Morritt's Tortuga Club & Resort

PO Box 496 GT, East End, Grand Cayman, Caribbean

2 Reviews

Morritt's Tortuga Club & Resort
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  • ScubaMom's Profile Photo

    Nice East End Resort


    The resort itself was just another resort. Nothing really stands out about it. They had a cute little pier that went out over the water, but that was knocked out by Ivan and I am not sure if it has been replaced. It was not very crowded which we really liked. The beach was very nice but the best part for us was the location....diving on the East End is incredible! The pool bar out on the beach was pretty great! They are also near some great restaurants. This was a gift to us for our wedding and I am not sure what the rates were.

    Unique Quality: Great beach
    Great pool bar

  • texaslloyd's Profile Photo

    East End Privacy


    Morritts is a great place to stay. It is on the east end of the island so it is less developed compared to the seven mile beach area. The resort offers activities for day and night and for all ages. There is a dive shop on site.

    Unique Quality: The endless pool has a great view. Swim up to the bar and have a mudside or two or more...yum!!

More about Morritt's Tortuga Club & Resort

Wonderful Experience

by A TripAdvisor Member

Just like any visitor I am quick to point out the good and the bad of different locations. The different reviews state the good and the bad about peoples experiences. For those who didn't like the wind then thats a shame but do your homework. The location of Moritts Tortuga is away from the main commercial portion of the island and it is on the windward side of the island. For people to complain about this aspect of their visit is insane. Do the hurricanes that travel westward from the Atlantic into the western hemisphere give you a clue that you may experience some wind when on the east coast of an island? Anyway, enough of my ranting about people not using their noodle. Moritts Tortuga offers great accomidations, good food and excellent opportunities to relax away from the hussle and bussle of a city atmosphere such as you would find in Georgetown. I am returning to Morritts Tortuga in September for the second time and I can't wait!

Consistantly a great 5 Star Value

by A TripAdvisor Member

I have been several times over the past 10 years and have always had a great time. Most recently, I brought my father and he liked it much better than the Hyatt by 7 mile beach where the costs were much higher. Alway get a rental car since it is 35 minutes to the airport. We always drop my Kirk's Supermarket for the best prices on milk and lots of things to eat/prep at the many grills located around Morritts. Not a fan of the onsite restaurant but found outstanding prices and great seafood prepared by a chef at the the Edge II - located just 10 minutw=e drive from resort. The activities director keeps you entertained or the onsite dive and water sports shops have plenty to entertain as well!

