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The Malliouhana Hotel & Spa

by pumarega about Malliouhana Hotel & Spa

I had stayed in an "Ocean View Double" room at the Malliouhana Hotel during my July 2006 stay. The grounds were nice and well kept. Our room (207) was sunset facing, with an ocean view. The view from our window was un-obstructed.

Service was top notch. Our beds were turned down every night and our rooms were cleaned every time we stepped out. Our bed was very comfortable and we had asked for so many extra pillows we could build a pillow fortress if we wanted to. (we did).

There were no major annoyances. No mosquito issues, (I am allergic to mosquitos) and no noise issues.

If I ever go back to Anguilla I'll probabally be staying here. The most outstanding characteristic of this Hotel was that the pools were quiet and not crowded. We would spend whole afternoons at the pools and only see 2 or 3 other people.

The views from our room were fantastic. (Room 207) We had unobstructed views of the ocean and the balcony was Westward (Sunset) facing. It was amazing to wake up and open the curtains to our balcony to such a marvelous view.

The hotel restruant was expensive but worth it. The best meal I had there was the salt roasted Snapper. The resturant wine list was top notch and didn't try to gouge on the wine prices.

Malliouhana is the best in the Caribbean

by A TripAdvisor Member

My wife and I have been going to the Caribbean since 1987. We have been to all of the "best" resorts on most of the islands. Malliouhana is exceptional. That's why we spent our 25th wedding anniversary there. The food is great and the wine cellar is world class. Albert Lake, the Sommelier, is outstanding. We have eaten at all of the other important restaurants on Anguilla, and while they may be very good, Malliouhana's chef and maitre d and staff have them all beat. The Tranquillity Jazz festival was wonderful and we didn't mind sharing the restaurant with the musicians. The modest service charge is very reasonable and we are happy to reward those members of the staff that go beyond their usual and customary duties. Our first stay at Malliouhana was in 1989. It was great then and its great now.

Meads Bay.

by pumarega

Meads Bay was my favorite beach on the whole island. This is one of the more quiet beaches on the island. It was connected to our Hotel (The Malliouhana) so it was easy for us to get to. Our hotel also provided drinks, watersports, and chairs for us.

The water at Meads bay is nice and calm with rolling waves (not crashing waves). It would not be an ideal place for surfing. Though, I did see people using the catamaran and wind-surfing.

We did not have any problem with Mosquitos or insects at Meads Bay.

Good food at Tasty's

by pumarega about Tasty's

We spent most of the time eating at the Malliouhana hotel or at the Cuisinart, but Tasty's sticks out in my head as being one of the better meals we had on the island that didn't cost an arm or a leg. (It only cost one foot)

There is nothing special about the service. It's on island time, just like everything else in Anguilla. You may have to hunt for your waiter to get anything done, but don't take it personally. That's just the way it is in Anguilla.

Their use of Curry Powder in a lot of their dishes gives the food somewhat of an Indian flavor. Everything that was ordered was pretty good. My personal favorites were the drinks. They make a tasty rum punch.

Beautiful, Classic French

by evilprebil about Malliouhana

There's no sign we ever saw, its a "gated" resort. Up some narrow hilly roads to a Mediterranean styled hotel. Our table was right along the the edge of the cliff - beautiful crashing waves in the background. Be wary of the tiled steps down to the restaurant - don't wear new stilettos like I did! The service is impeccable, the food beautiful and the menu very extensive. It is very classically French, with a few other additions. Well worth a stop for anyone who loves food. Calamari Risotto! It's an appetizer but my stepfather actually requested and had it as it as a main entree. Everything was absolutely lovely. The wine list is AMAZING!!!

No better place in the Carribean!

by TripAdvisor Member kippergirl

This was our third trip to the Malliouhana and 10th trip to Anguilla. There is no better place to stay on the island. If you are looking for relaxation, sun, clear water, and good food, Anguilla will not disappoint.

wonderful and relaxing Malli

by TripAdvisor Member sandhappy

My husband and I visit the Caribbean each year and this past May we stayed on Anguilla for the first time. After much research, and many reviews, we booked an ocean front suite at the Malliouhana Hotel and Spa. We cannot say enough about this wonderful hotel or island. The cabdriver was a gentleman who has lived 60 years on Anguilla and it was interesting to hear him speak of a place he obviously loves. Our arrival at the hotel was a hospitable greeting by the owner and his staff.

