Hotel Club Covarrubias

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Playa Covarrubias, Las Tunas, Puerto Padre, Caribbean
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Best Beach in Las Tunas

by Greggor58 about Villas Covarrubias

This hotel is an all inclusive....with a GREAT beach....few kms long....fine white sand.
Most days that I've spent here the surf was calm......however when cold fronts blew through it got quite rough ...for a semi sheltered bay.....and was GREAT to play in.....
There's a reef not too far from shore that has typical flora and fauna...
The gardens are well groomed and have a variety of flowers and plants and trees.
Overall the rooms are quite spacious and always kept clean.Hot water isnt available all of the time but most of the time.
The food is quite acceptable..with plenty of variety and accepatble service....Inet access was slower than what we are used to in north America but there WAS Internet access...
Its a quiet clean little hotel that doesnt lack for any modern conveniences..

Club Covarrubias

by A TripAdvisor Member

We just returned from Club Covarrubias. The weather was great, the beach was great. I was actually pleasantly surprised, after all it is only a 3 star hotel. Yes, the 2 hour bus ride is a drag, and it is in an isolated area, but the staff is courteous, and attentive. The rooms are large, adequetly equipped - we had an ocean view with a nice deck.The food is a little drab. I never knew there was so many uses for cabbage! I had never thought of it as a breakfast food. One thing I didn't like is the pool, which is saltwater. I guess I just expected it to be freshwater as an alternative to the ocean. One week is enough, any longer and you would get bored, simply because there is nothing to do outside the resort. The worst part of the trip was our airline, which left us stranded at the airport in Cuba for over 30 hours. It is unfortunate, as it put a damper on our entire vacation experience.

Club Covarrubias Heaven on Earth!

