Arenas Blancas

Calle 64 e/ 1ra Ave y Autopista, Cuba, Caribbean

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    Value Priced but will not return


    I went there with my friends last June 2005.

    -good location, right in downtown Varadero. Rent a moped and ride up and down the hotel/Varadero strip.

    -Rooms are good - Try to get a room with a pool view or ocean view.

    -Food was okay, but I normally don't expect too much when I travel to Cuba.

    -Beach was great. Varadero is one of the best beaches in Cuba, although I prefer Cayo Coco.

    -Close to Havana. It is about 1 1/2 hours to Havana. So check out Old Havana, the markets and other historic sites.

    -older hotel
    -not much food selection
    -okay nightly entertainment.

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    Party Hotel


    I stayed here earlier this year and will be back in September. The people were great, lots of younger guests, the pool is nice and big, the food was even passable, which is saying something in Cuba.

    The location is great, any closer to the town and it would BE in the town. You walk across the street and you are in town, Havana Club is right across the street, La Comprasita is just a short walk.

    Unique Quality: The scooter rental guy in front of the hotel is the best in Varadero, he's very accomadating. We always rent from him, vene when we stay in other hotels.

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Nightclubs in Varadero

by 416Guy

I just returned from Varadero and I was out each and every night. The clubs close at 3am (all of them) but usually people are still out and about for a few more hours. Here is some updated information on some of the clubs:
Las Cuevas (The Pirate Cave): I talked to the doorman who told me that Monday is their big night. So, I returned on Monday night with a few of my friends and it was very busy. They have a show that goes until approx 11:30 and until this show is over, don't expect to be able to move around. We were like sardines inside the club until the show ended. The reason is that people are seated at their tables in the front of the club and there is no standing aloud in this area until the show is over, also the stage opens as a dance floor and this opens more room to move. Because it is an actual cave, the roof is very low (as low as 7.5 feet in some places) and it is extremely hot inside. Expect to sweat.

La Rumba: This is more like a North American club than the others, it was busy pretty much every night but it was comfortable inside. Lots of room, nice sized dancefloor and the location is great, right on the beach. So, if you want to get some air for a few minutes you can be on the beach in less than a minute.

Havana Club: We went Friday an it wasn't great, not very busy at all, but we returned on Wednesday and it was very busy and we had a great time. Located right in the town, across from Arenas Blancas and beside Las Palmas, the location is convenient, and it's always a must when I visit Varadero, at least once per trip, lots of memories here.

International Hotel: Again, there is a show here that runs until about 11:00/11:30 but even when the show is on there is lots of room. Nice crowd, very sociable. The show is not so bad either.

La Comprasita: Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get to this club, but I've heard good things. Located a little further into the town than Havana Club, shouldn't be more than a 5peso cabribe from most hotels. Didn't encounter any dress codes, I wore jeans just about every night and I was fine. You should bring some 'going out' clothes, though.

you should go

by A TripAdvisor Member

my friend and I enjoyed arenas blancas alot. it was a very good experience. we might a lot of nice people. the staff is great. but if u want night life you would have to leave the resort. advise you to go to "la rumba", "the cave", and "club international" try the might think its silly..but i would not be caught dead doing it. and guess what i did..just get some of those rom punches in you..and u would do anything u said u would never do. the beach is beautiful..and the pool is big and great... if u had 2 go..go 2 arenas blancas

