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casual relaxed atmosphere

by TripAdvisor Member rowoneplease

After having visited Club Med Lindeman Island 12 years ago I wasnt sure what to expect this time.

What I found was very pleasing, I knew in advance from having being on this website that the resort was tired and needed a refurb. This was true, however we were prepared to overlook these things if other aspects of the resort were pleasing.

What we found was the staff though young were more than eager to be of assistqnce. Our check-in and being taken to our Ocean Front room was expedient. I do recommend paying the little extra to get this upgrade.

Our room had magnificent views, an LCD television and a kingsize bed. The ensuite was just adequate.

The buffet at every meal was outstanding you could either be very healthy or just a little healthy. The service from the bar was quick and friendly.

Overall we found Lindeman Island to be a good value holiday. Sure the islands structures are a little overworked but your not there to inspect bulding quality, you go to Lindeman to relax, unwind, drinkup and eatup. Leave the critic at home.

Needs a Maintenance Overhaul

by TripAdvisor Member kcjayhawk11

My spouse and our two children, ages 3 and 5 have just returned from a week at Club Med Lindeman Island. Overall we had a good time. The view is absolutely beautiful but that is where the beauty ends. We stayed in interconnecting ocean-front rooms equipped with the worst bathrooms I have ever seen in a hotel room. The mold was plentiful, the insufficient vanity was falling apart, and dirt/mold/dust lay in thick layers in the shower vent and floor drain. The room smelled of mold.

The dining room felt dirty. The windows needed a good cleaning and gigantic cobwebs hung from every corner of the ceiling. Sometimes ants crawled on the tables. The food was pretty good for buffet. There were healthy options for the kids and us adults could always find something we liked. Snacks consisted of french fries or potato wedges. It would have been nice to have fruit as an option.

The pool needs to be re-tiled. There are huge cracks along the top edge and the pool bar is showing lots of age and wear. There are bare wires hanging from the ceiling in the pool bar. I think the main pool should be bigger to accommodate the number of guests and the baby pool is tiny. There is a separate kids' pool but it is at the top of a large hill with all the stairs another reviewer spoke of. Also, the main pool is where all the kids are, so if you are an adult who does not like to be around lots of children, this is not the place for you. There is an adults-only pool but it is also at the top of the hill and is actually a "whisper zone" where there is a very small selection of drinks available. More (and newer) loungers are needed around the main pool. Because of this, guests begin saving loungers early in the day.

The beach is rocky where it meets the water. Evidently this is because the island is a state park and can't be modified. We couldn't go in the water because it is stinger season (which was noted on a very small sign.) There are only a few loungers on the beach and no umbrellas, so even if you want to hang out on the beach you have to stake your claim early in the morning.

The staff are as friendly as they need to be but answers are unknown or inconsistent with other staff. They work hard performing their shows.

The Kids' Club was pretty good but staff was a bit unfriendly. The hours were rigid. The kids were able to perform on stage, which my 5-year-old really enjoyed. It would have been nice to have more child care options in the evening so that we could take the sunset cruise or eat at the alternative restaurant. (See "dirty and overpriced" for accurate comments on that restaurant.) There is 1 babysitter available for private hire for the entire complex.

We took three excursions - a snorkel tour, the Great Barrier Reef, and Whitehaven Beach - all very good. We took the kids to the Great Barrier Reef and because of their ages they couldn't have cared less. They would have loved Whitehaven Beach, which was stunning. A bad recommendation from the excursions desk.

Our expectations were high because this is Club Med. We spent less than AUD$7,000 for everything including excursions. We were disappointed in almost all aspects of the resort but overall we had a good time. It is hard not to when you have beautiful weather and don't have to cook, clean, etc. Many, many improvements need to be made to make this resort top notch. I cannot recommend it.

Lovely, casual and relaxed atmosphere - will definitely return!!

by TripAdvisor Member Anji_la

We have just returned from an eight night Honeymoon at Lindeman Island - I too read these reviews AFTER booking the trip, and was a bit worried - but I needn't have been.

If you are a casual, relaxed kind of person looking for the same sort of atmosphere, you will really love this place.

