surroundings... 10/10

postcard perfect

by TripAdvisor Member HowardCCC

Just came back from a trip to do some RR. This resort is truly a treat, I'm surprised that this site only rates it as a 3 star property. The service from the time you step into the resort, is unmatched to any where I have stayed in Phuket (and I have been 4 times). To give you an example, between the trip from my room to the infinity pool (overlooking the Andaman sea), we were greeted about four times by all forms of staff; every second day we received a call asking if there was anything they could do to improve our stay. Anyway, for the purpose of this site and people thinking about staying, here are some pros and cons:


- service
- pools (3) all excellent one for kids with a waterslide, and second near thegarden for swimming, and the third, the infinity pool, purely for the view will amaze you.
- the food is top notch (I am a chef) the executive chef is French and the other chefs are well qualified.
- the buffet breakfast, which I understand, is usually included in most holiday deals is very good with eight different fresh juices, cooked to order omlette, pancakes, french toast, and freshly baked croissants. All this effort for a resort that includes breakfast is truly remarkable. Not to mention the view from the restuarant overlooking the sea.
- ban island. The resort owns its own island which visitors have exclusive access to, you do not need to go to phi phi island, as this one has the same character and also snorkel just two meters off the beach and you will swim with tropical fish, no kidding.
- the rooms ( we stayed in a deluxe room ) was well appointed, beautiful large bathrooms great comfy beds all designed modern in an environmently friendly semi tropical theme.
- free dvd hire
- we received a complimentary massage at their spa too, amazing, the ultimate relaxation.


- the distance from the main wing (where we stayed) to the infinity pool and restaurants (but there is a very effiecient shuttle bus system)
- the distance from the resort to patong and other areas, even though we loved just staying at the resort
- food a bit pricy, but you do get what you're paying for

tips: buy snacks, drinks from the local store just outside the resort gate e.g. a bottle of water (even though you get 2 free every day) from the pool bar 140baht, at the local shop - 15baht, no joke. Catch a taxi there too, you will save about 100 baht per person getting to patong beach as opposed to the shuttle bus from the resort (which is charged).

We are planning to return April next year, you won't regret staying at this resort.


by TripAdvisor Member SanClemente

I would not disagree with any of the positive points raised in previous reviews. Also I find some of the negative ones suprising. The resort seemed very clean and so was the room. The staff are very nice and friendly. We stayed in a deluxe seaview room which was great. The deluxe rooms are above the main reception area therefore are handy for the library, guest services, and lobby bar. The downside is they are quite a distance from the restaurants and pools but there is a very regular shuttle. (Every 5 mins).

A couple of points to note:

1. The driveway feels very long in the humid heat and if you go to the shop at the end of the drive to stock up on water, beer and snacks (I suggest you do, the prices in the resort are hideous, but they are in all 'quality' resorts) take a backpack to stock up. Incidentally, the shop near the end of the driveway does a very good taxi service, about a third of the price of the hotel 'limos'.

2. The chambermaid service is erratic to say the least, she can come from about 9:30am till about 4:00pm. Not a problem if you're out all day but it can be annoying if you are back early.

3. At the end of the driveway the first restaurant on the left that proclaims 'seafood and Thaifood' is great, a very good lunch (4 dishes) with a few beers will set you back a total of about 300B. Many locals eat here and it's great.

4. Remember the drinks and meal prices are all + 10% service charge and taxes too.

5. Rawai beach has some great seafood restaurants a fraction of the price of the hotel.

6. I would highly recommend the John Gray Sea Canoe Trip - and ask PhuketRichard (the local expert on the Tripadvisor Phuket Forums) about the elephant rehab place, it's great. In fact Richard can book you on the sea canoe trip at no extra cost. Richard and his wife Megumi and really nice and helpful people.

7. There is a great and very professional massage place called 'Jasmine' if you turn left at the end of the drive and walk past the 7-11. It costs 250B for an hour's Thai massage - one tenth of most hotel spa prices.

I've just re-read this review and it does seem that we're obsessed about prices and we're not - just don't get ripped off by hotel chains when you can support the local businesses and save loads of cash!