At the Malliouhana we reserved one of their suites away from the children's area. There are 3 swimming pools atop the hill for adults only and a wonderful swim-play zone for children near the beach. The beach is clean and beautiful. The snorkling in front of the hotel cliffs was terrific. The hotel also can take you to a small off-shore island for snorkeling- not a ten minute boat ride away. Our large suite overlooked the ocean with a sunset view each evening, and the patio was private with dense vegetation on either side. Our bedroom area was airconditioned but the back windows, including the bathroom, are only screens and shudders so it was warmer and a little humid in the bathroom. Sleeping was fine. The hotel also has taken care of the mosquito problem with bug "waves" that are plugged in each evening. Remember to keep the doors closed and it will not be an issue. Several comments we read about the caribbean islands were on the problem of bugs. They have never been worse than any I encountered living in the deep south of the USA. We appreciated the can of bug repellent in our room.

The service was wonderful, the grounds are full of flowering plants, the food was very good, and yes incredibly expensive; It's not manicured but that is what we liked about the place.

We rented a car and checked out Cap Jaluca and CuisineArt. They both looked wonderful as well. The only negative comment I can make about Anguilla is that if you want lots of nightlife this is not the place for you, particularly during low season, which is when we went. We drove into town one evening and there was a nice band playing at one of the local bars. You also need to be prepared for how expensive it is. Some of the restaurants do not take credit cards. Bring US dollars.

We flew in and out of St Maarten and took the ferry over to Anguilla. The trip is about 25-35 minutes depending of which ferry you take. You pay a tax to get onto Anguilla and then again back to St Maarten and then another to leave St Maarten at the airport. Remember to bring cash. US dollars work everywhere. You do not need Euros.
Our trip seemed to run exceptionally smooth which is certainly one of the reasons my review is so positive. However, I believe that the Malliouhana will be just as inviting the next time.

A little piece of paradise

by A TripAdvisor Member

My husband and I have just returned from an idyllic two weeks at the Malliouhana Hotel in Anguilla, and I can honestly say that I have never felt so relaxed and refreshed. We have travelled the carribean extensively over the last few years and whilst we have always enjoyed our stay we have never found an Island that we felt we would eventually want to call home (a dream for our retirement some years away) until now.

From the minute you arrive on the island you feel comfortable. We were not approached by one person trying to sell anything the whole two weeks, the people of the island are happy and content, and there is no political unrest there.

The beaches are positively the best - pure white sand slopping quitely into a perfectley calm water.

The island offers excellent views of many small cays, and St Marteen is stunning in the background.

Regarding the Malliouhana, Wonderful hotel - we had orignially tried to book the Cap Juluca, and settled on the Malliouhana as they were full. What Luck!! We visited the Juluca and The Cuisine Art, they offer good restuarants and facilities, but we felt they were very pretentious, and after studying the staff - who were courteous and helpful but spent their whole time murmering in the background which to me indicated that they were unhappy with the people they were serving not with their jobs!!

None of this at the Malliouhana, it holds the best position on the island, you get the best of both worlds with both beautiful white sand beaches, but a rocky peninsula offering good snorkelling. The hotel is spacious and never felt over crowded even though they were at full capacitiy, the bar is comfortable and the bar staff are excellent especially Devon who felt like a family member by the time we went home. The rooms are spacious and comfortable with outstanding views, and massive bathrooms.

The beach staff are brilliant, again feeling like we were leaving family members behind when we left, especially Alex, Remy, Andy (the bistro manager who is also an outstanding singer) and Stacey even though it was the end of the season and you could tell they all needed and welcomed a break!

The spa is heaven and we watched many a sunset relaxing in the outside jacuzzi!

Many people have comented on the jaded furniture around the pool and the paint on the children's pirate ship, and they are right, however the island is a salt island and the salt in the air ruins everything outside - and even the cuisne art and cap juluca's beach furniture was looking jaded, wether this is the case or not, after a couple of days it becomes insignificant!!

Anguilla is truely a five star island, it is not cheap, but to be fair all of the restuarants we tried were excellent and if you want five star you've gotta pay for it!!

I would live in Anguilla, and hope one day that this is the case in the meantime I will have to cope with two weeks a year in paradise!!

Like Heaven

by A TripAdvisor Member

My husband and I just returned from a week at Malliouhana and cannot say enough good things about the place. We stayed in a double room in the main house and the room was gorgeous and the view from the room spectular. The room had huge glass doors out onto your large private balcony, which overlooks the ocean.

The decor/design of the entire resort is beautfiful. Simple and elegant -- the design really makes the most of the spectacular natural settings.
The outside areas are also gorgeous, from the meanering gardens covering the grounds to the separate pool areas at every turn you find a spot more beautiful than the next.

