Tryp Peninsula Varadero

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Parque Natural de Punta Hicacos, Cuba, Caribbean

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  • Bad Tryp... Not 5 stars, barely 2 and a half!!


    I am writing this as a formal complaint of my stay at the Tryp Peninsula Veridero Resort in Cuba. I have been to many resorts in my life and my standards are not so high that I require very much to impress me. I am writing this not out of malice or snobbery, not out of hate or even anger. Rather, I am writing this to ward off anyone who may decide to go on vacation to this resort under the guise that it is anywhere near a five star rated vacation spot. This resort is barely a two and a half star resort.

    Let me preface this by saying that my wife and I have been to two other resorts in Veridero and have found their service to be impeccable. Until this vacation, in fact, Veridero and Cuba was our top vacation spot. The beaches and ocean are unmatched and we love taking time to go into Havana to spend time there. It had been enchanting and extraordinarily romantic. I will slowly guide you on our personal experience and allow you to judge for yourself the nature of our trip.

    At the check in we mentioned it was our wedding anniversary and if we could have a nice room with a big bed that would be grand. They said, ‘yes of course’. When we finally were given our room we found two single beds in the room. We went back to the front desk and asked them to please give us a larger bed. They said they did not have beds of that nature. Instead they, ahem, accommodated us with two single beds pushed together under one sheet. The sheets themselves were made of a plastic material and not cotton and were unbelievably uncomfortable. And they were also cut into sections so pieces of the sheets would come up and reveal the mismatch of smaller blankets that made up the mattress. My first foray into the bathroom was a nightmare as the plastic push knob on the wall for flushing broke when I touched it and I cut myself. My wife did the same the next day after they, ahem, fixed it.

    Also, when we arrived, we were given each a single beach towel. These towels were ours for the week without replacement and we would be charged if they were damaged or lost. Imagine having to use the same beach and pool towel for a full week. Those towels and our rom towels all had rust stains on them.

    There was no clock in the room and we had our orientation meeting the next day. We called the front desk and asked for a wake up call. The television set had a clock on it and so we left that one on. The next morning we awoke and the clock read 9:45 am. We did not receive our 8:45 am wake up call and therefore missed the orientation. Hungry, we rushed to get dressed and get to the buffet, which closed at 10:00 am. When we got there it was already closed. Apparently the clock on our television was an hour behind and it was actually 10:45. We were hungry and frustrated and it was our first morning. We had to then wait to eat at the pool bar hamburgers and fries. Not the best breakfast. The service took 45 minutes to serve those burgers. The food at the resort was abominable. The fruit was mostly rotten and the meats barely cooked. The pasta was watery and we barely found solace in the late night restaurants. Fresh water was not served at the buffet. Back to the water situation shortly.
    That morning we went to the concierge in charge of booking the a la carte restaurants, of which there were four of; Japanese, Italian, French and Mexican. We sat down to book all four, knowing how poor the buffet was, and was told by the concierge that each room was entitled to only two visits to the a la carte restaurants for the week. Two?! Never had we heard of anything so ridiculous. Especially when the two times we went there was no one else in the restaurants.

    The water: We were given one bottle of water a day. None of the bars or restaurants served bottled water. So we had to siphon off that singe bottle between the two of us. When we called to get another bottle the front desk asked me rather bitterly, “What, did you finish yours already?” You can imagine after a long day in the sun and a slight sunburn how precious water was and it was, according to them, in short supply.

    We tried to hide from the resort itself and just relax on the beach, though were constantly being harassed by buskers selling this, that and the other, for hours on end. Eventually we became rude, something that made us feel terrible.

    The weather, beach and ocean were perfect and that kept us from cracking. But then came the event that pushed it right over the edge. You may believe some of what we have mentioned here may appear petty. This will certainly not.

