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Fab Place

by A TripAdvisor Member

My husband and I spent 10 days at Maravu Plantation Resort. The staff are wonderful. The food to "die" for; all fresh with their own garden. It did rain for 4 days straight when we first got there, but my husband scuba dived anyway. I can find things to do like hiking, bicycling, hiching a ride into the nearest town which is about 16 miles away. It is not a touristy island, which we both loved. The Fijian people are warm, friendly and laidback. I hope it stays that way. The unit we were in I think was one of the oldest bure. It needed a little upgrading and a few things repaired. The only drawback for us is that the resort caters to honeymooners! My husband and I have been married for 14 years so we felt sort of out of place. I think we were the same age as some of the guests parents! Overall, great place. May Taveuni Island never go "commerical".

We didn't want to come home

by A TripAdvisor Member

We recently returned from our honeymoon to Maravu Plantation Resort and Spa and could not have had a more pleasant experience. Although we arrived on what we learned to be the tail end of four days of rain, the staff had a warm greeting for us, already knew us by name, and made us feel immediately welcome; a wonderful feeling after a combined seventeen hours of air travel.

Our bure, while it didn't have a full ocean view, gave us a great view of the water and Maravu's grounds. We had a private spa tub and outdoor shower, which we used frequently. Every night, we came back from dinner to find the bed turned down, and they kept fresh flowers in the room for us. We had a small problem with wasps trying to build a nest under the roof of our deck, but they sprayed them right away and left a can of insecticide in case the wasps returned.

The food at Maravu was fantastic. While the menu isn't huge, there was a good variety of offerings--one of us is vegetarian, the other not and we were both very pleased. The fish is fresh and locally caught, the vegetables come from Maravu's garden, and the fruits are from local farms. The preparations were inventive and fun, and we could have easily put on about 10 pounds each enjoying the food. Each night during dinner, the Maravu Band Boys played around the kava bowl, and guests were welcome to join them; when a couple was spending their last night at Maravu, the band came to their table and serenaded them while the staff brought out a cake wishing them well.

With the activities they had available, we had plenty to keep us busy if we wanted to do something. From touring the western coast of Taveuni to hiking in Bouma Nat'l Heritage Park to a private afternoon at Honeymoon Island, their organized activities were great and left us wanting to do some that conflicted with others we did. They do charge extra for these activities, but comparing the total cost to other resorts that don't charge for activities, you're not being ripped off. If you want to do something on your own, they have mountain bikes, snorkeling equipment and hiking trails, as well as horseback riding to an overlook used for some of the many weddings held there. Should you feel so inclined (and we did), you can choose from a variety of massages. Or, you can just relax poolside or on the beach.

By the end of our stay, we were already trying to figure out how and when we could return. With the warmth and friendliness of the people, the beauty of the island and the pace of life, Taveuni Island and Maravu Resort in particular is a wonderful place.

Maravu Plantation Resort

by A TripAdvisor Member

My husband and I honeymooned at Maravu and were thoroughly impressed with the location, the staff, the food and the resort. Every one of the staff knew us by name within days of our arriving there. Our accomodations were wonderful, especially our outdoor shower and private jacuzzi deck. The meals were wonderful and they even shared some of their fabulous recipes.

We would recommend the location and the resort. And we absolutely cannot wait to go back!

Unspoiled Paradise & Exceptional Hospitality

by TripAdvisor Member ekalee

My husband and I stayed at Maravu in June for our honeymoon. We found our honeymoon bure to be spacious & spotless. The outdoor shower and jetted tub was wonderful, with excellent water pressure and always hot. The best thing about this trip was Taveuni itself. This is probably what Hawaii looked like 150 years ago- the pristine landscape, lack of "civilization" (cell phones, billboards, traffic).

The food is really great for the price and signicantly above standard "all-inclusive" fare. Shellfish is not exceptional here, but the various types of white fish are delicious. The fresh fruits are amazing and plentiful. The mixed drinks at the bar are not traditional blended drinks and some combos were a bit nasty sounding to me (apricot brandy & sambuca?). After a few expensive mixed drink disappointments, we stuck to wine & beer and really enjoyed these selections.

We really enjoyed exploring the island a bit on our own. Taxis are inexpensive. We ate at Coconut Grove and the little restaurant up the hill past Aquaventure and had coffee at Audrey's. We were happy to get a different perspective and meet other travelers off of the resort.