Not Too Bad

by A TripAdvisor Member

The hotel was not that bad. My friend and i stayed at Arenas Blancas from Aug 16-23. For people who have never travelled before and this is their first resort, they will think it is excellent, but for those who have travelled before to Cuba and have been at other 4 star hotels.....well they will hate the resort. Personally i thought the overall service was horrible, even if u tipped. Of course not all the workers at Arenas Blancas sucked, but majority. It just seemed that no one cared. The food was complaints there. The room was okay...kinda dirty. My friend and i stayed on the second floor and it seemed the higher the floor the better the room. I got a chance to see rooms from the 3rd and 5th floor and they were much much cleaner. The night life was AWSOME...i had the time of my life. This is no doubt a place for young people. The week my friend and i chose to stay at Arenas Blancas was a popular week according to the workers at Arenas Blancas..they said there were tons and tons of young ppl. Every night at 11:30pm everyone who was interested in going to the club would meet in the lobby and the entertainers would take us to the clubs. Let me tell ya......I HAVE NEVER DANCED SO HARD IN MY LIFE. This for sure is a party resort for young ppl. The partying never ended, cause after the club all the teenagers would go to the 24hr snack bar and party some more. I hardly got any sleep on my holiday...but it was worth it. Plus u can catch up on ur sleep on the beach.Overall the resort wasn't bad lookin..service was ***** though....maybe cause we were young (19yrs old). I would not come back to this resort...but my stay at Arenas Blancas was action packed and this resort is strictly for young ppl (ages 19-25). This resort does not seem fun for kids even though the resort offers i kids club and SOME activities. I strongly believe that this resort should be a 3star instead of a 4star. Also if u are American not go here ..they really reall really hate Americans..they make that loud and clear at the enternainment shows.

Trip of a life time

by A TripAdvisor Member

An experiance we all will never forget. Over 300 hundred in are group and very little problems. There is something for every one. The beaches are beautiful, the pool is great, the drinks are strong and never stop and the night life "The Cave" is wild. The workers at the hotel and people around town are great, they will help you with all your needs and make you fill right at home. I would go back if I could. To the hotel Arenas Blancas, All of us from Bonita, thank you for making this a trip of a life time that we will never forget. Hope to see you again soon. Coach Kray GO Barons!!!

VERY Cool Experience

by A TripAdvisor Member

when our bus first arrived at arenas blancas it had a nice warm welcome feeling. the inside looked pretty cool and i never seen such a huge resort in my life. its cool they have a 24hr bar and the drinks are free including the alcohole. the alcohole beverages are the best and expensive if you buy them here in canada. the food was okay... you can ask my stomach about that. the sit down dinner had the BEST food. it was like we were rich or something. it was like a 80 dollar dinner..
and they treated you like a king there. the people that work there are great. we met some very interesting people who we became friends with... they were so happy. the beache is cristallllll clear. we took the paddle boat and saw jumped off it the water issssss soooooo NICE!!
lotta cool shops around town and stuff if wondering!!. its the best!!!!!

Overall; an awesome stay

by A TripAdvisor Member

I stayed at Arenas Blancas from aug 10 to aug 17th 2003. We were four young girls ages ranged from 20 to 26. Our first impressions of the hotel was pretty bad. I mean we were expecting a new, fancy 4 star hotel and as our bus pulled in the lobby, we were kinda disapointed. It was a rather old hotel. We got into our rooms, which we're very nice and clean, and decided to go get something to eat at the buffet.................. wow, that night, the food was EWWWWWWW! We were very discouraged but as the days went by, the food became much better at the buffet. We also went to the Italian and International restaurants which were pretty good (just bring a jacket when u go inside there cause its freezing). The animators we're sooooooooo friendly and nice, especially Carlos who would come clubbing with us every night. He made our trip very fun. I strongly recommend u go clubbing @ International.... very nice discothèque. The beach was paradise, the water was clear clear, the pool was big and very nice.
Now that I have an overall look at the hotel, it wasnt that bad. I mean, yeah, the food wasnt that great, but hey, i got to loose a couple of pounds! Cubans are soooo great, so friendly, We got to meet new ppl from all over the world. I would definetely go back to varadero but i'd probably try Solimar or Internation hotel ..... Overall, a very very pleasant experience.......

