Frangipani Beach Resort

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Meads Bay, P.O. Box 1655, Caribbean
Frangipani Beach Resort
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More about Frangipani Beach Resort

what a surprise

by TripAdvisor Member maverickinwine

I have traveled to Anguilla many times and havefavorite hotels. Because of some last minute changes I booked a stay at the Frangipani Beach Resort. What a surprise! Not only was it cost effective compared to my usual digs it was very nice. Carming people and very helpful. The beach is gorgeous nice pool and clean rooms. If you are on a budget or want a change from the stuffiness of the more expensive places here is a gem!

Don't stay there...see a portion of my letter to American Express for details

by TripAdvisor Member tmcnabb

Here goes as best I can remember.

Upon my arrival there was no one other than a security guard to greet me, and I had to look for him. Yes, I know Frangipani will say they close at 11PM. That is what Ann, the manger, told me the next day. Great way to handle a customer, don’t you think. My point is that they should have someone available who knows I am arriving and can take me to my room. Needless to say, this hotel has changed owners and therefore managers. When I stayed there the last two times service was great. But that was many years ago. Conclusion to this one, after calling around to several numbers the security guard got me in a room and told me to check in the next day.

Second point is that the phones could not call back to the USA using a calling card or any type of dial-around for the entire stay. Clearly you could call collect or direct, but that is a much more expensive option. They came to room and agreed that the phones were not working properly. Nothing else was done from there. Needless to say it is impossible to check my three voicemails when no one is there for a collect call and I was left with the option of direct dialing or going somewhere else to use the phone. The hotel’s phone next door (Malliouhana) seemed to work fine.

Third point, and probably my strongest point, is that for the entire stay the water was either not working, was cold, or water pressure was extremely low. Not what I would expect for $400 per night. This one issue is the main issue that pushes me over to this dispute of charges. I called at least 7 times to report this and even had a run-in with the manager (Ann) over this about three/four days into my stay. I stood with soap all over my body because I could not wash it off. This was due to the water shutting off on that particular day during my shower. Most disturbing is the fact that Ann seemed to have no idea about my previous two/three days calls. She told me I needed to turn the handle the other direction. Needless to say, I heard that for the previous few days and was very upset when I heard it for the third/fourth time from her. This one issue-of-the-day with the shower concluded with the maintenance man telling me that the pump was broken. But for the rest of the stay similar issue continued to happen with the water and I continued to call to the staff reporting what was happening.

Fourth point, construction in the building we were in took place off and on during the day while we were there. Frankly, this would not have been an issue had it not been for so many of these other issues.

The staff (fifth point) when asked about almost anything, with the exception of a couple staff members who seemed to have been there for more than a month, responded to almost everything with; I have only been here one day, I am new, I have been here one month and don’t really know…etc. etc. The fifth point is poor staff training due to so many turnovers in past few months.

Sixth point is that as part of the package at the Frangipani you were supposed to get non-motorized sports. When I asked to go out on the catamaran I was told they could not do it because they did not have life jackets or a boat to retrieve anyone should something happen. I heard nothing else regarding this for my stay, but did see before I left someone out on the catamaran with life jackets. Guess they solved this one during my stay.

Seventh point, other people were complaining on the beach and to Ann. I am not the only unhappy customer. This brings up the reality of the whole trip. Although it was very unpleasant and spoiled much of our trip, after calling Sunday once, Monday twice and three times on Tuesday to tell Ann we wanted to talk to her she never called back. Then at 7:15PM on Tuesday (our last night there) when we had a reservation for dinner at 7:30PM I went downstairs to talk with the girl at the front desk. There was Ann sitting with some others who were complaining. Well the staff recommended I move my dinner reservation because “she is willing to talk to you”. I did not know how long it was going to take her to finish with the French people who were also upset and did not want to change my reservation on the last night I was there to accommodate her. It was clear these other people were getting no where with Ann. Plus, let’s face it, Ann never returned my call although for several days I was told she was getting my messages. We left at 8AM on Wednesday so we never talked to her. Frankly at that point, and certainly now, I will not pay for this kind of stay with a hotel and this kind of service. After 20 years, I want American Express to represent me in disputing these charges due to this bad experience coupled with terrible customer service from Ann.

close this hotel down for major repairs

by TripAdvisor Member carmellady

This is the worst Manager of any so called decent hotel in the Caribbean. I agree with the last reviewer that she never returns calls when there is a problem, and NO one else there has the authority to make any decisions, so they keep saying they have left her messages and that is about it.

