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BAD BAD Memories

Terrible (1.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on January 4, 2012

Complains about the hotel
- Restock Room: It was never restocked, if we left a sip of water in the water bottle, it would not get refilled. If we called the reception to get more water or pop they would never come. Then the following day we went to the reception and they would say they had no record of us calling. This went on for days. I tried to ask for the water man to have a bottle of water, and he pushed me away and refused to give me water regardless of me providing him with my room information.
- Rooms: They never changed the sheets. I was so upset with such non hygienic conditions that I purposely touched my pillow with red lipstick to find it in the same place the next day. And to make matters worse a couple that was our friends ended up with red lipstick on their sheets in the same place, in other words, our sheets in their bed the next day. Which only lead me to think whose sheets was I getting. The rooms were infested by aunts and if anything was left in the room, even shampoo would be covered by aunts the next am. Shampoo, or soap were not replaced once since arrival, even after requested several times.
- Some of the rooms had mold and mildew in them. Our friends had a room that we could barely breathe in. We asked for a change of rooms and they raised their hands as a sign of “I don’t know or care” and nothing was done until we tried to reach managers for the fifth time.
- Food: The food was AWFUL. No better word to describe, other than unsanitary and uncooked. We weren’t even expecting flavor by day number two. But they would use the same utensils to grab raw chicken, give the cooked chicken to another client, grab a raw piece of meat, then touch my chicken semi cooked and attempt to put it in my plate. They did not refill the buffet unless asked to do so and even then with a twenty to half hour delay. They were lines for absolutely everything, they were under staffed and the staff that was there was lazy, unhelpful and would only do something you asked if you had pesos or dollars to offer. Making reservations was a fight every time. We purchased the Diamond club, for an extra $200 a couple, which was supposed to give us more reservations than the normal package, and we didn’t manage to get that. We were only able to get any reservations after a lot of fight and threats. Once getting to the a la carte, on the seafood, Arenas Blancas restaurant, and the crab was black in the inside, the portions were really small, and mostly made of lunch left overs.
- The pool was supposed to have a swim to bar, which physically seemed to exist but was never working during the full week we spend there.
- The pool has a tiny amount of lounge chairs, which doesn’t get refilled once there is a high traffic of guests, and if the guest wants to take a beach chair to rest at the pool, they cant. But neither will staff do anything to solve your problem.
- As I mentioned we paid for the Diamond Club access, which was supposed to give us a private beach area. There was NOTHING private about the area, expect a tiny wooden sign, which no one respected. As well, as we were supposed to be serve drinks, NEVER happened. We had to wait in long lines every time we wanted to drink anything and service once again was slow and unfriendly.
- The lobby bar was constantly claiming to run out of alcohol and closing at around 9pm, when was supposed to be open until at least 2am. The bar at the night club was never once working all the time we were there. The only actually functioning bar had a constant line of over 5-10 people for hamburger or drinks, which were the only two eatable things in the entire resort.
- Coconut water was turned into a cartel, and we had to pay the gardeners to drink coconut water 3 pesos, which is four times the price of a beer can.
- I need a band aid because I cut my foot, the reception desk told me they didn’t have anything for emergencies, and if I really wanted a band aid I had to wait until the next day and buy one from the in house doctor, if he had any at the time.
- With the Diamond Club package, we were also supposed to get access to a “vip lounge” which was nothing but a tiny moldy room, with several uncomfortable chairs and five books on a table. The tv didn’t work and there was never to eaten or drink there as advertised. And all the orientation meetings were held in this room, leaving no exclusivity for the premium price paid by the packages.
- The staff was extremely rude and unfriendly, I speak Spanish but my boyfriend doesn’t. We asked for assistance in an attempt to check the VIP lounge, which was supposed to be stocked with drinks and premium liquor. A server asked the bar attender for the key, and as soon as the bar attender realized it was for clients, he said he wouldn’t and told us our key should open the door, in a very rude way. After a few attempts to open the door, we came back asked the reception, them told the bar attender, who proceed to insult and called us and especially my boyfriend a “stupid dumb tourist”, and furious I told him not to talk about my boyfriend like that in Spanish and he proceed to answer by telling me I wouldn’t if I knew you understood.
- Toilet paper and soap were not existent throughout the entire resort. It was rare to find one out of the four stalls with paper, and soap I didn’t see once.
- The toilets reeked and weren’t clean often.
- The staff would only speak to you if they had something they wanted to sell, and if after the encounter you seemed uninterested in their merchandise they would refuse to assist you in their required task
- On the bus ride to the airport, after the guide asked how the trip was, I have never experience such dead silence and moments after so much negativity. I have never seen so many people happy to leave vacation in my life.
- One could not pay me enough to go back to this BAD memories resort.

Great family vacation!

Best (5.0 of 5.0 stars)
by written on May 17, 2011

My family (consisting of myself, my husband, my 9 & 5 yr old, and my mother in law) went over Easter 2011. This was our first holiday in 13 years.

We had a wonderful stay, although were a little confused reading the maps when we arrived. We were able to figure out the entire resort easily enough by ourselves eventually. It was a little harder to figure out things at night as there could be a bit better lighting, but that too came in time.

Our boys had lots of fun at the nightly "kids disco", and participated in whatever events were going on at the time. They loved Carlos, and all he brought to our holiday!

The staff were friendly and courteous wherever we went. These people generally love their jobs and aren't afraid to show it. It was nice going somewhere where we felt appreciated that we gave them our business. The staff at the buffet restaurants always remembered we needed space for 5 people at mealtimes, remembered our kids favorite drinks, and even what we took in our coffee.

The resort itself was very clean, and the only issue we had with bugs was one evening the mosquitoes were bad (which they were spraying for), and we had a few little tiny spider like creatures on the desk in our room one evening. There were a few cats, and a couple of dogs throughout the resort (and don't forget the goat, Pepi!) which were friendly to everyone... and helped the kids not miss our own pets too much while we were gone.

Overall, it was an awesome holiday, and we WILL be going back again... someday!

Unique Quality: The rooms were very good, lots of room to store our things. Maid did a great job each day. The kids looked forward to her creations each day with the towels.

The pool was usually clean, although we did have an incident where there was something in the pool that cut my son's foot open, requiring band aids and TLC.

Great views from the look out tower.

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