Turtle Beach Resort All-Inclusive

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Dover, Barbados
Turtle Beach by Elegant Hotels
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More about Turtle Beach Resort All-Inclusive

The other Elegant Hotels...

by scbelle about Tamarind Cove, Crystal Cove

So... we decided to take the complementary water taxi from the Colony Club to check out the other west coast Elegant Hotels: Tamarind Cove and Crystal Cove (we did not check out the south coast Turtle Beach Resort).

Shall I say that we found these hotels to be less than elgant? That we found them, in fact, to be not so nice?

Let's start with Crystal Cove. We opted not to stay here because it was all-inclusive, but seemed nice enough in the pictures, witha little cheese factor in the decor. Yeah, it was ULTRA cheesy on the outside. And SWARMING with loud children and unattractive families. I know, I know, this is a horrible thing to say, but who wants to spend a day on the beach listening to screaming kids while their overweight, sunburned fathers ogle anything young and half way attractive. Not my cup of tea. If you aren't into the family thing, run. If you're offended by potguts, plumber's cracks, and tattoos morphed by body fat (ooooh, I'm a horrible person!), run. We did. Rather, we screamed for the water taxi not to leave us and ran to the boat. Okay, we were polite about it, but we were definitely giving each other wild eyed get me the h--- out of here looks. And now onto Tamarind Cove. First of all, it was LEAGUES and BOUNDS nicer than Crystal Cove. We almost stayed there because it seemed really nice on the website, but instead opted for the Colony Club, which just seemed a little nicer to us. We were right. The pool areas were charming and nice, with airy caribbean style, but the rest of the hotel was blegh modern blocks. Not pretty at all. And it seemed like a rather large complex. And the beach was AWFUL. It had bugs. BUGS! We didn't experience them anywhere else on the island, but they were gross. We didn't get to see the rooms, but they looked nice enough in pictures.

I personally couldn't deal with the horrible architecture and the BUGS (especially not at the prices they charge. maybe at a motel, but come on), so even though they had a few pretty areas, I wouldn't stay here.

NOTE: The House is right there, just like a wing off of the TC. Kinda knocks it down a peg, in my view.

You want a relaxing vacation?....Turtle Beach it is!

by A TripAdvisor Member

If you want a relaxing vacation, try the Turtle Beach. My husband, my 5 year old daughter and I went there on vacation last July. I have to say, it was one of the best vacations we've taken. The staff was very friendly, the food was great (something different everyday) the night entertainment was awesome. We all had a great time!

Great Place!!

by A TripAdvisor Member

My wife & myself have just returned from the Turtle beach resort, and throughly enjoyed the facilities, and the staff there.We were sceptical at the beginning when reading various reviews posted on this site. The foods was excellent, and hotel rooms well catered for on our arrival we were met by Hyacinth who made us extremely welcome, and kept in touch to ensure that we were well looked after.I would certainly return again to this hotel.

Glass Bottom Boat & Snorkeling With The Turtles

by bluesky49

We visited Barbados in may this year and stayed at the Turtle Beach Hotel near St Lawrence Gap on the south coast.
The hotel was nice and the food good.I had heard a lot about swimming with the turtles on the West Coast and after doing some searching on the net came accross a website on the internet www.justbreezingwatersports.com.We booked a 2 hour glass bottom boat cruise for our family and
I am very pleased that we did.It cost us $40.00 US each for my wife and I our daugher was $25.00 US and our youngest was free.We were collected from our hotel by a very friendly young lady who drove us up to St James which took about 30 Minutes. During the cruise we stopped twice to snorkel,with the turtles and also over an old barge.,Drinks were available throughout (watch out for the rum punch)The trip was great and the snorkeling out of this world.The whole family enjoyed it infact we still talk about it three months later.A definate"Things to Do Tip" whilst in Barbados.Although it is now just a meneory I am very pleased that we have the photos to remind us.

Be realistic

by A TripAdvisor Member

Take realistic expectations and you'll be fine. I stayed at the Turtle Beach Resort from May 3 through May 10th. I, too, was very nervous about my visit after reading some of the reviews on this site. Now, after several weeks home now, and after reevaluation of my stay, I see I really had nothing to worry about.

If you go expecting a Hyatt or a Ritz-Carlton, you'll be sorely disappointed. In fact, you won't find either on the island. As resorts go on Barbados, you'll not find anything comparable to either of those glitzy, high-brow estates. Nor will you find anything as expensive as those. For what you pay for, Turtle Beach is a true bargain. We had a junior suite, ocean-view, and those rooms were clean, spartan, and have all the basic needs. We were even surprised to find an in room safe, iron, hair dryer, and refrigerator. The rooms were comparitively better than some of the so called "upscale" hotels I've booked in Europe. I cannot vouch for the "regular rooms", but the price for the junior suite was not that much more than the regular rooms anyway--so you get what you pay for in this case perhaps.