From the second we presented ourselves at the Club Med counter at Ham. Island airport, we were looked after and treated like old friends. Thirsty, tired and grumpy (we flew VirginBlue where you have to purchase beverages - and we weren't carrying any cash), nothing was too much trouble for the staff to cheer us up. Also, the lunch buffet on the first day wasn't included in our package - but we were invited to join in anyway (which we did).

The resort itself isn't the flashest, and yes it really could do with a refurbishment in the near future, but we simply were not there to sit in our room and examine it's shortcomings. Our unit was clean, air-conditioned, it had a comfortable bed, spacious bathroom, chilled water, coffee and tea, a lovely view from the balcony - what else do you really need??

We thought the food was excellent for a buffet. There was something for everyone, and each night there was a theme - Asian night, Mexican night, Italian night. But there were also plain vegetables, rolls, hotdogs etc if you wanted something ordinary. The waitresses were super efficient.

All the staff were great - they really did a good job of balancing professionalism with being ordinary people you could just chat to, and we really enjoyed their company - especially that of the bar staff who were lovely.

If you are very unfit or disabled, perhaps this resort is not for you - there ARE a lot of stairs, and most of the activities are sport orientated. We weren't worried about the stairs (most of the time we used the bus service anyway), because we thought the builders of the resort had done a fantastic job of building into the natural shape of the land; and we accepted the stairs as being part of it. It also made you feel less guilty about eating so much at mealtimes because you had all those stairs to climb.

Above all, we relaxed, which is what we set out to do. We enjoyed a few drinks, some good food, swam, played some golf, went on a fantastic 7km walk through the bush, and spent time together. We weren't there to judge anything or anyone, and felt we really got our money's worth. We have some wonderful memories.

buyer beware

by TripAdvisor Member holswithfam

Our 8 and 10 year olds had a ball, with heaps of freedom and great activities, but it's not for anyone who relies on a stroller. 80 stairs between the dining hall and reception - and that's just the tip of the iceberg. The staff are young, happy, friendly and transient - which means it's very hard to find someone who can give you an answer to anything. Silly cost cutting measures are in place - we had to loan face washers to friends who were in a different block of units than ours - we'd upgraded to a poolside room and had them - they were told that in their block, washers weren't supplied. The place is getting old and shabby - I've never seen as much mould as in the bathroom.
Overall, it's expensive for what you get. Great for a family with kids between 4 and 14, definitely not for couples with no kids and unnecessarily hard work with a toddler or baby.

Believe the bad reviews

by TripAdvisor Member unhappyjoe

My wife, young son and I have just returned home today 26-11-06 from this resort. I have never been outside of Australia before but I must say almost every resort I have stayed at would be in better state (maintenance wise). My wife is nearly 5 months pregnant and my son is 16 months old. I would strongly recommend re-considering if you are in a similar situation.Once at the resort,we found there is no room service available(not even a mini bar in room), and we were given a room almost at the highest point of the resort. As no food or drinks are allowed out of the main rest. it meant a trip down a very steep hill and then down the best part of one hundred steps over various levels.There is another way down a wooden ramp with almost as many steps.We asked at reception if we could take food to our rooms and were told they would get back to us, STILL WAITING. Another couple with a young baby were also given a room in the same block of rooms. The bed was approx. 5 years past its use-by date (read matress no good). The only saving grace would have to be the buffet food although I have had comparable meals served at mining camps. To top off a not so good weekend our luggage got sent to the wrong place after leaving the resort, resulting in a 3.5 hour wait on the mainland before we could start our drive home. All in all I have had better and more genuine service from $50 a night motels which to my opinion is disgusting given the price Club Med are charging. I do not intend to ever go back and will be telling everyone about this trip.

Forget Dirty Lindeman and get more water!!

by TripAdvisor Member Swimmerman

Having just returned from Lindeman I will be looking for another holiday to recover from a dirty resort in bad need of renovation - AND WATER.

First our luggage was sent to the wrong room and could not be located for approx one hour. Not a good start.

Our room was in bad need of renovation looking very basic and in need of good housekeeping staff. We complained to reception but that didn't help. Pubic hair on floor near toilet (that wasn't ours). Hair in basin on arrival.

The toilet near the bar was disgraceful.

