Oasis Varadero 1920 Varadero

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Autopista Sur, Km.11, (formerly Playa Varadero 1920), Cuba, Caribbean

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  • Keeps you on the toilet


    Was expecting at least a half decent resort and didn't get that at all. I walked into the reception and after checking into my room went down to an empty resort. If you're looking for a nice stretch of beach and half decent shows then they got it. If you're looking to get the runs, they had that too. Food was horrible. No flavor!! They even served me raw pork one day. Pools were nice and it was very relaxing because the resort was so dead. First room I got was crap. Lights didn't work TV didn't work properly. Second room was better but had to ask 5 times to change the radio cause it didn't work and beds did not feel comfortable.

    Unique Quality: Close to town which was a good thing. Pools were nice but smaller one wasn't open late. Renovations were being done. Hotel was huge but big is not always better. My recomendation TRY SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!!!

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    Don't have a lot of expectations


    This is a large resort with a great beach front. I didn’t go there with a lot of expectations, but I would recommend a different resort. The Cuban government runs this hotel and needs more experience with customer service and hotel management.

    The front desk is disorganized and there was a mob of pissed and cranky tourists trying to get rooms. We arrived in the morning and had to wait till 3 PM to get a room. We had to change clothes in the bathroom.

    Our room was in the haciendas building a quarter mile away from the main area. It was quiet out there but you’ll get your exercise walking back and forth to the main hotel, pool, bar and eating areas.

    We asked for 2 beds and were stuck with one queen size bed and a cot. They wouldn’t change our room. We traded beds mid-week. We had ants in the room so don’t leave food lying around. Thankfully they didn’t bite. Didn’t get maid service one day, and they are stingy with the soap.

    The facility was really clean. There was a beach bar closer to us that served food, and a second area that served pizza and salad.

    Lastly, don’t leave your stuff on the beach. I had a hotel towel stolen and they charged $20 for it.

    Unique Quality: All inclusive resort.

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paradise !!!! just heaven

by A TripAdvisor Member

Well,well what ca i say? This is my 4th time to varadero,they seem to improove each time i go. This resort is of the same value(in my opinion)of the Tryp Peninsula,Sol Palmeras,Lti varadero and much more.The food is the best i have had in varadero.PLEASE,PLEASE don`t go to another cuntry,like Cuba and expect to eat like we do in Canada.Be open to new things.I know i don`t go to cuba to eat but to enjoy the cubans,theire culture,the beach,etc...Who was weinning about waiting 1 or 2 hours upon arrival???come on,your on vacations!! The rooms are beautiful,but sadley we don`t stay in there.The beach is goergous. Like almost EVERYWHERE,you have to paye a little extra for the"langouste"miam,miam.at the a la carte,but if you ask you can go in a cuban home and they will make you some for only $10.00US. The pool is verry"carrée"mais... it is big.The pool bar is verry coulorfull and fantastic.ascensseur vitrées.The most beautiful lobby,huge.If you want to walk,you can go for a long time.Juste step over the rock at your right and the beach goes on for houres....you`ll see a lot of other resorts. I`m not gona talk about the flight because it has NOTHING to do with the magnificent resort. Please poeple stop putting down resorts for a bad flight you had or just because you had to wait 2 hrs to have your room.This resort offers(for FREE)curtessy rooms,you don`t have to harrass the mades for towels,it would be rediculus.Who says this resort is small? It is everything BUT small,this resort is the best.You will have a ball there,don`t hesitate to book there.this resort is a 5 * and well deserved.I`m going again in april(already booked) So,gang,i`ll see you there. Denis,from canada

Bahia Principe HEY! HEY!