I witnessed when we checkd in, she sits down a lot in the office, as she gives orders to her staff in a not very pleasant manner.

Lets start with the grounds. When you come up the pot holed driveway, you are disappointed, cinder blocks, old construction equipment litter the parking lot, and as for landscaping, it looks like it could once have been lovely, but not tended to for a long time.

Then there is the ONLY hotel rooms building, built years ago as a condo, and gone through several changes of ownership. Many of the units including the one next to ours, had been vacant with debris that definitely looked like it had been on the patio for months.

This is like that old British TV comedy Fawlty Towers, only it is not so funny when you are the guest and experiencing problems

You want to give this property every benefit of the doubt, because it happens to be on a lovely beach, but aside from that, there are too many things that go wrong on a regular basis.

The staff told me, that the new owners have been trying to a year to redo the pool,, new outdoor chaise lounges, fix the air conditioning and plumbing, renovate the rooms, and that the hotel is going to close for several months in the Fall to do this.

In the meantime the guests have to make do with things breaking down and a very unresponsive disappearing General Manager, who seems to have a pat answer if you can find her, on why things are not working.

Many other guests besides me had problems, AC going out, TV not working, internet not working, water not correct.. This was supposed to be a pleasant trip, not a Home Improvement episode.

If the General Manager would just respond to these things, and appear to care about what was happening with the guest, I think that would help the situation. But not this woman, she at times, makes you the guest feel at fault. AS if anyone would really want things like to happen on a long awaited trip.

I have travelled all over the Caribbean for my job, and have stayed in small quaint places to 5 star resorts, and I can count on one hand the places that have been very disappointing and this one of them.

Only if your companion happens to be an air conditioning, plumbing, appliance, TV and internet repair person, should you stay here. Plus definitely take bug spray.

I checked out after one night, that was a 15 hour period never to be forgotten and has cost me a lap top computer, and much of my wardrobe, plus having to endure hearing the General Manager lie about what happened to other people.

I checked in with good expectations and checked out fully disappointed the next day.
My only request was that I been in a second story or higher room, of any type, due to an unfortunate incident that happened to me decades ago, in a first floor hotel room, as a single female traveler.

The Manager would do nothing. In fact as I found out later, she told this story to many other people, and actually gossiped about it, which I find highly unprofessional.

The next morning I woke up at 7am, and went to the bathroom. The toilet had been running all night, it needed a new gadget in the tank. As I was flushing the toilet, and walking out of the bathroom, there is this horrible crashing noise in the sink area which is in the hallway leading down to the bedroom with the sliding door closets across from that.

I opened the bathroom door, and water is gushing up from one of the faucet areas, like a mini Yellowstone Geyser. IT appeared the top of the cold water faucet had just blown off due to the water pressure.

I have never experienced anything like this happening, and for a moment, still half asleep at that hour, was just frozen watching all this water pour up and out over everything.

Due to no desk in the bedroom, and the top of the dresser was covered by a large TV that did not work, I had put my laptop open on the large counter in the bathroom. I also had the sliding door to the closet open across from the sink.

The water was hitting the closet and my clothes, most of which were white linen or silk for the tropics, my open computer, the walls, the floors, everything.

For a moment I just stood there stunned. Then as I got totally soaked in a matter of 30 seconds, I grabbed up the lap top, and ran for the phone in the bedroom, which now had about 2 inches of water all over the floor.

I rang the front desk, fortunately for me this was not earlier, because there is NO one on the front desk from 11pm at night to 7am in the morning, so one young lady answered.

