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Bora Bora Lagoon Resort

by adischi about Bora Bora Lagoon Resort

Approximately $650 US for an overwater bungalow. Beautiful, private overwater bungalows with glass coffee tables for viewing fish from within your room. A co-worker refered us to this hotel saying, 'There are plenty of more affordable places to stay while in Bora Bora...but once you see this hotel, you'll regret not having booked one of their overwater bungalows.' She was right. We checked out some of the other accomodations we considered. All bungalows are not created equal. The Bora Bora Lagoon Resort is quiet, private, and beautiful.

Short trip by water taxi (gratis) to main island. Great snorkeling close to shore. Fabulous breakfast buffet. Good (though pricy) restaurant. Amusing statues!

Don't Stay at Bora Bora Lagoon Resort

by TripAdvisor Member Aussiewannebe

I have been to Bora Bora 3 times and have loved it!! This trip was not so good. The Overwater bungalows were being remodled and woke up to hammering every morning and the air conditioners were not working in most rooms.The food is not of good quality. We ate on the mainland except for one meal. This hotel really needs the makeover, but when you pay that much, we should have been warned of the remoddeling. This was the last week of my 7week trip and was in Bora Bora for rest and relaxation which I did not get.If you wanted to rest on the beach, more hammering in the garden bungalows. Many of us complained but nothing was done. The employees were very unfriendly and not helpful at all especially if you were American. We had to go to Viatape to get most info.The positive was the view. Really great! The best place to stay is Bora Bora Nui or Pearl Beach Resort.

We stayed at the Bora Bora...

by yeah_baby

We stayed at the Bora Bora Lagoon Resort which is an exclusive island resort located on Motu Toopua, an islet in the lagoon easily accessible by a five-minute boat ride directly across from the main village of Vaitape. It is the only location in Bora Bora with breathtaking views of mysterious Mt. Otemanu. This resort features bungalows, 50 of which are located in the overwater category and others are beachside in the midst of tropical gardens. It's paradise here! HOTELS

There is a wide variety of hotels for every budget. I recommend staying in an overwater bungalow. These quaint accommodations feature stunning views and privacy. Breakfast is delivered to guests via outrigger canoe, which I found to be pretty COOL!

Honeymoon Bliss

by A TripAdvisor Member

My husband and I spend five days of our 12 day honeymoon at the Bora Bora Lagoon Resort & Spa. We loved every minute at this resort and call it "our home away from home." The Bora Bora Lagoon Resort & Spa was as gorgeous as the island!

From the minute we entered the lobby, we were already feeling like royalty! Our welcome was hospitality at its best!

The lush grounds, beautifully landscaped with tropical foliage native to the island of the resort were paradise! The pool and beach area are gorgeous as well!

We stayed in both a Beach Bungalow and an Overwater Bungalow for the last two nights. Both were beautifully decorated and luxurious. On our first day, a fresh fruit basket, Champagne, and our bed complete with fresh flowers laid out welcomed us!

This resort is pure paradise! The spa is heavenly (we did the "HoneyMoon Bliss"spa treatment -- and it was just that! We would not hesitate to come back and have told our friends to quickly book a trip to the Bora Bora Lagoon Resort & Spa.

beautiful bora bora

by A TripAdvisor Member

My husband and I just returned from the French Polynesia. We stayed here at the Bora Bora Lagoon Resort for 5 nights. We booked a motu bungalow, but once we arrived we were upgraded to the motu suite at no extra charge. Our suite was #100 and it was very secluded. The suite was nicely appointed and spaceous. We even had our own private pool. The overwater bungalows were nice, but I were a bit smaller in square feet. The lagoon was filled with soooo many fish! I found myself snorkling everyday. The private motu was nice and there was a shuttle leaving every hour to the main island. The food is very expensive in the French Polynesia. I must warn you that the food at the hotel was not very good. I would not recommend a meal plan as one would be very disappointed with the quality of food. We dined on the main island at Bloody Mary's and the Pirate Bar. The price was cheaper and the food was much better. Bora Bora is definately an island for couples. Outside of picnics and a few island excursions (shark feeding, snorkeling etc) there is not much to do other than relax. If you are the adventurous type I would recommend not staying on the island for more than 3-4 days. I would like to mention a few things of note. It seemed as though the French influence has drowned out the Polynesian culture. My husband and I usually like to experience the culture of each island that we visit, but we were disappointed with this part of our visit. I would definately recommend this hotel and island simply because it was sooo beautiful.

