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Quiet & beautiful

by cjchrist about Almond Beach Club & Spa

We were originally booked for the Almond Casuarina, but the renovation wasn't finished, so our reservation was changed to the Almond Beach Club. It is for adults only, so it was very quiet and peaceful there. You can take the hotel shuttle and use the facilities at the other Almond properties (the Almond Beach Village, for families, and the Casuarina, when it is finished). Our oceanfront suite was very nice, and the food and the service was fabulous. The grounds are beautiful. Our only complaint would be that the other guests "claim" their lounge chair early in the morning by placing their beach towel on it, making it hard to find a chair later in the day. However, these guests are using the chair for only a couple of hours during the day. The management is aware of this problem, and is working on a way to manage it without alienating some of the guests.

Guests at the Club & Spa tend to be 35 & older, whereas at the Village, they tend to be younger, with children. They really try make sure that you are completely satisfied. We were asked several times during our stay if everything was to our liking. We filled out an optional survey a few days after our arrival, and another one on our last day.

They have a spa, but we didn't use it. However, other guests told us that it was very nice. They offer a variety of services at the spa.

Keith 1ohn and Ella's report on Almond Casuarina Barbados

by TripAdvisor Member keithagough

I originally had booked Almond Casuarina beach five months prior to our arrival but nearer the time of our arrival we found out that the hotel reports on this site mentioned the resort was far from being finished ! After checking out the pictures of the hotel and seeing it was still a building decided to switch our reservation to the sister hotel called Almond Beach Village. WRONG DECISION :o( !!!! We arrived at Almond Beach Village thinking that its an established resort and everything would be great I was wrong. We were offered two adjoining rooms above the kids club ! Our view was over the very shabby and run down kids playground together with the kids area of the pool !!! Room location was noisy and a very run down part of the resort. We tried all restaurants except the adults only and we were very dissapointed with all of them. One restaurant had such bad lighting we could not even see what we were eating and the taste did't even give us a clue ! All in all this resort is very shabby and needs to be closed for a total refurbishment and is not a good example of what Almond can offer. On day two we heard from other guests that the sister hotel Casaurina was open and was fantastic. Off we went in the free mini bus that links the two hotels to find this resort to be outstanding. We quickly transfered and I cant say enough about this new hotel. The rooms are spacious and all have large flat panel TV's and amazing bedding. Although this resort's main pool had just been filled and I presume most of the said building works completed I did not find this any major problem (believe me i am a difficult person to please). Any future guests need to be aware they are still completing this resort .... the main block overlooking the beach was still not open which I understand will hold approx 400 people and another block by the main entrance holding 200 would make, when at full occupancy a very busy resort. The two main restaurants were open and food excellent although a little slow - sometimes it would take 3 hours to complete a 3 course dinner but I am sure this is being addressed by the Manager. Dispite all this I would still recomend this resort to anybody and the staff would bend over backwards to help make your stay a very happy one. I will certainly go back to this resort .... Keith

Casuarina Beach Club

by townend about Casuarina Beach Club

only know fortnightly is £800 including flights. Prices are on the webpage Self catering with wonderful grounds and gardens. Lots of activities

Best self catering hotel in Barbados

by Richard_Townend about Casuarina Beach Club

Most hotels are very good in Barbados, but this one offers a lot more. Firstly it is set in wonderful gardens which are immaculately maintained. They are very spacious and it is rare that you will have anybody anywhere near you when you sunbathe. Plus there are many trees to offer shade all day long if required. Also the sun loungers are so comfy that you can easily fall asleep on them.
The beach here is fantastic and the staff are friendly, although I can't say the same for the restaurant staff who in general are quite ignorant and rude.
The rooms are top notch with very good maid service.
The pool is large and there is a childs pool and also a childs play area.
You can't choose better than this. As I said, the gardens are immaculate, huge and relaxing. Plenty of quiet places to spend your day.

A wonderful base in Barbados

by Craigellachie about Casuarina Beach Club

EDIT: THe Casuarina has changed ownership. and is now under the management of the Almond resort group. I have not stayed there since then but my understanding is that it will be managed differently. The information below may therefore be out of date. EDIT ENDS.

Situated on Dover Beach and ten minutes walk from the lively St. lawrence gap area, the Casuarina is set in beautiful trpical gardens at Dover Beach. There are studios and one- andtwo-bedreoomed apartments, all with kitchen. Bedroms are airconditioned and all the rooms have balconies.