Good time

by A TripAdvisor Member

Just got home 10 minutes ago from Morritt's in Grand Cayman. After reading all the reviews here, I decided that when I returned home I would post my own, while the memories are fresh. So here it is!First off, we did have a GREAT time, so don't let the negatives throw you off!THE CONDO UNITS They are super nice! It was bigger than we thought it would be, and bigger than it looks online in the pictures! You get a huge living/dining room, kitchenette, bathroom, bedroom, and nice big balcony. We didn't have an oceanview balcony, we had a poolview, but it was great... it depends on the luck of the draw.. our's had a bunch of trees and stuff in front so it was super private compared to most of them. One annoyance was the fact we arrived at 1:30, and were told our room would probably be ready before checkin at 4... Well 4 rolled around and they were telling me it still wasn't ready.. I just made a small complaint about the situation and they gave us another room, which ended up being a bonus because we got the great balcony.BEAUTIFUL BEACHES, POOLS AND FISH Theres a reef about 300 yards off the beach where the waves break, then its shallow and gentle all the way to the beach.. I don't scuba but I have snorkeled all over the world - and some of the best snorkeling I have experienced is right on the beautiful beach at Morritt's. It is very peaceful and unspoiled.. We went to several other spots on the island that were considered excellent, and none of them compared. The only thing that exceeded the snorkeling right at Morritt's beach were the reefs far from shore. We went snorkeling almost every day. The pools are also great - we went swimming every day in the beach, the pool, and the hottubs. The hardest decision to make each day is where you should choose to relax! Theres also nice hammocks all over the place to chill out in. Plenty of watersports are available right there.. jetskis, windsurfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, ocean kayaksFAR FROM EVERYTHING POSITIVE: For some this might be a negative, however I feel it gave Morritt's that "true island" feel. We felt like we were on a real tropical island as nothing is really developed for miles around. The majority of the other resorts are on 7 mile beach, right by Georgetown. Driving through there, you experience heavy traffic and tons of peopl. We liked being out away from everything and everyone. RENTAL CAR IS A MUST!!! We debated for weeks whether we should reserve one ahead of time, or wait until we got there to see how it was. YOU NEED A RENTAL CAR. You can get one for about 250 a week. Thats a lot better than spending 80 bucks each way for a cab! And you especially want one so you can drive to nearby restaurants and to all the fun places you want to go! Theres a bus but it costs 5 each way and does not go everywhere. It also must take forever. BOTTOM LINE, RESERVE A CAR ONLINE AHEAD OF TIME. ITS A MUST AND ITS CHEAPER THAN DOING IT WHEN YOU GET THERE. ANDY'S IS CHEAPEST. Theres a number of great restaurants within 20 minutes to eat at, and all the activities you want to do are close enough too. The only reason to go into town is shopping. Save it for your last day after you checkout... Stay on the east end of the island.. your not missing anything.NEGATIVE: Also, theres no nightlife by Morritts! Most nights, Andrew the activity director has some kind of show, or something going on. The thing is, most of it is CORNY. Like the "Name that tune" contest. We saved ourselves the agony and ended up going to bed by 11 most nights, which to me, is a huge negative. Then again, my fiance and I are still young - 25 and 24 - and we still like to get wild. But this trip we mainly chilled out.. For most regular folks, I'm sure you'll find most of the night entertainment there a good time. Also, the reason theres no nightlife is because its far from everything, which is a huge positive. So you pay for your seclusion.AIR CONDITIONING The A/C in our condo was horrible. Theres a sign saying it cant go lower than 72 degrees. Well apparantly, it doesn't work like normal AC, which would blow out lower than 72 until the room gets down to 72. Apparently, the lowest the AC can blow out is 72, so for you to get the room that cool (which IS NOT cool at all btw, its alright, but not cool), you basically need to leave the unit on all day, which obviously runs up your electric bill, since you pay for electric. This wasn't an option because we liked relaxing on the deck a lot, and liked the breeze during the day. The best trick we found was to leave the freezer open (im serious) to cool the place a bit - but at night, I found the lack of a comfortable temperature unbearable. I didn't sleep well most nights. What I don't understand is if you are paying for your electricity.. why don't they let you put it under 72?WORKERS, TIMESHARE AND REPS They want to sell you a timeshare. Every unit has a rep assigned to you, who can give you advice on where to go, what to do, etc. They also have coupons for a lot of the restaurants. The point being, every time you speak to your rep, they remind you to take the tour. Our rep was NOT pushy in any way, and only mentioned the tour in casual conversation several times. The reason I'm putting this in a negative is because of one experience I had. We wanted a coupon to one of the restaurants where we decided to go to. Well, at the time, our rep was giving a tour and not around to give us the coupon. So I asked at the front desk if someone else could give me one, and they acted like they had no clue what was going on. I asked another of the reps, and they were totally rude and unhelping. This was total bull**** because they all have the same coupons, and I find it hard to believe that only my rep could give them to me. You see, the reason they want you to talk directly to your rep is so they can remind again to take the tour.But whatever.. its just some of the workers there have bad attitudes, not all, but some, and it reminds me of places I've worked, where people just don't give a ****. It's like if your not going to tip them, or do something for them, why should they go out of their way to do something for you. Too many places are like that anyway, whether it's with retail or vacations...BOTTOM LINE: The resort as a whole is great.. most of the small annoyances we had, you'll have almost everywhere.. except for the AC.. that was a real annoyance but no reason not to go. Just make sure you use the freezer trick! It works! I'd actually love to own a timeshare at Morritt's and go down once a year... even though I didn't take the tour, I might be interested in it down the line. This place is really for those of you who want to get away from it all and really relax. All there is to do is nothing.. Like I said before, the hardest decision to make each day is where to put your butt to relax, and then where to go eat dinner. It's a nice place to take the kids.. they even have a kids camp where you can leave them if you want to go and do something with the adults. Grand Cayman is beautiful like no other.. snorkeling and diving there are amongst the best in the world. Stingray City is really cool - giant, gentle, friendly stingrays! You get to hold and feed them - its a great experience! Make sure you eat a lot of conch, it's the island speciality and it's delicious.Oh yeah, hit up the liquor store and make your own mixed drinks... then put them in a Morritt's cup so you can carry it around outside your room. You'll save a bundle and your room is never too far for a quick refill! And for those of you who like to relax at 420, just remember this island is really close to Jamaica. Just talk to Jamaican workers.Any other questions just email me.Have a good trip!