by TripAdvisor Member hellophotokitty

Before this trip, I was a Cuba virgin I had never traveled out of Canada/US and decided to wing it by picking an all inclusive resort solely on the experiences of other vacationers and what felt right for me. After scouring the net for about a week, and coming back regularly to , I thought that Club Covarrubias sounded like the ideal spot for me a single woman travelling alone for the first time, looking for a place to rest her weary body and soul. Making this decision falls into the category as some one of the best choices that I ve made in my life First of all, I now know that next time I go (and I am already planning to go back this summer!) it will definitely be for two weeks! The actual difference between one week and two was only $200 but it is worth every cent! Let me explain When I arrived at the airport, I was the first one out - I actually had my own private Taxi waiting! Apparently I was the only person from this particular tour company (despite the fact that there were four other people going to the same resort, who were on the same plane as I was) and therefore, had my own ride! Words of advice a) get your Kleenexes ready, b) go to the bathroom before you leave. Toilet paper is very $$ and are never kept in the stalls, and the five squares of paper that I was given by the bathroom maid were definitely not enough after a long flight! And the ride well, let s just say that I would have been a very unhappy camper had I stuffed my face and drank a lot of water prior to landing in Holguin because I felt like an unbalanced washing machine going through a 120 minute spin cycle on those roads! The Arrival: I woke up just as we were pulling up to the entrance of the hotel. Looking around, I was trying to figure out where the beach was hidden among the rolling hills, trees and bushes. I was immediately impressed by the spaciousness of the lobby completely open air, beautiful cross breeze and friendly people waiting to greet me at the door. I was also surprised by how friendly everybody was there! It was not unusual for members of the staff to walk by, smile, or wave and say Hola . At first I felt a little strange, even a tad suspicious as being from a big city will do that to you, but I soon got into the swing of chatting with the workers who were really sincere in making sure that I was always being well taken care of. The Room: The room was absolutely immaculate! Clean clean clean! I was so happy to find a working fridge with a full bottle of water waiting for me! (Tip: if you are a muchie freak like I am, I put all my fruit and pudding cups in there a nice refreshment after a hot day at the beach!). My room had a lovely porch and a nice view of the lunch hut and ocean. The bathroom and shower were huge (no bathtub, but it would be to hot to soak anyway!) but was very slippery when wet. Wear sandals or put down towels when you walk out. The safe is a good $2/day investment. It won t fit a laptop, but my camera body and 4 lenses fit in perfectly as well as my stash of cash and passport/tickets etc. Another tip the hotel key/card will open the door and operate the power in your room, if you take it with you, or try to open the safe at night with it, you ll be left in the dark so make sure that you have an extra card (Chapters, credit, debit or even a hospital card) to fill the slot and keep the air conditioning running while you re out! I read that it is always nice to leave a tip for the maid on the pillow (or like I did, leave some makeup or barrettes etc.) and was completely floored when I came back after a day at the beach to find the room, once again, immaculate and see this towel swan on my bed! Every day, it was a new work of art! I more than appreciated the extra effort for the towel origami and continued to leave little gifts for the maid until I left. I also brought a bag of stuff from the local dollar store to give to some of the people who I really liked appreciated when I left. If there are clothes that you re not wearing anymore you can leave those as well. I was horrified to hear that a pair of jeans cost $60US while an average doctor s salary is only $25/month The Grounds: I have read in previous posts that the grounds and grass was yellow and were in desperate need of watering and were in poor condition well, Holguin is not a very humid place in January and it is THEIR WINTER!!!! For people who consider this an eye sore and factor this into their opinion about Cova go to Costa Rica NOT CUBA! The layout of the grounds was very intelligent the main restaurant, pool, lobby, gift shop and main bar/stage were centrally located and easy to find. The cabins however took some getting used too as they all looked the same, but there are little posts in the grass and well lit paths which will direct you to your sections if you get lost in the evening (which I did on a few occasions, but that s because of the rum ). The lunch area/hut was beautiful on the extreme left of the main entrance and complex, overlooking the beach, airy and cool, it was like sitting under a deluxe beach hut - a great place to hide from the sun during the hottest times of the day. The main dining room is HUGE and you can always find a place to sit. It s right near the pool, bar, stage, beach, reception desk and is a very pleasant place to eat especially when the band comes in and plays Cuban love songs at each table at dinner time. The Disco, at the other extreme end of the beach, is a huge octagonal shaped Gazebo accessible by a long but solid dock which sits over the quiet inlet which winds behind it. Open only at night, it is the perfect place to unwind, dance, sip Mojitos, and have a great time. There is also a tennis/basket ball court, two rooms with pretty good gym equipment/machines and a little daycare centre which I didn t use but seemed pretty nice. The Beach: Ah! The beach!! I can t go on enough about the beach!! Even while speaking with some of the animation staff, they were the first to tell me that this part of Cuba had one of the nicest beaches. What I found to be the most unbelievable is that Club Covarrubias is the ONLY HOTEL ON THIS WHOLE STRIP!!! No matter how hard you squint, how powerful your binoculars are, you can t see another building, soul, entity for miles!! It was so nice not to expect to fight for a quiet spot, worry about having sand kicked in your face, or about the screaming kids who decided to sit just 3 feet away from you because that is the only spot left on your hotel s small shard of beach front property! To the extreme left of the beach, you can walk about a mile or so before you hit rocks, but if you are adventurous enough (and you bring really good sandals) you can make the adventure trek; the same applies to the right side as well. The Disco is pretty much the marker of the end of that side of the beach, but there is a little mini island that I saw many people walking on, and then having a view from the catamaran that part too seemed to go on indefinitely. If you go on the hike, pack sunscreen and lots of water!!! The ocean water was unbelievable. Clear as glass, and a blue turquoise that I have never seen in my life. It was relatively warm (remember, this is their winter ) but was occasionally breezy which