I urgently asked her to send someone down, but no maids come until 9am, and the hotel just has one man who is kind of the all purpose Mr. Fixit. Meanwhile the water is still pouring.

About 10 minutes later, the temporary heating and air conditioning man that the owner in the USA, had hired to come down from the USA to look the place over, and who they had been calling for every job, showed up, mad that the front desk had called him that early in the morning.

He got the water off and looked at the faucet and said it was faulty threads that had finally weakened and needed a new apparatus Water had also blown the thermostat which was now soggy, so the A/C was out, and we opened the doors to let the water drain out. It got hot very fast.

Water stains on my white linen and silk clothes were now forming so I carried all my clothes out and put them on the dirty beach chairs outside my room.

And I left to go to the front desk. I asked the young lady if she would call the General Manager, who she informed me was not there.

However, even after several trips and calls to the front desk during that morning, to this day I have never been called back or contacted by anyone from this hotel.

I also asked the front desk if I could borrow one of the computers sitting on empty desks since mine was now waterlogged. Like a recording, she tells me, that guests are not allowed to use the office computers

I asked for towels and someone to come wipe up the floors and walls, and what they sent down was a man from the restaurant with a handful of nice bathroom towels who said he was not going to mop it up, and left.

The heating and air conditioning man said it was not his job either, and that he was tired of this Manager shifting every single problem in this hotel on to him. That he did NOT even work there, but was there to evaluate the air conditoning and other problems for the new owner.

At that point, I felt totally helpless, and decided I better take a walk on the beach. When I came back, the guest from across the hall,helped me load my clothes into her closet, as I did not want to leave them outside.

The A/C man apologized for his attitude, they had woken him and he went looking for materials to fix the plumbing, and was going to try and take a thermostat from another unused room and get the AC running.

WE must have used 15 big nice bath towels to wipe up all the water, and they were filthy, the tile floors had been that dirty, hard to tell because of their color. I had to leave with my group for a meeting.

I did go to the front desk and ask if they would pay to have my clothes dry cleaned or washed, and a computer repair man to look at my computer.

The same front desk lady said she could authorize none of that until she got a hold of the General Manager. When we arrived back at the hotel that afternoon, no message of any type and no one at the front desk would authorize this.

So I said, I was checking out, and loaded my damp clothes up, packed my computer in a plastic bag, and put it all in my rental car and went to another much nicer hotel. To this day I have never heard from the management of that hotel.

However today I was called by another person who was on that trip, and she was told by the Manager that I had broken the faucet and thus caused this damage and they would not be paying me anything.. I was just astounded. At the rate this is going, I will probably get a bill for the new faucet, ball in the bathroom tank, and thermostat.

Plus she told this person, that I had complained about my first floor room, and she was sure this story about me being assaulted 29 years ago in a first floor hotel room was a complete fabrication in order to get an upgrade to a better room.

To add insult to injury, she also stated that I had knocked on doors in this hotel. I did knock on the door to the room across the hall from me, when the water was going under my room door, because I was concerned that it may go in that room.

As a 60 year old business person, I am completely astonished at these remarks and am not sure at this point how to respond, nothing like this treatment has ever happend to me in a hotel.

When I checked out, I told the front desk person to tell the Manager, that I would never come back to this island to any establishment that she was managing.

She later told guests that I had stated that I was never coming back to Anguilla again and disliked the island.. This was a complete fabrication. I have been to this island before and it is one of my favorites. It is her management style and the current condition of this hotel that I find deplorable.

Picture Perfect

by TripAdvisor Member joaniebronxville

My husband and I enjoyed five wonderful days in the newly refurbished Frangipani. This was our fifth vacation on this site, and we were delighted with the improvements. Our room was nicely appointed, just steps from the most beautiful beach in the world. Frangipani is small resort, so one feels as if one owned the beach. The staff was very accommodating. We arrived after the lunch hour, and the chef graciously returned to prepare a meal for us.
We haved stayed at other resorts in Anguilla, but we personally feel that this one is the most attractive. The renovation and new ownership probably have much to do with its appeal.