Nice Rooms, Disappointing Service

by A TripAdvisor Member

My girlfriend and I spent 3 nights at the Bora Bora Lagoon Resort. The OTW bungalow was a wonderful room. Beyond that, the stay was a bit disappointing. The service was spotty at best. Our room was not ready upon arrival. We were told the concierge would notify us when it was. We were never notified and had to check on it ourselves. Room service took 1.5 hours to deliver a wine opener. One evening, during a rainstorm, the hotel utilized their open air boat to transfer guests to and from the main town. When we checked with the reception as to why this happened, they did not have an answer. The hotel had two additional closed cabin boats which were run every day prior and after this incident. Very irritating to get dressed for a very nice dinner and come back soaking wet and have the hotel employees not care. Hotel employees spoke mediocre English at best which resulted in several miscommunications including a botched dinner reservation. For $900 per night, I expect better service and employees who care.

You're crazy if you never visit Bora Bora

by A TripAdvisor Member

My friend and I spent 3 days in Tahiti at the Radisson and our spirits were dampened a bit...very unsatisfied there. The tour we took of the inner island was amazing, but sadly the only highlight of Tahiti. We were happy to go to a different location and headed off to Bora Bora to stay at the BB Lagoon Resort and Spa. Boy, did our vacation turn around.

The airport is on it's own island in Bora Bora and so is the resort, so we were greeted with a lei and transported in little time to our paradise. We were met with coconut beverages at the lobby and given a tour of the beautiful grounds. Everyone had smiles and were very pleasant. I heard bad reviews about the over water bungalows, but I guess they've renovated since then. I was taken aback when I walked in. There were hibiscus all around the bungalow. It was gorgeous, then I saw our view. I grabbed the complimentary snorkel gear and jumped right in the water. The coral and fish right outside our bungalow were wonderful. I would have been happy never walking out the front door of our little hut. There were only about two english channels on the television, though, so bring some DVDs. You can rent them, but it's about $8.

On that note, I'll begin to tell you that that was the only bad side of our trip...expenses. Even though it was worth it, make sure you bring lots of money and credit cards. We were at the airpot too early to buy duty free liquor, so we bought a bottle at the resort for $30. Strangely the same bottle was about $10 more at a local supermarket in Vaitape. EVERYTHING is expensive. Bring as many necessities as you can think of. Bug repellant is a must as well as tanning supplies. I would even bring snacks next time (wishful thinking on my part). A little more on the resort before I get to the mainland itself...

They have enormous buffet theme nights, usually on Thursdays. Don't miss this. The food is amazing and the entertainment is relaxing to watch while you eat your dessert. They have two great bars as well as two equally enjoyable restaurants with awesome meals. The room service menu was also nice. There's a gym and a business center with access to the web. The pool was a sight to see, it looked lik it went on forever. The activities in and out of the water kept us busy. There was really never a need to leave the resort's private island.

In our five days in Bora Bora, we only went to the main island twice. Since it only takes about an hour to drive around the whole island, this could have been shortened to one trip to Vaitape. The second time we took the complimentary water shuttle over, we rented a mini buggy. We had such a good time looking for the sites and landmarks on the map provided from the rental office. We saw an overwater bungalow once owned by Marlon Brando, American canons from WWII, a pearl farm, and more. The buggy rental was about $70 for around four hours (not bad considering). We stopped for lunch at Bloody Mary's which is famous amongst alot of famous Americans. They have two large signs of names to prove it. I kicked my shoes off at the door and ate my lunch and drank my Maitai on a coconut stool. We loved it and heard that their dinner menu was wonderful, so we went back for dinner the next night. If love seafood, it was so delicious! Everyone there was having a good time, especially at the bar.

I can't tell you enough about this trip. This was my sixteenth tropical island to visit and my most to St John. I highly recommend Bora Bora Lagoon Resort and Spa. You won't regret it. I can't wait until my bank account goes back to normal from this trip so that I can go back.

Perfect in every way!

by TripAdvisor Member pc23i

Having travelled in various parts of the world - I give this destination and hotel the number 1 spot.
My husband and I went there in 2003 Sept- it was the most beautiful week we spent anywhere.

Bora Bora iteslf has the most gorgeous shades of color in its waters. We snorkeled one day to the outer waters, the wave runners was great fun, as was our dive trip...25 feet under the sea and swim walk and feed the fishes there which literally swarmed us.I will never forget that.
For food- Lunch was either at the resort or take a water taxi to Vaitape side where they had couple of restaurants and shops. We went out to Bloody Marys and Top Dive on 2 evenings - though little pricey had superb food.

The Resort. I can't think of anything to complain about - literally. Walk to rooms were thorough the lush gardens and little pools. The room was nice and cosy, loved that glass bottom table where you could also feed the fishes from. Getting down to the water was very easy and could snorkel right from the steps off the patio down to the water.
Their pool was nice and large- they also have a pool side restaurant- great lunching spot.
We were at the beach couple of afternoons and they brought you drinks and fresh fruit while you lounged there. One evening we had dinner in the restaurant and they had their special Tahitian girls and boys did a local dance with the fire in their hands and catchy music. It was beautiful.
The breakfast buffet was fabulous with everything you can think of- and of course - the lady would make you any kind of omelette you desired. The setting by the water early in the morning too was very invigorating.