made for some small waves. I was able to walk out almost 100 feet + before it started to get deep! No need for water shoes except if you walk right into the pockets (RARE!!) of sea grass which are pretty obvious to see and avoid; but they pretty much just float to the surface and hover closer to the shore. Yes, there were days that there was more sea crud on the beach, but that was dependant on the weather the night before. On the morning I left, the whole beach, as far as I could see, was calm and absolutely clear!! So don t be put off by those who talk about seaweed, it s at best, minimal if not incidental to nil. The sand is almost a blinding white with a beautiful light pink hue from the grains of crushed coral. It s the fine powdery type that does not heat up and scorch your feet if you walk barefoot! Near the thatched sun huts, it s dry, not full of cigarette buts, plastic cups and does not smell like dead fish! Walking along the edge of the shore is beautiful as well. Be sure to check out the tiny shells that wash up early in the mornings. I have a whole collection of micro conch shells that still fascinate me as to their intricate details and beauty. Ask Ramon to take you out on the Catamaran or go scuba diving if you can or dare!! It was my first time ever and I was petrified, but Big Alex and Tito were so amazing with teaching me the basics (first in the swimming pool), helping me and keeping me from flipping out in the water. I felt completely safe when I took my first dive way out into the ocean! Remember to bring an underwater camera and take pictures when it is bright and sunny. The same goes for the snorkelling Unbelievable! It was really a dream come true! The Food: Despite the fact that I stuffed my suitcase with munchies and junk food (Chips, Pop Tarts, pudding cups etc.) I did not go hungry here! As fussy of an eater as I am (no seafood, ham, zucchini, broccoli ) I was able to eat and not get sick!! The pasta bar is the best (you can pick what you want to go into the pan with your pasta noodles) and they make it fresh for you. The salads are the cold variety consisting mostly of canned peas, carrots, and corn, but they have a pretty wide selection so you can mix and match. There was always lots of bread and butter to fill up on regardless. Lunches were great (I warmed up the pizza slices with a dab of spaghetti sauce on top) and the hotdogs were well cooked. Deserts were kind of bland so I stuck with the fresh fruit and the ice cream (does anybody know if that is ice-milk? It s amazing!) Breakfasts were by far, my favourite! Get there early so you can get the best pick of all the French toasts and teeny tiny pancakes! The drinks are available at all times I never had a craving for an early morning Mojito but was served really strong drinks (a few tips gets you well known with the bartenders and lots of extra rum!) until almost 3pm at the disco when Salvatore just one more last call was behind the bar!! Entertainment: Preparing myself for the worst, I was really quite surprised! The first night the staff put on Star night where they put on stellar mock/slapstick imitations of Pavarotti (flatulence sounds abound) and a hysterical Celine Dion Titanic tribute, complete with stranded/shipwrecked people wandering about in a daze as Celine (Arletti) stood at the helm, belting out Love Will Go On as she was being pelted by ice-cubes and buckets of water mimicking the Titanic s dramatic watery demise. There was also a Miss Covarubbias pageant which was borderline obscene/ outrageous which involved some of the women in the audience as participants!!! I laughed so hard I nearly fell out of my chair! The other nights were not as hysterical but just as entertaining - dance numbers and short skits about Cuban history and culture through song and movement and beautiful costumes. These kids really put a lot into the shows and it s actually worth sticking around after dinner to catch them in action! The Animals/Bugs: It was only when I got home that I noticed my bites! I heeded the warnings and took some heavy duty bug spray, but I was not eaten alive. As a general rule, these flying blood suckers are most hungry at sundown so just stay away from really grassy areas, stay inside from 4:30 to about 6:30pm and wear some airy long pants/skirts and a light jacket to cover up. I once encountered a huge crab crossing my path to the hotel and began a standoff that lasted 2 minutes. That was the LAST time I decided to walk through the grass as a shortcut to my hotel room at night !!! But the worst had to be the ANTS!!! Do not leave anything sweet out on your counters! I made that mistake my first night by leaving an empty cup of juice on my night table only to come back and see it covered in little red ants!! I stuffed anything and everything sweet I had in the fridge after that. It also helps if you keep the patio/front door closed at all times. I was just plain stupid my first night wanting to hear the ocean from my bedroom, I left the sliding door wide open and regretted it later. After that one incident, there was only the odd 1 or 2 ants to be found for the rest of my 7 day stay. I was also very relieved to find out these critters only go after sweet stuff and not flesh or blood!! So remember sweet stuff/garbage best goes into the bathroom garbage! Other than that, no jellyfish, no wild dogs, no lizards, and no gigantic spiders! Overall summary: Hearing through several tour agents that Club Covarrubias was only a three star resort , initially made me wince, but after staying there for a week, I came to the conclusion that this resort has probably been branded as such because of the distance from the airport to the hotel itself. But don t let that fool you!! If you are looking for a party all night swinging Cancun style and having your every whim catered to, go to a Club Med, that s what they are for! But if you want an amazing beautiful, memorable and restful fun vacation Club Covarrubias is for you! The staff service is amazing, the people who work there are amazing, the BEACH IS AMAZING, and the people who I met that were vacationing there were amazing as well! This place just seemed to bring out the most pleasant side in everybody as I met and made so many wonderful new friends. At Club Covarrubias, you don t feel like just another number in a book of reservations, you feel like you really belong there; and isn t that what being on vacation is really all about? If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me at I would be more than delighted help in any way that I can! I will be uploading some photos of this trip to my website in the next month so you can check up on that as well. And if there is anybody planning to go down within the next few weeks and lives in Canada, I would be go grateful if you would be able to take a small envelope with you for someone at the Club, and of course will pay whatever shipping costs required to get it to and from your address. Say Hi to Omar, Arletti, (tell them to check this site they never got a chance to see these glowing reviews!!) and a big sweet hello to my guardian angels of the sea: Omar, Tito and Big Alex and tell them I ll be back before this coming September! Kathy Slamen (a new Cuban addict) Montreal, Quebec