Frangipani is Back !!!

by TripAdvisor Member gabeg8

We have just returned from five weeks at Frangipani. After a change of ownership, a new manager, a complete renovation, and an energized, happy staff, Frangipani is back.

This was our fourth year there, and certainly the best yet. All of the accommodations have been completely redone, with new kitchens, large showers, new furniture, well functioning AC, plazma TV, and internet access.

There is a lovely dining area on the beach, where continental breakfast is served every morning, a large pool, tennis court, and the finest beach on an island of beautiful beaches.

The staff was friendly, helpful and willing to do everything possible to make our stay a pleasant one. Houskeeping was outstanding, with prompt turn-down service at night.

The hotel is right on the beach, which is a spectacular blue. The bottom of the ocean is so smooth it almost seems artificial.

If you like a small, comfortable hotel with lovely accommodations, a casual atmosphere, friendly service, a kitchen that is happy to serve your needs, on a very special beach, Frangipani may fill the bill.

After we had been there for a while, one of the staff asked me how our stay was going. I replied, We feel like we are home.

We have already booked for next year.

best place on the island

by TripAdvisor Member trustmeny

we adored this hotel the staff, rooms, cocktails and service were outstanding. it is very quiet though so if you are looking for a party it might not be the spot. the beach is out of this world.

Frangipani is Fabulous!

by TripAdvisor Member BostonEDF

We stayed at Frangipani for our honeymoon in March, and I can't recommend the resort enough. The hotel itself and the rooms are stunning, the service is world-class, and the beach is the most beautiful I've seen in the Caribbean. We had some travel snafus on the way to and from Anguilla, and the owners, manager and staff couldn't have been more helpful and understanding in getting everything sorted out. It was so hard to leave!

Love this place

by TripAdvisor Member Zurral2

I Stayed at Frangipani my husband and I loved the place, We had a five nigths vacation and was very sad when we had to leave. The rooms are incredible, large, airy, and very colourful. We met the owner and his wife and the couple personality was enough for us to wanted to stay for extra nites. The staffs are very friendly especially the concierge, with her office directly on the beach i can see why she's always in a good mood, all my questions was answered (great job). We got there on Wednesday evening and was welcome with a managers cocktail party with live entertainment. The music was very caribbean style and was realixing just what we need. All our expectations was meeted and beyound, Thanks to all the staffs. I highly recommend this place

Paradise visited!

by TripAdvisor Member refreshedtraveller

We stayed at the Frangipani and had a wonderful time. It is located on the best beach on the island. Great restaurant and bar for afternoon cocktails on the terrace. Rooms have ben renovated with all the amenities that you would find in any top hotel. Flat screen TV, stone floors, air conditioning that worked perfectly, DVD/CD player, high speed interent access, and my cell phone worked perfectly here.

If you prefer to eat out, there are a number of wonderfull restaurants close to the Frangipani.

As for the beach, the sand is a soft, the water in clear blue and inviting, perfect for a swim. Or you just can lay out under their oversized umbrellas that are covered with palm fronds. Because the hotel has only 7 or 8 suites(18 rooms) the beach was never crowded.

The suite we stayed in had a remodeled kitchen and bath as well as a great view of the beach.

Frangipani Disappointing

by TripAdvisor Member Nonstop4

The location is beautiful but for what we paid and the service we received I would have preferred to stay some place else.. The service staff is slow, which is expected, but it was painful to watch them go through the motion. The staff just doesn't want to do any more than it has to. We received bad information on everything from restaurants to ferry times. They just didn't want to be bothered. It was very disappointing. There were amenities that we never knew about until our last day; a boat available to charter to some of the islands. This resort has received some bad reviews in the past and we thought they were under new owners, unfortunately just a new manager... who is not very motivated to do anything. You also need to request the room overlooking the beach because there's a lot of construction next to the resort and along the beach with no end in sight.


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 Frangipani Beach Resort

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Frangipani Beach Anguilla
Frangipani Beach Hotel Anguilla

Address: Meads Bay, P.O. Box 1655, Caribbean