Food was fine. Lots of choices to please even picky eaters. Lunches at the Waterfront and dinner at Asiagos were particularly delicious. OK, now to the service. As a Californian capitalist, born and raised on the "get 'em in, get 'em out" philosophy, and bred on the concepts of self-service, I was initially put off with the slow pacing at all the dinners. I also noted the cool attitude of the servers in the restaurants. Mind you, I never once saw a rude staff member. I can only classify them as British-professional. You serve the dinner, you go away until beckoned for. No small talk, no interactions, no fraternizing with the customers. In many USA restaurants, this would be considered cold and detached for staff to act this way. However, as I soon learned, this is natural conduct in Barbados. The staff is courteous and professional--but on their own terms, not ours. Suspend your own perceptions of how things SHOULD be in your culture, and accept things the way they are in someone else's. All things considered, this should not ruin your vacation! You'll be far more relaxed expecting to take your time eating in the restaurants, and look for fun and smiles from those around you, not from those serving you.

The hotel is located at the beginning of St. Lawrence Gap, a popular street for nightlife and restaurants so finding taxis or other places to eat should you feel so inclined. You'll also find a cafe for coffee and bagels, as well as a small (yet fully stocked!) market within a five minute walk! Shopping for souvenirs and crafts are also within an easy walk down the Gap.

The hotel's beach is fine! We heard horror stories of people being harrassed by vendors. This was not true and we only saw 2 the entire time we were there. And they were quite friendly and responded to "no thank you" very quickly. There are 2 other beautiful beaches within an 15 minute walk down the Gap, and you will not be disappointed.

All in all, I had a fine time. I'd certainly go back knowing what I know. I will recommend the place to my friends.

If you're looking for fancy hotels with impeccable service, spend the extra 2 or 3 thousand and head for Jamaica.

Would NOT go back! - March 9th Trip review

by A TripAdvisor Member

On the positive side, Turtle Beach is very close to St Lawrence Gap with lots of great restaurants (Pisces and Josef are not to be missed).
Other than that, the rooms are dingy, the birds keep you up at night, the water is too rough to swim, the staff is surly and food is avergae at best with no variation for lunch or dinner. The Italian restaurnat on property is very good however.

The only other good part about staying here is that we were able to use the Colony Club, Crystal Cove & Tamarind Cove on the West Coast. These sister hotels were much nicer and I wished we would have booked there instead.

I loved Barbados - the weather, crystal clear West coast waters, soft sand and fabulous restaurnats - but would never go back to Turtle Beach.

Looking Tired

by A TripAdvisor Member

This was our third time staying at Turtle Beach, and I add the last. The place is looking tired and run down, the staff is indifferent, and the food is fair at best. Pretty sure that they water down the drinks as well. The portions of food are small, and could not get coffee in the morning until breakfast was served at 7:30am. The beach is nice but the surf is too dangerous to swim in, yes you are bothered by vendors, but that is everywhere not just there. On a good note we went to dinner at Pices in the Gap and it was outstanding!

How rude can the staff be?

by A TripAdvisor Member

We have travelled the caribbean extensively and loved every minute of the laid back lifestyle. Barbados.......you can keep it for us. They have to be the rudest folk on the planet. The Turtle beach is old and dirty and must have a recruitment policy that attracts the rudest, most unhelpful staff on the island. We were put in a room above the nightly entertainment which guaranteed no early nights and had to wait a week to be moved to a room above the weekly beach BBQ party! No water pressure no clean towels same food every day and the most unpleasant maids waiters and desk staff ever. All topped off by British Airways crew who swagger about the place pushing into queues and telling boring stories at the top of their voices which invariably involved asassinating the character of a colleague. Go B.A.!

unfreindly, rude people

by TripAdvisor Member gillyhen

I have read some of your reviews and can relate with some people 100%. I am a Canadian who lived in Barbados for over a year and I found that no matter where you go and stay in Barbados the people are unfriendly. At turtle beach the staff was unfriendly. The women are worse than unfreindly. I think that they are stuck on the whole " we are not your slaves issue" It is too bad. To be honest with you, coming from canada where people are quite freindly, I was appauled by how rude the women are in Barbados. They actually make you feel as if you are bothering them, and they expect a tip for their poor service. Tip: Just ignore them back, and don't tip for crapy service. If you do that at the beginning of your hotel stay, they may learn fast to maybe smile at you once, but don't count on it. Advice, ignore them. Thanks all, PS - Had to move back to friendly Canada, counldn't take it anymore.

Turtle Beach Resort

by geskya03

"all British"

We were not accustomed to all the British. They have tea time at 4 pm and take their time to eat at every meal. It was very different because, like most Americans, we're used to rushing everything. My boyfriend felt out of place because we got a lot of dirty looks. We said it was like we were the "outsiders." Don't get me wrong, not everyone was nasty, we did meet a very nice couple, but for the most part they were quite rude. Nobody says excuse me, they just push you out of the way.

"The waves"

We had a red flag every day, except one when it was yellow. At one point the waves were so rough, i felt like i was going to drown. I got scared when my feet couldn't feel the sand and i was only a couple feet off the beach. You can't float and relax in this type of water. It was like the Jersey shore with the harsh waves crashing against your body. The water is crystal clear, but your better off in the pool.