No What You Want

by A TripAdvisor Member

My stay at Villa Covarrubias was a rewarding experience from a "meet wonderful Cuban resort staff" perspective. I am single and keeping that in mind, this resort is not a happening place. The nearest town, Puerto Padre is 45 kilometers distant. The tourists are mostly older or being Canadian myself, extremely conservative. The beach is the most breathless place anyone could want to vacation at, clean, warm water, private if you want it to be and, simply a Robinson Carusoe type evniroment.

The bugs are intolerable. Built in a sanctuary, this swamp surrounded resort is like holidaying in the everglades. My legs were so swollen on the second or third day, I was embarrassed to go out on the beach, I was just one of many. If you want to go with a partner and simply enjoy each other, this is the place to go - if you bring lots of bug spray.
If its a last minute thing, immediately visit Puerto Padre and Chapparo, the people are wonderful and there is a lot more going on there.

I wouldn't revisit for a vacation but, I would go there again given time to simply enjoy the lagoon, the wonderful Cuban staff, and relax but, only in long sleeves and trousers.

A wonderful place

by TripAdvisor Member Marco

My wife and I stayed there for 2 weeks in January 2004 with our two kids (7 and 1). A taxi was waiting for us at the airport since we were the only ones on the flight to go to this hotel. The trip from the airport to the hotel is the only downsize with Villa Covarrubias. It is 2 hours long and the road is not so good, but don't let this affect your choice because the 2 hours rides is well worth it.This place is really great and here is why.Room : We got a very spacious room with 3 beds and a crib for the baby (Room number #6325). There is a mini fridge in the room and they supply bottled water as much as you need. The bathroom is nice with a bidet and a large shower. We had a room on the second floor with an ocean view. Since we were on a corner the balcony was very big with two great rocking chairs so you can relax there at night listening to the ocean. The room was very very clean and the maids are doing a great job. Sometimes the water is kind of yellow when you open the faucet but if you let it run for a minute it gets better.Food : The food is good. At breakfast you can always count on bacon and eggs and there is a speciality counter where they cook you an omelette as you like it (ham, cheese, onion, etc...). Lunch is served at the restaurant on the beach. It is almost always the same, french fries, pasta, rice, soup, vegetables and meat. There is a grill where they cook fish, hot dog and a different kind of meat everyday (chicken, beef, veal, etc). Dinner is served at the main restaurant and this is the best meal. There is always a nice choice for everyone and you can get very good pasta at the speciality counter. There is also always a nice piece of meat and fresh fish near the pasta bar. There is also a bar near the pool when you can get a good ham and cheese sandwich all day long. We were always able to find something that we liked. Keep in mind that this is Cuba and you will be happy.Beach : This is the best part, it is really beautiful, I could even say breathtaking. The white sand is nice and clean, the water is crystal clear and when the tide is low you can go very far in the ocean just walking and watching the fish at your feet. There are plenty of chairs available whenever you're going and you can always find some shade if you want. This is a very secluded place and we loved it. It is calm and peaceful and the kids loved it too.Pool : Nice design and not too deep. Sometimes it is a little cold, but it is ideal for kids.Activities : There are many activities to enjoy like catamaran, kayak, pedalo and snorkelling. And since there were not too many people there when we went we never had to wait or to reserve long time in advance to use the equipment. This was very pleasant and the staff is very nice too. Near the pool you can play pool and ping-pong. There is also a tennis court and a basketball court. There is not much to do outside the resort. We went to Puerto Padre which is the nearest town about 40 minutes from the resort but there is not much to see there. This is a secluded resort for people who want to stay there. It you are looking for adventure it is not the place for you.Animation : The night shows are entertaining, especially if you had your share of rhum ! During the day there is a mini-club for kids from 4 to 12 and is was very appreciated by our kid. Dunya is great with kids and they like her very much.Staff and service : Excellent is the word that comes to mind. They would do anything to make your stay perfect. Everybody is friendly. Victor and Rodi at the restaurant, Dunya, Arleti and Julian at the animation, Orle in the garden, Ramon on the beach, everybody want you to have a great time and we did.Bar : In my opinion the best bar is the lobby bar but only because it has a little more choice than the other two. You can get soft drink, water, milk (important when you are traveling with a baby!), liquors, drinks (mostly rhum base) and beer. The glasses are relatively small, but who cares, get two at a time if you are too lazy to go back ! The Rhum punch is excellent.I read some reviews with complaints about the mosquitoes and some bad odours and I must disagree with them. We never experience any bad odours at the resort and the only time we were bug by mosquitoes was early in the morning after a rainy night. This is the only time we used the bug spray.We really appreciated our stay at Villa Covarrubias and we would recommend it without any hesitation if you want a great place to relax and enjoy life under the sun.