The staff are friendly and helpful. Bar snacks and restaurant meals are readilty available. there are two swimming pools (one is for choildren), a children's club and lots of activities for groups, families, couples, singles - everybody really; but these are non-intrusive and no-one hassles you to sign up for anything. You can be as active or as relaxed as you like.

Note that prices vary considerably depending on the time of year and can be as little as $110 per double room. The Causuarina has won worldwide awards for its environmental awareness. The gardens could be an attraction in their own right. It also has the biggest and best collection of local art on the island - some of which will be on your bedroom wall.

getting better every day!

by TripAdvisor Member mrsduffel

We have just returned for a 7 night stay at Almond Casuarina, When we arrived we were checked in very quickly and shown to our room in block 3, a good size but lacking the extra bed we had called the previous week to order. This was sorted out the following day by Joanna from guest services who was very pleasant and helpful.

The food quality was very good and I can honestly say I enjoyed every meal although I found the buffet lunch quite repetitive there was always something to eat. The reastaurant and bar staff vary quite a lot.. Some are clearly new but very helpful and we recognised a few who had moved from ABV..

Never used the kids club as our son loved the pool and boogie boarding but got a warm welcome from Juliette who we know again form ABV.

All staff seemed very enthusiastic about the hotel which is good. The head chef is also from ABV which probably explains why the food is good as we have never had any complaints there either.

My only thought is how are they going to cope when the hotel is full? The pool areas although lovely are not very spacious and the restaurants are not very big..I look forward to hearing for people who go in the summer holidays!

All in all a great holiday, great hotel, great staff, but loads of not so great mossies. Still would not put me off returning!

Mosquito nightmares but daytime bliss

by TripAdvisor Member Matt_Henry

Beware of the Mosquitoes

This is a potentially very good hotel, and there are some wonderful elements to it, but they are marred by lack of attention to detail and disorganisation.

The good bits are very compelling; a wonderful golden beach shaded by palm trees, pretty gardens, affable staff, nice architecture (all the restaurants and bars are partially alfresco), really nice rooms with great furnishings, comfy beds, and a classy contemporary feel, and particularly the excellent food. I met the head chef, he's a real enthusiast and the menu (especially the seafood) shows his skill. Much better than standard all inclusive fare.

Sounds good doesn't it.

But it's somewhat spoiled when you are covered in mosi bites, and are kept waiting needlessly for most aspects of service.

The mosquito issue is plain daft, next to the hotel is swampland, so you would expect the rooms to be mosquito proofed (screens, flush fitting doors etc) with halfway decent air con. You might also expect them to spray the gardens etc to diminish the hordes. Despite using DEET, citronella, and the rest, I got eaten alive. I've never had such a bad time, and I've been to the Mekong Delta. Everyone on the beach and pool was equally covered in bites. Absolutely unnecessary as $50 more per room would bring them up to normal mosi-proof standards seen in good hotels.

A lesser gripe is the service. I don't expect Caribbean service to be lightening fast, and am quite happy to chill. The bar staff were pretty good on the whole, but the rest of the place is grossly understaffed, and there appears to be no one in charge organising things. Consequently most people were waiting an hour just to be shown to their room. Getting coffee at breakfast was like panning for gold. The wrong dishes were regularly produced. They didn't even have tea at afternoon tea.

I'm not having a go at the staff here, they were generally friendly and charming, this is a management issue. No one was organising them, telling them what to do, and they were all working vast shifts with far too few bodies to cope.

In conclusion, we got a cheap deal, knowing it's not quite finished, but if I'd paid top dollar I'd be livid. If the management sort out the mosi-issue and organise themselves it'll be a great hotel, but I wouldn't return until I was sure they had.

Loved it, however make sure you get the right room

by TripAdvisor Member WandererLondon

We got the special airline staff deal however despite our bargain were extremely wary after reading all of the reviews and forums on Tripadvisor.

As feared we got off to a bad start, had to wait an hour to check in and were then shown to our room (block 2) which was awful - really poorly finished off with a big gap under the front door which let in the mosquitos nicely. We had a sea view, however this was considerably marred by the building site in front of it. However that night we realised that the room was opposite the bar and live entertainment with no noise insulation - awful and we got no sleep due to the noise volume.

I asked to be moved the next day, not expecting a lot however was pleasantly suprised. We were promptly and courteously moved to a room in block 4 which was gorgeous - looking onto the gardens and most importantly PEACEFUL!

