Brisas Del Caribe

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Carretera Las Morlas, km 12 A½, Cuba, Caribbean

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    Completely Disagree with Negative Reviews


    Before my stay at del Caribe, I read many reviews, and a lot of them said how awful the resort was, which worried me quite a bit. After arriving, I found that for the most part they were all wrong. Maybe I just had low expectations.. but I didn't have a problem with the resort. Sure, the food isn't spectacular, but people need to realize that the rating of a hotel in Cuba is not the same as the rating the hotel would get in more developed countries. Factors such as this limit the kinda of food they can get, etc. Yes, the food was for the most part plain, but I never once went hungry during my week there. If the buffet gets old for you, they cook different dishes there each night, if you don't mind the line, and you can eat lunch at the beach, where they make really great hotdogs, or try the snackbar, I recommend the pizza, its very different from what I was used to, but very good. You could also try the restaurants, I preferred the Italian one.
    Aside from that the beaches were beautiful, I suggest you go early in order to get a decent spot and chairs. They have vendors (not from the hotel) walking up and down the beach selling souvenirs, they were all pretty nice.
    The rooms were nothing spectacular, mine had two single beds, with a tv and some tables and chairs. It was not very fancy, but when you're in Cuba, I feel like you shouldn't be spending very much time in your room anyway. I only really used it for sleeping and getting ready.
    Personally, I enjoyed my stay here very much.. and I don't understand why so many people are writing negative reviews.

    Unique Quality: Very friendly staff.
    The ready-made breakfast included crepes everyday with your choice of fruit and sauce, I looked forward to eating them every morning!
    The resort has two pools as well as the beach, and while the pool in the main part of the hotel was usually busy, the one in the other section near the snackbar often did not have many people around it.
    There were also nightly shows, including a dance company who preformed almost every night, as well as in the lobby of the hotel beforehand, where they would talk to the guests, and encourage them to dance with them, it was a lot of fun, and the dancers were very friendly. Other nights there was a magic show. Afterwards the area where the dancers preformed turned into a dance itself, but I never really stayed for that.

    Directions: Not a very long ride from the airport, which I liked.

  • Just awful


    We did a last minute trip to this hotel. I wish I had listened to the reviews. I figured, you make the best of the trip. We tried to make the stay bareable but nothing would help it. It stats a star rating that I am shocked at! I would suggest a 1 1/2 - 2 star rating.

    Just a quick review of our trip. First, what appealed to me was the beach and the hotel in the pictures looked excellent. Unfortunately they were doing renovations when we were there, so listening to hammers during the day was not what I was looking forward to. Especially when trying to put your child down for a nap.
    Just shortly into our trip we noticed what looked like blood on the intire second floor leading to the main lobby. To come to find out later it was in fact blood, there was a stabbing on our floor and the blood was not cleaned for 2 days! Health and saftey issue right there. 2 other altercations happend while on this trip as well. For a place that advertises family friendly, we dared not to walk around late in the evening with the bunch that was there.
    24 hour snack bar - what a joke. It's pizza, 5 different ways. There "fries" are potato chips! Lost in translation, I think, yes. Or a hotdog, and half a slab of hamburger.
    Breastfast, lunch and dinner became something to dread. Breakfast was left overs from dinner, combinations that you would never dream to put together - put there they were. We stuck to fresh made eggs, and fresh fruit. Dinner was less than desirable - rice made 5 ways. If you love rice - than absolutely a place for you!
    Hotel room was to be expected, we asked for 2 double beds. We got a huge oversized king and a twin. Slight mold on the walls, do to dampness.
    The best part of the trip, the beach. I loved the beach. We could walk for miles. Our beach was the best, compaired to the rest of the resorts. Very few rocks, you could walk out into the water.

    Unique Quality: Pools - both were freezing. The children's pool was absolutely freezing, my daughter could not stay in the water for more than a few minutes without turning blue. It was also dirty, I would say from lack of care and use.

    Garden view side - Our room was the garden view, we overlooked the miniputt. You could see the water just over the trees.