I found that the majority of the guests at the the resort was "just like me". It was sort of a letdown to travel 11 hours and be in an isolated little enclave with a crowd almost exclusively comprised of middle-class Americans between 25-40, on their honeymoon. Not that they weren't lovely people, I guess I was a bit disappointed that the crowd wasn't a bit more diverse. I really enjoy meeting people from other parts of the world, especially when I travel!

Maravu has excellent service and the owner Jochen, has obviously put a lot of effort into creating a really wonderful destination for honeymooners and people seeking a very quiet and relaxing holiday. It's very romantic. The band is really great, and the practice of bringing guests a cake and singing to them on departure is a really nice touch that you'd never get at a Hyatt in Cancun or Maui. The staff are wonderful and every need we had was greeted with sincere kindness, attention to detail, and integrity.

The beach was quiet and lovely. However, it is not a sand bottomed sea floor. It's more of a snorkeling beach than a swimming beach. Bring water shoes if you want to swim out a low tide. It rained a fair amount while we were there, mostly in the afternoon. There's no regular bar service on the beach, which would have been a nice addition since it's a bit of a stroll back to the restaurant.

Diving is wonderful, lots of large fish, reef sharks, and many dolphins in the channel that swim with the boats. Try handline fishing with Setoki, this was really fun and worth the money, even if we didn't catch anything.

Overall, I'd come back to Maravu in a minute. The setting was very unique and the service was excellent. Taveuni is gorgeous. Fiji was an excellent choice for a honeymoon. We had fantasized about Bora Bora & Tahiti, but the Euro being so strong, it was completely out of our price range. Fiji was an excellent alternative for people looking to go someplace other than Hawaii, Mexico, or Italy for a honeymoon.

Maravu: The Perfect Place!

by A TripAdvisor Member

Maravu is the perfect place to have a holiday. It's a working plantation on the garden island of Taveuni. It has 20 fabulous bures so you will not see crowds around you. The resort has everything you'd want: a secluded beach with clear-blue water, horses and bikes for riding, gourmet food (and private cooking lessons if you wish), a great spa, local hikes, gorgeous sunsets, and the most generous, friendly, and hospitable staff. You will feel like you are part of the family! The area has some of the most spectacular diving in the world and some really great hikes.

For us it is the perfect place to relax. We can't wait to go back!

Absolutely the best!!!

by A TripAdvisor Member

My husband and I stayed at Maravu for 8 days in May. We got married at the Bouma Waterfalls and stayed for our honeymoon. We could not explain in enough detail how wonderful the people of Maravu (and Fiji in general) were. The staff at Maravu were the nicest people we have EVER met and we cannot wait to go back for our 5 year anniversary. We were greeted at the airport and taken to the resort, where the staff was waiting in the driveway, singing and playing their instruments for our arrival. We were given these great coconut welome drinks as we got the tour and run-down of meal preparations and activities available.

Our Bure -- heaven in itself, with an outdoor shower and waterfall hot tub (Honeymoon Deluxe Bure). The walls and ceilings were decorated in bamboo and the bedroom housed a giant four-post bamboo bed. There was a fully stocked mini fridge in the room. We also had a CD player in the room that was playing a CD of the resort's band, The Maravu Band.

Activities -- Snorkeling, canoing, swimming, hiking, story-telling, tours, village trips, and trips to neighboring islands were just some of the activities that kept us busy during our stay. The great thing about Maravu was that WE chose the activities we wanted to do each day. If we wanted to sit around and do nothing the entire day, that was fine. If we wanted to schedule one or several activities for the day, we could also do that. This is the perfect place for everyone because you can make it whatever type of vacation you want it to be. The staff is more than accomodating, too.

Water/Weather -- The water was a crazy green/blue and was so clear we could see the ocean floor and corals under us. Snorkeling was amazing because of how clear the water was! The the weather was absolutely amazing while we were there. It was rainy the week before we went, but we lucked out and stayed during a really great week of weather. :) (We stayed the first and second weeks in May.)

Food -- Oh my goodness, the food was absolutely fabulous! The chefs at Maravu really go all out for each and every meal. Every morning at breakfast, a staff member would come by our table with that day's lunch and dinner menus and we'd choose what we wanted to have that day. We did not eat the same thing twice for lunch or dinner the entire time we were there! Sometimes we had BBQ lunches on the beach, a couple of times my husband and I took a picnic lunch (sandwiches and chips) off to eat on our own, a couple of times everyone at the resort ate out under the stars on the lawn, we got a private romantic dinner by candlelight beside the pool, and of course the wonderful dinners at the dining area of the resort.

