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by ivercor

As I,ve posted before my friends and I are coming to Australia for 3 months. I was wondering where the best place would be for us to stay with a really good chance of getting a job, and a cheaper place to stay? Would also like to know what are drinks worth there? Whats a beer worth in the bar? Any other prices or expences would help to! Thanks!

Re: Prices!

by lynnehamman

I replied re jobs in your previous post.

Hostels are cheapest for accommodation.

Beer costs between A$6.00-A$7.50 in a bar

Sorry you need to be more specific regarding price question.

YOU NEED VISA / WORK PERMITS TO WORK IN AUSTRALIA- this is of utmost importance.

Re: Prices!

by ivercor

yes we already have our working visas and what I meant by the price question was how much to eat out? What are groceries worth? Kind of thing. Were just trying to figure out how much l
Money we are going to need. As far as we understand all you need is the visa to work in australia.
Thanks for the reply.

Re: Prices!

by lynnehamman

Well......eating out:

A steak will cost you between A$20-25 (with luck) in a decent restuarant.
A Bi Mac costs about A$3.50-A$4.00
Bread is about A$3.50 a loaf
A coffee is A$3.00
There are, of course, many options......

cook yourself, and it will work out a lot less. Vegatables are quite reasonable- as is fruit. Most hostels have cooking facilities.

Eating out is not cheap. You could get a cheap meal for around maybe A$10.00- depending upon choice. There are many noodle shops and fast food outlets.

Re: Prices!

by ivercor

Ok, we will have to be eating out for the first while on our trip until we get settled in a place. Thank you so much for the info.


Travel Tips for Whitsunday Islands

Sailing the Whitesundays!

by Jmill42

It would be my recommendation to purchase a package sailing adventure for the Whitesundays. You can purchase them anywhere, but the company I went with was Koala's. Koala's owns resorts in Noosa, Hervey Bay, Daintree, and Airlie Beach. The two main attractions are at Hervey Bay serving Fraser Island, Airlie Beach serving the Whitsundays. Included in your package are rooms at their resort the night before your sailing departure. The boat, meals, but not drinks, accommodation on South Molle Island, stinger suits, and snorkelling gear.

You can also purchase a single scuba dive and lesson, which I did, for 70 AUD.

The vessel I purchased was the "Pride of Airlie".

See my transportation tip for Koala information.


by CandS

The temperatures in summer (December to February) are around 30*C down to about 24*C at night. In the winter months (June to August) the temperatures are around 23*C during the day and down to about 17*C at night.

If you are thinking of visiting the Whitsundays I would recommend visiting somewhere between May and October when the weather is nicer and the stingers aren't a danger. The summer months can get too hot and uncomfortable.

Have a pull

by Jyrki

Another fun way to interact on the boat is to manually hoist the sail by pulling on a rope that raises either the lead sail or the main sail before the winches take over. Thi is not easy and it is all about technique. The basic idea is to pull the rope in the shape of a seven (Out, Down, In). It gets exponentially harder as you have gravity working against you more and more the higher you hoist the sail! Poor Mikey was stuck doing this a few times on the last day. After the rest of the crew saw how tired he was after the first go at it nobody volunteered and he was stuck doing it again. I'll say one thing it's a damn good workout!

Fish Feeding

by CandS

Almost everywhere we went in the Whitsundays we saw colourful fish swimming around our boat... Some were really big fish too!!

Whenever we threw some bread into the water heaps of fish would swarm the was amazing! In some areas the fish were huge and in other areas they were smaller fish... Just don't take some bread out with you if you're going snorkelling...they might just swarm you and bite your happened to one of us! ;)

Most of the islands also offer somewhere to feed or watch the fish at feeding times.

Whitehaven Characteristics

by Jmill42

The area of Whitehaven Beach that is world-renowned for its beauty is called the Hill Inlet. Without a doubt, this place deserves the fame. The hike to the Hill Inlet Overlook is worth every sweaty step. Because the views at the end are one of a kind.

The sand mosaic that is produced by the mix of sand and water here, changes with every single tide. As the water comes in, the sand moves around, and as the area drains, the sand is laid back down in a different pattern each and every time.

What will yours look like?


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