The rest of the stay was wonderful. We loved the restaurants, service in Waves (the main restaurant) could be pretty slow in the evenings however Enids was fine and Dover Grill was fab. Dover Grill is idyllic, right on the beach and service and food were wonderful. It books up quickly so we booked it for every night a week in advance and they were fine with that, definitely worth doing.

The bars are great and the staff really friendly, a great range of cocktails were always available and they recommended some lovely drinks to us.

There is some minor work still being done on the resort, however it is easy to ignore and pretty unobtrusive. We were largely unaware of it once we had moved rooms. I'd say it's definitely worth pushing for a quiet room if that is what you want though, block 2 is opposite the entertainment area and the block with the seaview rooms (unfinished as yet) is directly above it. This may suit some people, just be prepared for noise at night!

The beaches and the pools were gorgeous. They all seem to be suitable for kids and although we didn't travel with children the resort seemed very child friendly.

Activities were limited (unless you payed extra for them) however there are complementary shuttles 3 times a week to Bridgetown and regular shuttles to the other Almond resorts. We caught the shuttle 1 day to Almond Beach Club and came back after an hour, the Casuarina is vastly superior!

After a bad start we ended up having a brilliant, relaxing holiday and are looking forward to going back. If you are booked to go you'll have a great time! Please let me know if you need any further info, I'd be happy to help!

Work in progress!

by TripAdvisor Member Captain587

First impressions were not good! After that things steadily improved and we ended up having a thoroughly enjoyable stay. We stayed from 14-21st June.
We knew before we went that this was a “soft opening” period and that not all of the hotel would be open. However we did not expect to be shown to our room to find a work man still finishing off the towel rail in the bathroom! A couple of other minor things such as not enough towels and that there was work dust and grime still in the bath and sink resulted in a call to the front desk. These were all quickly resolved.
The room itself was a standard double. It was large with a safe, LCD TV, coffee machine, iron & board. The air con was very effective. We had our 12 year old son with us and he was provided with a full 3’ bed not your standard roll out which was a pleasant surprise.
All the staff were extremely approachable & friendly. When I phoned up to ask if the faulty alarm clock that they provided could be replaced( as it lost 10 mins every half hour) the house keeper arrived at the room and said, “It aint broken, it’s on Caribbean time. Any way, you are on holiday, you don’t need a clock!”. How can you reply to that. We just laughed and forgot about it.
The hotel is still not fully opened. The complete sea facing block will still not be open for another month according to one of the bar men. They were still taking in furniture and bedding while we were there. It is also apparently suffering from electrical problems. In fact nearly every night we were there the power went off for about 10 minutes at a time plunging the restaurants into darkness save for the candle light.
In general the hotel is a bit “soulless” as there are no decorative fittings to any of the restaurants yet. It’s all a bit of a magnolia overload, but this will change in time.
I don’t want to put you off from going but you need to be aware before you go. If you go with this knowledge you will have a great time like us and will want to go back again!
They do have the basics right. The food is first class and is the bed rock of this resort. The “Dover grill” and “Waves” restaurants are open every night. The third restaurant, “Enids” was only open on the Thursday, Friday & Saturday while we were there.
It was my wife’s birthday during our stay and we paid £20 sterling a head for lobster tails. They were absolutely superb. The staff also arranged for a special table for us and a birthday cake for my wife. It made for a great evening.
The bar staff will make you any drink you wish but you will be asked to pay for wine by the bottle or champagne, which is reasonable. Premium drinks were all available as part of the all inclusive.
The pizzeria and snack bar is not open yet so you are restricted to your normal meal times! They do however do an excellent beach BBQ for lunch.
The pools are great and the beach fantastic but they do not have pool side showers available yet so there is no where to wash the sand off before getting into the pool.
The resort is very child friendly although there is a distinct lack of restrooms/toilets. Apart from ones at reception the only other available was a single men’s and single female’s by the main pool. This was simply not enough but I know there are others to be opened.
There is no wi fi internet access for those who want it though there was a computer set aside at guest relations for guest to access the internet but there was often a wait.
In summary, we would definitely go back. We loved it! However we went in the knowledge that the complex is not fully open but this was reflected in the price we paid. The resort can only get better and it will be a first class complex when fully up and running.