I cannot think of any real reason anyone gives this resort a less than 4 -5 rating. And like I said I am very well travelled.
The island doesnt have too much else to do on- but this place is for relaxation anyway.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I frequent tripadvisor often these days and wanted to check the validity of negative reviews on a place I have been to myself. I think one should not count too much on is my experience from the reviews of Bora Bora Lagoon Resort...a little paradise.

Great time in Bora Bora!

by TripAdvisor Member lovingsummer

My husband and I just returned from 3 nights in Tahiti and 3 nights in Bora Bora, with our time spent at the BB Lagoon Resort. Upon arrival at the airport, we were greeted by a representative from the resort and our transfer to the resort was seamless. We received coconut drinks and refreshing towels as we checked in, followed by a tour of the grounds.
The grounds are beautiful and well-kept with flowers, trees and plants everywhere. The beach was nice, but the sand not as fine as we hoped.

We had an excellent time there. We originally booked 2 nights in an overwater bungalow and 1 night in a beach bungalow, but on the morning of our 3rd day, we approached reception to check out, and they offered us a 3rd night to stay in the room we stayed in for the past 2 nights, free of additional charge. Reception was always very courteous and helpful.
The OTW bungalows are a must if you can afford them. Ours had a view of Mt view on the resort, we thought. It was a little windier than we thought it would be, but I guess it's winter time there now, so what do you expect? We tried to snorkel right off our dock of our bungalow...a little tough with the waves, but there were tons of fish below.

We were very impressed with the resort set up of their scheduled trips to and from Vaitape, town on the main island, and also their activities desk. Staff were always very friendly and made everything very easy for us. Housekeeping was also very attentive to our room.

We only tried lunch at the resort which was very good. We went into Vaitape for dinners which were great. Reception made the reservations for us at places we requested. We would hop on the resort's water shuttle then there would be a car waiting on the other side as we arrived to drive us to the restaurant, which was part of the restaurant services. Great set up since most restaurants are not necessarily close to the dock.

All in all a great time. We would recommend this resort to others.

Full View Photos

by yeah_baby

We stayed at the Bora Bora Lagoon Resort which is an exclusive island resort located on Motu Toopua, an islet in the lagoon easily accessible by a five-minute boat ride directly across from the main village of Vaitape. It is the only location in Bora Bora with breathtaking views of mysterious Mt. Otemanu. This resort features bungalows, 50 of which are located in the overwater category and others are beachside in the midst of tropical gardens. It's paradise here!

Bora Bora is rather well touristed, therefore has a number of eating and dining establishments. Choices can be divided between the restaurants at the various hotels and private non hotel related dining. Cuisine ranges from basic island staples like fruits and fish dishes to world class French cuisine. The food is usually delicious, but you may have to sample different restaurants before you find one that suits your taste and budget.

When you arrive in Bora Bora you don't land on the main island. All travelers must take a boat to their destination. Most good hotels provide this service upon arrival.

ELECTRICITY: runs at 110 or 220 volts, so you'll need an adaptor.

OTHER: Sunscreen is highly recommended, as are loose fitting casual clothing, a small flashlight, and aqua socks (for walking on coral).

French Polynesia uses the Cour de Franc Pacifique (CFP). It's exchange rate is approximately 100 to 1 US dollar. You'll find the best exchange rates at banks, although you'll pay approximately a $4.00 fee for the transaction.

Although most places accept credit cards, you should have cash on hand for those places that don't. Many places will accept US Dollars, so don't exchange all your cash at once.

Your best bet for communication is either the post office or the local public telephone system.

MAIL: Mail typically takes from one week to 10 days traveling to and from the U.S. The post office is open from 7:30 am to 5 pm Monday - Friday, and 7:30 to 11:30am on Saturdays.

PHONE: Your cell phone will not work here, but there are services that will let you rent a cell phone. Usually these services will deliver a phone to you in the U.S. before you go. Rental costs are approximately $75.00 per week, (less for successive weeks.) When compared to they typical fee for international calls from a hotel, ($10.00 per minute,) renting a cell phone might be a bargain.
Public phones are reliable. To use them you'll need to purchase a phone card that works in much the same way ours do in the U.S. - they have a prescribed number of minutes on them. Cards are available for purchase at the airport coffee shop, the post office, and some magazine stands. To dial home, or anywhere else in the world from Tahiti dial: 00 + country code + area code + number.

There is a wide variety of hotels for every budget. I recommend staying in an overwater bungalow. These quaint accommodations feature stunning views and privacy. Breakfast is delivered to guests via outrigger canoe, which I found to be pretty COOL!