    We were told that to leave Cuba you needed to pay $25 per person. They also told us that there was a bank at the resort where we could get money. I went there and they told me my credit card was declined. I asked why and they had no answer. I told them there was nothing on the card and they had made a mistake. THEY TOLD ME TO GO USE THE PHONE IN THE OFFICE TO CALL THE CREDIT CARD COMPANY TO FIND OUT WHAT THE PROBLEM WAS. They guided me to a smaller room in an office and gave me the phone. They told me that I could not use the 1 800 number on the back of my card and had to use the other long distance number. I called and my credit card company said there was no action on my card, meaning their attempt never came through. I hung up and she said I now owed them $20.00 for the call. I said they told me to call because of their error, nothing was wrong with the card, and I would not have called otherwise, and did not know they were going to charge me or I wouldn’t have made the call… or at least would have used the 1 800 number. They said it was too bad and I had to pay the fine. I told them because their machine wouldn’t accept my credit card or debit card, which worked when we went to Havana, that I had no money. They threatened that I would not leave the island unless I paid that phone bill. They said we would have known that had we attended the orientation. We told them that they did not get us our requested wake up call for that morning or we would have. To that they just shrugged. I would need to get a cab to take me to a location that would have an ATM that would work to get me money, though they insisted that the ATM would not take my debit card. We spoke to the manager and to the customer service representative, all who were rude, callous and basically told us, ‘too bad, I’m sorry, you have to pay’. Both my wife and I were livid and almost shouting, in fact shouting, in the lobby, and yet for $20.00 they would not even attempt to pacify us. Because I had no money I had to borrow a bike from someone and bike for 45 minutes to reach a destination that did in fact accept my debit card. I returned and paid the fine, fearing we would be detained in Cuba if we didn’t pay for it. I never would have paid otherwise. I was disgusted. We started to become paranoid. Both of us had a complete meltdown when we misplaced one of our room keys, fearing we would be charged for them. We had to sneak around to find a bottle of water truck to get another one and were terrified someone would see us. It was shameful and humiliating.

    On our last day, literally terrified of what other charges they could hold over us, we packed up our room and checked out early, as we were told there would be extra charges for a later than noon checkout. We were to leave the resort at 3 pm for a 7 pm flight and had asked if there was a courtesy room to wash up in if we checked out and wanted to still spend some time at the beach. The front desk said of course there was, all we had to do was ask when we were done at the beach and ready to clean up to get ready. We ended up checking out at 10 am because someone had fixed the television time and we were always thinking an hour ahead. This was fine as we had a chance to go to the beach for a longer time and relax on our last day.

    When we went to the front desk and asked for a courtesy room they said there was none this week. We asked how could we clean up before we would leave and that we were told otherwise. She said the all too common phrase at the Tryp, “Too bad, sorry”. She did suggest we go to the gym and shower there. We showered in the gym and dried ourselves with our t-shirts, as there were no towels available for us. The service was just poor, minus our housekeeper and the occasional bar tender. We actually witnessed first hand a woman walk over to the bar we were at and ask for a napkin, to which the bartender rudely looked her in the eye and said, “No.”

    I have never had a resort completely ruin a vacation for me. Never in the many years and many resorts I have been to in far less advanced societies than Cuba. I have also been to glorious resorts only a few miles away so the excuse of being snobbish or having too high standards, or third world realities does not apply here. This was not a five star resort and a colossal waste of money and time as our whole purpose of the trip was to wind down and relax. Very simple needs in fact.

    I will be going on every trip advisor website available and putting this letter in some format on it. I am that upset. I am that disappointed. And most importantly I am that adamant that people avoid this resort at all cost. I hope you consider redefining the star rating and openly making people aware of this environment. I hope that they hear about it over there and sincerely change their attitudes and attempt to change and grow. They are in dire need of someone who teaches basic customer service. It is desperately needed.

    Unique Quality: The ocean and the beach was unmatched, though all of Veradero is like this.

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All Inclusive Paradise

by Maph about Tryp Peninsula Varadero

The exclusivity of an All Inclusive 5- star hotel. The Tryp Peninsula Varadero hotel is situated in Varadero Beach, Cuba.
The ideal destination for a romantic honeymoon in a heavenly tropical paradise..

Family accommodation

by FMJ666 about Tryp Peninsula, Varadero

Perhaps one of the better hotels on the Varadero peninsula. This is a family friendly location, so if you want to avoid the kids - then this is not the place as we were to find out. Beaches of very good quality. Plenty water sports to keep you occupied, pools are large and clean. Best to leave beach around 10:00 and move to more sun protected pools for mid-day, back to beach from 16:00 onwards.

Gardeners very happy to grab a coconut and open it up for a shot a Rum, not as great as expected, but definitely needs trying. Food is not of equivalent quality to Europe/US, but was better than expected.

