Coralia Club Playa De Oro

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Carretera Las Morlas km 12.5, , Cuba, Caribbean

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    Service-First time in the dining room.......buffet..".Hola, Would you like some wine? Can I help you,
    " The table was clean.........Food was kind of 6 days were horrid.

    The bar had wonderful Cappuccinos, but overly sweet cocktails in thin plastic cups... The room smelled like mold...I got bed bugs bites.....the locks on the first floor balcony didn't lock very well. Water came down every night in the hallway.

    The lobster that you can order for $18.00 CuCs isn't any good, we joked that it was deep fried. Not many fresh vegetables. My favorite meal was at the Mall of the Americas in the Italian pizza shop.......even another traveler went on my recommendation and thoroughly enjoyed their meal. I met the townspeople and bought souvenirs and a handmade sweater from a vendor who actually made it. Cuba is a nice place

    Unique Quality: When we needed a wake up call.......they came through every time. It was neat to get Canadian TV. The pool looked nice and clean... The beach was fabulous! We enjoyed dancing at the disco. The weather was very nice during the time we were there..

  • not a 4 star


    I just came back from Cuba, July 2005

    Reception at hotel: Long lines ups and did not get requested room. Next morning , was able to change room, great view. Front desk staff not very quick and helpful.

    Rooms: Very clean. No issues, however, very basic for a 4 star (i.e.: no Kleenex/tissue, no bottled water, empty fridge, no conditioner or moisturizer, glasses not wrapped, no clock, etc..)

    Facilities: good location, nice size hotel, well laid out. Entertainment and animation was good. Discothèque however was not busy, very bad smell (musty) and played same music mix every night. Bar choice also very limited there.

    beach: Excellent, although lots of broken chairs and difficult to get an sun umbrella/papalpa

    Bars: staff not friendly, had to wait numerous minutes before being server, while they tended to other things like cleaning counters, filling ice buckets...They are not client oriented at all. You advertise that the beach bar has beer/wines, but not so.

    Restaurant: this is the worst part of this hotel. Definitely not 4 star. Same items for breakfast, repetitious buffet, the grill at the Rancho only has chicken thighs (no white meat) meats are not tender, overall food very bland. The pool snack bar serves cold hot dogs, with ketchup, mustard, mayo diluted with water. Toasters in the morning was either burning bread or not toasting at all. Whenever they were good items (such as tortellini one night) it would be gone within minutes as word went around that that item was good. Prosciuto was cut by an attendant, not thinly as it should be but in 1/4 slices...try to chew that !...Overall, food was not appealing, not tasty, lacked variety...I'm not a difficult person and usually can eat everywhere/almost anything, but with some elementary food preparation...

    Last thing..noticed that if you tipped, you get attention. (bar attendant, waiter, etc..) which I believe should not be necessary to be served normaly in an all inclusive resort.

    Unique Quality: beach, but then again , most varadero hotel have it too

  • Clubhotel


    My stay in this hotel was very good.
    Food was more than ok (during breakfast and dinner). Lunch was not that big a deal.
    We made a lot of excursions (Havana - Trinidad - ...) so I don't know about animation in and around the hotel.
    In the evening there was everyevening a show, but very amateurisch.
    Two night a week there was a live band playing salsa.
    Staff was very friendly!!
    Rooms were nice and big. Everyday the were cleaned very good.
    The hotel is about 8 km from the center of Varadero

More about Coralia Club Playa De Oro

Well, far away from 4 stars

by Alicja1 about Riu Turquesa

We have booked 4 stars hotel, ticket said its only 3 stars. Truth is it doesnt deserved even two. Rooms are quaite comfortable, very simple, but air conditioning was worse that tractor engine. We had a choice, get use to noise or be eaten by mosquitos alive. Swimming pool good size, and staff very friendly ( if you give them a tip) Beach absolutely fantastic! Food, well there is a problem.. it was fresh but very repeatable. Buffet everyday was the same. After two week we had enough of rise and chicken. Thats a good hotel if you looking for a good atmosphere and friends, but not if you look for comfort and good cusine.It about 15 minutes drive to Varadero Center ( 10 peso taxi) Next door, In Playa del Oro hotel you can find a disco. There is about 15 minutes drives to La Rumba disco and three minutes to Mambo club.