Bora Bora is an island with many smaller islands surrounding it. These Motus, as they are called, can be privately owned or rented by big hotel chains. Today's shoot was at one of the private ones. A small motu called Pension Mai Moana. Only 3 people live there.

You can fly nonstop from Los Angeles to Papeete, Tahiti, in eight hours on Air New Zealand, Air France, or Qantas. From Papeete you fly another 45 minutes on Air Tahiti to Bora Bora. Accommodations are generally on the expensive side so make your travel agent go over some cheaper options with you.

Air France
Air New Zealand - (via Auckland)
Air Tahiti Nui
Hawaiian Air
United Airlines

For up to a one month stay, U.S. citizens need a round trip ticket and a passport that is valid for 6 months past the time of departure.


Although year round tropical weather makes this an ideal vacation spot many prefer to visit during June to October because it's drier and cooler. You might want to avoid the Holiday season (Christmas to early January) and the weeks of Spring Break to avoid rise in traffic,airfare and accommodations may be difficult. Although diving is consistently good throughout the year, the best times I find are from April through November.


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Forum Posts

Most Affordable Overwater Bungalow in Bora Bora...?

by XtravelloverX

Based on experience or word of mouth, does anyone know which hotel on Bora Bora has the cheapest overwater bungalow price?

Thanks and happy travels,
Dawn :)

Re: Most Affordable Overwater Bungalow in Bora Bora...?

by KevinCheri

Hey Dawn, we found that many of the hotels have various specials depending on time of year you go. I will say that we stayed in the Bora Bora Lagoon Resort in April at a relatively competitive price (given the area) and couldn't have asked for a more incredible experience.

RE: Most Affordable Overwater Bungalow in Bora Bora...?

by Helga67

When I looked for the cheapest overwater bungalow last year, I found Le Maitai Polynesia. On my Bora Bora page you can find some info and pics. We were very satisfied.

Bora Bora Lagoon or Pearl Beach?

by way2old

We are trying to decide which one to stay at. We have heard positives and negatives about both, but if anyone can share their experiences at either place we would be very thankful. We will be on Bora Bora in March of 2005. Can't wait!!!

Re: Bora Bora Lagoon or Pearl Beach?

by saraheg77

i'm staying at the Nui in March, but I did find to have great info and message boards where you could get more specific info about these places. Good luck!

Re: Bora Bora Lagoon or Pearl Beach?

by jmdeutsch

We just returned from our honeymoon and spent a week at the Bora Bora Lagoon Resort. We have nothing but great things to say. The food was very good, service was great, we liked to location of being off the main island on the motu, but having free flexible transportation across to the main island for dinner. We would gladly return.

RE: Bora Bora Lagoon or Pearl Beach?

by vicki7178

Hello. What resort did you end up choosing? I'm in the same situation and would love to know! -Vicki

Resort suggestions in Bora Bora

by anagha5

Hi, my husband and I will be spending 5 nights in Bora Bora end of December 2007 and were wondering which of these is the best place to stay - Pearl, Sofitel or Le Meridien. Is there any other resort you would recommend? We want to stay in an Over Water Bungalow and are willing to spend up to USD 1000 per night. Also, in all these places, are the Premium Over Water Bungalows worth the extra price compared to the regular Over Water Bungalows? Thanks!

Re: Resort suggestions in Bora Bora

by chochoanche

All three of these resorts are on their own motu (tiny islet) facing the main island in the middle. They are all good. To get the center island for more restaurant choices and some shopping, then Pearl is closest (you have to take the resort's shuttle boat).

Depending on resort (you may have to check with them), premium overwater bungalows are at the end of the bungalow string (or pier) so it's far out and provide more privacy (however, the water may be deeper). However, if the layout of the bungalows is parallel to the beach then there is not much difference between the normal overwater bungalow and the premium. I stayed on a normal overwater bungalow and loves it. I stayed at the Bora Bora Lagoon Resort (closed to the Pearl resort). My bungalow has a balcony and stairs go down to the water, so we snorknel right at our bungalow. My wife stands on the balcony and throw bread down. Lots of fish come in around us. (You can ask for stale break from your resort resort to feed the fish from your bungalow. All overwater bungalow has a glass buffet table inside, you can open the top to fish the fish down below. The other benefit of overwater bungalow is there is no mosquito :-)

The one thing that I don't like about the Bora Bora Lagoon Resort is the noise of the cruise ship coming into Bora Bora once a week. Pearl resort may not hear this noise. The Meridien and Sofitel definitely will not since they are on the other side of the main mountain.

You may consider the Bora Bora Nui resort which faces out to the ocean instead of facing toward the internal mountain (the mountain is the landmark of Bora Bora)

Make sure to take a snorkeling tour to the coral garden. If you dive, then take the Manta ray dive. They frequent the area near the Meridien resort.


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