Staff very friendly, most can speak English to a decent level. Nothing in particular, but good standards all round

You'll Love the TRYP and Hola

by A TripAdvisor Member

My family and i just got back from the TRYP (march 11-18) kids 7,9,15 all had a great time. there is something for everyone to do.If you really want a great vacation to remember get involved with the beach and pool activities ( What a blast). a little bit about the food. even if you don't like alot of things, i'll bet that you still won't go hungry. The Buffet had a variety of things to eat at Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. everything from Pizza, pasta that is cooked in front of you, turkey, fish, cheeses, salads,rice, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes ham, steak, chicken many different desserts and many more items. they change the dinner up a little every nite. breakfast is the same but has lots of varietys from fresh ommlets cooked the way you like to scrambled poached and cerials i could go on and on. the only Ala carte restaurant you should stay away from is the La Laguna its stuffed lobster is terrible with a ranch type dressing pored over it. The Tocororo is air conditioned and not bad but we liked the La Gondola the best(many different pasta dishes and veal as well). there is 6 different bars that you can get drinks from including the swim up bar ( Fidel Makes a mean drink HOLA) this place is not for people that want a nite life as it is more for familys there is a disco but we found it quite most nights. if your looking for fun during the day and quite nights this is for you. mind you we made alot of noise with the group of people we grew to know while we were there, Hello to all the beach volleyballers out there. The rooms are huge with two beds, coach. table, chairs, walkin closet and a huge bathroom with a seperate tub and shower. the kids club is there but we found our kids enjoyed the beach and pool by the adults better but our kids love to swim. and they could go up to the pool bar/restarunt and get what they wanted with no problems from french fries and hotdogs or club house to a sherly temple. if you want anymore info on the TRYP Peninsula Varadero let me know. HOLA

Interesting holiday

by A TripAdvisor Member

We read a lot of info on the Tryp Peninsula Varadero before our vacation and decided that the young man who wrote extensively and was philosophical about some of the shortcomings was probably on track. He was and in fact we would substantiate his comments. This is a good hotel with a few shortcomings but nothing you cannot overcome with a bit of patience. Yes, registration was a bit slow but life is slower in Cuba. The more important thing is the satff are very friendly provided you don't come on with the frustrated traveller complex. face cloths are not guaranteed in your room so learn a little spanish and some patience and ask your house maid. She will leave a beautiful swan on your wife's bed. Our gardener insisted on giving my wife blooms from the garden. The food was plentiful but not as good as I would have liked. desserts on the other hand were plentiful and tasty. The hotel copmplex is very pretty and the staff shy but very friendly if you make the effort to say hola or buenos dias. We took a trip to Havana and a trip called "Rails and trails" into the country behind Matanzas; very informative and gives a true idea of the real Cuba. This country is probably the ultimate socialist set up provided you don't aspire to personal wealth. Talk to your tour guides and find out what they really think about Fidel and Che. we enjoyed our trip and recommend it to people who are prepared to be patient and make a few concessions to people who have recently embarked on the tourist trade.

Had a great time at the Tryp!

