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We love Barbados

by Jake7495 about Amarylis

Our stay at the Armaryllis is always wonderful... although last Sept. we had a little trouble, but the manager made everything good for us, he even gave us a complimentary dinner at the restaurant for my husbands birthday. We fell in love with Barbados when we honeymooned there in '95 at the Almond Beach Village. That was on the Gold Coast, and very expensive, but at that time it was worth every penny. It was our honeymoon....did you know that poinsetta's grow wild in Barbados, and are actually a tropical plant. When we arrived there, we were swarmed with them, it was Dec of 95. We took a bus in town, and I love to mingle with the natives of the island. It is very safe there. Now we go back every year... when we started going back, we chose a cheap place off of and we were so disappointed with the hotel. You couldn't even use their beach, but you could go to their sister property Amaryllis, which we fell in love with, and paid the difference to move down to there. The not so nice place was Alamanda. I am a beach lover, so when I couldn't go to the beach that really upset me.. So we paid just over 200 more (for the week) and moved..Breakfast is included, a full breakfast, with omlettes to order and all. I can't say enough about the place. It did change hands last year right b4 our visit, that is why we had a rockey beginning... but it all got worked out... it is in Christ Church. It has 2 pools, one with a jacuzzi with a little snack shack right next to it. A perfect afternoon, you can snorkel right off of the beach if you want to... the water there is so clear, and beautiful.. the staff is so friendly... especially Linda at the front check in. It is always a pleasure going back there it is like going home.. we have friends on the island now. I just cannot say enough great things about this island, and it is my favorite with my second choice being Aruba... so it is Aruba this June.. our sons graduation gift.. He also loves the islands.. Then we will be back at the Amaryllis in Sept.. that is our "no kids" vacation, but you know what, our baby is graduating in June, so I am going to miss the family vacations soon. This is a fantastic place (Barbados) the people are friendly, and it is not like going to Jamaica where you don't feel safe..
Well, wherever you decide to go have a great vacation, and remember, just use your common sense... Make sure you get a package, wherever you go, and make sure it includes breakfast.


by stiab3

There are three main golf courses in Barbados - Sandy Lane (>36 holes), Royal Westmoreland (18 holes) and Barbados Golf Club (18 holes).

Sandy Lane is truly world class but quite expensive to play at. Royal Westmoreland is exclusive and only members or people staying at affiliated hotels can play there. Barbados Golf is reasonably priced.

There are also 2 no. 9-hole course at Heywoods (Almond Beach Village) and Rockley in Christ Church. You can easily rent or buy clubs.

Swimming pools galore!

by stopatnothin about Almond Beach adult and family village

I must say that the staff here is used to catering to Europeans so I did not find them overly friendly but they did their job. They have 10 pools throughout the property. A few dedicated to just us adults only and other for adults and families alike.

Did I mention the pools?


by A TripAdvisor Member

We chose the ABV as our honeymoon destination, and on reflection we feel we couldn't have chosen better. The hotel itself is very clean, food excellent drinks too, and the staff were generally very polite and accomodating. The choice of three restaurants was nice (though "La Smarrita-the Italian-is the best). We chose to stay by an adults only pool, and the bar staff were great, having a laugh with the guests. If we had to choose a "negative" side to our stay, then it would have to be the few cats and birds that wander round the restaurants during meal times. Generally though a very enjoyable stay, the Almond Beach Village comes highly recommended by us!

Great place for a wedding!!

by A TripAdvisor Member

We've just got back from ABV and have had a fantastic time. We were married at the resort and had a perfect day. What a fabulous setting for the photos! The food is of an excellent quality, with the 4 restaurants offering great variety. Nightly entertainment was good with the live band members swapping around each night. Really enjoyed the beach BBQ at night. Mealtimes got much busier in our second week as the school holidays kicked in when we did have to queue quite a bit. Staff members on the whole were fine - I think some people expect too much (permanent stick on smiles?!) Thought the catering staff were really wellorganised - especially for the beach bbqs and courtyard buffets.
Was concerned about the weather at this time of year, but was pleasantly surprised - it did rain but we only had one day which was a washout, the rest of the time were just occasional showers (great staying in the pool with the tropical rainfalll!) or at night. The sun is hot! but theres generally a great breeze. The rooms were basic - but what more do you want?? The air-conditioning was very welcoming.We spent the whole time around the adult pool (only complaint - change the music!- had the same songs on everyday!!!) They had a steeldrum band on sunday lunch which was great - lying in the pool with a rum cooler - paradise!We went with our parents and the resort is big enough too do your own thing in the day (and loose the in-laws when required!) Water-sports were good (get them booked well in advance as they get busy) The beach was lovely, great to have coral reef on your doorstep.
Would definately recommend the Jeep safari - great way to see the island and an excellent bumpy ride! Also the cool running caterman was great (swimming with turtles and ship wreck snorkelling) - very informative staff.We used the shuttle to go down to the almond beach club - its worth going just to make you appreciate the village! It looked tiny in comparison and the beach wasnt up to much. Got the local bus back ($1.50 wherever you go!) great experience! This was our first long-haul trip and our first all inclusive holiday and have to say that we were more than happy - if your going to Barbados would definately recommend the ABV!