by TripAdvisor Member bdot

My boyfriend and I just returned from a one week Vacation at the Bahia Principe Varadero, and had a fantastic time! We got there at 10:45 am and when the bell hop took us to our room it was not yet ready. I gave him two dollars and within 10 minutes there were five people cleaning our room and we were checked in and in business withing 15 minutes! We met a ton of great people and went on two of the tours offered at the Hotel. Both were Excellent.Hotel/Grounds:Better than any of the pictures I had seen prior to our trip. Everything was exceptionally clean, beautiful and well decorated.Rooms: Pretty much exactly the same as the pictures on the internet. Always spottless and our fridge was always stocked. We left a gift and a dollar for the maid everyday and whenever we needed extra water or drinks our maid always got them for us very quickyly. She even left us a personalized thank you note on our last day. I thought that was very charming.Drinks: VERY PLENTIFUL.
There was no shortage of beverages anywhere and the bartenders were great. I didn't feel pressured to tip at all and they were always quick to serve. The Piano Bar in the Hotel mixed the best drinks, but the bar in the Pueblo Cubano had the best staff. The bartender brought out a bottle of Champaigne one night without anyone asking, and they almost always brought our drinks out to our table. Food: A bit of an adventure. We went to the Seafood Restaurant and the Itallian Restaurant, neither of which I found all that great. We opted to skip the gourmet restaurant in favour of the buffet. The breakfast buffet left alot to be desired and for some reason the service at breakfast was alot worse than any other time. I have no idea why. Lunch and Dinner at the buffet was usually quite good and the servers were very pleasant and eager to please. The best place for lunch was the buffet by the beach where they had an outdoor grill for seafood and fish. The Beach Bar was great for hamburgers and hot dogs etc. and the French Fries were surprisingly good! I believe they used Soy oil. Pretty much, if you were hungry you could eat around the clock. After the discotech closed at 230 there was a bar and a burger shack in the Pueblo Cubano opened until 7am.Entertainment:OUTSTANDING! They had a different dance troupe each night in the main amphitheatre and after that was finished there was live music in the Pueblo Cubano. The dancing was fantastic and the costumes were beautiful. The MC was very impressive and spoke about 6 different languages! The discotech was fun and the DJ played pretty much anything you requested, also alot of the dancers would hang out there and dance with the guests which was alot of fun. One night we had a magician sit at our table with us and he was great! I can honestly say that we were never bored. Beach: Very nice, about 1500 meters long and I especially liked that there were no venders harassing me on the beach. That was the one thing that I hated about Puerto Plata. I go to the beach to relax and swim and I don't like being pestered to buy trinkets or have my hair braided. There were always spots on the beach close to the bar and it was easy for my very fair boyfriend to find shade while I sun tanned. They had beach volleyball and kayak races and there were lots of catamarans, windsurf boards, sailboats..etc. that you could take out. The water was very calm the first few days and quite wavey the last four which was great because we love body surfing!! We practically lived in the Ocean.Pool:Very clean and never too busy. We usually went here in the late afternoon and never had trouble finding chairs. It was a little cool but after all day in the sun it was quite refreshing. They had activities earlier in the day like Aqua aerobics and water polo, but i am not too much into the group activities. The people doing them seemed to enjoy themselves.
Tours: We took one tour to Havana, which I absolutely loved!!! Instead of doing the big group walk around we opted just for the transfer there and back for $25.00 each and hired a cab for 10 dollars an hour to take us everywhere we wanted to go. We went to the market, The Cathedral, The Museum of Rum, one of the old Graveyards (which was stunning), the Capitolio, Revolution Square....I could go on and on but it is something that every visitor to Cuba should see for themselves. Yes everyone and there dog tried to sell us cigars but were never too pushy. Even the people at the market weren't too bad when you said no, Gracias. The people were so charming and didn't beg and hustle as much as they do in the Dominican, which again I really appreciated. The beauty and size of the city is spectacular and I loved every minute of it. The next time I go to Cuba I would like to spend at least a couple of days there. One word to the wise - bring toilet paper! Also, for some reason, even though all of the bathrooms I used were very clean there were never any toilet seats. Prepare to hover!Our second tour was the Jungle tour. We got to use Jet skis on the ocean for about 2 hours and then went to a zoo where I got to have my picture taken with a snapping turtle. The Zoo was quite small but the guides were great and very funny. It was well worth the 35 dollars each. We also got a large photo of us on the jet ski for 5 dollars that was really nice.Overall: I would go again in a heartbeat. We met great people. The staff were very friendly and intelligent people. I still can't get over how many languages they all spoke. Every tip I gave was well deserved and I never felt like I was getting taken advantage of. My advice when it comes to the Bahia Principe is, GO!

To eat or not to eat?? Lots of FOOD!!

by A TripAdvisor Member

The resort is set amongst tropical gardens, overlooking a wonderful, pristine blue beach in Varadero. It is neighbouring Sol Palmeras and Brisas Del Caribe. I walked over to those hotels, and was dissapointed with my findings...so don't bother with those ones, unless you've been there already.