Would we go back there? Yes.

Definitely Not luxury, but OK for a package tour

by TripAdvisor Member RJB

We have just completed our Thailand trip with 3 nights at the Evason. We were looking for a resort that could give us a private pool and a decent sized suite or villa for a sensible price - at the Evason, this came out at £400 inc tax and breakfast ($550) per night for a c 90 sq m 'pool suite'. We had experienced an Evason-run Six Senses Spa in Dubai last year and were VERY positive about it. To put our trip in context, we came here after stays at the Pen in Bangkok and the new MO in Chiang Mai.

The first bad sign was when, a week before our departure, I saw a UK tour operator selling 14 nights at The Evason - with flights from the UK - for just £850 ($1,300) per person. That's £1,700 for a couple for 14 nights WITH flights (albeit for a standard non sea-view room) compared with £1,200 we were paying for just 3 nights and no flights, albeit in a pool suite.

When we arrived, I instantly realised the mistake we had made. The Evason has 260 rooms / suites / villas, of which the majority are standard hotel-type rooms, often sold, at least in the UK, by package tour operators. The resort was overrun by the shaven headed, the overweight and the tattooed. Standards of service and food quality had also been pitched to meet the 'package' end of the market.

The resort itself is, in general, VERY tired. Ugly white concrete blocks. Even worse were the roadways around the resort, which had clearly been dug up many times. Evason did not build this resort but took it over from someone else, and it certainly shows. We were actually staying in the new 'sundeck' wing, completed this Summer. This is Evason's attempt to appease the higher spenders, and it does work. The architecture is softer and fits into the landscape better, the rooms are bright with good sea views (although the private pools are small - about 8 foot x 8 foot) and - most importantly - there is a separate 'concierge' room with very helpful private 'butlers' and a more upmarket range of books, newspapers and DVD's to borrow than are available in the main library.

The Spa was a huge disappointment. It looked as old as the rest of the resort and was not attractive. Even worse, the treatment my girlfriend wanted was not available, despite being listed in the hotel guide left in the car that collected us from the airport. This could be linked to the fact that the same hotel guide said a nearby attraction was 'due to be closed for the whole of 2003'. There were some good things about the resort. I was attracted by the idea of the private island where the resort has its beach, and the boat ride out there each day was very pleasant. Most unpleasant was breakfast, where the package tourists were out in force and the fare nowhere near justified the £10 per person per day cost.

Evason seems to be trying to drag this resort upmarket. However, short of demolishing the other 85% of the rooms and rebuilding them in the style of the new block, they have no chance. If I were them I would ditch the whole resort before it hurts their brand even further. Oddly, I WOULD recommend the Evason if you can get it as part of a cheap package holiday. High-end travellers should look elsewhere.

Good service at Evason

by TripAdvisor Member wan234


having joined as an evason spirit member whilst i was at the evason hua hin last time, i was offered a special rate for the rooms inclusive of breakfast.

the service was excellent and friendly and they allowed late check out till 4p.m.

the rooms are typical evason style and i do agree that the look is a bit outdated. however, they do provide very comfortable beds and very nice amenities. we loved the lemongrass body lotion and shower gel.

Overall, we have a nice stay at the resort and its definitely a relaxing one.

Forum Posts

Weather Phuket in August

by brilly

Hi, we are at present planning honeymoon and really liked the look of the Evason Phuket, but on reading Rough guide we noticed that August is Monsoon and advises about heavy rainfall, we really want to laze on the beach and dont see any point in going to Phuket for it to be overcast or in fact raining. Can you please advise ( and please be really brutally honest ). Any previous visitors to The Evason, comments would be good to, thanks.

RE: Weather Phuket in August

by TedKarma

August IS rainy season - so you can expect some rain. Sometimes it might rain for days - but more typical is heavy rain at night - overcast skys in the daytime - and a heavy afternoon thundershower (often just 30-60 minutes) followed by clearing skies.

Best place to look? Phuket Weather page:


this page has current weather, forecasts, seasonal/monthly averages and links to weather histories where you can look for last years weather at the time you want to come.


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