week of escapism!

by A TripAdvisor Member

Just returned from a happy holiday at almond village. Food was excellent, people friendly, lively atmosphere, weather great. sea and beach just wonderful. Lots to do, a healthy bar and perfect facilities to relax. Rooms could be improved but hardly ever in it! Good for young and old, always something going on, miss it very much. Not good to be home!

Just My Opinion

by A TripAdvisor Member

Wow, my first review. Here goes. Hubby and I are searching for The Perfect Spot. Almond Village isn't it! We've been to 3 different resorts since, so I now feel I can compare. Food: Absolutely fantastic. Same goes for the drinks. Staff: As usual, some great, some not so great Beach: Lovely, but stay out of the water. We both got "eaten" by the rocks. Lovely breakers to watch and listen to, however. OverAll: We are fortunate in that we can get discount trips. Unfortunately, staff seemed to know that. We felt we were treated like 2nd class citizens. The dress codes are strictly enforced, which is fine, but Lordy, we didn't expect to see such finery worn for evening meals. Again, we were the lower berth people on the Titantic. If one is looking for a "kick back and the hell with it" type of resort, search elsewhere. So far, Freeport, in the Bahamas has our winning vote. Off to Puerto Vallareta this year to check it out. Will let you know.

Almond Beach Village-Paradise

by natashax28x

"Me with My Conche Shell"

A picture of me on the resorts beach at Almond Village. It was a beautiful Island, we went from 9th May-23rd May 2008.

I LOVED the first week but unfortunatly i got a bad Virus and have a low Immune system so i had to go to hospital 3 times. We had to pay medical bills upfront and claim back when home. The bills were very reasonable compared to English private hospitals.

"Dinner at Enids at Almond Beach Village"

My god-mother, mother and my self having one of many enjoyable dinners:)

Pristine and Warm - Barbados

by searcher68

"Beaches - Hot, Clean and Clear"

The beaches in Barbados are excellent. Depending upon which side of the island you are staying, you will have calm waters in the south or waves on the west.

I could see the bottom of the ocean quite well. The water was very clean and the oceans bottom did not have a lot of rocks in the area (south) where we were staying.

"The Grand Barbados Beach Resort"

Here is a view of the extension of the resort. There are a few rooms, 5 I believe, which are over the water.

I found the rooms to be alright but not what I had expected. No meals are included and dining out can become expensive. The refrigerator in our room didn't work.

I had an opportunity to visit the Almond Beach Village and it was far superior (I do not have any connections to them). It is more expensive but it is all inclusive. All meals and drinks are included and there were many restaurants in that resort.

I wish I had chosen that resort.

"Downtown Bridgetown"

Here is a view of downtown Bridgetown. This is the area where the store are and it is a nice area with fine restaurants. Just outside of downtown are some slums and a lot of trash. Perhaps an area to avoid at night. In those areas there were a lot of street vendors and kiosk with cheap clothes, fruit, etc for sell.