by A TripAdvisor Member

My husband & I stayed at the Tryp Peninsula Varadero April 7 14th, 2003. We really enjoyed our visit. Check In/Out:The Tryp is one of the last hotels on the peninsula. It took about 40 minutes by bus from the airport. Our bus stopped only a couple of times not at every resort. We arrived at the hotel at about 2am Cuba time. We were checked in very quickly no complaints. Check out was also very fast.Grounds:The resort grounds are very clean and well maintained. There is lush landscaping everywhere. We were surprised to see some cacti among the plants. The resort is a series of 2 and 3 storey bungalows. The buildings are mostly white vinyl siding, with colored inserts to differentiate the buildings. Bungalows 10-14 are in the Castle area, west of the lobby. This area is centered around the childrens pool and daycare area. Bungalows 16 28 are in the Lagoon area. Bungalows 15-29 are the Garden area. There are very few ocean view rooms. We were in Room 1623, overlooking the lagoon and a la carte restaurants. There is a new resort being built to the west of the Tryp. They are filling in the lagoon. Large dump trucks work 7 days a week dumping fill material into the lagoon. When we were there, the trucks were working at the far west end of the lagoon, so it wasnt too noisy, but as they fill closer to the Tryp property, it will become more noisy and dirty. Once the fill is complete, a new hotel will be built and this will be quite noisy especially for Bungalows #16 & 28 (which face the lagoon).Room:Our room was very nice and exactly as pictured in the brochures. There were 2 twin beds, put together to form a king. The beds were firm and quite comfortable. The pillows were weird bolster-type pillows and very UNcomfortable. There was a TV, with a few English-language channels (including CNN & MTV). The fridge is in the cabinet under the TV. Remember to keep one of your room keys in the slot by the door to keep the electricity (ie., air conditioning and fridge) woly with water (no soda or beer).There was a walk-in closet, with 2 drawers and a safe (no extra charge). The bathroom has a bathtub and separate shower. We heard from other guests that they had problems with noisy plumbing in their rooms, but we didnt have any problems. The rooms had only 220V electricity. You will need an adaptor plug (we took a set) and a converter for North American 110V appliances.The coffee in the rooms is by far the best in the resort.We left the maid a $1 a day, as well as gifts (toothpaste, soap, lipstick, magazines). I recommend bringing nail polish, polish remover, Canadian flags, etc. as gifts. The room was very clean, with fresh towels every day. To have the sheets changed, leave the card on the bed.Facilities:There is a separate childrens area, daycare, pool, etc.. The adult pool is quite nice, with a swim up pool bar and snack bar (El Saoco). There is no drink service you have to go to the bars yourself. The food at the snack bar is not bad good lemonade and French fries (and yes, they have ketchup & mustard). The pool is quite shallow and the water is cool. In the afternoon, there is water volleyball, water polo, and water aerobics. The music is quite loud in the afternoon dont expect peace and quite! Lounge chairs are reserved with towels before breakfast.There are 2 tennis courts, an archery and shooting center. There is an outdoor theatre with shows at night, a night club that has karaoke. Internet access is available at the business center (the same place you book the a la carte restaurants) in the lobby by the lobby bar. There is a gym with universal weights, a treadmill, a bike, and a stairmaster at El Oasis. To get your beach towels, pay a $15 deposit for each towel at the check in counter, then take your receipt to the towel window at El Oasis. El Oasis is also where the hair and beauty center is located. I wouldnt recommend the manicure/pedicure services the nail polish they use is from the 50s!There are activities at the Tryp, but they arent wes that tells you what is happening, where and when.Beach:What can we say the beach is THE reason to go to Varadero. The beach at the Tryp is wonderful. The sand is quite fine and nearly white. There is a very small amount of seaweed, that is cleaned in the early morning. The water is an AMAZING shade of turquoise blue, crystal clear, with no seaweed or garbage. We saw a few jellyfish, so watch out. The water is quite shallow for quite a ways out, even at high tide. The beach is quite wide, even at high tide (the beach at the neighboring LTI resort is quite narrow).There are staff there who expect you to tip them as they find you a beach lounger. There are quite a few palapas (umbrellas), but you will need to get there early in the morning (before breakfast) to reserve one. There is no beach drink service (we were surprised by this), so you have to go get your own drinks at La Laguna.There are catamarans, windsurfers and kayaks available at the watersports center to the east of La Laguna. If you want a catamaran, you have to book before 10am or wait for someone to not show up. If you want a nice walk, head west from the Tryp along the beach. You will walk past the construction at the lagoon, and then come upon some palapas formerly used for massage and mud bath