I would not recommend it to families or comfort orientated people. Fantastic beach! But you can find it everywhere in Varadero

Loved it

by A TripAdvisor Member

We stayed at the Coralia Club Playa de Oro in March 2003. It was fantastic, we had a great time. The people were so friendly. The food was okay, but you dont go to Cuba for the food, you go for the sun and beach. Mentioning the beach - awesome. We enjoyed our stay so much last year that we are heading back there in 3 weeks (February 15, 2004). And some people we met there last are returning the same time as we are.

Loved It!!!!!

by A TripAdvisor Member

I just returned from what was an amazing holiday at the Playa de Oro. I just want to tell all those out there complainers out there to "lighten up" and enjoy your life a bit more instead of complaining about it. Just becuase you are unhappy and have a dreadful life you need not cut up a beautiful place because the people who work very hard 12 hour days expect a tip. Of course they do! Dont be so cheap and give a $1 a day. I would advise these people to stay at home in the US or Canada in their little bubble of comfort if they cant open up and enjoy the culture that surrounds them in AMAZING CUBA. Of course the food does not taste the same - they do not have the same resources as a developed country!!! My advise if you people ever travel again - just relax and dont pick things apart - it is supposed to be different - that is why you choose to go on a holiday!

Coralia Club Good

by A TripAdvisor Member

This was first International holiday and it couldn't have gone any better. At least that is how I feel. The Coralia Club, Playa De Oro (golden Beach) was great. Clean ocean view rooms, good maid service (helped to supplement their income), very good tour representative on site. Hotel staff were young and energetic. They kept my daughter (18 years old) occupied for the whole week. The brochure was precise. The Cubans are hospitable and we enjoyed their history. The direct flight was convenient. Be prepared for immigration slow downs and everything in American money. Totally relaxing. Food different but edible. Drinks passable. Smoking just about everywhere. Only downside was return flight. If you lived through the Bay of Pigs, and Fidel Castro Regime then Cuba has a lot of history. Buyer Beware.

Don't waste your money

by TripAdvisor Member Farmerswife2

The trip(Signature Vacations) started off bad at the airport.
Skyservice did not update there cancelation until we were already at the airport(3am) for a 6:10am flight. We finally got to Cuba and the resort at 12:30am that night, having lost a days vacation. We had a 2 hour wait at customs...and it seemed everyone smoked.....the room was not well ventilated. Once at the hotel, no one helped us find our room, we had to go it alone. If you don't bribe service staff at the Coralia Club Playa de Oro you recieve slow or no service at all. No face cloths in bathrooms. The music at the pool was too loud and we had to close the screen door each afternoon until it was over. The food however was good and plentiful. The drinks were adequate, but small glasses were used so you had to go up many times. Swim up bar that was advertised we were told by the bartender was closed. Bartenders were rude and if you did't tip them every time, you waited. ON the bright side were the clarity of the water and cleanliness of the beach. Entertainment was OK. We hated the smoking. Everyone smoked.....and most of the people at this resort were French Canadian and there were not many who spoke English. The beds were awful...lumpy and very uncomfortable. The New Years Eve meal was great....too bad the rest of the vacation was not.
Even the weather was not the best. Mostly cloudy and not quite the tropical paradise we expected. We toured Havana, which was OK..but our guide was not the best. He seemed to speak only to a few of us, so unless you were close to him, you could not hear him. A woman on our bus was accosted by 2 men at the market, who stole $200 from her zippered purse. The market was not the best and very very crowded which probably made it easy for thieves to steal from this woman. We did go to the Tropicana Night Club, as part of our tour, BUT, we had the worst seats possible, at the very back, quite difficult to see much of the show. Going home, we had another delay....our flight was to leave at 6 am...but we were not picked up until 4:30 pm. Waited at the Varadero airport for 6 hours...again FULL OF SMOKE. Finally arrived in Toronto at 3 am.....We won't be going back to Cuba!!!!!!!

Great Time!

by A TripAdvisor Member

I am really surprised to read some of these reviews because my husband and I just returned from the Coralia Club Playa D'Oro last week and had a great time. The Resort is wonderful. The Lobby is very spacious and open concept and a great place to hang out before and after dinner.
They have a live band and a very friendly staff at the bar. The entertainment staff are very friendly and talented......IT'S SHOW TIME!! Ivanoff, the manager of the entertainment staff was so funny and always got the audience to participate. And Leyder was so talented...what a voice! The disco is a great place to visit after the shows. they play a lot of international music so there is something for everyone. Be sure to try the Mojito's at the disco....they make them the best. The rooms are clean, but fairly simple. We had no problems at all, everyhting was always well stocked. Our maid used to make beautiful designs with the towels and leave us little notes everyday.
The food in the main buffet and the outside Grill Restaurant was great.
Who could complain after having lobster for x-mas dinner?! There was always a lot of variety....chicken, beef, lamb, fish and plenty of veggies too. The beach was breathtaking. The turquoise and emerald water was spectacular. We had a great time and I would go back in a heart beat.