Best place for a honeymoon

by Frogeyec

We were very lucky to have our honeymoon at Almond beach village,
It was a last min booking with Virgin,
Our greeting at the hotel was with a cocktail, Staff were very helpful, There was champers, fruit and glasses in our room for us, A huge bed, air con that worked and you can control!, Bathroom was a little small, but fine.
Food in the main resturant was mostly buffet style, with a lot to choose from, Breakfast has allsorts, If your british watch out!, pancakes and syrup is in the middle of eggs and bacon! other countrys tend not to que and barge in for this type of food!!!!
The italian reaturant is superb! book on your 1st day, or you will have no chance to get in!
Swimming pools are great all 10 of them!, reef fishing is a great morning out! and the golf course is good for a grin, watch out for the mongoose! As we did not have much money (with the wedding) we only went on one trip the jeep safari, it was a great day out! (if it rains leave the sides up! its more fun and you dry off quickly!) The hotel has a jewellery shop My husband got me a ruby and diamond ring it has the most beautiful rubys i have ever seen!
We had tropical storm lilly while we were there, it was not a real problem to us, We happily sat in the open ended bar sipping banana daquries playing domonoes!
We plan to go back for our 10th anniversary!


Almond Beach ResortAlmond Beach Resort

Almond Beach ResortAlmond Beach Resort

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Forum Posts

Almond Beach Village

by MelissaF74

I am going on my honeymoon to Barbados in October. We are staying at the Almond Beach Village. I have been reading some reviews about the resort that are not too favorable. Are these people just being picky or are these valid complaints? I would appreciate any information on the resort.

Re: Almond Beach Village

by grandmaR

You should be aware that there are two Almond Beach resorts - the Club, and the Village. They are next to each other. The Village is a more family oriented resort and is twice as large as the Club. The Club has no children under 16.

I haven't stayed there, but I've read some of the same kind of reviews - some loved the place and some hated it. And some that loved it went back and then hated it. So IMO it is probably due to differences in the staffing and management from one visit to another. The folks that loved it, got there when there was good management and a happy staff, and the folks that hated it had poor management and surly staff. And of course some people are terminally picky.

The most recent reviews I've read have said that the Almond Beach Club has a better work-out room, landscaping and atmosphere than the Village, but the Village has more variety of things to do.

Re: Almond Beach Village

by eblr

hi there, i have not been to the resort myself but type almond beach hotel into the google site and it wil come up with there are some bad comments on there but it may have changed. I know for a fact that villa nova is just beautiful if you do think of going somewhere else! have a great honeymoon whatever you do!

barbados wedding?

by xxclairxx

we getting married in barbados in november,staying at the almond beach village with our 2 girls aged 3 and 12..any tips? u think its best to stay in the resort or travel around to sight see? there anything especially for the kids?

also..big white wedding dress or not??..would i be mad to??

Re: barbados wedding?

by AcornMan

If all you do is stay at the resort you'll miss everything else about the country. One thing I'd suggest is finding a babysitter for the kids at least one day so you can go enjoy the island. You can also take the kids to places like Harrison's Cave, the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, and the botanical garden. Check out my travel pages for info and feel free to email me with any questions. Enjoy your trip! It's a beautiful place.

Re: barbados wedding?

by Deborah1

AcornMan gave you great advice. Barbados is too beautiful to just hang around a resort. You'll miss so much. As for the big, white dress---well, if that's what your heart is set on, do it !! It's your day. However, it seems it would be too FORMAL, bulky and HOT. I think you'd be better off with a simple, soft dress and you can jazz it up with a great headpiece and flowers. There are so many beautiful and different styles out there now. Congratulations and have fun !!

Re: Re: barbados wedding?

by xxclairxx

thank you.

Re: barbados wedding?

by barbados-paradise

I hope you will have a great wedding.
I saw the weding package from almond beach village in the internet and it sounds very good.
If your dream is a white dress, don't be shy. A lot of people come to barbados and have just a wedding like that.

Independence Pro Surfing Championships

by tracymg


Please could anyone give me information on the surfing championship which takes place in Barbados in November. I am hoping it is on whilst we are in Barbados. Has anyone been? How easy is it to get from Almond Village (St Peter) to Soup Bowl?

Any information would be appreciated.

Many Thanks


RE: Independence Pro Surfing Championships

by Sunniebgi

if its going on when you are here, it should be a good thing to see, if you are into surfing.. well even if you aren't. The Soup Bowl area of Bathsheba will be crowded. depending on if you are driving or taking a taxi, will depend on how you get their. From Almond Beach Village, you aren't really that far, but you have to go from the West to the East side. Best Bet is to go via Farley Hill and down the East Coast road to Bathsheba. I'm trying to find info on dates on the web but can't find them.. I'll see if I can find out the dates another way.

RE: Independence Pro Surfing Championships

by PepperDRE

Hey I spoke to a friend of mind that is in the competition and he said its the second weekend in november. Hope you come its a great competition every year


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