A beautiful getaway!

by A TripAdvisor Member

My boyfriend and I stayed at Villa Covarrubias the week of February 8-15, 2004. Despite a terrible flight arrival and departure courtesy of Jetsgo, we had one of our best vacations ever. I would highly recommend this resort if you are looking for a wonderfully relaxing getaway that features a gorgeous beach, friendly and attentive staff, clean and spacious rooms, a variety of activities, and a private, secluded location. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed doing absolutely nothing one day except deciding what to wear. Relaxing on the beach, while sipping rum punch and reading a book, I thought I had died and gone to my version of heaven. And then when I wanted to do something there was lots to choose from like snorkelling, sailing, kayaking, dance lessons, and even bingo! With the resort having only 122 rooms, it allowed you to meet the other guests easily. We met some wonderful fellow Canadians and had lots of fun getting to know them. I found the previous reviews to be very helpful and I would recommend the following: bring your own toilet paper for the airport and if you go on the Friday excursion to the other beach; order the lobster grilled for $12 per person, it's delicious and a welcome break from the other food choices; bring a plastic card to leave in the electricity supply in your room if you wish to have air conditioning throughout the day as your room key controls this and you want to take it wiht you; take advantage of the in-room safe for $2 a day; bring your own shampoo and conditioner; at night it cools down substantially from the day so pack warmer clothes; take advantage of the boatride to the coral reef for $12 per person; the beach on the Friday excursion is great to walk along and see numerous shells; and if you feel comfortable leave items for the staff they cannot get in Cuba otherwise (ie. guitar strings for the nightly musicians, cosmetics, t-shirts, over-the-counter medications, baseball hats). The only thing holding this resort back from being rated five stars is the lack of variety with the food served. But for an inexpensive, all-inclusive vacation, you can't go wrong with the beauty and warmth of Cuba!

your right!

by A TripAdvisor Member

I went last year at Covarrubias...and i was totaly disapointed ! The foods it's terribles (raw , no salad dressing ect) And what about the bug's ...the spray before dinner and nothing seem's to kill those insect's! To bad cause the beach is superb and the staf are very kind!