Entertainment -- Maravu has a wonderful band that played every night for us at the resort during dinner. They'd sit down in the dining area and sing and play for us dining and on may occasions, came to our table to serenade us! We bought their CD at the resort before we left and listen to it when we want to go back to Maravu. :)

Staff -- Again, I couldn't say enough about how nice every single person was at Maravu. "BULA!" was shouted with a huge smile every time one of the staff would pass or greet us. (Means Hello) One night my husband wasn't feeling well and we couldn't make it down to dinner. One of the staff members at Maravu came to our Bure to check on us, and when we told her why we didn't make it down, she went off and brought us back our dinners right to our room.

Overall, this was the best ever vacation and we will for sure be back again. The night before we left, we were given a wonderful cake and the staff and Maravu Band came to our table and sang us a goodbye song. The morning of our departure, the staff lined up in the driveway as they did when we arrived and sang and played us a goodbye song. I tried not to cry, but it didn't work. :)

We truly felt like a king and queen while we were there. There was no doubt in our minds that everyone was sincere in their kindness. We got to plant our own coconut tree after we got married, and we were told that the first coconuts would grow after about 5 we're already planning our return visit for our 5 year anniversary (and can't wait)!!

Also, our marriage certificate got lost in the mail and when we contacted Maravu about it, they were very quick to investigate and re-send another certificate for us.

Thank you to everyone at Maravu Resort. We enjoyed our stay so much and appreciate everything you have done for us!!

-Wes and Kelly Edge

Words are not enough......

by TripAdvisor Member Sally_H4

Maravu is so good we just had to share our thoughts on how great our stay there was (however words are not enough!)

We stayed at Maravu for our honeymoon in April 2004. It was by far the best holiday we have ever had. We stayed in a deluxe bure and loved the comfortable furnishings and lovely outlook from our deck. It was so nice to come back to our freshly cleaned room and chocolates/flowers on our pillows each night. The Pure Fiji bath goodies were also a very nice touch!!!

We ate the best food we have ever tasted at Maravu. There was so much variety and everything was so fresh and full of flavour. I have a dairy intolerance and had no trouble finding meals that suited my needs as the daily menus had so much to choose from. We loved the happy hour each night, however our drinks were served in 'Fiji time' - we learned to order a new drink as soon as we had received one so that we didn't have to wait between drinks!

The beach is a short stroll through the gardens and across the road (watch out for falling coconuts!). The water is crystal clean and we had so much fun playing beach volleyball with the Maravu staff here.

We did the Bouma Falls trek, island hopping and visited the natural rock waterslide and enjoyed them all very much.

Overall this place is so beautiful and such great value and we would definitely go back without any hesitation.

One last tip - we had some trouble with Sun Air when flying between Taveuni and Nadi. Our first plane broke down and never made it to Taveuni, then the second plane they sent was very small and not in good condition (my husband is an aircraft engineer and knows these things!) We will try Air Fiji next time.

Nice honeymoon spot

by TripAdvisor Member pinkTulips

My husband and I recently spent our 10-day honeymoon at Maravu Plantation (early October, 2005). We were blessed with amazing sunny weather with very little rain. Apparently, it rained the whole week before we arrived. When we were there, most everyone was on their honeymoon, except one family. Most couples were in their 20’s, so we felt a little old at mid 30’s, early 40’s. Towards the end of our stay, a few older couples checked in. Below I have a quick summary evaluation and then a more detailed evaluation for those interested in more information.

Summary: I would give Maravu a 7 out of 10, 10 being the perfect experience.
Positives: Excellent food, cute bures (huts), very quiet, friendly staff, beautiful grounds, fun activities, good wine, no outside world (no TV, phones or newspapers), massages, the plane ride to Taveuni (not for those afraid of small planes).
Negatives: Drinks not included (including soft drinks), low water pressure, not on beach (an 1/8 mile walk from the resort) and not much of a beach, lousy desserts (except ice cream), limited library.