  • One of the worst in Varadero


    Brisas Del Caribe: Don't go to Brisas del caribe. It is the worst hotel I've ever been. It's a 2 star hotel.The room is not bad,large,but not clean.You can't control the air conditioning so the room is always freezing. Some tourists I have spoken to got fever due to cold room. If you turn off AC then you can not sleep in the room due to high temperature and bad smell. There is no screen on the windows so you have to sleep with the closed windows and closed sliding door. The food is miserable. Lots of guests got poisoned by food. There is always long line up for plates and grilled food. The buffet is crowded with lots of people with no education.(the hotel is serving for social tourism from Venezuela and Cuba)The common spaces of the hotel are very very degraded,the toilets are dirty and with a terrible smell.There are only 1 bar open until late.The pool bar closes at 17.00. But the worst thing in the hotel is the service.Unbelieveble.They treat the tourists like dogs.Unpleasant staff in all the places.It seem that they are doing us a big favour in serving.
    The only good thing is the beach, but even the staff of the beach is unpleasant.
    So,DON'T GO to Brisas de Caribbe. It is not worth anymoey and any low deal.

    Unique Quality: The only good thing is beach.

  • Don't go


    Brisas del caribe is the worst hotel i've been staying for all my life.It's a 2 star hotel.The room is not bad,large,but not clean.You can't control the air conditionated so the room is always freezing.The food is miserabile.The buffet is crowded with lots of people with no education.(the hotel is serving for social tourism from Venezuela and Cuba)The common spaces of the hotel are very very degradated,the toilets are dirty and with a terrible smell.There are only 1 bar open until late.The pool bar closes at 17.00.There are no food avaible in the main building.You must go to other bulding to eat something.
    But the worst thing in the hotel is the service.Unbelieveble.They treat the tourists like dogs.Unpleasant staff in all the places.It seem that they are doind us a big favour in serving.
    The only good thing is the beach.but even the staff of the beach is unpleasant.
    So,DON'T GO to Brisas de Caribbe.Worst is impossible

    Unique Quality: The hotel staff is the worst thing in the hotel.Unpleasant with no education

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    All inclusive beach hotel


    Unique Quality: The pool, surrounded by a lovely and well-maintained garden, was great and clean. There were morning and afternoon activities at the pool such as dance lessons, Spanish lessons, and games. There were plenty of chairs, a jacuzzi, and a play corner and pool for the kids. The beach was nice with beach chairs and parasols.

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    All inclusive beach hotel


    We got a room in the older part of the hotel (main building), on the ground floor with a view of the garden and swimmingpool. Our room was spacious with TV, safe box, AC, phone and a spacious bathroom. It was quite clean, but run-down, musty smelling and very cold (we couldn't shut off the airco). It seems that the rooms in the newer south building are better.

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    All inclusive beach hotel


    We had made reservations at Club Amigo Plus. Unfortunately, when we arrived they were fully booked and sent us to Brisas del Caribe, another all-inclusive 4 star hotel.

    Food (buffet) was okay with lots of selection but very repetitive and little taste. After a couple of days I got a little tired of the buffet.
    For lunch "La Caleta Grill" near the beach was a good place for burgers or hot dogs and fries.
    There are 3 a la carte restaurants (Cuban, Italian and Seafood) for which you need to make reservations. However, booking one of these restaurants was an ordeal. There was a long line up and often restaurants were fully booked in no time.

    During my stay at the hotel I started to have stomach problems. I had had no problems at all during the 2 previous weeks in Cuba. So I'm not sure about the quality of the food or the water (there was no bottled water available, only the expensive bottles at the convenience store).

    Staff was usually friendly and helpful, and spoke a little English, but I noticed that extra pesos (tips), would help even more.

    It seems that the hotel is a popular place for young people partying and making noise all night long. As we wanted to relax and have a good night sleep, this was not the right hotel for us.

    I would rate this hotel as a 3 star hotel. Don't go with really high expectations and you won't be disappointed. Personally I won't go back.

    Unique Quality: In the main building there were two bars, one had good coffee and the other all kinds of cocktails. There were gift shops, a rhum and cigar shop, a small convenience store and a bank for changing money.