Water is turned off from midnight to 6am, which is fine providing that not more than one person needs to go to the toilet! No water to flush. At 6am one is awoken by water churning through the pipes. GUYS GET MORE WATER BARGED TO THE ISLAND - WE ARE PAYING ENOUGH.

A totally inclusive holiday doesn't include water at night or in the afternoon when it is also turned off. I assume guests are meant to be outdoors.

There is no mobile reception to speak of unless you stand on a chair on top of the hill as advised by Club Med staff. Guys get a better antenae. I wish I had been informed of this prior to our holiday.

We were on our 30 min transfer on the return at 7am, for a flight at 11am. ???? Why?? For the Sydney people?

On a positive note, the buffet was good as was the kids club.

For a resort that promotes itself as upmarket - I am flabergasted - upmarket compared to what - a 2 star motel?

The staff try hard, but just don't make the grade.

GUYS renovate your island and get more water for guests to use. We are paying enough!!!

Anyone can give you sun and views - we expect more!

Holiday to remember

by TripAdvisor Member Glenden

My 89 year old mother, myself and 29 year old daughter stayed there for 5 days in Novermber. We had a fantastic time. My mother was very well looked after as she had a walking frame. The rooms are average but if you have any disabilities make sure you get a room on the beachside near the pool and restaurant which we had. There are a lot of steps up to reception but there is always the bus you can catch free of charge. We found we didn't need to go to reception except for the day of departure. The scenery and sunset is just superb. The water sports and ground sports were also great. The food choice was excellent. The staff were very friendly and talented by presenting showtime at night. We had a wonderful holiday to remember and great photos to prove it.

never again,

by TripAdvisor Member dingdongNewZealand

i sincerely wish i had visited this website prior to booking, paying and enduring 9 days of hell holiday. and i had booked the ""best"" rooms, or at least the most expensive ones. yes its extremely rundown, yes the dining room needs a top to toe thorough cleaning and maintenance, yes the bathrooms are growing mould, the drapes don't cover the windows, the wooden shutters are mostly broken, our large framed mirror collapsed and fell onto the desk below, the doors on the mirror also fell off, the first night we arrived we were standing on the balcony and a fairly large piece of rusty roofing iron fell down onto us, all the railings along the front of our units are rusty and unmaintained, the maintenance man told me they are not permitted to perform unnecessary maintenance, just allowed to fix what breaks.
the drains blocked whilst we were there, took them two days to rectify that. and unless you enjoy a feeding frenzy at every meal time do not go near this place, and as for 24 hour food, that does not happen, unless you consider standing at the bar for hot chips 24 hour food.
kids club does a fairly good job, and kids are kept out very late at night, making them very grumpy and lethargic the next day.
i have completed the review form for club med but have not and do not expect to be acknowledged.
we met two couples, australians, who had been to lindeman 10 years prior and they could not believe the state of the place or the
change in the restaurant food. they will not be back as we will not and unfortunately this whole experience has put me off ever trying another club med facility.
i met a belgian man who has taken his family to 7 other club med establishments around the world and he told me that lindeman is the most rundown and grubby one he has ever seen. shape up, or get out of club med and stay the 2 star establishment that you are, goodness knows that you charge 4+star prices.

The 3 Kids did not want to leave. Loved it!

by TripAdvisor Member AVANT5

My husband and I along with our three children aged 3, 8 and 11,have just returned from a 7 day stay at the Island. I was extremely trepidatious after reading some of the reviews and so would like to submit what I think is a fair appraisal. Firstly, the food is of a high standard and catered for every need and palate. The rooms are far from luxurious but are spacious and comfortable enough to escape the heat or rain during the day and are cleaned daily (if required). By far the most outstanding feature and the reason we went there, were the Kids Clubs. They were superb! The GO's were exceptional in taking care of the children and ensuring they had fun. They involved the children in all manner of activities including allowing them to perform in the concerts held nearly every night. We hardly saw the children because they were having such a great time. This is a holiday place for parents with children (or those wanting to eat LOTS of food and lounge by the pool!). The few things we found lacking were: no DVD facilities in the room, not being able to swim in the sea (stinger season). My husband and I are not "Club Med" types (not into organised activities, all you can eat buffets etc), but coming here with 3 kids of different ages and temperaments, proved to be a very wise move.

