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The Red Sea

by Topher-300


I was just wondering how u became a member of the Red sea and wanted to know if you knew how ppl could become members!

The line was hugh last night! and there were two functions on so heaps of ppl didnt even get into the red sea! only under the sea!!


RE: The Red Sea

by discobunny

You will get a better response if you put this question in the Perth Forum, I just by chance saw this accidently!! Subiaco is a suburb of Perth, not really a huge travel destination in itself.

I was a member of Red Sea for 6 years...I gave up my membership 2 years ago. I have no idea how to get membership now, but mine was given to me way back when it was more elite and no one knew about the place but the high profilers of Perth.

You will still have to line up even if your a member, just in the members line and you dont pay for entry.

I think renewals are around this time of year, just give the club a call or check their website (if they have one?) The last I heard It was around $50, they usually give you 2 weekends to get in the club and sign up...or something like that, again not 100% sure.

As for the Under the Sea part....you have to wait until your number is called before you can get into The Red Sea, Under the Sea is like the "waiting room", the system is pretty crap if you ask me, but its so theres no crowds around Subiaco. The management has changed its entrance to the club so many times its ridiculous. Its funny the owners spent a FORTUNE doing up the offices underneath the Red Sea to keep the high profile people in a more elite environment, and the place ends up becoming a waiting room, it was great for a while there though!

Also you will find when you do finally get into the club it will most likely be completely empty, this is because the place has been busted so many times for overcrowding over the years!

The other warning is, unfortunately The Red Sea is living off a great reputation it had many years ago, now its pretty crapola (I was there last friday night and it was pretty bad)

Just go to Saphire bar..its much better!!

RE: RE: The Red Sea

by Topher-300

Thanks for the reply

Maybe i'll see ya around at the saphire bar!!

RE: RE: The Red Sea

by discobunny


maybe...havent been there for a while either, I've kinda moved on from subi, now i just hang out at the Subi or llama bar!!!

Travel Tips for Subiaco


by FOotFetish

There are always a number of posh cars zooming around streets of Subiaco.
This place is quite hard to get parking and get ready your change.

Geez, our cars are just happened to park beside each other!

Home of the Subiaco Stadium

by Gwynneth

Subiaco Oval is located 5 kms west of the centre of Perth. Travelling by train or car between the centre of Perth and Subiaco Oval is only about 5 minutes and 7-10 minutes by bus.

The commercial centre of Subiaco is within 500m of the Oval. The centre of Subiaco provides a great deal of entertainment including, shops, cafes, restaurants, pubs, movie theatres, boutiques, parklands and much more...

Subiaco for restaurants and shopping

by aussirose

Our pilot mate Dave has finally arrived in Perth yea!!

And of course we had to arrange another vt meet to give fizzer67 a warm welcome.....of course we don't need an excuse to get together for a few laughs, drinks and vt fun!! ;o) .... Dave already knows that....he's been here before hehee :o) ....And he liked us soooo much, that he had to come back,
for good!!

Hubby worked in Parks and Gardens for Subi Council for a while and here is one of his gardens that won an urban development award. Nice hey :o)
Subiaco is close to Perth, only a couple of train stops away, and is a great place to go for fine food and a visit to the markets.

VT Meet in Subiaco

by FOotFetish

Subiaco can be considered as one of the "posh" places to live and expensive shopping area. About 5-10 mins drive from the City, one can get to enjoy a streets of great resturants/cafes and designed boutiques.Plus, i realised that there is this shops which sells outdoor/adventure kits has got my favourite Crumpler Bag in store!Don't ask me why am i so fascinated about the bag....it looks so versatile!

In the next few pages, I shall put up my VT pics here as well.

Sensational Subiaco

by Gwynneth

"Melbourne Cup in Perth!"

When you can't make it to the 'real thing' there are always plenty of alternatives!!

The Advertising Agency where I design, always takes the whole day off for the Melbourne Cup! We book a table at the Subiaco Hotel and enjoy the race beamed LIVE on the big screen from Melbourne before sitting down to a 4 course luncheon and much flowing champagne!

"Subiaco is best known for..."

... catching up with friends! You can't go wrong here. No matter if its business or pleasure, Subiaco will have just the right place to set the event. For all of us here it was a VT meet and greet, so Oriels was chosen and as you can tell from this photo... we weren't dissappointed!!


... parking a car in any city inner suburb is always a challenge - esspecially if you're trying to meet up with someone and park somewhere near them so you can walk together.

Can you imagine our suprise (on our first VT meeting) at discovering at the end of the night we had all park in a row? Maybe to some this isn't such a big thing... but about 4 hours earlier we didn't even know what each other looked like in person let alone what car they drove!

Its all a little spooky! (but nice tee hee hee)


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