Just the facts

by A TripAdvisor Member

We stayed at Club Covarrubias from January 10-24, 2004. The two hour bus ride from the airport to the hotel seemed never ending. The hotel is very secluded and the closest town is 45 minutes drive. At the hotel the people were very friendly and helpful, the grounds were well maintained and rooms were clean. The tap water was very yellow and it smelled. We were told not to drink it and we were afraid to brush our teeth with it. They provided bottled water in the rooms. We were told that the water at the bars and restaurants was safe to drink although the water for tea was yellow and water served at the pool bar was yellow. All meals were buffet which was boring. Hot food was cold and cold food was warm. Salad bar consisted mainly of cabbage, cucumbers and tomatoes with only oil & vinegar dressing. The main dishes served were chicken and fish and sometimes pork or beef. We were concerned about their food preparation methods they had raw and cooked meat/poultry close together on the same frying surface, using the same utensils. We received an undercooked hamburger, even though we ordered it well done. The bars are well stocked. The lobby bar was our favourite bar. Wine was not available at the bars, only at the restaurants. The service was good at the bars and restaurants. Tipping is encouraged. The beach was nice but the water was cool. The pool was freezing and usually empty. The hotel is located close to a swampy area and the mosquitoes and sand flies are vicious. The daily excursions were often cancelled due to the bus not being available or not enough people being signed up. We enjoyed our stay but we would definitely not go back or recommend this resort. We have traveled to many Caribbean islands and this was our fourth trip to Cuba.

Hotel Covarrubias, Las Tunas

by El-Cameron

"Villa (now Brisas) Covarrubias"

A hotel I cannot recommend. In the middle of an army training area. The roads are accordingly. Supply situation for food, drinks etc. is rather poor. The staff is trying hard and is friendly but without the infrastructure they can't do a lot either. The beach is one of the most impressive beaches I have ever been. But just the beach is not sufficient. To see something different you have to travel about 50 km (approx. 80 miles).

The Road to "Downtime"....

by Greggor58


The road that we used to go from Puerto Padre to the hotel was at times quite rough...and we had to make way for "Powers Greater than Ourselves" this case a hear of cattle on they're way from...UMMM...Point A to B...didnt ask...dont know where they were going ... but they were using the same road that we were stopped and let them pass... : o ]

Catle in Cuba have a high standing....and are owned , I was told by the was a food source, I was told , that was not for the common man, and was specifically for Tourists and Government officials...I dont know for sure.

It seems like anywhere else....if you ask the same question to three'll receive three different answers.

The roads in Las Tunas were in very much need of funding..very rough and many LARGE holes all over the place.Drivers needed to steer clear of them or else..BIG PROBLEM!!
There doesnt seem to be very much money put into this basic type of infrastructure.

So......beware...if you are driving in Las safe!

"JUST in case...."

You happened to have a problem along this roadway...from puerto Padre to the wont be alone.....

Vultures are seen in different spots along the way...JUST WAITING for a little bit of action.

They really are NOT a nice looking animal !!


The Grounds of the Villas Covarrubias were littered with wonderful gardens.....and flora that is common in the tropics.

This was taken in the morning on my ritualistic trip to the coffee bar at the hotel.


Another beauty........around the hotel grounds.

I wasnt able to get pictures of any that are worth posting...but there are hoards of hummingbirds flitting from bloom to bloom around the gardens of the hotel.

I met some people [ a man and woman ] that were intent on photographing these amazing little birds...abd were equipped to do so.
I was using only a point and shoot Nikon Funpix and was not about to capture the perfect hummingbird snaps...

"Local Heroes"

These guys were living everywhere...ok....I DID NOT ever have to share my room with any but are fun to watch...they are so timid....scampering away at the slightest feeling in the ground I fast as they can move...slowwwlllllyyyy...


Check out the amazing colour of this guy........I spotted him as I was preparing to vacate the hotel.....first and last sighting of him...

Forum Posts

Going To Villa Covarrubias

by torontogal1

I'm going with medical supplies in Dec and need a doctor's name from a clinic in or near Puerto Padre. I've heard someone at Villa Cova can help me with the delivery. Can anyone supply an email address, as my written Spanish is much better than my spoken Spanish(I have more time to compose my message.) Thanks!!!

RE: Going To Villa Covarrubias

by cp3o

I have contacted Villa Cova, but still need the name of a clinic and children's home in Puerto Padre. Can anyone help? Thanks!

