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Catching up with second cuz SandiCatching up with second cuz Sandi

Bit Trev and MeBit Trev and Me

Coralie, Me and Mum at RSL ClubCoralie, Me and Mum at RSL Club

Coralie, Me and Mum at RSL ClubCoralie, Me and Mum at RSL Club

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By the river 1

by Kate-Me

Another view of the river at Horsham, with a new housing estate in the background.
If you blow up the pic, you may just see all the white corellas (a kind of cockatoo) which have just landed in the tree.

Horsham - my birth place

by lindyz

"Growing up"

I think its about time I did my Horsham page - dont you!!??

This is a picture of the house I grew up in, although it didnt look like this when I was there. When Mum sold the house, it went through some major renovations and I believe it has been sold again once since. While I was growing up there, we did get a new bathroom and I think a few new paintjobs but thats about it, but it was a lovely house to grow up in. I especially remember Mums beautiful and well manicured gardens and being able to play chasey and hide 'n' seek running around the house and in the gardens. I remember the swing set in the back yard and the smaller swing underneath the walkway besides the garage, which eventually became a green house. I remember the days when we would get trailer load full of chickens and have a mass chicken murdering day, Dad would be down the back chopping the heads off and we would think it was so funny how they would run around for a bit with no heads on!!! Then they were plucked, singed and Mum would be in the laundry taking out their insides - sounds pretty gruesome I know ..... oh and I remember the smell of the singed feathers!!!

I remember the yabby days, when we would go yabbying for most of the day and come home with wheat bags full of them, and then sit out the back peeling them for hours. You could then choose either yabby mornay (Mum made the best yabby mornay - eh Trevor!) or she would either do them in vinegar. Nowadays you are lucky to see one yabby around. Mainly cos of the drought and the fact that most of the dams have dried up, but also cos they have replaced all the channels with underground pipes.

I remember the family gatherings in this house, and sitting in the hallway playing games, such as Dads legendary marble game, masterpiece, payday, trouble and all the old usual ones. I remember the get-togethers with the Dymke family, either at our house or theirs, the Dymkes were really like family, and it was so nice to catch up with Allen, Elaine and Trev recently.

I remember very rarely getting dropped or picked up from anywhere, if I wanted to go anywhere I either rode my bike or walked! Kids these days dont know how lucky they have it! I remember never having REAL Barbie dolls, I only had the fake ring-in ones and most of my dolls clothes were home sewn by my Mum. At the time, I thought Id drawn the short straw, but looking back, I know I was the lucky one whos mother was able to sew and who would take the time to do it for her 4th daughter.

I have many great memories of growing up in Horsham .... although it was a place I was very eager to move away from. Horsham is a small country town, my memory of its population back then was 13,400 .... Im not quite sure why that number sticks with me! Predominantly a farming area, the kind of town where you know most people, and also where most people know you and also what youve been up to!!! Maybe thats why I was in a hurry to move out!!

I went on a cruise on Fairstar the Funship in April of 1984 with my friend Kim Lane. It was on that cruise that I met a boy from Wollongong, who would go on to become my husband and ..... as Ive told him many times ..... my ticket out of Horsham!!! I married that boy Frank Zentrich on April 6th, 1985 and we are still happily married and living in Wollongong.

I dont get to go home to Horsham very often these days .... as it is a 12 hour drive from Wollongong. Apart from our two quick visits recently (firstly to visit Mum in Hospital and secondly to attend my brother in laws funeral) it had been 7 years since Id been home. The last time was for my sister Coralie's 60th birthday, and I flew down that time and got picked up from the airport in Melbourne for a 3 hour drive to Horsham.

"The Main Drag"

The main street of Horsham is Firebrace Street, and its probably the only place you'll find any action in this town! On first impressions, it certainly looks the same as it did 25 years ago when I was living here, but on driving down it and walking along it, most of the shops have changed, there were only a few shop names that I vaguely remembered. And nothing of major excitement or importance that I noticed.

"Memories ... Green lake"

I have many good memories of growing up in Horsham ... but probably some of the fondest revolve around Green lake ... and the days when it actually had water in it! Not living by the ocean, our only options for cooling off in Summer were the local pool, the Wimmera River or Green Lake, which is about 20k's out of Horsham. Green Lake was certainly my preferred option, although sometimes difficult to get to, if you didnt have your licence.

Our High School also used to have "Green Lake Days" which were kind of like a reward day at the end of the school year, where you just used to chill out there for the day. Ive got many pics of Green Lake Days actually on my facebook page, and amazingly, its full of water. Im not sure how long its been dry, but It must have been quite a while, because on my latest visit to Green lake in June 2010, its basically just a paddock with not a drop of water in it! But ... funnily enough .... all the signs are still up around the boat ramp area, this one being the funniest I think! It says "No diving" and gives you speed limits for Power skis. Rather funny seeing as there is nothing to dive into or power ski across!!!

Australia is indeed a harsh country, either trying to survive a drought, a storm, a flood or a bushfire. A country of many extremes, but we are indeed a country of survivors and battlers .... and none do it tougher in our country than the farmers. Im not sure how long the drought has been infull force in and around Horsham, but I do know that its been many years, and when they get a good drop of rain .... the farmers will be seen rejoicing!


by LynetteM

Horsham is situated basically half way between Melbourne and Adelaide. It is a great place to base yourself for a few days and places you in easy reach of the Grampians National Park and Little Desert National Park. Situated on the banks of the Wimmera River. There are walking trails along the river and a great shopping centre with many good coffee shops, pubs and a few restaurants. Horsham has an aquatic centre providing two heated pools and gymnasium. Two caravan parks and many motels provide accomodation for all types of budgets. May park is on the highway and provides a great place just to stop and eat lunch with a playground and major takeaway stores in short walking distance.

Horsham in the Wimmera

by Kate-Me

Horsham is a small Victorian city located in the Wimmera/Mallee region of north Western Victoria. It's basically Victoria's wheat belt, and a very important one.

The town may only have 10,000 people or so, but compared to the outlying towns which are all quite small, it's quite a city and has to be quite self sufficient. The nearest towns even approaching its size are 1 - 2 hours or more by car in any direction.

Love catching up with Family

by lindyz

"Visits are too few and far between ...."

I dont usually get home to Horsham any more than once every 2 years or so, although this year I have made 3 trips, not always under good circumstances though.

This time, I combined a 30 year High School Reunion with catching up with family, what a perfect 4 day getaway!!! My Mother has only recently moved into the Sunnyside Retirement Village in Horsham and she is loving it soooooo much there, its a nice feeling to know that she is happy. My Sister Coralie still lives in Horsham too, my only sister in Horsham.

Trev Dymke is not actual family, but closest thing to it, as our families were very close growing up and spent a lot of time together. In fact out of all the people I have as friends on facebook, I tell Trev he is the one I have known for the longest - since birth actually!!!

Love ya Trev <3

Catching up with friends at my Reunion also meant I got to see my second cousin Sandi again - really cannot remember the last time we saw each other, as Sandi lives in Adelaide and we just dont get to catch up that often.

Sandi is second from the left and her hubby Bruce is next to her.


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