Overall, we had a wonderful time at Maravu. We calculated that we spent approximately $333 US per night for the Honeymoon Bure per couple including 3 meals a day. We spent another $1000 US on drinks, activities, and massages over the 10 days. Alcoholic drinks are fairly pricey, so we didn’t have very many. The staff was wonderful and knew our names, but service was sometimes slow and they got our food order wrong a number of times. There is no room service and food is not available outside of meal times, although you won’t need it, as food is plentiful at meal times. Bottom line – we enjoyed Maravu, but if we could do it again, we would spend more for a more upscale, smaller resort on the beach with more personalized service – like Taveuni Island Resort (across the street from Maravu) or Qamea Resort (on a nearby island) …. or divide our time between two resorts. It is a perfectly good place to go though and a decent value. The more upscale resorts (4 and 5 star) cost quite a bit more.

Bures- There are 21 bures on the resort. We stayed in a honeymoon bure with a Jacuzzi tub and outdoor shower. The bure was good-sized and very cute. The bathroom could use some updating, but wasn’t horrible. The bure was clean enough, but could have been cleaner. The bed was too hard for my taste, but many like firm mattresses. The water pressure was a little low, but there was plenty of hot water. We enjoyed the Jacuzzi tub, but the heater didn’t work well, so we had to refill it every time with hot water, which took forever. Some people were getting electric shocks (yes, really!) from their Jacuzzi after the handyman switched out their in-room refrigerator – we didn’t let them switch it out until we left. Our bure had air conditioning, but it wasn’t very strong. They turned down the bed nightly, leaving 2 chocolate kisses and left fresh towels, which was a nice touch.

Activities – Maravu offers many free and paid activities – we tried several of both.
Horseback riding – free – The horses were slow, but it was fun riding them up the mountain to great ocean views. Others rode them to the beach.

Snorkeling – free equipment and free near resort. We took two snorkeling trips – Korolevu Island and Honeymoon Island. Both had fantastic snorkeling. Snorkeling near the resort is not very good unless you take the Kayaks (also free) out a ways and snorkel. Note – the Island Hopping tour does not really exist – they only take you to Korolevu Island. Honeymoon Island was a lot of fun and highly recommended!

Diving – We made a few dives with Jewel Bubble divers – a new operation. We used them rather than Swiss-Fiji divers because other guests told us some horror stories about Swiss Fiji – like equipment breaking and then being blamed and charged for it. The equipment failures seemed unsafe, so we used Bubbles instead since they have brand new equipment. The diving was fantastic, but the current was strong. It is best to bring your own gear, but expect to pay extra at the Nadi airport for overweight charges.

West Coast tour – Visit the International Date Line, old mission church, and the natural waterslide. A good tour. The waterslide was fun … only got a small bruise. J They stopped in town to let us exchange money at the bank and buy a few things at the store.

Bouma Heritage Park – Fun tour to go and see the falls. The hike to the second falls is strenuous. We had fun swimming at the base of both falls.

Des Veoux Peak tour – We were not happy with this tour as we had no tour guide and it was basically 2 hours of strenuous hiking up a dirt road and then there was nothing to see at the top of the mountain (in the clouds). To see the lake and the rare flower, you have to hike down into the crater – there is no marked trail so we didn’t go. After a bit of complaining they reduced the rate from $180F to $60F per couple. We still felt ripped off at this rate, but were glad they reduced it.

Sunset Cruise – we were unable to go on this, but heard it was good.

Lavena Coastal Walk – we did not do this, but heard it was good. Apparently the trail is well marked, so several couples saved themselves some money and just took a taxi to the end and walked it themselves.

Spa – we enjoyed 3 massages each. The price is reasonable and we liked the service.