by TripAdvisor Member Carole517

My husband and I just returned from the renovated Casurina. It was terrific. Yes, they are still getting organized and some of the personnal are still learning new jobs, but overall, this is going to be one hot resort after a time. First, the restaurants require reservations however, many times if you do not like what they are serving you can switch and go to the other one. Right now there are only two to choose from. Also, do not be afraid to ask them to switch out items on the menu, ie. if you would like veggies versus rice, they will be more then happy to accomodate you. If you get the chance, do make reservations for the Italian restaurant at the Almond Beach Village. There is a shuttle that will take you over. It does run on a schdule so make sure you allow time to get there.
The beach is a lot of fun if you are a good swimmer. The waves are large and you can do some great boogie boarding. There is no snorkeling nearby which we were disappointed about.
If you have trouble with stairs, make sure you request a ground floor. The buildings that are open now do not have elevators. I understand from management they will eventually have a building open with elevators.
Also, the top floors do not have balconies. The sliding doors open but just to let the fresh air in. They are more geared for families who do not want their children out on baconies where they may be hurt.
Request rooms away from the center of the building if you like quiet. You could hear everyone walking and talking on the way to their rooms. The rooms themselves are very nice.
They still have a way to go when providing entertainment, but remember , they are still growing and getting organized. In 6 months time this will be a destination everyone will want to go to.

Forum Posts

Almond Hotels

by LondonEdy

I recieved a letter from our tour operator today to tell us that the Almond casuarina hotel at Devons beach would still be under renovation during the dates we had booked our hols for(15/6 - 25/6).We have been offered the Almond beach club & spa at Sandy beach.Is anyone farmiliar with this location?Is the hotel O.K.? Any veiws or opinions would be welcome.
Thanks Eddy

Re: Almond Hotels

by Craigellachie

Pity, the casuarina is wonderful. Almond Beach I only know by reputation, but its reputation is fine. Its on the west coastif memory serves - which means calmer seas for swimming but a bit further from town.

Enjoy Barbados, it's a great place with genuinely hospitable people. If you listen closely you'll detect a hint of Irish in the local accent - I'll leave you to speculate on the historical reason for that :)

Re: Almond Hotels

by bajangirl

Almond Beach Club & Spa at Sandy Beach is new to the Almond group. It is on a nice beach on the island's south coast close to everything. You shouldn't have any problems there.

Where to stay in Barbados for our honeymoon?

by lucywright

My fiance and I are getting married in May 2011 and we are very confused as to what area we should stay in in Barbados.

We aren't into the whole all inclusive thing, we are much happier going room only/self catering. Our main priority is that we want to be somewhere with a bit of life, ie, a good selection of restaurants and bars in walking distance.

I've looked at St Lawrence Gap (I think that's right?) and I think that might be a bit more commercialised than we're after.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to which area of the island would suit us?

Many thanks!

Re: Where to stay in Barbados for our honeymoon?

by cmcard2

when you price

it out you may want to consider an all-inclusive - casuarina offers you some options and presents some things to do such as a safari or taking the tall ships for a day.

i also am adventurous however we went with a couple who had been there prior - you can keep searching and find your way and that is all good, or have someone do it for you - at any rate it is a great place to go to.

Re: Where to stay in Barbados for our honeymoon?

by blissullyblue

OK, you definitely sound like a south coast couple as most of the island's night life is on the south coast. Renting a car is a good idea but remember driving is done on the right hand side of the road. Almond Casuarina is an excellent choice of hotel as it in near the st.Lawerence area yet away from over commercialization,it offers beach activity during the day and offers self catering rooms and you find it nestled away between luscious green landscape there are numerous bars and restaurants and you will not have to go into the heart of the gap to enjoy these activities. On Friday nights there is Oistins street fish lime where you can enjoy an ice cold Banks beer and some fish prepared right before your eyes by a local vendor while mingling with tourist and locals alike. This about 10 minute drive from Casuarina which will cost you less than 1us or you can take a cab.

Does anyone know anything about the Ocean Bliss apartments?

by shamane

I'm looking for a reasonable place near beach, bus, and Oistens, any suggestions? Traveling for 2 weeks in February.

Re: Does anyone know anything about the Ocean Bliss apartments?

by Craigellachie

Depends on your budget but I've stayed twice at the Casuarina Beach Club at Doover Beach, and I wouldn't look anywhere else now.

Re: Does anyone know anything about the Ocean Bliss apartments?

by barbados-paradise

The Casuarina Hotel, is located at the end of the St. Lawrence Gap.
I would recommend this area as well. You can reach everything but the “party mile” is not so close that it will bother you.
A lot of nice beaches are in this area and Oistins is just a short drive by bus away.
If the Casuarina Hotel is too expensive you will find other hotels or accommodation in this area.


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