    You can play tennis, miniature golf, have a massage or do some water sports. There is also a scooter rental shop.

  • Nice and clean, but (there is always a "but")


    Good hotel, clean, friendly helpful staff. A previous review stated avoid when the Canadian college kids are there, cannot disagree with that comment! The food is not for vegetarians, or certain religious groups, pork is in everything, from mash potato, scrambled eggs, salads, black beans and rice. If the pork content was labelled it not have been a problem, but the pork was always hidden. The tiramisu was a sponge cake and the chocolate cake was coconut. The a la carte in Calletas is a complete waste of time, because it is a beach grill by day and pretty much the same by night. More horse and cart than a la carte!

    We aged one of the waitresses, because her age increased by 2 years whilst we were there. Did she have a birthday every fortnight?

  • Beautiful setting, great hotel!


    After reading a couple of reviews on this site of past visitors we were a bit skeptical - however we found the hotel lovely (after a very long flight from the UK!) most staff speak speak several languages and all are very friendly - tip your maid a CUC and she will make you towels in the shape of animals everyday and all are very grateful when you do tip and they all work very hard - some of the groundsmen and poolmen are working before 6 in the morning!
    Didnt expect much from the food/drink as it was all inc but it was all excellent and varied - easy to put on a few extra pounds! Beach was gorgeous/clean and there is a man there who gets your loungers out and cleans them for you and also a "barman" who walks around the beach all day topping up your drink - ask for "gasolina" (rum!)
    The boat trip to Cayo Blanco was fab the island looked like it was out of a dream and much fun and "ron ponch" was had on the boat - snorkelling was a dream!
    Havana was fascinating would've liked longer there though - was a bit nervous in the flea market as its so enclosed and everyone is so close but I need'nt have been worried as everyone was so friendly - make sure you barter lots - we did and got a couple of great bargins!
    The only downsides were the humidity and insects but nothing you can do!!!!!
    Came back with a fab tan and even greater memories will definately go back - highly recommended!

    Unique Quality: Clean and inviting pool, spacious accomodation, fab setting!

    Directions: Tourist district

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    Good Hotel, Beautiful Gardens, right on the Beach


    Nice hotel with good service, clean rooms, beautiful pools and wonderful beach. The room was clean but the bathroom could have used some upgrading. The all-inclusive buffet food was kind of bland and not very exciting. If you are booking there, make sure you book your "a la carte" dining the moment you set foot in the hotel. We waited on the second day and the it was fully booked :(

    Unique Quality: Beach! Beach! Beach! Great pools, absolutely wonderful gardens.

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    Brisas not Breezes


    We've stayed at both places and loved Brisas better, the atmosphere and food seperate the two, with four pools and hot tub, rooms with the nicest bathrooms we've seen in all our trips down south

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Forum Posts

Beaches and Brisas del Caribe

by moe217

Can anyone give me some insight to these hotels. These are the ones we are thinking of ataying in.

Re: Beaches and Brisas del Caribe

by Soozay

I have heard good things about both. Beaches is an adult resort and the Brisas has a new and an old section in the resort. Make sure you get into the new part of the resort.

Re: Re: Beaches and Brisas del Caribe

by Woody15

stayed in Beaches about 3 years ago. It was very nice. Quite a big complex but it was really quiet. If you want peace and quiet then go here as there are no kids running around. The beach is at the bottom of the complex and it is brilliant. All water sports are free including scuba diving!!

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    Dec 10, 2013 at 7:34 PM

    we stayed at brisas last apr and have booked again this mar. first of all its not 1500/week here so don't campare vs that..most of the prices here run $600-800 per week which is a hell of a deal considering you will eat no less than 21 meals, eat snacks,drink pop, lots of beer, mixed drinks, have nightly entertainment, activities, your room, flight etc etc etc. These people who complain in these reviews are without a doubt a bunch of jackasses..if you want more, pay for it you cheap skates !!!!!...if you want middle of the road then this is what you paid for..i can't stress this more..great lobby, pool,beach, staff, fun activities, and awesome beach. thankyou

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 Brisas Del Caribe

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Address: Carretera Las Morlas, km 12 A½, Cuba, Caribbean