services.Restaurants:The buffet restaurant (Palma Real) is in the lobby. It is open for breakfast, lunch & dinner. The food is OK overall some of it is quite good, some of it is terrible. The service at the buffet is not very good. You will get better service if you sit outside than if you sit inside. If you sit outside at night, bring bug spray (I still have wounds and I tried using Avon Skin So Soft it didnt work!) and a warm sweater.The a la carte restaurants are pretty good. All of them serve the same set menu everyday, with limited choices. Reservations for dinner are made the day before starting at 11am in the business center in the lobby. Apparently, you can telephone too, but I couldnt get through and no one I talked to in for dinner, 6:30pm and 9pm.La Gondola serves Italian food for lunch (no reservations needed for lunch) and dinner. Tocororo serves international food, dinner only. We ate at both twice and had no complaints about the food. It wasnt spectacular, but it was better than what we have had at other all-inclusives. La Laguna is a buffet for lunch, and an a la carte for dinner. We didnt eat there as we dont eat lobster and that was the only choice for dinner at that restaurant. The bar at La Laguna makes good cappuccinos.There is a lobby bar with good cappuccinos and mixed drinks. This is the only place at the resort where you can get small-size water bottles (ie., for taking on runs, or to put in the seat of a scooter) all the other water bottles are 1L size and quite large.Stores:There is one store at the resort. It is in the lobby, beside the Customer Relations desk. It sells cigars and rum at the same prices as the duty free at the airport. It also sells a few things like sunscreen, beach clothing, etc., but dont count on doing much shopping. Be prepared -- dont expect to be able to buy anything that you forgot at home. There are also vendors just outside the lobby building most days selling crafts. They are well priced and nicer than what you will find at the market in Varadero.Scooters/Rental Cars:We rented a scooter one morning and went in to Varadero. Scooters cost $9 for the first hour and $3 for each extra hour. A trip into Varadero only requires about 2-3 hours. There isnt much to see or do there! The scooters were all quite new, with little mileage. There were also rental cars. They looked quite new. They were left hand drive (North American style). We were surprised at the kind of cars we saw there most were new Mercedes, BMWs, Audis, Peugots, Suzukis, Toyotas. We even saw a new Ford truck. The roads were in OK condition, paved asphalt all the way from the Tryp into Varadero (and to the airport). There were a few potholes, so beware if you are on a scooter. There were no helmuts a bills for tips tips are expected at the resort. The front desk will happily break larger bills for you, but sometimes they run out of change. Expect to tip to get your lounge chair at the beach, periodically throughout the day at meals and at the bars.2.The Customer Relations desk (between the check in counter and the lobby store) staff are wonderful. They booked all of our honeymoon extras.3.The honeymoon package includes champagne and a fruit plate in the room, a special dinner at one of the a la carte restaurants and late check out.4.Check out the Spanish lessons at the beach hut beside La Laguna restaurant. They were really fun and we learned a lot. Say hi to Ernesto for us!5.My husband really enjoyed the Havana tour. The shortest Havana tour is 12 hours. Expect to encounter a lot of people asking for money.6.Cubans may ask for your clothes/shoes. Apparently, they can sell them on the black market. 7.There isnt much to see in Varadero. The souvenirs at the market arent all that great. It was interesting to see different from the resorts, and the scooter ride was fun.8.Definitely go see the former DuPont mansion, Xanadu, at the Varadero golf course. There are spectacular views there! Apparently, the golf course is quite nice. We didnt play the course, but heard from other guests that it was very nice9.If you are a snack addict, bring your own chips, candy & chocolate bars. 10.Dont expect great service. We tipped a lot and are easy to please, experienced travelers. But we found the staff at the resort to be quite distant or standoffish. Maybe we were expecting the typical Mexican gregariousness. I definitely got the impression that the staff were working and not enjoying what they did!11.The bands that play in the a la carte restaurants all sell CDs ($15US). The poolside music (which you will hear all week long!) is also for sale. 12.It costs $1US to use the bathrooms at the airport. On the departure side, there were normal rolls of toilet paper, but I heard from other travellers thooms.13.We had no trouble taking a video camera and a digital still camera into the country and the North American Sony charger (with an adapter plug) worked fine on the 240V electricity.14.Bring your own medicines, especially stomach remedies (Imodium and Pepto Bismol). We both had slightly upset stomachs. Medicines arent readily available in Cuba.Overall, we enjoyed our visit at the Tryp and thought this vacation was good value for the money. If you enjoy a quiet vacation on a beautiful beach, the Tryp is the perfect place.