"The resort"

We were not used to the relaxed setting. When you arrive, they tell you to sit on the couch and they bring you a drink. We were wondering why they weren't checking us in, but they want you to relax. We were confused. The resort is very small, but well organized. There was a ceiling over all the walkways for when it rains, you won't get wet. The buffet was average, good enough for us. We went to the restaurant on the beach twice for dinner because it was a nice setting and the food was good.

Forum Posts

Turtle Beach Resort

by Eddiecav66

Hi all, I am going to the Turtle Beach Resort with my Wife and a few other family members. I am trying to get prepared for the trip and want to know a few things if anyone can help it would be appreciated.

1) Is the tap water OK to drink? What is the cost of bottled water?
2) What are the best things to do, we all love anthing water based!!
3) Is it safe to go outside the resort at night?
4) Is Marijuana Legal there?
5) are the nightclubs safe?

Sorry if that is a strange list, but we normally holiday with our kids, but we are taking a grown ups holiday for the first time.

Thanks in Advance

Chris Cavanagh

RE: Turtle Beach Resort

by Sunniebgi

I'll see what I can answer..

1. Tap water is fine to drink.. bottle water will cost anywhere from US1.00 for a small bottle to maybe US$2.50 for a large bottle.
2. I recommend taking one of catamaran sails.. Silver Moon is very good as well as Tiami. You may want to also try the Jolly Roger (booze cruise).
4. Barbados is safe to go out in at night.. just please use your commonsense.. some people leave that at home when they are on vacation.
5. NO NO and double no.. don't bring it and don't buy it.. unless you want to spend several years at the queens pleasure.
6. I would say the nightclubs are basically safe.. There are a couple in St. Lawrence Gap and you can also try Harbour Lights on the South Coast.

have a great stay.

RE: RE: Turtle Beach Resort

by FatElvis

the only club I felt was kind of dicy was the reagge lounge
I really enjoyed the pirates cruise

Turtle beach

by hammers.

Thinking of going to turtle beach in october.

I have heard that the sea is really rough there. is this true?

Any other thoughts on the hotel would be appraeciated


RE: Turtle beach

by zuriga

I'm not familiar with that hotel, but if it's on the Atlantic side of the island it may just be very windy and the sea rougher. Hotels on the other side are known to be more gentle.

RE: Turtle beach

by joanj

I have been to B'dos in October, it is coming to the end of the hurricaine season then, but do not panic about that. They mostly travel further north of the Island,(although it does pay to be cautious and heed warning that may be given, but it can be a bit wet at times and windy at this time of the year.I had one bad day during that Oct. period, but the next day sun was out, calm beautiful Caribbean day. The water is calmer on the south coast than the Atlantic side, although not as calm as the west coast. But if it rains that "liquid sunshine" then if you are all inclusive, just chill out. I have not been to Turtle Beach resort, it is fairly new, but it is in the St. Lawrence Gap area. put Turtle Beach into the search engine, and you can see the resort and facilities.

RE: Turtle beach

by joanj

http://www.turtlebeachresortbarbados.com/ this is the website I was referring to
enjoy B'dos

RE: Turtle beach

by Sunniebgi

The hotel is on the south coast at the east end of the St. Lawrence Gap area. The waters there shouldn't be to rough. Not as rough as the east coast for sure, but likly not as calm as the west coast. The south coast beaches are actually very nice.

Enjoy your say

Help hairdresser needed for wedding in April

by anitapkane

I am getting married in Barbados in April and would be really grateful if anyone could recommend a good hairdresser. I am staying at the Turtle Beach Resort which is about 10 mins or so from St Lawerence GAP.

I have heard a few horror stories from other brides so would really appreciate some advice, thanks!!!

RE: Help hairdresser needed for wedding in April

by Sunniebgi

I'm going to recommend you call Tracy Inniss at The Cut Studio in Worthing. It's not to far from Turtle Beach. She is the owner and has someone on staff who does weddings. 246 435 6811. Give her a call.

RE: Help hairdresser needed for wedding in April

by claire1011

Hi,ooh how wonderful getting married in barbados i got married there in 1999.On the beach in St James at the Royal Pavilion, what a day !!!!!!!!!!.
Im a hairdresser but wont be in barbados then unless you take me in your suitcase hehe, no the resort you are staying in should have a salon if not go into the capital Bridgetown and find a good salon theres plenty of them there.Have a trial run a few days before and if satisfied go back, congratulations and enjoy it, it will be unforgetable.xps in St Lawerence Gap there a good restaurant called Pisces do try it a winner if you like seafood

RE: Help hairdresser needed for wedding in April

by barbados-paradise

I got married in Barbados last year and went to Zena Hair shop near Accra Beach.
There is a small area with a hair salon and a nail studio. I got there a nice manicure as well.
I can really recommend this place.
If you are interested I will check for the telephone number and address. Have to go there next week anyhow.



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