I won't go back to this hotel, no question about it

by A TripAdvisor Member

To begin with, the moment I arrived at this hotel, I was expecting that the welcoming be great after I have read about reviews on this site.
Unfortunately, there was no sense of welcoming at all. The girls at the front desk were rude, can hardly speak and smile. All I liked to see is a smile. I wonder how a decent hotel would hire people that rude, and that un-presentable. Everytime, I approached people at the front desk with a question, they answer me as if I am begging them for a free service. No smile, nothing. I hated that very much knowing that I was too friendly in asking them. One time, I had to make a phone call to somewhere in varadero but i didnt know how. I mean I didn't know the area code that I am supposed to dial. When I showed up at the front desk to ask, there were a couple of ladies chatting with each other. I said I wait. I waited and waited but no luck, they didn't bother looking. I then had to interrupt their conversation in a nice way and ask. I did that and as usual one of them gave me the information not in a nice way, no smile nothing... That's fine. Anyways, I got used to that. I thought that making a phone call from the lobby place is free of charge. I made my call, but there was no body on the phone line. So I haven't spoken at all. I went back to my friends who were sitting in the lobby. After few minutes, this same lady from the front desk came to me and asked in a rude way for 3 US dollars. I was pissed off not because of the money but because of the way she behaved and the way she approached me. I appologized for not knowing about the phone charge and I paid her the money. She didn't even say "no problem". She just took the money and left without saying thank u or anything.

The food was disgusting at least for me. I missed very much Canada and the canadian food. The taste I hated it too much. I spent all week eating french fries and tuna sandwich from the bar next to swimming pool. The people in there too are so rude, no smiling faces and u can hardly ask them for something.

I was surprised by seeing all people speak french when I don't. But that's ok, I met a number of nice people from Germany who speak french and there were very nice.

I had a friend who speaks spanish but when we used to sit with some of the staff who work there, he didn't speak with them spanish and pretended he doesn't know spanish at all. The ladies ended up talking about us and showed us how descriminative they are. My friend got nervous and wanted to react but I forced him not. I wanted to laugh that's all. I laughed quite a bit but didnt feel good about the descrimination thing.

The shows made at 10:00 pm are most of them silly. The rooms are ok but i had a problem with the lighting in there. A number of times and all of a sudden, lights are automatically turned off and I had to get off my ass and play around with the buttons next to the door to solve the problem. On my fourth day and after coming back to my room late in the night around 2:30 am, the card to access the room stopped functioning and I had to walk all the way back to the front desk. The room has no shampoo and I regret it not taking shampoo with me.

I don't consider the Bambo bar a bar at all. There is no people who go there at all. It is always empty.

The restaurant in the lobby sucks. One time I made a reservation to have dinner in this restaurant. I thought they have smoked salmon. When I asked the waitress about smoked salmon, he said yes we have that. So I was excited to be served the smoked salmon. After long time waiting, I was eventually served a dish of fried salmon with some soup added to it. It has nothing to do with smoked salmon, neither look nor taste. I was pissed off and as soon as the waitress went away, I left the restaurant rightaway.

This is just a little of what I experienced in there. And to make the long story short, I discourage anyone to go there. I think 1 star is too much for a hotel of this kind.

I will definitely not think of going to this hotel again this is if I travelled to Cuba at all.

Coralia Club Playa De Oro

by grobar

"Coralia Club Playa De Oro - Varadero"

Varadero Cuba - Coralia Club Playa De Oro Pictures, Reviews, Travel Tips. We stayed in Varadero, and the vacation was perfect! Click the links below for the Resort Photos, and Coralia Club Playa De Oro reviews from each day. Playa de Oro all inclusive resort.


Forum Posts

Coralia Club Playa de Oro

by smcbwc

My Husband and I will be travelling to Cuba in March. We are going to Coralia Club Playa de Oro, in varadero. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me the "real" story about this resort, not just the stuff from the travel brochures. Any advise or head's up would be appreciated!

Re: Coralia Club Playa de Oro

by AnjaV

Check this link:


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 Coralia Club Playa De Oro

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