by A TripAdvisor Member

Just got back from TRYP Pennisula (March 9). We had a wonderful time. Everything was top notch. The rooms were great, just a hint leave one key in the slot to keep A/C on. They are clean and really nice. You will enjoy going to your room and seeing what your towels look like everyday. The grounds are very well looked after. The beach is nice and great for walking on or just laying out. Try the water sports we went out a couple of days and it was great. We took a bottle of wine back to the room everyday and just stuck it in our frigde for whenever. The dining rooms were great, we found that the best was the buffet. The selection was great and the food was super. We didn't have much luck with the 2 restaurants, but that could be just what we had. Now to the pool, it has a great swim up bar. Fidel can sure mix a drink. Just another hint bring insulated mugs to fill up then you won't make so many trips to the bar and it will make you drinks cold longer. We rented mopeds 3 days and went into town, that was alot of fun and very safe! We didn't get hit once!!!!!! All and all we really enjoyed our trip at the TRYP. I went with six family members (all women) and it was a blast! We all found everything really safe. We met great people and would go back again.

The TRYP Hotel is a mixture

by A TripAdvisor Member

My husband and I stayed at the TRYP for one week starting on Mar. 9th. I had read all the reviews before we left so kind of knew what to expect. I agree with a lot of the things that I read. The grounds of the hotel are very nice and the rooms are the best we had ever stayed in (we have been to four All-inclusive resorts in Mexico.) When we arrived the shower drain was plugged but when we complained it was fixed the same day - so that was a pleasant surprise. We found the food to be mediocre but do agree with many people that the bread and deserts are very good and I also enjoyed the salads at lunch time. The rest of the food although plentiful was not too good. The staff, although they were very friendly were not as efficient as we found it Mexico - they seem to move at a very slow pace - no hustle and bustle. The entertaiment was fairly good - although again we have seen better in Mexico. Also, it starts at 10:00 pm and we found this to be quite late. It is very difficult to get into the two restaurants. We lined up for 1/2 hr. before the booking began (they have set hrs. that you can book) and stood in line for almost one hour and still could not get in for the early sitting at 6:30 p.m. The late sitting is at 9:00 pm and we find that too late. It was also annoying to find out that they do take phone calls (so why people stand in line - I don't know. ) Although the next day we tried to phone but couldn't get through.The pool is large and warm and quite enjoyable. The beach is great and the sea is WONDERFUL! Beautiful color and warmer than the pool! But, if you don't get down there early you won't get in the shade. We also found the drinks to be excellent at the Lobby Bar. We also went to Havana and enjoyed that trip a lot. We wished they had had some bar service around the pool and that they had a place to dance. But all in all we enjoyed it although prefer Mexico resorts.

A little taste of Cuba

by A TripAdvisor Member

Just returned Mar. 10th from our first trip to Cuba. TRYP prove to be the enigma described by previous visitors. Two weeks of sun, sand and beautiful facilities. Vast quantities and varieties of foods, but not necessarily all prepared to our taste. Most staff spoke English very well or at least within the limits of 'hotel speak'. Service was good even though we chose not to tip until the end. Staff will willingly get you anything but you often need to ask. Perhaps they are hesitant to offer because they are dealing with so many languages, cultures and tastes. Do take basic medicines and bug repellent. Did not see the bugs but some people got bites from no seeums or fleas. "Off" from the knees down worked for us. Make your trip Cuban, not just beach. Take the time to visit the Cuban Club (brown wood house near the beach) at the beginning of your trip and ASK questions about Cuban life, take a Spanish lesson, borrow a book. Most people missed this opportunity as the building is not marked. Donate a book as they are so scarce in Cuba. Want to take a few things to help? Herardo at the Cuban Club will take any extra shorts, pants, long sleeved shirts, Tshirts, shoes to a village where the people do not have any access to U.S. dollars and really need the help. He would also appreciate clothes for a 3 year old boy. If you are going from mid Vancouver Island we would love to send some with you. Didn't know what to take before we went. All in all, a beautiful, safe and fascinating place where you can relax in the sun, learn a bit about another country and culture and perhaps make a little bit of difference.

Beautiful vacation

by TripAdvisor Member HonestThoughts1

We had a wonderful time and would return. Every aspect was super. Beach was beautiful and walked for kms. People are just beautiful and could not do enough for you. Food was good. Grounds were beautiful. A good family area. 5 Star rating.

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Tryp Peninsula Varadero

by davidson05

Anyone know what the Tryp Peninsula Varadero is like? It's one of the Sol Melia hotels......

Re: Tryp Peninsula Varadero

by AnjaV

Check this out, pictures of Tryp Peninsula hotel:


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 Tryp Peninsula Varadero

We've found that other people looking for this hotel also know it by these names:

Tryp Peninsula Cuba
Tryp Varadero
Tryp Peninsula Hotel Varadero Beach
Varadero Peninsula
Tryp Peninsula Varadero Cuba
Tryp Peninsula Varadero Hotel Varadero

Address: Parque Natural de Punta Hicacos, Cuba, Caribbean