From Tunas to Santiago de Cuba

by keepdreaming

I'll be staying at the Playa Covarrubias in Las Tunas for 10 days and would like to spend a day (or one overnight) in Santiago de Cuba.
Looking at the Vi Azul website, it doesn't seem like the bus will be that practical. Is it possible to hire a driver for the trip, and does anyone have an idea of what the price would be? Is a driver a good idea, or is the bus really the only practical option?

RE: From Tunas to Santiago de Cuba

by RickL

Las Tunas is not that far from Santiago. You can definately hire a private car and driver for about $50 CUC which is more that Viazul. However, that way you have you keep your own schedule and it's cheaper and less frustrating than renting a car in Cuba IMO. Ask around at your hotel and I'm sure someone knows someone willing to take you there and back. Santiago is one of my favorite cities in Cuba.

RE: RE: From Tunas to Santiago de Cuba

by keepdreaming

Thanks for your answer, RickL! Although it is a bit more expensive than a bus ticket, if I split it between my traveling companions, it will be very reasonable!

RE: RE: From Tunas to Santiago de Cuba

by RickL

There are always lots of taxis waiting for tourist fares near the Viazul stations. We managed to find 2 Americans wanting to share the taxi with us. So, as you say, with enough people it becomes a reasonable alternative to the bus and you can travel more on oyur own schedule.

Sand, palms, sea but real Cuba

by juzz

Hi all,
I'm planning my holidays in Cuba and I'd like to add in my tour one of those typical Caribbean paradises with white sand and wonderful sea.
I know Cayo Largo is one of those places but it's too touristic, I'd like something more typical Cuban, do you have any suggestion for me?


Re: Sand, palms, sea but real Cuba

by GrumpyDiver

Havana. In general, the Cuban government has gone out of its way to limit the contact of tourists with the Cubans. I've been to Cuba three times now and this was my experience in the places we visited. Friends who have been to Havana tell me that you can see the "real" Cuba there.

Re: Sand, palms, sea but real Cuba

by juzz


Havana is definitely in my list already! ;)
Now I am doing some research about a nice seaside place. I've found Cayo Justias, has anybody ever heard about this place?

Re: Sand, palms, sea but real Cuba

by Jefie

How about staying in the Playas del Este area? It's only a few minutes drive from Havana, and the beaches there are beautiful. Cubans are actually allowed to go on those beaches, so it definitely makes it less artificial than all the resort towns. Perhaps you could look for a place to stay around Santa Maria del Mar? Hope this helps!

Re: Sand, palms, sea but real Cuba

by Greggor58

Hi Sergio....Ive visited a couple of times in a smaller hotel complex..about a three hour drive from the Province of Los Tunas...sort of central was as I said small....and the closest town is about an hour drive away...Puerto Padre...the property..Its NEVER been busy when Ive been there...twice actually...its a little isolated but heading into town...once you get there...its pretty much untouched and not very developed commercially...

Just a thought....I have a couple of pages here both...Los Tunas...and Puerto Padre...

Ive spent time in Cayo Largo and Cayo Santa Maria...both from the sounds of it not what youre looking for..

Happy Trails!!!! Enjoy Cuba!!!

Re: Sand, palms, sea but real Cuba

by d6jvb

There is a very picturesque town called Trinidad on the south coast, with a pretty nice beach nearby, Playa Ancón. Try those as search terms for photos and you'll see.

I recommend you stay in a "casa particular" - room in private home. I could give you some addresses if you mail me.

There are other things to see in the area such as sugar plantations and mountains and a waterfall with swimming at "El Cubano".

Re: Sand, palms, sea but real Cuba

by juzz

Thank you all for your suggestions!

Re: Sand, palms, sea but real Cuba

by neverstoptravel

Agree Trinidad is a must.


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Hotel Class 3.5 out of 5 stars

Playa Covarrubias, Las Tunas

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 Hotel Club Covarrubias

We've found that other people looking for this hotel also know it by these names:

Covarrubias Hotel Puerto Padre
Resort All Inclusive Covarrubias

Address: Playa Covarrubias, Las Tunas, Puerto Padre, Caribbean