Fantastic Holiday!

by TripAdvisor Member OHPoe

I booked the trip before I read the reviews of this resort and I have to say I was a little worried about our decision after seeing some of the negative reviews written. However, having just returned, I am so glad we weren't deterred by them!!

A friend and I (one in her late 20's and me in my early 30's) spent a week on the island and found it nothing but pleasurable. The island is lovely, secluded and just perfect if you are looking to escape from the mainland. The staff are friendly, fun and accommodating- they will engage with you as little or as much as you like- we loved eating dinner with them and learning about all the different countries they come from and left with a few new friends.

The rooms are functional- they were clean and we had absolutely no complaints. They aren't 5-star resort quality, but if that is what you are after, try Hayman (and pay the exorbitant prices!) We found the cleanliness of the whole resort just fine...of course, we weren't actively looking for dirt or spiderwebs. The views over the water and trees are too distracting!

The food was actually quite good for buffet, certainly better than I expected. We were also there over Valentines Day and they really went all out and put on an amazing spread (table of handmade desserts, fresh lobsters, prawns, oysters, etc). Their new all inclusive policy means you can eat and drink all you want all day (not just at meal times). We found the pool bar especially refreshing during the hot days (and barman 'Panda' was great entertainment).
Yes, the snack bar was mainly hot chips, chicken wings (quite good!) and wedges. But they did try to mix it up with fresh fruit and a mixed salad.

Activities were well organized and again, the staff giving the lessons were well informed and great fun (we might have spent more time just chatting with them than playing!) We also went at a somewhat slow time of year, which was perfect on all fronts: I was lucky enough to have the tennis professional all to myself during beginners lessons (thanks Jimbo!) and my friend found the same during several of her golf lessons (Nick and Damian). As well, there was no worry about getting a couple of lounges at the pool or food during meals. I think they had roughly 150-180 guests and that was just perfect for us.

While we didn't have kids, several of the couples we met did. The resort caterers very well to children over the age of 2, with the parents being able to relax as the staff take over entertaining the kids most of the day. Seemed great for the kids, as they were out and about all day with their new friends. Several couples had children under the age of 2 and found it was so-so. Certain amenities which were supposed to be available weren't (for example: one couple was told they could use the 'mini-club' facilities at any time with their two, under 2YO children, but were then turned away at the door). But, they were having a good time, regardless, were more disappointed in the miscommunication.

Overall, it was a great holiday. I do believe a lot of it comes down to what you make of it (and the expectations you have): we were there to relax, get some sun, maybe do some activities and just have a good time, which we absolutely did. We weren't expecting 4 or 5 star quality, as we certainly didn't pay 4 or 5 star prices. But were very pleased with everything. I would certainly recommend it!


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Waterway and cafeteria.Waterway and cafeteria.

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Forum Posts

All inclusive resorts

by YVRDave

Are there any 4-5 star AI resorts in the Cairns Whitsundy area?

RE: All inclusive resorts

by aserafica

there's Club Med in Lindeman Island. Is that too far for you?

RE: RE: All inclusive resorts

by Anne12

There are many resorts in the Cairns/Northern Beaches/Port Douglas areas.
It all depends on what you are looking for.
Palm Cove is one of the Northern Beaches that is about 15 minutes from Cairns. The accommodation there is great and surrounded by tropical gardens, and most are opposite the beach.All have pools. Most have restaurants. Everything is in Walking distance.
Port Douglas has great resort type accommodation. Most have restaurants and all having swimming pools and close to the Four Mile beach.
There are many restaurants in the main area of Port Douglas, this is a huge tourist destination for people within Australia and overseas. From here you can experience the Rain Forest and Great Barrier Reef.
I wouldn't stay in Cairns city area, it hasn't got a beach.

The Whitsunday is lower down the map to Cairns , here most of the main Islands have resorts. Wonderful place to visit also.If you google Whitsunday Islands you will see heaps to look at and read.

The best time to visit Port Douglas area is between June and October.
Remember that the Far North Qld has their rainy season from around the end of October/November to May.


RE: RE: All inclusive resorts

by Anne12 ( that is just a few, there are many more)

RE: RE: All inclusive resorts

by YVRDave

Thanks, The Club Med is a good option. Thanks for you options Anne I was searching for an AI all inclusive but those may be work too.


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