Food – The food was very, very good, except dessert. Breakfast was always the same – a buffet. I did get tired of it by the end of the trip, but I think others were happy with it. I loved the fresh fruit, especially the pineapple. Lunch and dinner were 3 courses each, which you choose every morning. One always has 2 choices of appetizers, 3 entrée choices (one vege), and 2 dessert choices. Except these meals and daily tea at 4 pm, no other food is available (except mini-bar and pizza parlor down the street) and there is no room service. There were occasional BBQs, which were buffet style. Service was fairly good, but sometimes slow. They also mixed our food orders up quite a bit … luckily we weren’t picky and almost all the food was good. When we were away from the resort for lunch, we would order a packed lunch the night before. We found the sandwiches a bit soggy, so by the end we ordered only the Roti with vegetable and chicken curry. It held up well and was very tasty. DRINKS, except water, hot tea, coffee, and juice for breakfast are not included. Some guests didn’t know this and were in for a rude shock when they had to sign for the drinks (luckily it was only one night’s worth). The mixed drinks were pricey $10 - $14 F, but strong. So strong, we didn’t really like them. The house wine was very good though and they had a good selection of wine by the bottle. They had nightly drink specials, but they are NOT discounted, which we thought was pretty funny. Dining is always in the “restaurant” at tables for two. It was fairly romantic at night eating by candlelight. Many package deals include a private dinner by the pool, which was nice. Our first one was cancelled due to rain, they forgot about our second one, and on the third try we were successful. We were entertained by very loud and frisky frogs that make the pool their home at night. Each night except Sunday, the Maravu Boys play music at dinner. It was very enjoyable and they sing goodbye songs to couples leaving the next day. The couple also gets a cake, which was a very nice touch …. except the cake doesn’t taste very good.

Atmosphere: The resort atmosphere was very relaxing and quiet. Even though there were 40 guests, we rarely saw more than a few people, except at meal times. It is a steep walk down to the beach and you have to cross a road as well. The beach is small, but nice. Some complained about it, but I liked it. Trees grow right up to the edge of the water, offering shade. There are several friendly dogs that come and beg for belly rubs. We enjoyed several lovely sunsets at the beach and also spent many quiet hours reading here, as well as by the pool. Bring your own books though, as the library has a limited selection. After dinner, there is really nothing to do, so we got plenty of sleep and a lot of couple time, which is what honeymoons are all about. When it wasn’t cloudy, the night sky was spectacular – millions of stars. The island of Taveuni is very peaceful with only a few towns. The native Fijians were very nice and welcoming. The island is very untouristy with lots of pristine rainforest, which was nice to see. The plane rides to and from the island were certainly part of the adventure. The first plane held about 20 people, but the second only held 7 passengers. The ride offered amazing views of the islands and reefs, but was a bit hot (no aircon) and not for those afraid of flying. We loved it though. The funniest thing is that they actually weigh you by making you, personally, step on the scale with your carry-on bags before each flight for proper weight and balance, so make sure you aren't shy about seeing your weight. ;-) You are charged more if you have too much luggage – everyone with scuba gear had to pay extra.

Beautiful experience.

by A TripAdvisor Member

My wife and I stayed at the Maravu Plantation resort for our honeymoon. It was the perfect contrast to the hectic, and exciting lead-up to our wedding.
We stayed in one of the Ocean View rooms, which have a wonderful panorama over the palm trees to the ocean and Vanua Levu. The room was large, and it really did feel like your own private villa - I highly recommend it to people seeking to escape the large-scale resort experience. Privacy is a wonderful part of these rooms, especially with the outdoor plunge pool and shower - there's nothing quite standing in sunshine and gazing out over the ocean as you have your morning shower.
You can always find your own place here, either in the grounds of the resort or down on the tranquil beach, it is so relaxing.
The two things that surprised us most about Maravu was the food - absolutely snesational - we looked forward to meals every day, exceptional quality and variety. And the music. The Maravu band boys were the best, and most orginal fijian band we have seen.
We had an unforgetable time, and we will definitely be going back (not soon enough!)
P.S. I highly recommend Honeymoon island!! (And forget the snorkels - you've got better things to be doing on a deserted tropical beach on your honeymoon!)

A true paradise

by A TripAdvisor Member

My husband and I spent 6 wonderful days at this beautiful resort in Sept. This resort was the perfect place to spend our honeymoon. Getting to Taveuni was a bit of an adventure. We took a small plane there (20 seats) from Nadi to the island of Taveuni and an 8 seater back to Nadi. Maravu Plantation is literally 2 minutes from the local airport. Upon our arrival we were greeted by the staff singing a native folk song. What really impressed me from our first step on Maravu was the fact that all the staff members we met remembered our name for the whole time we were there.

From the first moment of our arrival, the staff really went out of their way to make sure that we were well taken care of. The resturant staff were very attentive and very accomodating. I don't eat any seafood or fish and my husband hates dairy, and any time we needed to exclude these items, it was always taken care of with out any problem. The food was excellent!!! Very tasty, very natural. Breakfast is a buffet, generally the same options daily, with omelets made by the cook in the resturant area. Lunch and dinner is chosen at breakfast.