The beach options are great. You can either go to Mead's Bay, a gorgeous beach over a mile long or there is another smaller and more private beach on the other side of the hotel.

The service was super friendly and accomodating. I have never experienced anything better.

The spa was one of the nicest I have ever seen.

The restuarant really makes Malliouhana stand out. Its truly spectacular.
Although many of the restaurants on the island are excellent, the food here was unmatched by the rest.

Also, some reviews suggested that this was a stuffy and reserved place. We did not find that at all. All the people were super friendly and I did not meet a single person that I would describe as "uptight".
I am in my low 30s and my husband just turned 30. We met several couples around are age. Additionally, there were families and some older couples. It really was a nice mix.

Of course, it is expensive but in this case I feel we got what we paid for and more.

We were sitting at dinner one night and my husband said to me, "I think this is what heaven would be like". He played out the entire scene with the yummy wine, delicious food, incredible people and spectaular setting....
And, after spending a week here I saw his point. I would highly recommend Malliohana to anyone who likes a relaxing beach vacation with some pampering and a bit of heaven thrown in.

Lovely hotel , lovely island.

by TripAdvisor Member Ben075

Just returned from a two week stay at Malliouhana with my wife & 2 kids (aged 2 & 4) Had a wonderful time despite the horrific journey time from the U.K. Virgin Atlantic first to Barbados then Antigua , on to a Liat flight via Nevis to Anguilla! Quite a tour of the Caribbean , not mentioned by the Tour Operator , at the time of booking.

Overall I would recommend the M' , but with certain reservations.

The location , which is absolutely stunning , is by far the hotels greatest asset. As the previous reviewer enthused , the beaches are magnificent , both Meads Bay and the delightful Turtle Cove are the epitome of the perfect beach , white sand , torquoise water and uncrowded (in two weeks no one tried to sell me anything , unlike the persistent hawking found almost everywhere else in the world). Yet these are public beaches , there are no fences or guards surrounding the property , again a refreshing change from many Caribbean islands.
Anguilla itself is a rare find . You get the impression of a safe, quiet, uncrowded , underdeveloped & contented place with a good infrastructure for such a small place (The contrast with bustling neighbour St Maarten is stark).
Hiring a car is worth the modest expense to see Anguilla's other wonderful often deserted beaches. On most of these you'll find a high quality restaurant serving the local specialities ; lobster , crayfish and my particular favorite , snapper.

Back to Malliouhana , the rooms are well furnished and spacious.
The food served at the magnificently located restaurant is generally first class, French cuisine but American portions so be prepared to gain a few pounds. The wine list is famously extensive but without descriptions to aid the non-experts amongst us. Room service is superb , prompt and very well presented , this was a boost to us on the nights we decided not to use the dedicated babysitter (assigned to us on arrival). Merlene was great and the kids loved her , which meant we could relax in the bar and restaurant in the evenings. Reception and the Concierge were proffesional and helpful.
Service in the Bar and Restaurant was mostly very good , one or two bad apples I imagine accounting for an earlier negative review. That said I do think The Malliouhana is crying out for an effective General Manager for it to really reach the heights it should. Relying on a great location and great food is not enough , and the Management have let themselves become complacent in a number of areas. The outdoor furniture is in places very poor, mouldy-looking sun bed covers and cheap & tired looking seats particularly in the Bistro-area. In fact the whole Bistro area is sub-standard and in need of a revamp. Despite that the nearby Pirate ship and water slide are tremendous fun (many a time I caught unaccompanied adults hurtling down the slide) I've been home a week now and its stiill all my 2 year old boy talks about.
Whilst there seems no shortage of gardeners they seem to have little guidance. To be fair the grounds are mostly lovely , however in places alongside paths for example , areas were left unmown and rubbish left uncleared. It appears they have no strimmer. All it would take is for a Manager to make an occasional tour of the place to pick up on these things.

We booked Half Board which was great for the evenings in that everything on the menu was included. However for Breakfast it was limited to the Continental Breakfast with no price off-setting allowed. This was doubley dissapointing because it was not explained to us until the second week by which time I'd built up both a deep love and large bill for the outstanding Eggs Benedict.
None of this should put you off . The Cons were more irritations than anything else , but when you see how close a place is to perfection they grate that bit more!
As I write I'm pining for an early evening cocktail watching the awe-inspiring sunsets on the terrace Bar. Just don't have the Tyson's Punch if you want to make it back to your room in one piece!!.


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