Not Really A 5-Star Experience

by TripAdvisor Member FunOverload

A very impressive facility to pull into after the 40-minute drive through modest villages. Bright, tropical colors, inviting view to the beach out back from the registration desk. Wow, was it WINDY! For all 7 days (mid Nov) we had constant strong wind that was fortunately just under the speed of kicking up sand, so it was okay that way. But forget about vollyball or anthing involving an umbrella. No elevators, so we got plenty of exercise going up to our third floor room! Beautiful view facing the ocean! Average sized unit. No bathroom amenities (shampoo, conditioner, lotion, etc) other than soap, and no hair drier! (Glad we brought one!) You're charged for electricity, so take care in your temperature setting for sleeping at night. You also pay a 'Resort Fee' which is code talk for hitting you up for more than your ownership and maintenance fees. Second worst restaurant I've ever eaten in, in my adult life. Here's a tip: don't go for the prime rib! Anyway, we had enough sun every day to max out the dose, and with a rental car we were free to zip over to the (much calmer weather & surf) other parts of the island.

Great fun

by A TripAdvisor Member

We have gone several times as a family. There is plenty to do for young and old. The rooms were clean and had all the things necessary to cook, etc. The pools were immaculate. There was no wait for any of the water activities. Great fun for all.

Really disappointed!

by A TripAdvisor Member

Upon first arrival, the resort did not look like the brochure. The grounds were not the best kept. First impression of the room not too good. The front door would not close without force and found a roll of toilet paper under the bedsheets. Also, cabinets came off the hinge, screen door came off the track and furniture and carpet stained. Not at all worth the money. Ended up leaving within one day and going to the Marriott for less money and better accommodations.


by A TripAdvisor Member

Cayman Island is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. We have done a lot of traveling by air and sea. Morritt's was a very nice place to stay we liked it so much we bought into the Grand. People are so friendly and you feel so safe on the Island. They had anything you wanted to do at Morritt's, You did not have to rent a car if you did not want you could take the van for $4.00 and go to town. the vans play church music and as he picks up locals they all get to singing with the music. It is a very religious Island. The beaches were beautiful and the water was crystal clear you could see the fish without snorkoling. Can' wait to go back. Next time I would like to stay 2 weeks. A very satisfied tourist.

There HAS to be a better place!

by TripAdvisor Member Bpars2

This is the place if you want isolation, aren't concerned with good food or service and have cash to burn. This place is 20+ miles from the Georgetown/7 Mile Beach area. It has a restaurant, bar, dive shop and spa. The restaurant and bar are average, at best, but overpriced. The spa is good. The dive shop is excellent - best part of the whole resort. The rooms are pretty crappy and overpriced. The hotel dings you left and right for little things. WATCH your calling cards. Though your cards say that you can call from the Caribbean, Cable & Wireless (Cayman telecom monopoly) makes you access a separate number to get to your toll-free number and charges you international rates by the minute...THEN the hotel marks it up ANOTHER 40%!!!! To their credit, Morritt's make an unclear reference to this in their brochure. but when asked for clarification from the front desk on our ATT card, we were told that we could call with a simple $1.95 fee. HA! If you must call off the island, you have to buy a Cayman calling card - only good on the island.They have an entertainment director (who is FABULOUS) to help you pass the day because they are SO far away from everything. I think I would go nuts if I had to stay there for a full week. Get yourself a car if you have to stay at Morritt's because you will want to get out - good restaurants in various places on the island. They drive on the left side of the road there and the pedestrians are idiots, so watch yourself.Hell and Turtle Farm outings are overrated. Stingray City is pretty cool, but watch out for those bastards to get REAL friendly if you are holding food.They have their own currency there. The US dollar is 80 cents to their dollar, so be prepared to drop some bucks. You don't have to worry about getting much of their money as everything is quoted is CI dollars and US dollars.

Forum Posts

Grand Morritts

by uncmom

Anyone have information about the conditions at Grand Morritts since the reopening this weekend? Only information available so far indicates the conditions are less than desirable.


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 Morritt's Tortuga Club & Resort

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Morritt`s Tortuga Club And Resort
Morritt`s Tortuga Club Hotel East End

Address: PO Box 496 GT, East End, Grand Cayman, Caribbean