We took several tours which we felt were worth while. The tours we did were moderately priced in Fijian dollars. The hike to the waterfalls and the west coast tours were very interesting. We made the mistake of paying a driver to take us into the small town near by (about 20 min drive) to get some beer, water and munchies the first day, before we learned the "ropes" of the resort. The west coast tour stops and waits for you to shop at the markets. One thing we did not know is that you do not need to drink bottled water on Tavenui. The water is very safe and tastes wonderful. Don't waste money on buying water. The market prices for beer and other beverages are much better than the resort, but take the west coast tour early on and pay for that rather than the $50F with tip for a private driver. Another tour that is well worth it was Honeymoon Island. It was included in our honeymoon package but I would have even paid to spend the afternoon, deserted on your own tiny island surrounded by beautiful aqua water. (Go at high tide, much easier to get around the coral) Which reminds me, bring good water shoes or sandles. There is a lot of coral which makes sandles very helpful if you want to to any exploring in some of the shallow water.

We paid for full board while we stayed at Maravu. It was better deal than paying as we went along for lunch and dinner. (NO drinks are included at ALL in the full board program, beware). However, about a 5 min stroll to the West is a small resturant that is open for lunch and dinner, a large pizza is about $21F, not bad when they charge $30F per person for lunch at Maravu. To the east of the resort about 10 min stroll past the airport, there are several other resorts and other smaller establishments where lunch or afternoon tea can easily be found. I would recommend to do dinner at the resort, eat a big breakfast and be adventuerous for lunch on your own. BUT all the food at Maravu is very good.

The cabins or bure's, were very cute and had a lot of character. One small thing is that even the bure's with air conditioning, don't really get all that cold as they like you to turn the AC off when you leave and they don't like you to run it very cold/low, plus the AC unit is very small. However it did made a couple of the nights much more bearable to sleep (you aren't supposed to run it all night either, but hey, it was HUMID and hot). Not all the bure's have AC, so be sure to check that fact. We stayed in bure 16, a deluxe honeymoon bure, which was close enough to the main building, massage hut and pool. Some of the other bures were a bit of a hike to the main area. Our bure was older, but well kept. We had our own plunge pool/spa however the only shower was outside, a bit uncofortable in the heat of the day on the stones in the noon sun. But it was still very romantic.

The beach area at Maravu is a short stroll down the hill and across the small 2 lane road. It's an OK beach, the sand on Taveuni is nice, nothing spectacular, but the water is calm and warm, and plenty deep, especially during high tide. Many of the other guest who were there at the same time were big divers and could not speak more highly of the dives they experienced. Wish we had learned to dive before we went to Fiji, you really miss out on 1/2 of the world that exisists in Fiji. The marine life is amazing. Bring your OWN snorkeling equiptment. Maravu has some, but the masks don't hold to your face and the flippers are really curled, hard to walk in. The pool is very relaxing and the perfect place to enjoy a good book. But so is the hammock of your private bure.

I had read in other peoples reviews that there is not much diverstity in the guests of Maravu, and that's a bit true but who cares. The guests were mostly American and Australian couples on their honeymoon. It was still fun to meet new people. There were a few other couples from England and other European countries. I don't think that any one time there were more than 40 people at the resort and I did see 2 different familes who had a couple of children, but they were not there at the same time, and I really felt that there was always a very high level of privacy and they really did cater to couples rather than families which was the experience WE were looking for. At the end of our stay we stayed at a large resort on Nadi, FULL of screaming kids, and I was so very appreciative of quite, romantic Maravu.

A word of advice is that upon arrival at the international airport in Nadi, GET CASH at the ATM. The other small islands will NOT have ATM's. If you are lucky there might be a bank in town where you can cash travlers checks for a fee. Maravu also could exchange some money, but didn't always have enough cash to do so. There were a couple of small stores who would exchange money but the rates were VERY poor. I figured there would at least be an ATM at the Taveuni airport....NOPE, I had no clue how small the airports, not to mention the towns would be outside of Nadi.
We really did not read up before our adventure to Fiji- oops.

Maravu is a GREAT honeymoon resort. We couldn't have been happier with our choice based on the recomendation from our travel agent. As with every place that is not home, there are going to be quirks and defects, but really all in all this was a marvelous place. The smaller islands of Fiji are really old world, and the culture is still well preserved. Maravu plantation is truly wonderful. We couldn't have asked for a more romantic and delightful honeymoon. Thankyou Maravu.


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