A great resort, nice staff, amazing beach, huge pool...

by A TripAdvisor Member

Before I left for Cuba, I was reading some of the other reviews that had been written, and I became very worried about how I would survive in the apparently disgusting conditions of the resort. Maybe it was just because I arrived with low expectations, but I thought Arenas Blancas was awesome! It wasn't a new hotel, but it was always kept tidy during our stay. Our room was very nice; it faced the beach, the AC worked great, and our maid left our fresh towels artfully crafted into swans, fish, sailboats and more each and every day! As for the food, it wasn't at all that bad! I have to admit that the buffet was a bit warm and that there wasn't too much variety there at times, but the food they did have was ok, they usually had a good selection of fruit (all day) and fish (at lunch and dinner). The a la carte restaurants were very good, especially the international restaurant which was very classy. We got to know our waiters in the buffet very well and they were great, one of them brought us flowers at every meal! As for the rest of the hotel.. the beach was fantastic, there were usually umbrellas available if you went before 10 or 11 and the water was warm and crystal clear... and i enjoyed the night entertainment; the magic show was very good. On the whole, the resort was great, and a few tips for visiting Cuba are to bring small gifts for waiters and other staff, pack, keep in mind that there is a $20 one-time deposit for each beach towel you want, take a couple hours to hop on the Varadero BeachTour double decker bus for a trip all around Varadero, and don't just stay at the resort, no matter how tempting that is, you don't want to visit Cuba without seeing the real culture (i.e. in Havana), away from the beaches and resorts, I recommend taking a tour because the guides are great the two I had were extremely knowledgeable and both of them spoke three or four languages! All in all, a great resort and a great place to visit.


by 416Guy

"Cuba Libre"

Cuba is, in my opinion, the most culturally developed country in the Caribbean. Sure there is poverty, but no more so then a lot of other islands in the Caribbean. Despite their lack of material wealth, the Cuban people are the most generous people in the world. I admit that my first time visiting, I was not looking forward to it at all, I was more scared than excited. All I can say about my trip was that I actually cried. I cried when I had to board the plane to come home. You will not find an experience like Cuba anywhere else in the world. No matter where fate takes me, I will always have Cuba in my heart.

My 3rd annual group trip to the Caribbean has been posted, this trip will take us to Varadero this year. We are hoping to fill the entire plane, 86 seats. Our last two trips (to Cancun, and Puerta Plata) had 47 and 39 people. The response has been really good this year and 86 people is a very reachable goal.

The trip will take place Sunday September 24th to Sunday October 1st, 2006. The cost will vary depending on where you are coming from, however as part of our large group you will definately get a cheaper rate. The cost from Toronto is approx. $700 taxes included and we are staying at Arenas Blancas Hotel in Varadero.

All the onformation for this trip is posted at:

go to the guestbook and enter your name, and keep checking back for the final booking information which will be posted in mid-July.

If you've ever wanted to go to Varadero, book this trip!

See you all there!

Forum Posts

Villa Cuba OR Arenas Blancas?

by Kitty792

Hi Everyone,

Me and my boyfriend (25 and 27) are going to Cuba this month and I have to book very soon!!! We're looking for a place with great service & staff, entertainment staff, beautiful beaches, decent food and clean rooms.

I've finally narrowed down my resorts to these two : 1) Villa Cuba or 2) Arenas Blancas... Can anyone recommend one over the other? Or can someone give me some experiences with both resorts?

I'm planning to book in the next few days and need all the help I can get.

Re: Villa Cuba OR Arenas Blancas?

by jenniferhen

Arenas Blancas is very close to town, which I personally like. I have heard from alot of people that they have had a great time there. It attracts more of a younger crowd and is more party party.... A good website for reviews of hotels is
Hope you enjoy Cuba!! It is a great country!!

Re: Villa Cuba OR Arenas Blancas?

by limey64

I would go with Arenas Blancas. You can get drinks 24 hours. At Villa Cuba the bars close at 11pm. AB is a great 4 star hotel. I think you will enjoy it a lot.


Re: Villa Cuba OR Arenas Blancas?

by CVB22

I got back yesterday from Villa Cuba and loved it. But Arenas Blancas is closer to downtown and has a 24 hour bar. Are you from Toronto? Is there any chance that you could post a letter for me in Cuba? My boyfriend is there and I would appreciate it so much.


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