The Bahia used to be the former club med, and just opened this summer (03). The food offers a wide variety, large buffet, 3 alacarte's, Italian, Gourmet and Seafood. There is plenty of seafood grilled all day long on the beach barbeque/grill, and in the restaurants. Very good value for your dollar..

Very nice decor both in the rooms, and in the main areas. All new furnishings, designs luminate the hotel. A strong Spanish influence is present.

The main highlights: The food/drinks The clean, and comfy rooms, plenty of TV channels The helpful/friendly/good looking staff The spectacular beach areas (2 beaches to choose from) close to Varadero, and Plaza Americas by bus or taxi 5 minutes. Pueblo Cubano (live Cuban Salsa Bands on Weekends) Safety and overall comfort.

I would definately return to this resort, but my heart is set on Santiago de Cuba. The Bahia Principe is ideal for anybody, except families with small children. There are plenty of stairs and the resort is quite large.

It should be at least 5 STARS!!

Second time in Cuba, first time at the Bahia

by TripAdvisor Member tazzanna

My husband, his parents, myself and our five year old daughter just returned from the Bahia. (January 11th to 19th) It was our second trip to Cuba, the first one being in 2001.

The Bahia overall was a good experience. The grounds were extensive and beautiful, with lots of little areas that were tucked away. Our room, as promised, had a wonderful ocean view with a balcony. It was clean and made up nicely every day. The only negative here was that there was a water leak in the ceiling of the closet that got our clothes soaked.
We informed the front desk, but discovered on our last day it was leaking again. You have to be very persistant and firm (and show some American dollars) when you need something done involving help at the front desk.

The food was not bad by Cuban standards. The buffet had a fair bit of variety, although the deep fried aspect got a little tiring. My favourites - the homemade ice-cream, the fruit and the wonderful bread.
Pretty good choice overall. None of the three al a carte restaurants were very good, the seafood one being the most disappointing. I would stick to the other two, or the buffet. There were a few days when everyone we talked to had stomach problems, ranging from mild to severe. Nobody could pin down exactly what caused it though, and we did not eat off of the resort. Insure that you have Imodium on hand just in case it's needed.

The beach was gorgeous - one of the nicest in the Carribean that I've visited. Lots of chairs available, and shade when needed. We spent most of our time here. On days when the ocean is rough, watch out for blue jellyfish. Our daughter was stung by one that washed onto the sand.
Painful initially but harmless, but good to know about.

The Cuban people are wonderful with children. They acknowledge and treat them well. They especially love blonde, blue eyed kids! We did see that they had a Kids' Club, but it was fairly empty. The Kids' pool looked like it had seen better days.

The Havana tour provided at the Bahia was great - even better than our previous experience. We traveled in a bus with nine people and a tour guide, Esmarie. The smaller group allowed us to hear lots about the Cuban experience from her perspective, and gave us more control about how long to spent at each attraction. Havana is definitely a place to spend more than one day if you get the chance.

The entertainment at the resort was pretty good. We really enjoyed the variety of the shows. Watch out for the wandering magician who makes goldfish appear out of thin air. He was great!

Things to bring to the resort and to Cuba - anything from the medicine cabinet you might need from Tylenol to stomach aides, a couple bandaids etc. We also brought toiletries, pens and pencils, crayons and hair accessories to leave on the pillow for the housekeeping staff. The staff also appreciate any old clothes. We gave one of the staff a few of our daughter's outfits when we left. They are very appreciative of things they cannot get in Cuba. Make sure you bring a sweater or sweatshirt, especially if you're there during January, February. It can get a bit chilly at night or when it gets overcast and windy.

From past experience, and something we didn't do this time around but I wish we had - check out the Dolphinarium and the opportunity to swim with the dolphins. The water is sludgy, but don't let that put you off.
The experience with the dolphins is priceless.

Overall the resort provided the experience we wanted. It was very relaxing and a nice place to hang out. Taking into account all the different aspects of Cuba and what to expect while there, we would return to the Bahia.

Beautiful Resort

by A TripAdvisor Member

My husband and I just returned from Cuba on January 24th, 2004, being my first trip to Cuba made it special all on its own. The Bahia Principe was definetly the best choice. Checking in took about 4 minutes, our room was ready and the bell boy brought us up immediately.
I had requested an ocean view room, but there were none available to give away, I have to say the room was beautiful but the view was of the front of the hotel, I was not interested in spending my vacation looking at buses and cars. I requested an upgrade and paid $15 us a day for both of us, it was well worth. I had room 5207, the last room on the corner of the buidling and on the highest floor, lying in our bed we only see blue water. It was breathtaking, and at night the only sound was of the waves hitting the shore. The cleaning staff is definetly doing there job, the hotel is spotless and usually, I am pretty picky. The cleaning lady makes different design with the towels each day, its a really nice touch. The food was a whole other story, I am not a sea food eater, they had much less variety in other foods. My husband on the other hand was enjoying the food very much. Once piece of advise, tip the waiter when first sitting down and you will be very well treated. As for the soft drinks, they are water and sugar, but the pineaple juice is great. The drinks in the room are canned and are much better. They have a lot of choices in vegetables, bread, fruit and sweets. There pasta is very good as well. The beach was gorgeous, the water was so clear, clean and warm. Just like to movies !!! Before leaving I read a few reviews and people where saying the hotel staff was not nice and that the grounds where not well maintained. The staff was amazing and so friendly and the ground are spottless. The entertainment is great, around the pool they always have activities and even prizes for the winners, my husband won a Bahia Principe t-shirt.
The shows at the theater is not to be missed, they are really nice and the water ballet is exquisite. The Bahia Principe is definetly a beautiful resort and I would recommend it without a second thought. The resort is one hundred times nicer than its pictures. If you would like more info or ideas on where to buy your souvenirs, you could e-mail me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I hope my review helped.

Have a great trip.


great beach

by TripAdvisor Member torcop

We have just returned from this resort on January 31/04, and this was our 7 th. time vacationing in the Carribean. This resort has one of the best beaches we have ever visited Crystal Clear water and clean. The rooms were just ok, large bathrooms, the lobby is not user friendly too many levels with stairs but there is an elevator. The grounds are excellent and staff very friendly. The food is ok just ok and can certainly be improved. On a scale of 1- 10 we would rate this resort a 6, but there is construction going on and we feel in a few years will greatly inprove. Their resort in puerto plata is much better. Extremely clean grounds and lots of lounges and towels and the staff always are there to set them up for you.


by TripAdvisor Member beebygirl

Just got back on friday, jan 30.....So here's the scoop. The ocean is clear and blue green. The room we were in ..Standard but had view of garden and ocean....3127.. The room is cleaned everyday and the maids do an excellent job.Mini bar filled every day. The specialty restaurants (3 per week) are wonderful..The food arrived very hot from the specialty restos....The buffet...Wonderful selections especially the breads are so good. Past bar is good usually 3 types of pastas and 3 sauces as well as a lasagna of sorts and a cannelonni..excellent....Only problem is the food is never really hot...but you eventually get used to that. Great breakfasts....fruit, cereal, omelettes, eggs cooked to the way you like them....they have muffins and cakes etc....fresh fruit.bacon ,sausages. cheese and cold cuts (meant for the europeans). Certainly wont go hungry there. We found the best place for lunch was at the Beach Bar Restaurant..Great hamburgers, hot dogs and wonderful fries.. Also chicken on the baguette( excellent). They also had pork on a bun and beef which I didnt try.. Do not order the filet mignon in the specialty restaurant( somehow the translation to filet mignon doesnt really work out..I saw one person who ordered it and they sent it back as it look like a slice of beef but definitely not filet migon)..Anyway you dont go to Cuba for the beef. So forget about that.. But they had wonderful roasts of turkey, chickent, pork, ham. fish, lobster at the buffet, shrimps etc.
The property is wonderful and spacious.. You can go on nice walks and not feel crowded. The pool is a large rectangular pool. I went in once for 3 mins. It was so cold..Spent the rest of dthe 2 weeks everyday in the ocean..Much nicer. The shows every nite are great. ( they start arouned10:00 p.m.)Never made it to the live bands or the disco. All in all this is a wonderful property and they are still renovating the bungalows which will be quite lovely when finished. Any questions please feel free to email me..

Carol Ann from Montreal

beautiful resort would go back again

by A TripAdvisor Member

Just spent a week at the bahia and had an amazing time arrived Jan 27/04 till Feb 4. The resort is beautiful and the staff was very very friendly. The food was good. The beach was very nice and the ocean was calm and clear all week. I went kayaking which was alot of fun which is included. The rooms were very clean and We had a ocean view room. I recommend the resort to anyone. Book it you will not be dissapointed. It's a 4 1/2 star but they are doing alot of work and by summer it will ba a 5 star i'm sure .. book book book..


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